Getting to the Fun Part

BY : Chu-leh
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Getting to the Fun Part

By: Chu-leh

Another RP between me and Crimson Nightmare. Lyserg, Ren, and some cross dressing with a side of vibrator training.

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Disclaimer: Lyserg needs to wear a Chinese dress, or outfit even, at least once, before you know I own Shaman King.


"Ren... are you sure you want to do this?" Lyserg squirmed uncomfortably. He was wearing a pair of Chinese slippers, and a white Chinese style dress. Even though the dress reached his ankles, the slits came up enough to expose the skin of his hips. Currently, Lyserg sat on the edge of Ren's bed, hands nervously clutching the front of his dress in an attempt to keep it down.

Ren, in his long, black coat and the usual outfit underneath, turned to look at Lyserg. He gave a subtle, but smug grin and took a hand out of his pockets to brush a lock of hair from Lyserg's slowly blushing cheeks. Leaning down, he gave the boy a small kiss, "Do I want to do this? Shouldn't you be asking yourself that?"

Lyserg's blush intensified as he looked down at the bedspread. "I don't mind wearing the dress... But, are you sure we should try..." Lyserg's blush turned beat red as he abstractly gestured to the items lying 'innocently' on the bed next to him.

Ren gave a small, questionable 'mm;' not really answering Lyserg, but gave the boy another small sly grin and knelt down in front of Lyserg's knees. He lightly put his index finger on the boy's slightly exposed ankle, and dragged his finger up in a teasing line to Lyserg's upper thigh. "I take it you are nervous?" Looking smug, he asked, as if he didn't know already.

Lyserg nodded, shivering lightly at Ren's touch. "I don't know if I can..." Lyserg bit his lips, squirming a bit as Ren's finger drew teasing lines on his thigh. "What if someone notices? What if we get caught?"

“Mm, and someone would notice because, you'd scream?" Ren asked teasingly, looking up at Lyserg with his almost feral gaze. Leaning down, he licked the exposed skin of Lyserg's thigh only with the tip of his tongue.

Lyserg moaned softly, before he shook himself back to reality. "I thought you said if I couldn't do it, we'd come back home." his green eyes became wide and a touch fearful.

Ren only grinned. Slowly parting the boy's legs, he flipped open the smooth fabric of the skirt on Lyserg, and lower his head between Lyserg's legs. "Oh I'm sure you could do it Lyserg. After all, you're a very..." he gave the boy's slightly hardened cock a lick, "...very, very good boy aren't you?"

Lyserg whimpered, bringing his hand up to his mouth, biting on his fist in an attempt to quiet his moan. "R-Ren..."

"Mm?" Ren only looked up at Lyserg with his amused gaze, and proceeded to suck the tip of Lyserg' hardened arousal. "Yes, Lyserg?" he managed to grin around the tip of the cock.

Lyserg cried out softly, his hips jerking reflexively, even though Ren held him down. "Ahhh... Ren." he whimpered, his hands fisting in the sheets as he bit his lower lip in vain attempt to keep his whimpers and moans silent. "I though-ahh... thought... mov-movies..." he managed out, their plans for that night.

"Oh we'll get to the movies alright..." Ren grinned, and reached over the bed for something. He didn't tell Lyserg about the fact that Yoh and Hao would be joining them at the movies. It would be interesting to see how long Lyserg could keep himself from losing it and running to the bathroom to jump Ren. He pumped Lyserg with one hand, while the other hand grabbed a tube of lube. Applying a good amount of it at the boy's entrance, he quickly proceeded to slide a finger through that tight ring of muscles.

Lyserg moaned softly, gnawing on his bottom lip. "Shouldn't we w-w-wait!" he gasped as Ren began to move his finger inside him, adding another. "After, aunnn." Lyserg groaned, falling on his back as Ren continued to manipulate his lower regions, his leg trembling.

And before Lyserg could even think about cumming very soon, Ren slid a cock ring on the boy's arousal. After Ren made sure that the boy could take the width of the string of balls that he had prepared, he started pushing the beads in, one by one, watching as the lubricant dripped around the beads and the boy's inner thighs flush and tremble in reaction.

“Mn!" Lyserg trusted his hips hopelessly as he writhed as the bead were slowly pushed inside of him. "Ren!" Lyserg panted, whimpering helplessly. "Take it off."

"Uh-un." Ren stood up and looked down with a smug little smile on his face. "We're gonna be late for the movies. Gotta run, Lyserg!" Wiping his face and hands, he put his hands back into his coat pockets, obviously not going to do anything more to Lyserg until they got to the movies.


Lyserg's face was bright red, as he shifted, trying not to be too noticeable. Each step was sheer torture. He shivered whenever the breeze blew, as he hadn't time to grab any underwear, letting the breeze caresssd him without any barrier. When they arrived at the movies, he decided that Ren truly was a freaking sadist. "Ren." He hissed. "Why are Yoh and Hao here?"

Throwing a few pieces of popcorn in his mouth, Ren sat with Lyserg between him and Yoh. He looked over at Lyserg's killer expression, he grinned his old, arrogant grin. "The movie theatre's a public place." And to prevent Lyserg from giving an angry outburst to stir Yoh from his enthusiastic chat with his brother, Ren stuffed a piece of popcorn into Lyserg's mouth quickly.

Lyserg glared at Ren, though it ended up looking more like a pout, and quickly ate the popcorn. He tried to cross his legs, in a futile hope of making his bulge less noticeable. Why did Ren have to choose white? Unlike every other color, white GLOWED in the dark movie theater, making his... problem that much easier to notice. "What movie are we watching?" Lyserg wasn't paying any attention when Ren bought the tickets. He was too busy hugging himself to Ren's back in a sad attempt to hide. Maybe he'd luck out and Ren would get interested enough in the movie so he wouldn't torture him?

“Oh, just some Hollywood action movie..." Ren put it mildly, thinking about Yoh's description on the machine gun wars and sex scenes. Well, at least it'd be loud enough at some point that Lyserg's panting would hardly be overheard. Then again, who knows, Yoh seems to know everything. Just like Hao.

Casually Ren put an arm around Lyserg as he continued to eat his popcorn. He subtly traced his fingers lightly over Lyserg's bare arm. Then, Yoh turned from his conversation with Hao and asked Lyserg with a laugh, "Hey so did Ren make you put on that dress to show you off to his family?"

Lyserg bit his lips, his face red with embarrassment. "It was a pre-present from Jun." Lyserg admitted. Though he wasn't sure if Jun actually meant for him to wear it, or if it was a gag gift. It was hard to tell with her sense of humor. Though, Hao's snickering which he didn't even bother to hide, weren't helping matters.

"Be quiet Hao the movie's starting." Ren said as a matter-of-factly, ignoring Hao's further snickering. Being able to read minds, Hao was probably waiting for 'porn' instead of the action movie they're all here for. Ren doesn't care. It shows Hao to back off his boyfriend anyways.

The trailer ended and a heated car-chase started the movie off. Ren hugged Lyserg close, and, 'accidentally', brushed the remote control in his pocket to 'ON' at a low level.

Lyserg bit down on his lips, the sound of gunshot coming from the screen barely covered his squeak of surprise. His hands gripped the arm holds. Burying his face in Ren's shoulder he uttered a soft groan. "Ren..." he uttered.

"Mm? What is it Lyserg?" Ren hid his smirk, and leaned close to Lyserg as if to hear what Lyserg was saying. "Look they're getting to the fun part." he turned the remote up a level, the little beads started to vibrate even faster. Lyserg's seat was probably a little damp by now. Poor thing.

Lyserg moaned into Ren's shoulder, squirming in his seat. Fun part? What was Ren talking about?

Lyserg's eyes widened and he squeaked again. What the-? He thought Ren said it was gonna be an action movie! Not a porno! Not with girls and guys... and more guys... Groaning, Lyserg pressed his face into Ren's neck and tried to block all the moans and screams of pleasure bursting from the theater’s unnecessarily loud speakers.

Ren was beyond a sadist.

Ren felt the boy moan into his shoulder, and grinned again, "Sounds like you like this type of movie, huh, Lyserg?" He leaned close to whisper heatedly into the boy's ear, "Well, you should've told me earlier, don't you think so?" He placed his hand on Lyserg's thigh casually, but not before he leveled up the remote control again, just as a scene on the movie became the close up shot of a groupie screaming close to their orgasm.

Lyserg came close to screaming himself, the fact that he was in a crowded room full of people the only thing to keep him from writhing in his seat like a lusty whore. He tried to squirm as discretely as he could... though he KNEW he was getting odd looks from Yoh and snickering leers from Hao.

"R-ren!" he cried into Ren's shoulder, trying to gag himself with the material of Ren's jacket. "Turn it- turn it down... Reeeen..." his name came out as a whine.

On the outside, Ren stayed cool and amused, brushing a finger over Lyserg's flushed face, his eyes stayed on the movie. He himself however, was starting to feel rather aroused, and was too proud to leave for the bathroom before Lyserg would say it. So he kept his head cool and clear, and turned the level up to its maximum.

Lyserg's hips jerked, and if it wasn't for the fact that Ren's shoulder was currently being used as a gag, he was sure the entire theater would have heard him scream. However, a few people had heard (namely Hao and Yoh), and were staring at Lyserg.

"Are you okay?" Yoh asked, though the younger Asakura had a good idea of what was wrong. Hao had been more than happy to fill his twin up on why Lyserg was so red that night.

Lyserg shook his head, biting back another squeal of pleasure that was building inside his throat. God, he was hard it Hurt. "H-h-homnnnnnn." Lyserg groaned into Ren's shoulder. He prayed Ren would help him walk, he wasn't sure if his legs could even hold him upright at the moment.

Ren waited for a few moments before finally getting up and stretching. "Well, if there is no particularly deep, educational meaning to this movie, then, good night, Lyserg and I are going now." And ignoring Hao's obvious snickers and Yoh's odd look, Ren grabbed Lyserg and 'escorted' him out the theatre. Thank goodness he remember to book a taxi to wait for them just in case Lyserg couldn't take it. Because Lyserg was about to burst now, and he'd rather do this at home. It was unsanitary to do it in the public bathroom, he thought with the typical Ren's thinking process.

Once the taxi had dropped them off on the sidewalk in front of their apartment building, Lyserg was begging. “Turn it off." Lyserg pleaded, his legs shaking. Each god damned step was utter torture, even with Ren's help. They had no sooner entered the crisp night air, when his legs finally did decide to go out, causing him to almost fall to the ground if Ren hadn't caught him quickly enough. "Rennnn." he panted, fingers squeezing Ren's arms tightly. His mind was so blinded by lust, it was sheer will that kept him from demanding ren take him in the middle of the sidwalk.

....Ok he should have made the taxi go right into their parking driveway, because this was starting to torture him as well, but he must persist or he's not a fighter. He hoisted Lyserg higher in his arms, and gritted his teeth when the boy's lusty moans made his ears turn red

"We're almost there. You did good, Lyserg." then he turned and smirked as he whispered back, "I'll give it to you as hard as I can as a reward." Ah, there, home sweet home. But as soon as he put Lyserg down to take the keys out, the boy latched onto his legs and started unbuckling his pants right away.

"Gods Ren." he muttered, losing all control with the wildly moving thing inside him. Letting out another cry, dropping to the ground. His hands fisted in the legs of Ren's pants, his body trembling from the sheer force of vibrations. "Ren... please..." he panted, body pressed tight to Ren's legs as if that could relieve the burning in his loins.

Ren gritted his teeth so hard that he could hear his molars grinding. Lyserg was so worked up right now, the boy looked like he wanted to blow him right there in the doorway. Fumbling with the keys, he missed a few times before finally getting the door unlocked. And just as Lyserg pushed a hand against the front of Ren's pants, the door opened and they both crash-landed onto the wooden floor in their shared apartment. Ren kicked the door close and, with a growl, tackled Lyserg, who was moaning on the ground.

Lyserg wrapped his arms around Ren's shoulders, leaning up to kiss him. It wasn't like his usual kisses which were soft and shy, it was hard and desperate, and needing. "R-ren." he panted, his head thrown back as the Chinese boy began to nibble and suck on his neck. "Oh- god Ren. Please, please-" his fingers gripped Ren's back as the boy whimpered, his hips moving erratically against Ren's hip. "Please, Ren."

Lowering his head, he bit and ripped the top button of Lyserg's Chinese dress open with his teeth. Proceeding to lick at the collarbones, his hands slide down to caress the boy's thigh under the slitted dress. The lower part of the dress was wet already. Good thing it was slightly waterproof on the outside, so it didn't look too obvious.

He reached, under the dress, to Lyserg's puckered opening, where the beads were still vibrating inside. Pushing a finger in, he extended the opening a bit, just to hear Lyserg scream.

Lyserg threw his head back with a loud cry, fingers digging into Ren's back hard enough to leave bruises in the morning. "Ren, please, stop, off, ple- Augh!" Lyserg writhed as Ren continued to play with his entrance. "Gods..." he whimpered before mashing his lips again Ren's again. He moved his hands, pushing off Ren's jacket, and trying to undo the ties that held Ren's own Chinese style outfit shut, though his fingers fumbled too much to actually pull the shirt open. He groaned out of frustration as Ren's other hand took a hold of his member

Ren grinned; he loved the way Lyserg moaned his name. Pumping his boyfriend while the cock ring suppressed the boy's ability to cum, he returned Lyserg's agitated kisses passionately. Finally he heard something on his shoulderless top rip, and deemed it conclusion that he'd have to get his top repaired the next day. But what's important was that his shirt was finally off of his back. Leaving the boy's member for a moment, Ren hitched Lyserg's dress up and started to pull the vibrating beads out.

"Want me to come inside you real hard?" he whispered with a low voice against Lyserg's wet lips.

Lyserg gasped, trembling and moaning as the vibrating beads were finally being removed. His mind was so fuzzed with lust, that Ren's words didn't fully register until Ren jerked out a bead particularly fast. "Gods-yes, please Ren, please." Lyserg whimpered, burying his face into Ren's now bare shoulder

Ren grinned and gave the boy a deep, aggressive kiss before just slamming into the boy, hearing the wet sounds of the boy's since-long lubricated, prepared entrance take in his hard cock. He didn't have to wait for long, before he pulled out again and slammed back in. The harsh moments jerked the both of them against the floor, and Ren allowed Lyserg's legs to wind around him as he pumped the boy's cock even faster than before.

Lyserg screamed, Ren's hard length connecting harshly with his prostate. His pressed his body as tightly as he could to Ren's, feeling like he was about ready to explode. "R-ren." he cried out, hand reaching to try and remove the evil ring that wouldn't let him cum.

"Ah ah, who said you could cum?" Ren grinned almost deviously, and quickened his thrusts and pumping, until he himself slowly felt his own pleasure building up to the peak point, he quickly slid Lyserg's cock ring off...

Lyserg screamed shrilly, coming hard as Ren's length connected once more with his prostate. He felt Ren trust a few more times until the his clenching, spasiming passageway forced Ren to come as well.

He laid on his back, still in the Chinese dress, panting. his body was limp as he came down from his mind blowing orgasm.

Ren panted as he slowly calmed his wildly beating heart, lying flat on top of Lyserg as he snuggled his face against Lyserg's soft hair. After he felt his mind settling a little, he turned and smiled a little against his boyfriend's ear, "Well, didn't I tell you this was the fun part?"

Lyserg attempted to glare, but it came out as nothing more then a sleepy frown. "Never again." Lyserg muttered, squirming in an attempt to get up, clean up, and get to bed.

“Heh. Never again, huh? Ren grinned a uncharacteristically childish grin, and got up. "So....I heard that "The Monster Ball" is playing next week..." he chased after Lyserg as the other limped far, far away from him.


Only one HoroLyserg to go unless Crimson and I start Rping some more.

Ja min’na-san!

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