Scrub my back?

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L-kun! Come live with me! I’ll give you cakes!

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I have no idea where this came from. I just felt like writing it all of a sudden, and then I went aaages without actually doing it… Finally I gave myself a deadline: Write three smut fics in one day. Here is the third one. What is it with me and shower/bathtub fics today? *points to 'Strawberry Bathtime'*

Raito, L a shower and handcuffs, what more do you need?

And, I couldn’t quite remember if Raito knew that Ryuuzaki and L were the same person at this point in the story… So please correct me if I’m wrong.
This is sooo not one of my best writings… I find it kind of…clumsy…But feel free to skip ahead to the smut! ^_~ The part about L’s ass…It was hard. That’s all I have to say in my defense…x_x
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This is YAOI. This is hardcore Male/Male sex.
NC-17, Anal, Lemon
NB! Slight spoiler if you still haven't read chapter 37, but nothing major.

Scrub my back?

“So this is hell?” Raito thought to himself, scowling over at Mr. Sweet-tooth himself.
L was sitting in his usual manner, crouched atop a chair, eating one slice of cake after another. Just looking at this boy that went by the names of Ryuuga and Ryuuzaki, but in reality was the genius L, pissed him off. How ridiculous! Who’d think that L was really such a brat? Sitting around eating cake all day when there was important work to be done!
Everything L did was annoying him lately: the way he refused to wear socks, the way he sat, the way he held everything between two fingers, even the phone! Honestly, who’d hold a phone like that?! Then there was the way he walked: Always crouching, and sort of dragging his feet along the ground. And the sweets. The sweets! Sugar cubes, cakes, candy…. L was always eating something and it was bugging him beyond imagination.

They’d been chained together for a week now, and Raito was getting pretty tired of spending every moment with this guy. Sure, the chain that held them together wasn’t that short, so they could sit on each side of a table, or go to the toilet by themselves, with the exception of closing the door, which was impossible, as the chain got in the way.
But still. It was driving him insane.
And now, insult had been added to injury; this whole situation had just gotten worse.
And the reason? One short little sentence: “Today you get to take a shower.”
Most likely they hadn’t been allowed to earlier because he was still under suspicion or something.

He should be relieved, considering how he didn’t like the feeling of not having cleaned himself for a whole week; the God of the new world should be clean, right? It wouldn’t look good otherwise. Maybe this shower was a sign they trusted him no to be Kira?
But oh no, there was no relief to find, and why was that?
Raito cursed it in his mind all over again as he thought of it: “The bathroom is pretty tiny, and it’s not a lot of hot water, you should shower together to get the most out of it.”
He glared over at L again. They boy was eyeing a strawberry, impaled on a fork.

“Ryuuzaki, Raito, you may shower now.”
Who did they think they were anyway? Ordering L around like this?
Why didn’t he say something? If he had such great influence talking himself out of a shower with another guy, who could be the world’s most wanted criminal, should be a piece of cake.
Ugh…Cake. He shuddered.
“Shall we go?” L asked, dragging himself across the carpeted floor.
Raito sighed in annoyance and followed behind him.

Inside the bathroom the handcuffs were unlocked for long enough to let the boys remove their shirts and sweaters, they couldn’t do that with the chain in the way after all.
“Why can’t you just let us shower alone while you’re at it then?!” Raito seethed.
“Towels are in the cabinet over there. Take your time. But keep in mind that we’re out of hot water pretty quickly here.”
“Thanks.” L said.
“Whatever…” Raito mumbled, still he put up a polite face and thanked the officer who’d escorted them.
The door shut, and they were alone in the bathroom.
L continued to undress, and it hit Raito how little he seemed to be bothered by the situation. Throughout the time he’d spent with him, including before they were chained together, he’d never seen L as much as imply wanting to remove his sweater. So he’d assumed that he was shy.
Then there was the whole thing with L not wearing socks, one’d think he had a problem with clothing, but that didn’t fit the rest of the imagery. Raito shook his head. L was just weird, that was the only explanation.

“Aren’t you going to undress? If you don’t hurry, the water might get cold.” L said calmly.
Raito let his pants and boxers fall to the floor and then removed his socks.
Acting as casual as he could he stepped into the shower with L.
Although feeling uncomfortable he had to admit that the feeling of hot water on his body felt refreshing and relaxing.
He leaned his head back, enjoying the beads of water hitting his face, and the water that was streaming through his hair.
When he opened his eyes, L was holding a bottle of shampoo between his thumb and index finger. “Here.” He said.
“No way, he even holds shampoo that way?! He’s such a…” he thought, even though he hadn’t expected anything else.
Annoyance was building up inside of him again, but when his eyes met the dark orbs of L it was as if it faded away somehow.
Underneath raven hair those midnight eyes were staring back at him, his thumb pressed to his lips as always when he had nothing sweet to nibble at.
Had L always looked so…cute?
He shook off the thought before he’d even finished it.
“Thanks,” he took the bottle and squirted some of the shampoo into his hand, then massaging it into his hair and scalp.
After rinsing it out the shampoo with water he found that L was still staring at him, and again he found himself staring back.
For someone who ate sweets all day L was pretty thin. It didn’t seem like there was an ounce of fat on the boy. Of course, with that sweater of his, no one could tell that he actually had a slim figure.
Raito caught himself thinking that L should take off his sweater more often.
“What the hell is wrong with you? You’ve seen a naked guy before! Jeez! You’re just a bit intrigued because he doesn’t look as you’d expected!” Wait a minute? Didn’t that mean he’d thought about how L looked naked?
The thought alone was enough to make him want to crawl into a hole and stay there.
Still…L wasn’t all that bad. There was something to him that….
He stirred. L was standing in front of him, a quizzical look on his face, his dark eyes fixated on him. “Could you wash my back for me?”
Raito swallowed, trying to forget about the thoughts he’d just been trying to fight off.
As he tried to suppress the blush that was threatening to break out, he nodded. “S-sure…” he said, finding himself suddenly nervous.
He took the soap L was reaching him, rubbing it between his hands, and then starting to run his hand in circles over L’s back.
He noticed that L was actually standing upright, and found it so fascinating he was almost startled when a low chuckle escaped L’s throat.
“The chain is cold.” He laughed.
He’d never heard him laugh before. And just as everything else about him, his laugh was fascinating. Raito suddenly wanted to hear more of it. Suddenly he didn’t find anything annoying about the boy at all.
“Sorry.” He replied, continuing to scrub L’s back. His skin was so pale, so pure. He wanted to see more of it, wanted to touch it all over.
His gaze followed L’s soft form, down his slender body, lingering at his buttocks.
He swallowed hard, realizing that he couldn’t take his eyes off L’s ass, and as he stared at it he found himself hardening.
The shower was cramped and they stood pretty close, there was only a matter of time before L would notice…
“Don’t move…” Raito thought. “Please L…Don’t move…”
L moved.
Raito’s erection pressed gently against his thigh.
Raito held his breath as L turned his head slightly, but the boy didn’t turn around enough to look at him. L was about to turn his head back to the wall. Raito automatically reached out his hand; “L! I mean…Ryuuzaki…” he stuttered, grabbing him by the shoulder, making him face him.
L gave him a confused look. He opened his mouth to say something, but he never got that far. Raito silenced him, pressing his lips to L’s.
Overwhelmed by the sudden advance, L stumbled backwards towards the wall.
The kiss was broken. They stared at each other.
“Raito…” L said, meeting his gaze. Without winking he reached out, his arm around Raito’s neck, pulling him close, pressing their lips together once more.
This time Raito was the perplexed one. But that didn’t stop him from kissing L back.
The kiss was hard, craving, and almost desperate. As soon as it broke they engaged in another one. Raito tugged at L’s lower lip with his teeth, urging him to open his mouth a bit more. Their tongues met, the kiss deepening.
L tasted sweet; no surprise there. But he also tasted of lust and desire.
“Mhm…” he moaned quietly. “Raito-kun…”
“Call me L…” he whispered softly. “There are no cameras here.”
Raito nodded, kissing him again, first on the lips, then he moved to L’s ears; tongue flickering over the earlobe, his warm breath tickling it.
L shuddered in delight, pressing closer to him. His other arm slid around Raito’s neck too. He tilted his head to the side, giving access to his neck.
Raito didn’t protest. His lips moved swiftly over the alabaster skin, tongue dancing over the jugular while he bit carefully at the right spots, moving on to kiss his collarbone.
“Raito-kun…” L gasped.
They moved close for another kiss and their erections brushed each other.
Both shivered lightly and moaned into another wanton kiss.

“More…” L whimpered. “God, Raito-kun…More…”
Raito swallowed, pressing him harder against the wall, lifting him slightly, noticing how light he really was. L’s legs wrapped around his waist, and his back was supported against the wall.
“H-how did this ha-ppen?” Raito heard himself asking between the kisses.
“Don’t ask such foolish questions.” L growled. “Come on…”he coaxed. “Continue…I want you…”
Those words… All logic and conspiration theories were forgotten and replaced with lust and desire. Raito engaged L in another mind-blowing kiss, pressing himself against him.
His member touched L’s entrance. The raven haired boy shivered lightly, pressed against him. “Ah…” L gasped.
His eyes were heavy under the soaked hair, sticking to his forehead, hanging in front of his those onyx pools that were so heavy with lust, so hazy with want.
Raito brought their lips together, keeping the boy quiet as he entered him.
His cock was slick with soap and precum, allowing him to enter L all the way in one thrust.
Both boys moaned into the kiss as they became one.
They kept exchanging kisses, hands fisting in tousles of wet hair as Raito waited for L to adjust to the intrusion.
“Rai-to…” L begged. “Move…Please…Take me…” he rocked his hips towards the brunette, urging him to keep going.
“L…” he whispered, overcome by pleasure as he started moving; L was so tight, so warm… They kissed again, moving together, L clenching and releasing around Raito’s shaft, causing him to moan his name over and over; “L…L-kun…Aah…Damn you’re tight…Aah…”
L rocked against him, thrusting back into him, begging to be taken harder.
“Like this?” Raito asked, smirking as he angled a thrust towards a spot inside of L that he’d discovered brought extra pleasure to the boy.
“Aah! Yes! Just like that!” L’s low voice was a lot louder now, it was pleading and begging, and Raito loved it.
“You want more?” he teased, thrusting carefully.
L nodded frantically. “Y-yes…Please…More…Harder…”
Raito angled another hard thrust to the spot, and another. Meanwhile the raven haired boy’s erection was caught between them, sweet friction doubling the pleasure.
L squirmed with pleasure. “Aah! Raito! Haah…!”

As the impulses grew stronger, their movements became more desperate, the act intensified; they moved together, thrusting into each other, breathing heavily and labored, both aching for the release that was so close.

L came first; starting to shake violently, as he dug his nails into Raito’s back, moaning his name loudly as he spilled his seed over their stomachs; “Aaah! R-Raito…-Raito!Aaah!”
Seeing L like this, so overcome with pleasure was more than enough to tip his scale, but he wanted to make the boy come once more first.
He angled every single thrust to the spot, feeling how L shook all over and tightened for each thrust.
“Mmmh…Rai-to! I….aah…I’m c-coming…again!” he stuttered, pressing even closer to Raito, his entire being shaking all over, biting Raito’s shoulder not to make too much noise.
“L…! L-kun!” the spasms that went through the other boy had taken Raito with them.
Burying himself to the hilt inside of L once more he pressed his lips to L as he had his release deep inside of him.
Their breaths were still erratic and their minds woozy when they separated their bodies and found that the water had long since turned cold.
Quickly they cleaned up and put their clothes back on.

L knocked on the door, signaling that they were done.
As it was unlocked and the man came back in and unlocked the cuffs so they could get fully dressed again, Raito wondered if he’d heard them. It was almost impossible that he hadn’t. But if he had he was a damn good actor. He smirked.
L looked at him, his lip quirking.

When they followed the man back into the room that served as the HQ, L turned to Raito. “Just so you know, Yagami Raito,” he said. “I reckoned it was about an 87 percent chance that something like this would happen in that situation.”
“What?!” Raito heard himself snarl. “You’d considered this?!”
“Of course.” He replied. “Hadn’t you?”
Raito stared at him, feeling the annoyance rise in him once again.
L’s lips curved into a slight smile. And he couldn’t help but give a chuckle.
“Maybe being chained to this guy isn’t such a bad thing after all?” he thought. ”Even if he eats too much sweets and is completely insane…”


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