Crazy in Love

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Crazy in Love

Chapter 1: Whisper

//Can't you see what you do to me baby,

You make me crazy; you make me act like a maniac

I'm like a lunatic, you make me sick

You're truly the only one who can do this to me you make me get so crazy//

I looked at Ryuuzaki playing with his Jell-O, biting his fork, staring at the monitors. I always told myself not to get attached to him, or anyone else that I worked with for that matter, but his beauty and alchemistic ways just made me itch to get him. I'm not gay, don't get me wrong. I'm just... easily distracted. He blinked his eyes again, his delicate and silky eyelashes fluttering like sleepy butterfly wings. The dark circles under his eyes just sat there, but added even more to his attractive appearance. I propped my face on one hand and stared, taking in his exquisiteness, yet at the same time forgetting to stay in contact with earth. Before I knew it, my wings were torn apart and I came back, hitting rock bottom. Not only was Ryuuzaki staring back at me, but the rest of the task force was.

"Yagami-kun?" The insomniac asked me. I stared back, my heart racing. I straightened up and cleared my throat. I smiled nervously and leaned back, scratching my head. "I'm sorry, I was just zoning out. I'm worried about Misa's big interview and I'm sleepy on top of that!" Dad and Matsuda turned back to do what they were doing, Aizawa and Ryuuzaki still staring at me. I looked at them as well. "What?"

"Do you need to go home and sleep? It's not healthy, you being up here, staying up late and stressing, and then having to go to school." Aizawa suggested. I shrugged. I didn't want to go home. I wanted to stay here and be with Ryuuzaki, not feeling the want to share him with anyone. If I only had 5 minutes with him alone in a room...

"Well, I'm off to get Chief and myself some coffee!" Matsuda exclaimed. "Raito, Aizawa, should I get some for the likes of you two as well?" We both shook our heads no and I stretched back, taking a deep breath, releasing, and watching my father come grab my shoulder. I looked up at him and he looked down at me. His expression was the kind of caring, fatherly one that made you expect him to say 'I'm here for you' but I was clueless.

"I think I know what's going on." His voice was calm and serious. He looked over at Ryuuzaki and my eyes grew voluminous. There was no way... was I really that readable!? I kept my breath at a constant pace as to not show I was getting worried. Ryuuzaki looked at me, then my dad, and then back to the monitors. Dad's hand still rested and I swallowed. "You and Misa haven't had alone time in quite sometime and you're missing her. Why don't you take a break, son? We've got everything under control." I stared at him. It's like he read my mind as to what I didn't want anyone to do - take me away from Ryuuzaki. I just continued to stare at him until he started to laugh. "Go on, call her and then you two can go out." Feeling defeated and not wanting to show that I was wanting to stay behind, I stood up and pulled my cell phone out of my pocket and called Misa. As I waited for her to pick up, I was already missing Ryuuzaki, even though he was less than four feet away. Thus, after talking to Misa, I flipped my phone shut and looked at his hunched over back. "Alright, I'm going to meet her out front." He turned around and he smiled at me.

"Don't be gone too long, Yagami-kun." He replied in a shy voice. I stared at him for a second, feeling the blood rush to my face and making my flesh turn bright red. There was a crashing sound and a slight scream. Matsuda had obviously fallen up the stairs or something, but Aizawa and my father ran out of the room in a dash. I turned around and looked. As I was just turning to go check on Matsuda (I felt awkward being alone in a room with L now) he grabbed my shoulder. I stopped, trying to process 1.) What just happened and 2.) Take in the warm body heat radiating from his hand. I turned my head slightly to look, but was stopped when I hit his head. I came to a halt, my heart racing, when I felt his hot breath against my neck and in my ear. He moved his hand down my shoulder some and pulled his right hand around my waist, grabbing it firmly. He pinched my side and pushed his own waist against my backside, making the muscles in my legs grow tense and a tent to build in my pants. "I'm serious. Don't be gone too long."

"I w-won't." I stuttered, completely shocked by the present event. There was no way L could have read my mind... my actions must have been the give away.

I tried to shake the fearful feelings inside of me as well as the horniness I felt. The pulse in my arousal was throbbing with pure longing and I put my legs together somewhat. "I'll be b-back after a little while. I'm just taking Misa to d-dinner and we're going to just hang out for a w-while." He let me go and took a sluggish step back, hopping back into the computer chair, fiddling with his spoon in the empty bowl, which was at one point filled with strawberry Jell-O, topped with whipped cream and a cherry. I looked at my watch and then started my journey from the room, on my way to Misa's. As I walked at the fast pace I was, I felt my muscles in my legs grow tighter. I don't know if it was because of the lust I felt for Ryuuzaki or if it was the fact that I was trying to get as far away from him as I could. I breathed hard and stopped, sitting down on a bench and catching my breath. I was over reacting VERY much...

"Raito? Is something wrong?" I heard an all too familiar voice. Although, I was surprised I heard 'is something wrong' rather than 'can you help me with quadratic equations'. I looked up, not showing that I was surprised, at Sayu. She was with two other girls who just looked at me in a speechless sense as if they had never seen a top-of-the-class, soon-to-be God.

"Nothing's wrong. Just sorta tired is all." I replied. I stood up, towering over her four foot nine to 5 foot one friends. They looked up at me.

"Who's he?" The one on her right asked in a low tone. I was growing annoyed with the looks I was getting out of the two teenagers.

"Oh! That's right, you two have never met him." Sayu said, giving me a smile and then turning to them. "My brother, Yagami Raito! Nii-san! This is Matsumoto Hitomi and Kimura Noriko." They bowed nervously and gave me a slight smile. I grinned at them and bowed back.

"Nice to meet you." I began. They jumped just a little and Hitomi bit her bottom lip.

"Nice to meet you, too." They replied. I looked from the two to Sayu and nodded my head.

"Well, I'll have to catch you all later. I'm going out on a date with Misa." Sayu smiled and nodded her head in return.

"MisaMisa!?" Noriko exclaimed, her eyes wide. She started to turn pink. "My brother's in love with her! He'll be so jealous that my best friend's brother is her boyfriend!!"

"Well, don't tell him OK?" I asked politely. She nodded and giggled like a fangirl. I chuckled and began to walk off. "I'll catch you all later!" They started to walk back off in their own, the opposite, direction. As their conversation of my love relationships trailed off, my thoughts were going. I wasn't going to be with Misa anymore for long --- my eyes were set on L. L was way cuter, better, and totally smarter. I stopped in front of the apartment building she lived in, sighing as I reached for the knob. I hesitated and pulled back my hand, not exactly sure how I could do this. "I don't know how to---" I thought. I was cut off by the door opening and a small, blonde, gothic Lolita throwing herself at me. I caught myself on the side of the porch, supporting us so we wouldn't fall.

"Raito!!!" She squealed in her high pitched voice. "You finally got here!!!" She grabbed my head and pulled me down to delve into a deep French kiss. She had a rather orgasmic look on her face and I tried to enjoy it. Yet, I felt so annoyed and didn't want this. Her expressions, her hair color, her very scent made me want to puke. I was confused now. I didn't know how to hold her anymore since my eyes were set on someone else. I closed my eyes and tried to picture L. Her perfume scented very lightly of strawberries, and it held me over. She broke our embrace and looked up at me with the usual, devilish look she gave me before we engaged in having sex and smiled. In a low whisper, she began to speak. "What made you want to come pick me up so abruptly?"

"I wanted to come see you." I replied in the same tone, softening my eyes. I kissed her lips tenderly, trying to either remember how to be a boyfriend or to picture her as L. But the two were so far apart from alikeness that it was nearly impossible. It wasn't a matter of it being possible or impossible... I had to do it. "I am always stuffed up there in that damn secretive hotel with that bratty insomniac that I never have time to come down here to see you." My words were somewhat true. Even though they hurt to be uttered, I was always stuffed up there with him and I never had time to come see her. Because I didn't make time.

"Well, why don't you come inside?" She sibilated in a provocative way, wrapping my tie around her hand and tugging at it seductively. I knew what I wanted, but I also knew what my role as her current (but not for long) boyfriend was. I nodded and she pulled me inside. We dashed up the stairs, and as she squeezed my hand, I could feel her pulse rushing violently and her blood pumping furiously. She busted the door open and pulled us inside, pushing me onto the couch. Once after locking the door, she straddled my lap and slowly started to unfasten my belt and pant button. She gravely pushed our lips together and I played along, slipping off her jacket. I tossed it onto the floor, pulling up the sides of her shirt. Shaking intensely, I worked at the sides of her midsection as she ripped my shirt.

"I want you now. We'll get you a new shirt." She voiced in-between kisses. I didn't really care for the fact that my shirt was being ripped, I just wanted L to be the one to do it, and she wasn't helping my talking. Just so I could hold up a front for longer, I tried and tried and tried my damndest to get hard, but my erection wouldn't come. If this room had consisted of only L, the couch, and me, I'd have already entered into his backdoor. Yet, Misa Amane, this most top model in Japan was sitting in my lap, trying to rock the boat, yet I wouldn't take the bait. I was just buying myself time. I was swallowed up inside my thoughts right until I was in the middle of massaging her thighs and I felt her slide down onto my shaft. I jumped and stood straight up off of the couch making her fall into the floor. She hit, screamed, and I moaned in horror.

"Raito, what the hell are you doing!?"

"Getting me the hell out of you!" I shouted. Tears filled my eyes and I zipped my pants up, leaving her on the floor, and I fled from the apartment. I left the door opened as I ran down the stairs and I could still hear her trying to convince me to come back. She caught up to me, her jacket still off as she was pulling her panties back up. She grabbed my shoulder. "Raito! Raito stop it!" I jerked away, demanding her to stay away from me. She stopped at the door to her apartment building as I ran out and onto the street. I ran as fast as I could, shirt partially torn, belt undone. I got so many looks as I tore into the unlit part of Tokyo. I stopped outside of the hotel the whole task force was staying in and lingered at the door. I wanted to be with Ryuuzaki so bad, but I was so ashamed to be with him after being with Misa. My emotions tumbled around as if on high speed in a dryer and I flung the door open, trying to reach the hotel room as soon as possible. I ran... I ran... I ran...

"Ryuuzaki!!!" I shrieked. Thank God it was only him in there. Where the others were at, I did not know, nor did I care.h You fucking lunatic... I love you." I ran over to him, his onyx eyes filled with vigilance, his eye bags never darker, his skin never as pale, nor his lips so... luscious. I tangled his hair into my fingers, leaned his head back, and in the most passionate way I could, I kissed him with all of my might. My entire heart belonged to him there and I gave him my soul.


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