Intrinsic Rivalry

BY : Pantherrose
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The human being is a puzzle, a mosaic of countless pieces and portions that make up the whole. These pieces consist of their whims and desires, their motives and rationales.

Watching as the people live and breathe around him, Near could see the pieces compiled together to form their outward personalities and inner fears. The traits of his fellow detectives lie bare to his cold, calculating eyes, and then fall to dissection through his shrewd mind.

Despite his superior powers of perception, there exists one being consisting of pieces still hidden from Near’s prying eyes. Though now separate, Near’s fascination with this boy continues to drive him with a force parallel to no other. His desire to defeat his former rival finds contest solely in another origin.

He wants to break down Mello, shatter the puzzle, and examine the pieces, as Mello lies bare and naked at his feet.

For countless nights, Near has worked beside the members of the SPK, driven by the overwhelming longing to hold Mello trapped in his gaze: stripped of all pretensions, masks, and pride. Only Near’s image would reflect in those drowning, helpless pools, insuring the satisfied detective of his complete and total domination.

Then he would slowly slit Mello’s throat and watch as the shadow of his vain laughter drained from those darkly radiant eyes.

~ ~ ~

Near held the aged photograph before his eyes, frowning as his eyes roved the sharp features of his missing orphanage companion. Fully fixed upon his examination, he showed no signs of outward awareness, even while his free hand pushed a toy truck back and forth over the patch of worn carpet.

He knew, without a doubt, that Mello would come for this treasure. In his steady hand, Near held the perfect bait, the ideal incentive for the object of his obsessions to track him down.

A shallow quivering started in his stomach; yet, he showed no indication of his uncharacteristic anticipation. He simply raised a slender hand from his toy, and intertwined an ivory lock within his fingertips.

Find me, Mello. Fall into my trap.

~ ~ ~

How exquisite…Hal Linder was the snare I knew you couldn’t avoid.

Near crouched in the stairwell of the seedy building, sorely perplexed at the extant of dinginess and disrepair surrounding him. His sensitive mind touched upon the threads of suffering and despair, cringing as he recognized the dark, phantasmal wisps emitting from the clientele. The routine of desperation played behind closed doors, and Near knew that the plays would continue long after he passed.

As Near tread silently through the solemn hallways, he thought briefly of the agents slumbering in their homes, truly unaware of his compulsion to roam restlessly throughout the city. This habit had only surfaced a few times before, and occurred when he knew the possibility of capture as almost non-existent. But the consideration soon fled from his mind, replaced by the emotional awareness previously displayed in the stairwell.

If he wished, Near could block every sorrow, every trace of misery from his complex mind. After years of mental exercise, he’d mastered personal detachment to a level of perfection that both his mentor and Mello were incapable of reaching.

However, in order to determine Mello’s exact position, he opened his mind to the hum of life existing beyond the dim hallway. His wide eyes and intricate mind took in the pieces of this hotel, quickly sifting through the available information at a speed rivaling that of light.

He stopped in the middle of the hallway, feet planted and fingers finding their way to rest in his snow-white mane.

He’d found his destination. The certainty of this fact reared first in his gut and soon spread with the ferocity of flame, fraying the edges of his usually relaxed nerves.

A frown formed at the reaction a single carved ‘M’ brought upon him. Using an instrument such as a small penknife, Mello must’ve scraped the small letter into the edge of the grainy wood. Near crouched, careful not to let his loose sweats touch the dirty carpet, and reached out his free hand to hover over the crude letter at the base of the doorframe.

Mello knew he was coming. In fact, he was waiting for him.

With one hand still stretched out and the other buried in his hair, Near remained frozen upon the gray floor. The only indication of life within the hallway became the even breaths of the petite detective.

Near already suspected the tail’s success, and this present situation confirmed his previous doubt. Mello obviously wanted him to come, but why would he ask for such an encounter?

Has the trap snapped back upon me? Should I leave, and wait until the day we cross paths solely by my own terms?

Near’s hand lifted from the jagged scratches to rest upon the cool metal knob. With his hand still firmly wrapped around the metal, he jerked when the door behind him cracked open.

A little girl with mousy brown pigtails peeked out curiously at the young man. She smiled sweetly, exhibiting the gap where her two front teeth appeared to be missing.

“Oh, are you his friend?” she asked the detective in an eerily lilting voice.

Almost imperceptibly, Near nodded. A strange, unearthly feeling began to tug at the edges of his consciousness. He ignored it, choosing instead to continue staring at the odd and interesting child.

Reacting to the affirmation, her smile widened while her eyes grew mysteriously brighter. “Then you’re supposed to go right on in. Goodbye, mister!” she sang, before she pulled back to vanish into the deep darkness beyond the doorway.

When the door clicked shut, the hall plunged back into the deafening sea of silence.

~ ~ ~

Oddly enough, some thanks goes to Prof. S, who helped me think up a few words when I didn’t have a thesaurus around (or was too lazy to go and find one^^).

Hope y’all enjoyed!

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