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Chapter one: Mixed Up....


I smiled as I looked at the house, it was raining down in steams and pretty cold. The summer was over and now the autum had sat in. I girl was wet from head to toe, but I didn't cared, finally Id found the house, the house were Tohru Honda lived with those three males.

It had been my goal for so long, since my father told me on his death bed that I'd been adopted, then the mother I'd thought had been mine couldn't get children of her own. It had shocked me, and I had locked myself in on my room. The day after my father died and I were now alone, then long ago my mother died of cancer. I wasn't mad at my parents at all, because they had been lovingly parents, they never had let me down and treathened me with the love real parents would, but now they were gone and I sat into my head that I wanted to find my true parents. So I sold the house and my search begun.

Until resently I had found out that my biologic mother and father was dead too, I thought I were all alone again, but then I heard of my mothers child, Thoru Honda, my sister.

I quick tracked her up and that brings me to were I'm now, at the house of the Sohma┤s.

Shyly and cold I walked closer to the house, I stoped for a moment and came to think that if I didn't had known of Tohru, then Tohru probally never had head of me. I got a bit sad of the thought, but got rushed out of it when something graped my arm and an impatient voice growled.

"Finally!!! Where the hell have Ya been girl?! Ya think Ya can just walk of as it pleases Ya!?" The gruel voice turned out to be a very anxious male, a red-head.

He just pulled of with me towards the house. I was shocked! Did he know me? And who was he?? One of the Sohmas? Probally. But what was he doing?

My questions remained un answered as I got pulled into the Kitchen and the red-head growled again as he took a seat.

"Now! Where the hell have Ya been Tohru?!" Thoru? Wait a second, he thought I were Tohru? I was about to complain when a more cheerfull voice could be heard.

"Well, well, Tohru-Kun? It surprises me to see you here, hadn't you said you would stay over night at Hana-Chan┤s??"I turned around and looked at the smiling man.

"Shigure!? What are Ya talking about?!" The red-head growled again, but in a very defensive tone.

The man with the name Shigure chuckled lightly.

"Once again you've not listened probally Kyo." He answered with a smuck smirk.

The red-head Kyo frowned, and another male came in, or was it a male? Anyways the person had a very womanly feature. He took one look at me and his eyes were cold and Icy. The others obvlious didn't even notice he'd come in, then they were right into a word battle. I sweatdroped, what the hell was going on? They thought I were Tohru right? But that must mean that I look like her, or no, she must look like me, then I'm the oldest!

The word battle got broken by the girlish mans soft, but cold voice.

"She isn't Tohru you nut heads." Suddenly it got all silent and the two males looked at him, he just sat there with both eyes clothes and ate a little rice he had taken.

"What the hell are ya talking 'bout rat?!" The red-hed Kyo hissed at him.

This time it was my turn to speak, and with a shy voice I did so.

"He's right... Uhm... Kyo or how it was... I'm not Thoru Honda. My name is Mitsuki Tanaka." I looked on the sudden shocked expression of the two males.

But however, Shigure quick shrugged it off and chuckled lightly.

"See, see... Is that true? I must say, you look quite like our little Thoru-Kun... ha ha... I must say it's quite funny... haha..."

I smiled nervous, this was a bit complicated and the starring look of the red-head didn't calm my nerves at all.

"Eh he he... Well, actually, Thoru Honda is my... sister so..." I shrugged together when the angry growl of the red-head could be heard and he walked off smacking the door. I looked confused and a bit startlet after him. What was his problem? Then the soft voice of the "rat"as the red-head called him could be heard again.

"Don't think about it. He's just angry he couldn't see you wasn't Thoru. Anyways, my name is Yuki Sohma, nice to meet you." He sat the rice off by site and smiled to me. I blinked confused for a moment, but then smiled back.

"And my name is Shigure young lady." The blackhaired man said and took my hand and gave it a short kiss. I quick took my hand back and he chuckled.

"Fiercy ain't we? But tell me, Mitsuki right? You do look like Tohru, but are you really her sister?" He smiled this calm suspectsious smile and kept an eye at me. I just smiled back and nodded. Then I told them all I new, the story of my adoption and what had happened until now.

Shigure nodded knowingly.

"I'm sure our little Tohru'll get very happy when she get to know she has a sister." I blinked again.

"You don't think she'll get surprised? You even think she'll like me?" Yuki closed his eyes again and sat back in a relaxing state. Shgure just chuckled soft.

"I'm very sure of it. Maybe she'll get surprised to begin with, but our little Tohru is so joyful, trust me, she'll like you for sure." I smiled, man that somehow made me reeeeally happy. I've always wished to have a sister and I alwas wondered why I looked so little like my mom. And there too were so many questions I wanted to ask Tohru about our parents.

The Sohma┤s was so friendly to let me stay over night (well at least Yuki and Shigure were -.-;;) and they even offered me to take a hot soothing bath so I didn't got cold.

When I laid in the bed, (Thoru┤s...) I thought of how tomorrow would be. If Shigure were right and Tohru would like me. I closed my eyes and were ready to sleep. I were so exited that it was hard to fall asleep, but at least the weight of my exitement and the warmth blanket around me made me drowsy.

And the I felt asleep.


A/N: Pheuw... This were just an idea I suddenly got... Hope someone reads it and like it.. However I'm sure of finishing it... Then i like it myself... Well review if you've read it... then I do not care if it's a flame or not.... ^_________^

In love Bouken...

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