Isuzu's Gamble

BY : kuroneko
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Author's Note: Contains slight spoilers.
With his left hand support the back of her head and the other cupping her breast, Isuzu drew back and looked at Shigure in bewilderment.

“You, you want me to what?”

“It’s simple,” smirked Shigure as he leisurely teased her pert nipple with his index finger, “you sleep with me in my dog form and I will tell you how to break the curse.”

Her thoughts were racing. She closed her eyes. Isuzu thought she could offer herself if it meant Haru could be free, but this? Could she really do what Shigure asked? An image of Haru flashed in her mind. Strengthening her resolve, she opened her eyes.

“I’ll do it.” She said, her eyes cold and determined.

Shigure smiled as he leaned in to kiss her. He wanted to smother her. Wipe off that haughty look. For Isuzu, while it felt good his kiss lacked the passion and tenderness that Haru’s held. When she didn’t respond, he looked into her face with a cool expression.

“Stand up,” he ordered. He saw the uncertainty in her eyes as she rose to her full height. She opened her mouth to speak but Shigure quickly said, “take off your clothes.”

Against her will, Isuzu felt more and more unsure of herself. Of what she was doing. She slowly reached down to remove her black knee length boots.

“No. Leave them on,” he ordered as he settled back to watch her. Her face changed back into a stern mask as she removed her blouse and skirt to reveal her black, lacy underwear. She stood in front of him, defiant, daring him to continue.

“Take it all off,” he said.

Isuzu unclasped her bra and threw it on top of her clothes. She dropped her panties to the ground and stepped out of them. With lust in his eyes, Shigure took in her full breasts, slim stomach and hips, and long legs – looking longer with her boots on. He felt himself grow hard.

“Turn around,” he said huskily, “and get down on your hands and knees.” His heart and mind also became confused. Her stormy eyes and her black hair. She looked too much like her. A jaded stab slashed at his heart. He would wipe that smug look off her face. He would hurt her again.

Isuzu did as she was told to. She wondered briefly how Shigure was going to transform when she felt a warm tongue lick her pussy.

“Gure-nii!” she gased. Looking behind her she saw a great black dog lapping at her cunt. Gasping, Isuzu clenched her fists and spread her thighs open a little more. He began to lick faster, occasionally nipping at her clit, as she panted on all fours. Isuzu was rocking her hips towards the dog when her orgasm hit.

She wanted to cry out for Haru but grunted when the dog jumped on her back. With his forepaws on her shoulders, Isuzu couldn’t move as he penetrated her ass with his fat cock. She cried out in pain with every deep thrust he made. Only when he was fully inside her did he pause. Isuzu felt a growing pressure for every second Shigure remained still. Unknowingly she began to move her hips, signaling him to resume.

With an even pace, he thrust into her tight ass. Every time she arched her back, he bit down on her neck or ear. Isuzu felt a second orgasm build as Shigure roughly pushed his cock into her. Her arms were shaking with fatigue when she climaxed again.

Isuzu felt worn out and would have collapsed had not large hands grasped her hips to roll her over on her back. She saw that Shigure was now in his human form. He pulled her thighs opened and put her knees over his shoulders as he positioned his huge penis over her wet entrance. Painfully he sheathed himself fully into her cunt and began to roughly ride her.

Exhausted, she clung to his neck and shoulders as he violently pumped his hard cock into her. Shigure could tell Isuzu was beginning to fade, without losing pace, he reached down and began to deftly stroke her clit. He wanted her to enjoy herself, to feel pleasure in her humiliation. When she orgasmed a third time, she lay below Shigure in a boneless heap as he came into her.

“Tell me,” Isuzu gased, “tell me how.”

Panting, Shigure held himself above her. He looked into her eyes. He could finally see the desperation and hurt she held hidden. It wasn’t enough. He thrust into her and felt satisfaction at seeing her wince.

“Please! Please tell me how,” she cried out.

Shigure smirked and whispered into her ear, “Go ask Akito.”

He watched her crestfallen reaction as he quickly pulled himself from her bloody thighs. He calmly put on his robe and walked to the entrance door of his study.

“Remember to lock the door when you leave,” he said as he left.

With a cold weight in her stomach, Isuzu grit her teeth as she painfully got up. She fought back her tears as she put on her clothes and quietly left Shigure’s house. She was halfway through the woods when her tears overcame her. Isuzu laid on the wet earth, holding her knees to her chest, as she cried. All she could think about was Haru. Her pain and humiliation were nothing compared to the fear that he would never be set free.

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