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“Pain, without love
Pain, I can't get enough
Pain, I like it rough
'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all”

The chain, with its metal links glittering cruelly in the faint, flickering candlelight, tightened over the thin, trembling neck. Its hard links drove imprints deep into the long, pale expanse.

Ryuzaki gasped and clawed ineffectively at the harsh torment wrought upon his tender flesh. He tried in vain to clasp the smooth metal with shaking fingertips, even as he writhed and moaned through his futile efforts to relieve this moment of pain.

Yet he soon found deep conflict within his precarious position, for Raito took the opportunity to ravage the detective’s parted and panting lips. With deep, forceful thrusts, he plundered the sweet cavern, relishing the saccharine taste of the young man’s mouth.

Though the chain continued to bite into his vulnerable neck, Ryuzaki reacted with a fury never before exhibited in the eyes of his fellow detectives. His damp tongue hungrily sought out Raito’s domineering muscle, eagerly participating in the losing battle within his mouth.

The conflicting sensations of both pleasure and pain quickly took its toll upon the detective, and his shaking limbs found Raito’s bare back. As they fought passionately, caught within the ardent kiss, Ryuzaki’s serrated nails tore jagged crevices into the soft skin. Crimson rivulets seeped through his frantically moving fingers, causing the young murderer to cry out from the sudden, searing pain.

Ryuzaki swallowed the soft scream greedily, sadistically savoring the knowledge of his tormentor’s suffering. Losing his grip upon the slick back, he simply encircled his arms around Raito’s thin waist. He pulled the boy close, settling Raito’s warm body over his slight frame. They continued their kiss as the indention upon the bed deepened, periodically breaking away to pant precious air into suffocating lungs.

Raito's hands shivered, loosened, then completely fell away from their tight grasp upon the chain. They tangled roughly in Ryuzaki's hair, clasping firmly behind his head to keep their lips close. But the newly freed chain slid heavily across the detective's throat, causing him to arch his neck and back in agony. Thus, he quickly broke away from Raito’s sinful lips, and attempted to staunch the spinning within his wildly disoriented mind.

These vain efforts easily shattered, for Raito felt no wish to be ignored. His hot hands slid under the detective’s thin shirt, eagerly claiming the quivering muscles contained within the lithe body.

As the silver links settled into loose garlands around Ryuzaki’s neck, he moaned and moved more freely under the warm pressure of the caressing hands. His body twisted and arched into fevered fingertips, gasping breathlessly as Raito found a sensitive peak and slowly drew it to full hardness. At the same moment, Raito’s soft lips and unyielding teeth closed upon the neglected nipple, and a sudden sheen of tears glimmered on widened eyes. The sharp ache crashed throughout Ryuzaki’s body, and he quickly closed his shadowed eyes to hinder the detection of his weakness.

And Raito waited for him to come back, poised and ready over his certain prey. When dark eyes finally reflected his image in their murky depths, he hesitated for a moment before he could see the confirmation in those pleading gems. He hovered until the clarity of recognition began to clear the detective’s eyes, and then he entered Ryuzaki, for the third time that night.

Throwing his head back, Ryuzaki screamed as Raito once more invaded his ravaged body. The unbearably contrasting sensations overcame both his physical and mental self, wrecking a war within him between his passion and the body’s pain.

They moved frantically, harshly, Raito thrusting into his lover with wild abandon while Ryuzaki met each attack with unbridled ferocity. Ragged whimpers charging the heavy night air, the great detective began again his assault on Raito’s pale flesh, tearing and clutching at the arms holding his lover above him.

Defying the threatening shadow of exhaustion, the two men came together again and again, even as the edges of their vision started to fade and all they could see was each other.

Together they played upon the peak, the tip of the needle, grappling on the edge before both fell into the oblivion of the abyss. Flashing white light flared before Ryuzaki’s eyes, and then he felt Raito’s living warmth surround him as he fell into the comfort of darkness.

You are my addiction, Raito, my savior and my lover. You protect me from the hundreds of ghosts that will forever haunt my dreams. All the people I failed to save, all the souls lost before I even knew they were gone, reach out for me as I pass their graves and scream their protest to the skies.

No one ever stood between those phantoms and myself. What we have may hurt, it may agonize, but, thanks to you, I am no longer alone.

“Anger and agony
Are better than misery
Trust me I've got a plan
When the lights go off you will understand

Pain, without love
Pain, I can't get enough
Pain, I like rough
'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all”

-“Pain” Three Days Grace

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I almost can’t believe this fic is done – I’ve been working on and off of it for weeks now.
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