Queer or Eccentric?

BY : kuroi_tenshi_neo
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Queer or Eccentric?

by: laineyue a.k.a kuroi_tenshi_neo

Chapter 1: When you were little...

Disclaimer: Death Note is a property of Ohba Tsugumi and Obata Takeshi.

A/N: Ok.. I'm editing this story as I go coz the story is slightly jumbled in my mind... Let's start at Wammy's Institution shall we?
Oh for those fan girls this is your POV and the deathnote character's POV you get to be with the Death Note bishounen and yeah be a vouyer in their antics and stuff. Yes there's yaoi too.

This story is created by a bi(yes, me) so there could also be yuri but the problem is I'm not much of an expert in yuri only yaoi stuff. I'll try my best though. No pedophilia in here! I think...

In a pesimistic view and in Nia's terms this could just be a Death Note Orgy thing... *invisible knives stabs her heart* ouch, that hurts, but I am trying to create a plot here, so yeah this is the first fanfiction story I'm industrious enough to post, cause mainly I like to plainly tell the story to people around me. (yes telling stories by saying it outloud, I like to see the listener's reactions to whatever I have created in my mind)

SPOILER WARNING!: I have read the whole manga, some of the Death Note infos in How to Read 13, and the Death Note novel: B.B. Case. so yeah I pretty much have a concept on the L's background.(reasons: I love Death Note and I cosplayed L.)

P.S. I'm a girl, who likes guys who like guys. *sighs* Yaoi fangirlism rulez my fanaticism.

Enough Introduction about me on with the story!

~Wammy's Institution for Gifted Individuals~(kinda like Xmen *snickers*)

Looking over a large black iron gate, the seven-year-old you marveled the tranquility of the misty dawn and the aura that seemingly blended itself on the old mansion beyond the gates. Holding your stuffed gray bunny with both of your arms, your grip tightened on it for comfort.

"This is going to be my new home isn't Kiei." you seemed to talk to no one in particular. "Are you. . . going to stay here with me?"

A cold breeze blew your shoulder length raven black hair behind you ears.

"I thought so, everyone knew abandoned me already, so why shouldn't you?" you held your deep amethyst gaze on the Mansion's array of windows. "I'm not expecting to gain many friends here, besides I'm different."

The iron gates gave a creaking sound as they were suddenly opened by an invisible force and you walked in the Institution's territory.

"Alright, bye-bye, Kiei. I guess I'll see you when my time stops here."

You walked into the Mansion's surrounding's but not really taking in the scenery before you, since you were reminiscing about your past.

You're vivid memories of your early childhood were of your mom. Her kind and sweet smile no matter how comforting it was to you, you knew the hidden meaning in it. She was worried for you safety, so the two of you emigrated from a certain country to another. Who you were running from, you didn't know exactly, she always managed to keep that information away from you and you were too young to care.

Then it happened they found the two of you, living in the cabin in a forlorn forest in a mountainside. The two of you tried to run for it, but to no avail you were caught in an instant, as you saw your mother being tortured and murdered in front of you.

After seeing your mother's lifeless body falling, her blood staining your clothes and soaking your skin, then everything went black.

You just woke up one day overlooking the place where your cabin had been became ashes, everyone was gone including your captors. You were left all alone in that forest, until Kiei came to guide you back to civilization.

Kiei had been your companion from then on, Kiei became your second mother, your best friend and your guide, but now she also needs to leave you behind. So again you are all alone in this large institution and all you have left to remember Kiei is a torn page of Kiei's Notebook inside your stuffed gray bunny. You sighed in despair.

"I might as well make a nice impression on this Watari guy." You walked towards on the Mansion's wide wooden front door, but before you could knock on the double door, a boy with black hair and a panda-like gaze, opened it and stood in a slouch manner before you.

"Uh, good evening." You managed to say calmly in front of him. It was obvious he's older than you, since he's towering before you even if he's slouched like a hunchback.

"Good evening. Who are you?" He asked straightforwardly though in a polite tone.

"That's a rude question to ask," you stated, raising your eyebrows "wouldn't you prefer to invite me inside first?"

"Common etiquette is quite forgotten in these days." He stated a fact, instead of making excuses or apologizing.

"That's true." You smiled. He's a unique individual and an interesting one. "My name is Kiei, what's yours?" You decided to use your friend's name besides your captors might find you again if you used your real name.

"My name is Erald Coil, but you can call me Eru." He stated with the same politeness in his voice.

"Itís nice to meet you." You grinned then curiosity getting the better of you. "What are you doing in this time of day? Itís still too early to take a stroll." You pointed the foggy background behind you for emphasis.

"Shouldn't I be asking you the same?" Eru answered back.

"My excuse is that I arrived here too early, so what's yours." you smirked.

"My excuse? I also woke up too early that's all." Eru used your own excuse.

"This conversation is not getting anywhere...Oh well..." you sighed and invited yourself inside the mansion "I have other things to do like talking to the owner of this place anyway or whoever might the person in charge here be."

"Why?" Eru asked as his panda gaze followed your every move.

"I'm going to be a new member of this institution." you smiled and walked towards a hallway.

"Why are you so sure of that?" Eru followed behind you, his eyes held sudden curiosity.

"I have special talents like you. . .L" you stated mischievously.

". . ." Eru stopped in his tracks for a second then continued following you.

"I'm sorry." you sincerely apologized "I made you upset, didn't I?" noticing his silent treatment and his slight reaction earlier.

"...you didn't" Eru whispered "upset me."

"I just wanted to call you by your real name." you solemnly said.

"L. . .is one of my names." Eru said it as a fact.

"...You are also hiding your real name" you sighed "like everyone else in this institution. Is it your custom here?" you tried to change the subject, you know the situation too well.

"What you meant to say is you guess that everyone here is hiding their real names, you don't have empirical proof to generalize your conviction yet."

"...but I do," you looked at him intently "I know your real name."

Eru's surprised eyes reflected on yours for just a minute.

"...sorry again..." you apologized and walked further into the hallway.

"Do you know where you are supposed to go?" Eru called back.

"Yes, three doors to the right on the third floor of the left wing." you answered back "I'm sure I can find him."

"...another member, huh..." Eru mused as he watched your petite form fade into the shadows of the hallway.

~Watari's Office~

An old inventor looked down at the reports of the children's progress in the institution. It was sad that A committed suicide though. A was always pressured about being a successor of L, but these accidents were sometimes inevitable in the children's competitive nature to attain a certain goal. He only hoped that one day they could fully cooperate with each other rather than being hypocrites at each other.

"Excuse me sir but may I come in." a soft voice of a young child woke the inventor out of his trouble thoughts. "Sir? Are you alright?"

"Yes, yes, come in." He managed to say filing the reports in his desk in an orderly manner, then looking at the early visitor.

"Good evening sir." Still holding your bunny stuffed toy tight in your small arms, you walked in and curtsied before him. "My name is Kiei and I would like to live in this institution."

"How did you get here my dear?" Watari asked the small girl as he motioned her to sit down on the couch in front of his desk.

"I can do a little telepathy." you said softly as you took your seat but did not change your gaze on the floor. "well, among other things I'm capable of..."

"Oh and whose mind did you read, dear?" Watari asked unperturbed with the revelation the child had said to him.

"Eru's, though I'm very sorry for my sudden intrusion." you looked at the floor beneath you.

"Can you control these abilities of yours, dear?" Watari inquired more.

"I guess. I can..." you muttered then looked at Watari for the first time "Am I... accepted?"

Something in the girl's amethyst gaze made Watari look like his actions were being read so he broke the eye contact and busied himself in looking for an application letter.

"That will remain to be seen my dear." Watari said as he gave her a form. "You can write any personal information that you would like to share with the institution."

"Thank you." you took the piece of paper in your hands and wrote only your birth date, blood type, height, weight and other information concerning your health, but your background was left as a blank including your real name, then you returned the paper to Watari.

"Personal Information are always kept as a confidential matter, my dear." Watari stated one rule. "I suggest that you learn about the regulations of this institute."

"Yes sir." you stood from the couch and walked out the door.

"Kiei, dear, from now on-"

"I will be called K or Kiei." you said politely "and I'm going to stay near Eru's room."

". . .That is right."

"Then I'll be off. Good Night, Sir Watari." you said as you locked the door behind you and headed to your designated room.

A/N: well that's the story for now you'll meet the other children in the next chapter. ‹ I guess this isn't much of a cliffhanger and did you get how you can do telepathy?

You haven't fully trained your abilities in here yet but yeah in the further chapters you will be able to hone your skills. Ok I guess that wasn't much of a spoiler to in the next chapters.

Oh the more reviews the more I'll be industrious enough to update so yeah. Review the story and constructive criticisms are welcome!

Flamers? Uh, I guess they're accepted too. (T.T) just don't be too harsh...

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