Near and Mello

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Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Disclaimer: Death Note unfortunately doesnít belong to me. If it did, every single guy would be obviously gay (I think they may be, but itís not so obvious)^^

Authorís Note: Sorry if my english is bad, Iím not a native speaker. Spoilers from volume 8 ahead. Shonen ai. In other words, love between boys. Donít like it, donít read it. If Near and Mello in a relationship bothers you, stop right here. If not, please go on! I hope you enjoy it. I think they make a perfect couple. And I have a sequel in mind!



Chapter I

- Near, Mello... L passed away.

I flinched. My vission blurred. I donít know why I didnít just black out. Somehow, I managed to speak.

- What do you mean, heís dead? Heís been killed by Kira! Isnít it?

- Probably.

- He promised to catch Kira, and now has been murdered! Is that what youíre saying?

- Mello...

- We have to win the game, finish the puzzle. Otherwise, weíre nothing but losers.

Nearís voice startled me as it quietly echoed through the room. I had forgotten he was here. As I turned to him, he had just finished tossing his damn puzzle all over the floor. The brat hadnín shown any kind of reaction to the news. So predictable. Any other time, it would get on my nerves. But something occured to me.

- Near and I... Who L chose?

Time stopped as I waited.

- No decision. L died without making his choice.

No decision...

- Mello, Near... Could you support each other?

- It can be.

- Thatís impossible, Roger. You know Near and I canít get along. Weíre always competing.

Always... Still, Iím always second place. My efforts didnít matter...

- Itís ok, Roger. Near will be Lís successor. Unlike me, I know heíll properly take care of things, the same way he emotionlessly works on his puzzle.


- And Iím also leaving the institute.

- Mello! Ė he called as I turned away.

- Roger, Iíll soon be fifteen! Iím doing things on my way! Ė I stated and left the room, not wanting to deal with Rogerís preoccupation now.
It would only make me more vulnerable. More than I already am.


Still, I donít know how I managed to leave that night. The very minute I reached my room, all the pain I had been holding emerged. I thought it would never stop. I thought I would not be able to stand up from my bed. Everytime I tried to, my knees would go weak, and I would fall back, trembling and sobbing endlessly.

Of course, in front of the others, I had pretended to have all under control. I had shown Roger that I was ready to just go and follow my way, as if it was obvious and natural.

Truth is, it wasnít. I wasnít expecting Lís death so soon, as if he was nothing but one more piece of chess, which can be eliminated anytime.

Unlike Near. I bet he isnít even slightly shocked. I bet his life until now consisted on preparing himself for this day. The day he would join the game. Not that he really wanted it. I donít think heís human enough to actually wish. He probably just thinks itís his natural path.

Anyway, I couldnít care less. And I wasnít concerned about my future. Deep inside I knew what I wanted Ė to surpass Near. It could be taken care of later. Right now, I had something stronger inside me to deal with. I canít accept Lís death! It made me so angry, for it was too unfair! How dare he die like this! How dare his stupid friends let him risk himself so much! They should have known he was above, the brain, not the arms, nor the legs!

Then again, as I think better, I know L was not this kind of person. If he thought it to be necessary, he would act. He wasnít some coward. And I know he didnít risk himself in vain.

This thoughts should have calmed me down, but they didnít. Reason alone wouldnít work on me. Lots of anger still burned in my chest. Later, it would lead me to Kira.

Without realizing, I was furiously chewing my chocolate bar. It was weird when it tasted so sweet against the bitterness I felt on my throat. When I swallowed the last piece, all the sugar running through my veins made me want to react, so I stood up with a jump. I had stopped crying, but the anger was still there. I grabbed my bag and threw it on the floor, then started throwing all my things inside, my teeth clenched, only one thought obsessively going trough my mind: leaving this place now. I couldnít bear it one more second without going mad.

Away. Away from this place where Iím always second best. Away from Near and his reasonable ways. And now, I know heíll probably join the police or some other official authority. I can see them blindly obeying him, openmouthed, as he disdainfully orders them around.

Well, Kira. Youíd better run for your life. Iíve got two damn good reasons to run after you. L and Near.

- Mello.

Speaking of the devil.

I turned around. Near was standing by my door, on his pajamas, dragging some weird toy of his, looking just like an infant who had a bad dream and went to look for his parents.

I donít deserve it.

- What?

I was ready to give my back to him, but I noticed something wrong. Nearís eyes had fixed on me for a second before avoiding me as usual. They had looked serious. Almost... worried.

I sighed.

- What do you want, brat?

He started playing with his hair and lowered his gaze. It was so much like him to just ignore my question and keep silent. What the hell was on his mind, did he want me to guess why in the world he had come here?

Before he could blink, I had grabbed him by the collar an pinned him against the nearest wall.

- Forget it, Near. You came all the way to my room, you canít act as if thereís nothing out of place! Say whatever is it or get the hell out!

As expected, he hadnít reacted to my sudden agression and just kept twirling his hair. I was ready to shake some words out of him. Then, he spoke.

- So, you really are leaving.

- So what?

He didnít answer. Just stood perfectly still, trapped between my body and the wall, his eyes fixed somwhere on the floor. How I hated his hability of making me mad without saying a word! I was never in the mood for his games.

At this minute, Iím even less.

I grabbed his chin and forced him to face me. His eyes were once more empty, but I didnít care, he had started it. He calmly looked into my eyes, and the rage he saw probably made him pity me, for he decided to answer.

- Since you usually act and speak by impulse, I guessed you could have given up.

So he thinks he can predict me.

I smirked.

- Well, you guessed wrong.

I watched him as he quietly played with his hair, as if unaffected by his small loss. Suddenly, I realized that the toy he held wasnít just any toy; it was a gift from L. He had given it to Near in his last visit to us, not so long ago. Maybe a couple of months. It was a ship, and it floated in the water. It could also be undone and rebuilt in many ways; it could even be turned into a plane, or something like this. I remember L hugging Near as he gave him the gift, and Near blushing, as he always did whenever someone showed closeness to him.

And now, Near was holding it. A little too tightly, I noticed.

All this time, my eyes had been widened, fixed on the ship. I knew Near was aware of it, even though he hadnít moved. Even his fingers had stopped, holding a few locks, as if he had forgotten them there.

All of a sudden, his presence here starts to make some sense.

For the second time in this night, I resisted the urge to shake him until he cried. Instead, I looked carefully into his eyes, looking for something to confirm my suspects, and finding only cold distance.

It finished infuriating me.

- You came because of him, didnít you? Ė my voice came dangerously low. Near trembled a little, but that was all. I grabbed his shoulders.

- Come on and answer, you freak! Iíve finished packing, thereís no time for your weirdness! What do you want from me? Now that Lís gone, his place is yours to claim, and Iím not in your way! What else for godís sake do you wish for?!

It was funny because I was shaking him and screaming in his face, but I was the one crying. I hadnít noticed the first tear, but now my face was wet. Suddenly, Near raised his hand and touched my face. He slipped his cold fingers trough my cheek, as if he wanted to dry it. Then he brought his wet hand close to his face, as if he wanted to study my tears. What were they made from. It was alien to him.

He didnít have any.

Next thing I knew, I was kissing him. Hard.

Fuck you, Near.

No resistance as I slipped my tongue into his mouth and explored it roughly. My hands circled his neck, holding him in place. Not that he tried to escape. His own tongue met mine, and it was completely imobile, as if waiting to see my reaction. So I sucked on it, and I heard his breath change slightly.

Iíll melt you, Near. Then youíll be able to cry, and be normal, and leave me alone.

I parted the kiss and opened my eyes. Nearís were opened. Probably had been all the time.

Opened and widened. Maybe a little astonished.

Did I scare you, Near? I think this time I got to you.

I stared deeply into his eyes, but they were back to their normal size too soon.

Maybe this kiss was over too soon.

I took one step back, giving him some room, since all this time I had been pressing him against the wall. He was back to his ĎI donít careí posture Ė twirling his hair, staring at nothing. And he didnít make a move to leave.

I was tired. Finally, I turned away from Near. Almost instantly I felt the urge to get my things and run from this place. Then I heard him whisper.

- Iím sorry.

- I donít think so.

I looked at him as I grabbed my bag. He had sat on the floor. Actually, he looked more like he had thrown himself there. His back against the wall. Arms hanging limp on his sides.

And his disdainfull eyes.

I sighed and approached him. Then I said close to his ear.

- Good luck, Near.

I headed towards the door without looking back. My last contact with Near until some years later didnít include a vision of his face. Only the words he said as I walked away from him.

- Mello. I wonít replace L.

I flinched, but kept going.

- I know. It was cruel from me to say this. Iím sorry.

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