Ghosts Always Come Back

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Disclaimer: I do not own Full Metal Panic, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Author’s Intro: 2 ½ years ago I decided to try my hand at a little FMP fanfiction titled “I Couldn’t Move On”. To this day I’m still getting reviews of people saying they liked it and to write a sequel. Not to mention a ton of other ego-boosting compliments that I am more than touched by and still make me smile. I cannot thank you all enough for your encouraging words. The next episode to this fic has been festering in my mind and I think it’s about time to sit down and just write it out. This sequel was not intended to be comical, so it’s possible that it won’t be as well received as the first one. I’m prepared to deal with the consequences on that.

Updated Edit/Warning 2/16/07: Added a couple of warning edits that I should have remembered earlier. This is a Gauron x Kanme rape fic. If you have issues with reading that material you can skip chapter 2 entirely and just jump over to the next scene if you would like. I also need to add that I do not condone nor promote rape activities, but in this fic I wanted to write something more dramatic and extreme. You have been warned.

Special Thanks To: Kristy, who shares the same love for FMP as myself and assisted me by researching some of the more minute details of the series. My eternal gratitude on her help!

Link to ‘I Couldn’t Move On’ (First part of the story):

Ghosts Always Come Back
Chapter 1: Whispered Screams

Buried in the ocean depths, the Danaan glided in the Atlantic as they were headed back to the Middle East after Sousuke’s visit with Kaname. The mood on the ship was extremely somber, with all of the crew taking this time to relax and get a few nights of full rest before the next wave of missions were to occur. It had been about five days since they left the vicinity of Japan’s shores to scope out the new terrorist activity arising from political unrest spurned by American involvement. Naturally Mithril was doing everything in its power to maintain some semblance of neutrality while foiling plans that would ultimately put innocent victims at risk. The United Nations had become somewhat of a joke in a lot of peoples’ eyes. What was the point of having an allied talk when the power nations were going to do what they wanted anyway?

All of these issues were weighing heavily on the crew as they knew what was coming up. Technically Mithril didn’t have to get too involved in the latest report from its sources in Lebanon; but Tessa came to the conclusion better to be safe than sorry. This would be an intelligence gathering mission for the most part. Calm, collective, quiet. Three words that have been the intention for many objectives in the past but often times never occurred. It was the one time that the captain of the Tuatha de Danaan prayed that the gods would favor the lesser odds. Her mind was everywhere but on the upcoming destination that they would be reaching in two days time. All she could think about was the split second when Kaname and she shared a moment that was probably better left not being picked up by Tessa. All she could think about was the fact that she had lost to the fan-wielding Whispered civilian. Since then, Tessa was always wearing a distant look upon her face. Not to mention that her accident rates had skyrocketed to the point that insurance companies would have been afraid to place coverage on her. Normally the snow white blond would sometimes trip or bump her head on a pipe; but just the other day her heel snagged a mysterious bump on the metal ground and she took a tumble that currently had her sporting several stitches on the left side of her forehead.

These constant spills and fumbles were beginning to worry Mardukas a great deal. Every time he tried to get any information from Tessa on the cause of her anxiety he would be answered with, “I’m all right, really. It’s just a bad time of the month right now.” While Tessa was particularly clumsy during her menstruation cycles, it was never to this extent. Yet, there was no choice but to follow her commands to not ask about her well being any further. Mao’s natural intuition knew that something was off with the captain from the get-go; she knew Tessa would come to her in time over what the problem was. She had a better inkling than the rest of the men on the ship, especially the two lug-nuts: Kurz and Sousuke. A woman’s intuition often reached the vast unknowns of the universe when it came to reading other people. Mao knew this had to be about Sousuke, it usually always was.

“Captain,” a voice finally called out to Tessa while she was spacing out yet again. It was the typical glazed over look when she stared at the screen but not replying to Mardukas’ questions. Shaking her mind free of the nothingness, she looked over to her first mate with a, “Hm?”

“I asked if you would like something to drink…for the fourth time.”

Mardukas watched as the captain’s far out expression turned into realization that she had not been mentally home, “Oh my god! I’m so sorry!”

“It’s all right, ma’am,” was the only reply he could make even though her response was worrying him a great deal.

Her fingers absentmindedly went and rubbed her temple where the stitches were. They itched really badly, was at least a good sign that the wound was healing, bad because she couldn’t scratch at it, “Um, Earl Grey, please.” She had to snap out of this funk she was in. What kind of role model was she to the crew if she couldn’t keep it together? During this time, one of the navigators at the helm jerked into action on the panel in front of him. The entire map of their location had gone blank.

“Cap’n! We’ve lost navigation on our maps.”

The first commander turned from fetching tea, “What’s that?”

Tessa had plummeted from outer space down to earth and below as her mind snapped into action at the report, “There’s no signal at all?”

“Negative, Cap’n. The Danaan suddenly doesn’t know where it is- oh wait,” he looked closer as some of the screens flickered back on, and then off again. As the images reappeared each time the navigator began get nervous, “I’m getting a signal every couple of seconds but…”

“McKelly, report it,” she commanded in earnest.

“The Danaan, Ma’am. She keeps flashing that she’s in a different location on the global map. One second she thinks we’re in the Atlantic, the next she thinks we’re in the Pacific.”

It had been a long time since the last malfunction occurred by computation, “I don’t understand. How could the system be tamp-“ Within seconds the entire crew found themselves flung forward as the sounds of metal scraping along rocks could be heard down the entire length of the ship. Tessa attempted to cling to the railing, but lost her grip and found herself somersaulted over the bar and against one of the computer panel areas in front. Her body barely cushioned by that of the officer who was currently occupying that station.

Everyone was a bit dazed as Tessa pulled herself up into a sitting position, her head now throbbing and her stitches were partially coming apart, “Status report…Mardukas,” she forced out of her mouth. All anyone could see now was red lights flashing as the ship had apparently taken puncture damage.

“There’s extreme damage of the helm to the port side. Water breaching decks four and five.”

“Command evacuation and close off decks four and five immediately!”

“Roger that,” a female ship operator responded and sounded the alert as she prepared closure of that portion of the ship. Making sure that the ground was clear, Tessa slid off the panel and crouched over a bit as her muscles groaned in pain. She reached back to rub her hip while continuing to get further information on their current position, “Can anyone piece together what just ha-“

It seemed that she would never be able to finish her sentences, as a piercing scream echoed inside of her mind. Tessa clapped her hands over her ears, crying back out in pain even though the rest of the crew couldn’t hear anything she was picking up. The sound was shrill, almost like a banshee as it pounded at her eardrums like nails on a chalkboard. All she heard was screaming and all she could feel was a sudden surge of electrical pain shoot through her body. “Mardu…kas!” Tessa cried as she hit the floor on all fours and tried to subside what was going on. The man rushed to her side as the bridge doors opened to have Kalinin making his way into the room to assess the situation.

The word ‘Captain’ or ‘Commander’ echoed throughout the various members within that room before the screens of the Danaan changed from their typical location reports to something more familiar. Tessa was still trying to piece the sounds together which had abruptly subsided enough for her and everyone else to look up and see the nightmare that was about to unfold yet again.

There was a deep chuckle that put shivers down Tessa’s spine as her eyes digested the image before her. “Ga-…Ga….”

“I see you’re doing well,” the man smirked as he looked down at all of them, “How have you been treating my little Toy Box as of lately? Adding new security features I imagine?”

“Gau…ron…” her voice replied back in a small whisper as the two locked glares, “What have you done?”

His tongue clicked in a ‘tsk’ sound, “If I told you everything then it wouldn’t be a surprise,” his voice was in a mocking tone this time around. It infuriated Tessa to no end that no matter what they did, they could never find a way to kill him. Out of all the enemies that she had faced, none was as conniving and devious as the monster that projected his image before her. “And speaking of surprises…” he interjected, “…I have a lovely little homecoming gift for Kashim when you all finally put yourselves back on course again.”

Before Gauron even revealed the ‘present’ he had in store for them, the captain was finally piecing the painful noise that had previously raped her senses.

It couldn’t be. Did he manage to…? How could he have…? We only just left her. That means he got her. He got her after Sousuke left!

With tears in her eyes, she suddenly saw what Gauron finally revealed to them, “KANAME!” His captive was laid back in a chair of some sort, much like one would find at a dentist’s office. Her hands and feet were tethered to the top and bottom of the chair. Every scrap of clothing was removed save her undergarments, and tied to her hands was a metal rod that appeared to be hooked up to something from behind. Kaname was now facing the video camera at this point, her breathing was panicky and rapid. All of her sounds were muffled since he had placed a gag to prevent her from saying anything to Tessa or the others. But one did not have to hear her words to see what was plainly written on her face. Tears were running softly down her cheeks as she looked at Tessa with stern, but pleading eyes.

Regardless of what Kaname’s relationship with Sousuke was, all of that feeling drained away as Tessa slowly stood up and looked upon the girl with the utmost fear for her safety. Gauron was enjoying this tryst of silence a great deal, “Like it? I wanted to get Kashim’s attention to let him know that he never finished his job. Of course, you and I know that this girl’s more valuable to the both of us in another way. Imagine my surprise when I found out I’m getting a two-for-one deal on my demands.”

“What do you want?” Tessa’s voice grew cold and stern. How dare he harm Kaname. How dare he come back to the living, “What is it, huh!?”

“Oh, but I’m not finished yet,” he chuckled in sadistic glee, “Watch this.” His right hand moved up to reveal a small gray remote with a few buttons on it. When his thumb hit the top one, Kaname’s body jerked up into an arch and gagged screams seemed to echo no matter where you were on the ship. Her hands were being forced to hold a crude electrical rod that was channeling several volts through her system at once. All Kaname could think about was the pain as it shot down her arms and seared through her body while forcing her muscles to react against her wishes. The mere clenching that was induced felt like she was being crushed like aluminum cans. The only progress made was the act of bending her head back against the chair in a contorted manner to try and push the pain out through her head.

“KANAME! Stop it! Stop that right now!” Tessa screamed out, completely losing the cool she once had. Before it was a lot easier to keep her composure, but Gauron seemed to have hit them with a one-two punch out of nowhere. The man was obviously having a great deal of fun seeing both women writhe with pain from the physical and emotional standpoint. It was the power of control that was so intoxicating to him, and even Mardukas was intervening and trying to pull back the captain from going ballistic. “Captain, please! Get a hold of yourself!”

During this time, Kalinin observed as the predator was tormenting his prey. Getting past the fact that it was impossible that the man could have survived the last battle on the deck of this very ship, but how did he manage to override the navigational system in less than four days? This was probably something that only the captain would eventually figure out since she knew more about this ship than she sometimes cared to remember. “Enough,” he finally stated, “As the captain asked: What are your demands?”

There was a small pause of disappointment from the terrorist as his chuckles subsided along with the voltage. Kaname’s eyes fluttered, as a small stream of saliva leaked through the gag and ran down her chin. Tessa had only seen several seconds of the torture; she wasn’t around to see the past three days of it. It was only to this point that the level of intensity was reaching the girl’s limitations. “You know what I want. You’ve got three days to figure out where you are and then meet me at that lovely little air base where you foiled my airplane hijacking.” That was years ago, and Tessa had no time to cross-check with Gauron before he added in, “I’m sure you know what’s in store if you don’t deliver Kashim on time.” As Kaname made one last attempt to wiggle muffled words from her mouth, the signal cut back to the usual ship statistics and the entire bridge was left in a state of shock.

“Kalinin,” Tessa turned to the older gentleman, wiping tears from her eyes. The man nodded silently as she then wobbled over to one of the ship’s maintainers again, “Get us up and running. I need to know how he got in.”

“Commander, Gauron hacked the entire ship’s signals during that transmission! It was broadcasted to every monitor on the Danaan!”

A cold ball of steel dropped into Tessa’s stomach, “That means-“

The crackling noise of the intercom came through at that moment, and all sorts of distortion came along with a familiar voice shouting, “Captain!”

She recognized it right away, “Mao!”

“What the hell--…dammit!” there was sounds of struggling and clattering of objects along with several soldiers in the background shouting orders around. Eventually Melissa’s voice came back on, “Captain, we have a serious problem right now!”

It was a bit fuzzy to figure out what the Major was talking about for a moment. However, all was made clear when she suddenly recognized the shouting and wailing in the background.


Tessa bit back the tears welling up in her eyes, “….Sousuke.”


No one was manning the intercom on the other side. Instead, Melissa and Kurz were shouting at him to calm down. The struggling that was heard in the background could only be left to everyone’s imagination of what was possibly going on in the break room. Several skidding noises could be heard, along with the thumping sound of a body being shoved down on a table or possibly the ground.

“If you don’t calm down I’m knocking your ass out, Sergeant Sagara!” Melissa’s voice could be heard loud and clear at that point. But all hope in getting Sousuke to take it easy would be in vain. Kurz made a whimpering noise as he was kicked in the stomach and eventually orders were made to bring a shot of Phenobarbital. One last scream came from the boy before it morphed into that of slight sobbing.

“Now I understand,” Tessa whispered softly, the tears ran silently down her eyes as she listened to Sousuke’s unnatural state of emotion. Gauron was never a man that fought clean. He always downgraded himself to cheap tricks and dirty maneuvers. The two-for-one deal he was referring to was in regards to Sousuke’s state of mental health. He was trying to break the poor boy’s will, put him in a state of unmanageable rage. She didn’t like where this was going at all, “He wants us to hand Sousuke over to him so that the two can kill each other off.”

“It would appear so,” replied Kalinin, as he tipped his face down a little in order to block out the boy’s cries that eventually diminished after the tranquilizer was injected. Tessa would have none of this crap. How dare that barbarian do such a thing to a civilian and to one of her crew members! Even if this mission was a success, there would be no winners. There was no determining how the soldier would perform now. Gauron was trying to make Sousuke worthless to Mithril so that they would hand him over to a suicide operation, “The man’s a fucking psycho,” she cursed for the first time in front of her crew, her own hatred seething through her teeth as she spat out the words, “I’ll play his little game for Kaname’s sake, but I need to figure out our next move. In the meantime, get the Danaan back online.”

“Yes, Ma’am!” the other saluted before scrambling to their stations.

“When our navigation is functional find safe grounds to surface briefly. Pump the water and patch the hull. Time is crucial; we have three days to get ourselves operational again and to scramble to North Korea.”

“North Korea?” Mardukas asked, still not remembering several years ago. The captain nodded, “Yes. The place he’s referring to was during the time he kidnapped Kaname’s entire class. They touched down the Sunan Air Base in North Korea. That is our destination.”

“What do we do with Sagara?” a reluctant male voice came back onto the intercom. To this, Tessa couldn’t deal with making this command, but said it anyway, “Kurz. Please escort Sergeant Sagara to the holding deck. I have a feeling he’s going to need to be kept under supervision for a while. Can you make those arrangements, please?”

A long sigh was made, “Sure, Captain. That won’t be a problem. Mao and I can look after him.”

“Thank you, Kurz,” Tessa smiled warmly, more to herself to at least know that Sousuke would not be left alone in a prison to stew. He was lucky to have those two looking out for him. The abrupt click of the intercom shut down and with that, Tessa’s resolve came back to her. Quick fingers roughly brushed away the saline that was previously running down her cheeks. This was no time to be weak under pressure. She had two people she cared deeply for that she had to save. One was her life, the other was his sanity. “Regardless of their relationship…” she murmured softly to herself before turning around with a look of seriousness, “Kalinin, Mardukas. My office, please.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” they answered, and a secondary crewman took over as temporary commander while the three of them retreated to discuss the operation at hand.

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