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Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

EDIT: The only change is the opening line is Death Note has been altered closer to actual note. “This is a God of Death's notebook."
Summary: A Bored Death God decides to drop his Note into the Human realm. A Genius finds the note. He becomes enthralled in it, overlooking the rules over and over, fascinated by the intellect of any person who could imagine this fictional piece of work. However, a new idea crosses his head. An idea, with only 1% chance of being plausible. This note, he must test it out.
A what-if story switching the roles of the hunter and the hunted. What if L had found the Death Note?

Page 1: ThE DEAtH NotE

L exited the small grocery. His bag held several cakes and sweet tasting things. As he began an uneven stride on the sidewalk, he began to dig for a treat. He pulled a large, chocolate bar from the bag. Holding it delicately, he unravel the foil on one end before biting into the chocolate.

The concrete felt oddly soothing against his bare feet. His foot slightly hardened and the concrete's scrapes became numb with his habit. His hunched shoulder became the example of mother's teaching slouching children. He could stand up straight, but it would be a waste of energy. His mind then thought of his loneliness. It wasn't so much that he did not care for people; it felt more like people did not care for him. With such thoughts, his depression from a solitary life style grew.

However, due to his brilliance, constant work, and powers of deduction, he remained unaware of his own pathetic state of being. His life's work created blind spot to himself. He could not see himself as he could see others. If anyone else could see him, open him like a book, would it be enough to wish themselves damned? Even he, so blissfully ignorant of his loneliness, could not have solved that mystery.

Perhaps, that is why he felt interested when he stumbled upon the Note. If it were not for his subconscious want for others, it would be reasonable to believe L would have not given it a a passing glance.

It first entered his site in his peripheral vision. A shiny black object flashed at him from the school yard. somehow, L found himself be forced to that direction. The grass tickling his bare feet, his mouth hungry for more chocolate, and his mind curious to the object. As he neared, the distant picture became clear, a notebook. The book, however, could not have been dropped from a window, not from this far off. He took the note up, honestly believing it may belong to someone. As he looked at it, he noticed two maleficent words, “Death Note.”

With this, his interest in the note grew. He reconsidered the possibility that someone threw it from a window. Giving a cursory glance at the buildings, he could feel his eyes stop a moment in one of the higher panes. He had, for a brief instant, locked eyes with someone. However, as he gave a more meticulous look through, he could not find the person again. Instead, he opened the note and read it quickly looking for a name. The first words he read were: “This is a Death God's note book. Whoevers name is written in this note will die.”

L shut the note immediately. He took his hand and rubbed against the note. The cover felt unfamiliar, like nothing else in existence. He scratched at the lettering. It felt impossible to chip or smear. It did not even appear to be written by any substance on earth. He first guessed whiteout, but there are two things wrong with that theory:
1. The lettering is too perfectly a scripted dark Gothic.
2. White out could chip if scratched enough.

L took a moment to contemplate this “Death Note.” He tucked it under his arm and turned around. He walked briskly to the sidewalk and continued to head home. He took out another cake, continuing to eat. Appearing as if he had not just found something not of this world or any known world.

When he reached the apartment, he threw took the note and placed it gently on a table with a vase of flowers. He proceeded to the kitchen and put his snacks away. Afterwards, he returned to his living room and took the note into his hands. He opened the book, holding it more delicately than normal. He trembled slightly, a mix of fear and excitement building within him.

He traced his hands along the brilliantly decorated front page. Curious to the names the previous owner added, he opened to the second to find it empty. He “hm”ed and “ah”ed to himself as he read through the rules. He then questioned the reasoning behind the note. If it were made by humans, why would someone go through all the trouble of making it to leave it out in the open? Was it a practical joke?

L reread the rules. No way this could be some prank. The rules are too well thought out. If it were a diary created by someone for a little “feel good” when people got on their nerves, what is the purpose of having the rule “This note will not take effect unless the writer has the subject's face in their mind his/her name. Therefore, people sharing the same name will not be affected.” That is almost too brilliant for a joker or someone who would be depressed enough to make this. What if someone made it out of boredom and wanted to show their friends? That is a strong possibility, plausible . . .

The only other strong option seems possible, plausible in light of the genius in the rules written. Perhaps, even on the slimmest chance, this is the note of a God of Death. It could be, and it might be. Is this a gift meant for L? Could the God of Death have seen his actions and granted him such great, terrible power? The God of Death theory is possible in a fantasy scenario, but the granting of a powers by a God of Death off of merit? That is ridiculous.

The note itself, on the other hand, would then be the source to God of Death power. If that were true, would it then have some negative effect on a human who used it? It would seem a Hollywood special if a human uses it and then has their soul taken away at the sight of its true owner. Yet, their seemed something of premonition in the name itself, “Death Note.”

L took another look at the note, suddenly realizing something someone of Japanese orientation would have long since known. This note is written in English. Why would a Japanese student write a note in English. If it were a prankster, then the target of the prank may miss the joke if he/she did not understand English. Others might ignore it for that reason. If it were a depressed creature, why would they add stress by writing in a foreign language? Yet, if it were a God of Death, why would they write in English? Would they not have their own language?

A God of Death, however, might drop it on earth with English instructions because it is the most common language in the world. For some, more modern cultures, English is required in the curriculum. Now, that still leaves a void in the answer. If a dropped their notebook in the human world, what would be the reasoning? It might be accidental, but that is almost as ridiculous as a God of Death favoring humans. Boredom is also plausible but not likely. If this Note, by some improbable chance, works, then the God of Death is certain to exist.

A/n This is a new chapter one. I think it is better. Chapter will be posted next week after destroying it and revising. Thanks to all reviewers of old chapter.
To the person who said who will be investigating him, I worked it out this time. I know who it will be, and it is quite obvious. I wonder how it will end, right now, I have two ideas....

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