Coexistence is Boredom

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--Two-headed Serpent--

L slept in fetal whenever his world was horizontal, and he stayed that way until he twitched awake, like some crack addict (really was there no better designation for him) and sputtered off to go find his sugar-cup. Raito would also have to roll out of bed, as he was chained to him, and if he didn’t want to be dragged to the surveillance room, he would get up.

“Would you like some tea, Yagami-kun?” L precariously balanced his spoon between an index and a thumb, the polished silverware tipping back and forth from one end to the other in the fashion of a seesaw in motion. It reminded Raito of their current situation.

“Sure.” Raito answered pleasantly, even though he was itching for some coffee instead. But the introduction of caffeine into this situation, as the introduction of any stimulus for L would surely make Raito want to go for a razor blade. L disgustingly enough grew awake with the aid of a couple cubes of sugar.

“Yagami-kun, do you want a muffin?” L offered again, and Raito knew the other’s eating habits well enough that this was L trying to shoulder unwanted food towards him. Probably not sweetened enough for his liking, the man was so childishly simple when it came to his food that it was ridiculous.

“Ah, thank you.” He civilly took the muffin form a small tea platter. Upon waking, he had wanted something with a bit more substance than mere tea and muffins, but getting L to his feet was more trouble than it was worth. Plus he had wanted to try out his new method of handling L.

L, poking his fork in one of the other pastries and judging from appearance sake that it didn’t offer enough glucose for his diet, withdrew his fork and nudged the plate over to Raito.

“Do you like scones, Yagami-kun?” L asked in his childishly “unhanded” way of getting Raito to notice the unwanted scone and whisk it away.

‘Do you like asbestos?’ Raito wanted to answer back, but kept his mouth shut. He had once thought offhandedly with no real intention behind it to simple poison L’s food. It was a ridiculous train of thought brought about by his maliciousness on viewing the detective’s desert gluttony at work.

He would never resort to such a desperate thing, since one it lacked class and two there would be evidence of the crime. He could, with his skills at the level they were track down an odorless, tasteless and all around adjective-less product. But that would leave a trail, even if he were careful. He was very good at hacking, but he would never take such a chance when under the pinpoint scrutiny that L had confined him to for these past few months.

And again, poisoning someone lacked class. He didn’t want to just kill L…well he very much wanted to kill L, but he wanted to kill him in a very specific way. With the deathnote. That would satisfy him and nothing else, not even death by chainsaw or any other bloody endeavor that L’s annoyance levels called for would be enough.

“Man, I’m bushed.” Even without any visible persons in sight, Matsuda Tota still earnestly expressed his idea of exhaustion. The volume on the camera monitors had been lowered so to not disrupt Raito and L while they had breakfast, but Matsuda’s voice still cut through the pleasant silence, heralding the young reinstated NPA’s arrival through the surveillance room's doors.

He came down the stairs causally just as he would on any other day, but stopped dead in his tracks when he realized both intimidating detectives were staring right at him.

Raito had wanted to spend more time alone with his adversary, as his plans were only to be used in L’s presence and no else’s. It was too risky a thing to “sweet talk” L in front of Matsuda, even with the man missing half a lobe.

“Ah, hi guys.” Matsuda straightened up and passed a hand self-consciously over the front of his neatly pressed shirt.

“Good morning, Matsuda-san,” Raito greeted, for the good graces of his reputation and L’s uninterested rudeness, as the detective had turned around in his swivel chair and immediately went back to eating his cake.

Matsuda smiled at Raito and was about to come over, but the voice of his father speaking to Mogi filtered through the impressive set-up of technology that L used to monitor the entire building. Raito watched Matsuda turn right around and hustle towards the stairs to await his father’s arrival.

He had guessed some months ago that Matsuda felt misplaced whenever he was alone and in their company. Raito had also come to the subsequent conclusion that most people did feel uncomfortable in their joint presence. Well with the exception of Misa, although Misa was an exception for just about everything.

Matsuda, waiting like a docile puppy at the base of the stairs, greeted the two other members of the investigation team with smiles and good mornings. Aizawa had entered shortly thereafter, a grump firmly set in place and fixing his tie as he dismounted the stairs.

There was no question the family man had again been stalled at the ID station and Matsuda impulsively swooping directly into his path, cheerfully greeted his co-worker, as he saw it unfit to leave anyone out his morning hellos. Aikawa proceeded to brush past him and strike up conversation with the chief.

It was turning out to be a normal morning, and as each man began to gather around the two at the head of the room, the ring from a cell phone suddenly cut the lingering murmurs away.

Hunching over more in his chair and reaching a long arm into his back pocket, L retrieved his cell phone.

It was common knowledge that the only person who called L was Watari. They knew the older man stayed in the building along with the investigation team. However they never saw nor heard a peep from Watari until he chose to reveal himself. A ghost, they all agreed would have been easier to find wandering these halls than the man himself.

Out of the corner of an eye, Raito watched L speak into the receiver. A repetitive amount of vague ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers following and long pauses in between hinting of a very detailed explanation on the other line.

This routine went on for about five minutes, and then L tilted his head and offered more of his ear to the receiver. The motion would have been negligible, if the curious expression on his face hadn’t garnered everyone’s attention.

There was another longer pause as L leaned forward and pressed his chest to his raised knees. The detective, as if tethered to his spot by rope leaned forward careless of the consequences. He looked so immersed in his phone call that if he fell out of his chair face first, Raito doubted he’d notice.

“I’ll be waiting,” L finished and returned the phone in one smooth motion to his back pocket, despite the way he held it.

The engrossed expression that he had worn also disappeared from sight and in its wake lay something Raito didn’t think he could rightly place. L looked troubled, but there was a hint of another expression that called his attention much more than the conflicted one.

He knew the display of such a facial expression from the detective was never a good sign. It either meant clues were piecing themselves together or a new, much more revealing clue had been introduced.

Raito prayed it wasn’t the latter. It could not be helped if L fitted together the clues he already had. Those things were out of his control, as L could not be kept in the dark about certain aspects of this case. However those clues were minor and would not point him out as an immediate suspect. But if another clue was introduced, it could very well throw the delicate balance of this case in L’s favor.

Raito believed he had overlooked nothing on his daily recount of information that each side possessed. But he would have to recalculate the evidence he had left behind, see wherein his fault lay, and then snip it in the bud before repercussions could be dealt out.

Although, this phone call couldn’t be in concerns to anything he had done…

He really did need time to rethink things, but Watari had slipped into the room without warning. Raito was somewhat peeved at the quickness in which he had found his way over here, but pushed it aside to concentrate on more pressing matters.

The elderly man, striding into the room with his black oxfords, trimmed suit and brief case in hand stopped in front of L’s chair. He inclined his head and L waved the fork in his hand at

Watari, the silverware smudged with whip cream, the act reminiscent of a conductor giving the starting signal for his 80-piece orchestra.

Watari snapped the clips on the briefcase and took out a file and handed it to L. Raito eyed the inconspicuous manila folder with concealed interest and thought for Watari to be handling paper documents so cavalierly there had to a great reason behind it.

“Watari has brought something to my attention,” L began, like none of them had been in the room while he had his lengthy phone conversation.

Watari remained quiet, eyes closed and standing upright and alerted in Doberman fashion to the right of L’s seat.

L opened the folder, glimpsed through it and intentionally set it down to his left where Raito presided. Raito did not comment. He could have punched L for the silent insult, but instead kept his hands neatly folded on his lap.

“The second kira may have been found,” L said without any real weight behind his voice, his words sounding casual, even when such a topic was anything but.

Raito caught the strange tone, but he could not be bothered by it, not when L had declared the second kira had been…found?!

Despite this startling news, he readily composed himself and reacted accordingly. “You did? How did you -- that’s great Ryuuzaki!” Surprised and then relieved, he acted them out perfectly in both voice and expression, even with such a revelation tearing at his innards. Pausing for even a second would transform the thin ice he had been skating on for months to cloud with suspicion and shatter. He could not doubt himself this far into the game.

Gasps of surprised had followed. Everyone in the room looked to each other in disbelief and then when the shock of the situation was pushed aside by zealous curiosity, they all burst into question.

L made a desist motion with his fork and the concerto of noisy men stopped. He took a distracted sip from his cup and glanced over at the investigation team, and even with the blasé attitude he was showing towards this news, he still sought out their full attention. Raito had noticed some time ago that L was quite the attention hog and did not enjoy speaking over others.

There was no need for L to carry on in this fashion, especially when he had already gotten their attention. Raito could not understand why the detective was treating this revelation like it was some sort of chore. He had been so attentive during the phone call that Raito could not figure out what his problem was.

And he was fast becoming very irritated with L. What was his purpose for taking such a tone with them, like he would rather sip his tea than get right to the heart of the matter…?

And then it hit him. It was stupid of him to assume out of the box with L's personality, since L had showed the same symptoms of this apathetic state before.

L was so fixated on the idea that he was the second Kira that the fact that someone else may be threatening his theories was a huge slap in the face for the detective. L’s attitude alone confirmed that this news had absolutely nothing to do with him or Misa.

When L was satisfied with the quiet, he continued on. “As I have said, the second kira may have been found.” He took another sip of tea and Raito noticed the corners of L’s mouth twitch up behind the rim of his cup. The detective had begun to scoot over the folder that sat between them towards Raito, and the fair-haired teenager gave L a quizzical look.

“If Yagami-kun would do the honors.” L had seemed to recover from his morose mood, but L knew it had more to do with the simple reminder that his main suspect was handcuffed and practically at his beck and call, and less to do with the resolution of clashing theories.

“Raito-kun, don’t keep us in suspense,” L encouraged, as he hurried him along.

There was a chance that this could all be a grand set up to lure a certain reaction out of him, but L wouldn’t use the same stratagem twice.

“Ryuuzaki, I think you’re the one keeping us in suspense,” Raito answered, masking the poison on his tongue beautifully and simultaneously pushing the folder back to L’s side.

L wouldn't go with such an obvious tactic, because Raito had seen through such a trick before. But if this wasn't a trap, then who was the poor bastard that L had already nailed to the cross?

L accepted the spurned folder with no hard feelings. He lifted up a corner, fleetingly glanced inside and sighed out, “But I wanted Raito-kun to be the first to see the fruits of my labor,” and despite the "crushing" disappointment of Raito's answer he continued on professionally.

“With the unmasking of Higuchi as a kira, my backing for this case has tripled. Countries that were not cooperating prior have made moves to contact us. Many nations have loaned out a hierarchy of their policing systems and from this support Watari was able to set up a network of surveillance teams consisting of the FBI, the Surete Nationale, Kriminalpolizei, Departamento de Polícia Federal, the C.I.A., P.F.E.W., Interpol and the list goes on.” L began to stir his tea and waited for the others to catch up.

“This morning, our contact from the French city of Toulouse, in the region of Midi-Pyrenees spoke with Watari about information concerning the second kira.”

France! L knew the second kira was not in France. He knew this. There was irrefutable evidence pointing this out, and yet, here he was contradicting himself. L knew that both kiras were Japanese, so what were his motives for going against his own theories?

Was he becoming desperate, or were his backers pressuring him for results?

L had watched a confidentially tapped U.N. meeting two days prior complements of Watari. L had seemed to have no problem with letting him also watch. Actually, the detective had even gone so far as asking his opinion several times during the course of the video.

And by the looks of things, the U.N. was frantic. Even with the deathnote on hiatus, the lull seemed to be putting them more on edge.

It was a very disappointing day on 760 United Nations Plaza when grown men and women were bickering back and forth, and blaming each other for no concrete reasons. The members had discussed (argued) for more than an hour about so-and-so’s “lax execution policies” while others had been given the esteemed title of "kira sympathizers."

L had become bored very quickly and had actually started making small talk with him. At one point they had struck up a conversation about the classes that Raito wanted to take at the University. Needless to say, they had gotten all the important information at the start and to keep watching would be an exercise in redundancy.

L stopped stirring his tea, took out a paper from the manila folder and held it gingerly up by the corners. “This was faxed to our private line by the contact. He believes this to be the second kira.”

Raito watched the black and white photo of a man, who he estimated was in his late forties. Looking more closely at the photo, he noticed the interesting architecture in the backdrop.

“The man in this photo has been identified as a Mr. Ignatius Corentin Boucher. Mr. Ignatius,” L started up with a queer expression, “is apart of the clergy responsible for the French Pilgrimage site Lourdes.”

“Are you serious?” Matsuda asked and looked to his fellow investigation team members for a response. Everyone else remained quiet, waiting anxiously for L to carry on.

L laid the picture down on the table and resumed pensively stirring his cup. "The only reason we were able to single out Mr. Ignatius was because he had come forward on his own. The contact through his resources with the police in that area was introduced to Mr. Ignatius and given full rights to oversee the investigation into this matter."

Raito thought it a fine time to cut in and end this nonsense. “I hope this isn't all you're going on, Ryuuzaki. We've come across many people claiming to be kira and all they've been good for is a laugh and a trip to the asylum."

L was not deterred by his sarcasm, while the rest of the investigation team seemed to stand still at his biting tone. He did not like to be messed with, L knew this, and yet here he was making him jump through hoops for an answer.

“If you would not interrupt me Raito-kun,” L said calmly. “I have said that our contact believes him to be the second kira. I do not hold the same opinion. The second is here, in Japan. I believe that has not changed.”

“So what are you trying to say?” Raito stood up from his chair and stared down at him questioningly.

"I do not believe Mr. Ignatius is kira. He is just an unfortunate priest who knows more than he should about certain matters, as he went to the police not to turn himself in as a kira, but in preparation to turn over an item." L stopped stirring his tea and looked him directly in the eyes.

Raito felt his stomach shift with fright and had to reign in control over his heartbeat by biting the inside of his cheek hard. There was only one thing that would be more important than the kira himself and that would be the device he used to become kira.

“Mr. Ignatius has plainly said he possesses the weapon kira uses to kill. This is what he told the French authorities; however to our contact he called it by its rightful name, the deathnote. He has also told our contact in a taped conversation some of the constituents that make up the deathnote. I have yet to hear the tape, but Watari has and I trust his judgment.” L pressed his thumb to his mouth and passed it back and forth over his bottom lip distractedly. “He says it was given to him for ‘safe-keeping’ by one of the pilgrims visiting the church. The pilgrim was very adamant about leaving the deathnote with a priest, and so Father Ignatius was handed the book under the oat of confessional.”

L slumped in his chair. “I do not know if I believe that story, but he has sought us out with knowledge that he should not have. He has also sought us out with the intention of handing over the deathnote.”

“So this guy is just gonna hand it over to us, just like that?” Aizawa shook his head, as if to answer his own question.

“He’s made it very clear that he does not wish to keep it. He wants someone who he can put his trust in to come forward and take it off his conscience. And if no one comes for it, he will go to the Vatican. Now I may not like the way he approached us, but if it is indeed the deathnote, I can not allow it to be locked away in the Pope’s vault. I’ve come to the conclusion that I will meet Mr. Ignatius and negotiate with him face to face.”

Yagami-san spoke up hastily from behind his son’s chair. “But what if this man is the second kira? You are putting yourself at unnecessary risk, Ryuuzaki. You should send in a proxy – or get a team to storm” --

L cut him off with a shake of the head. “I could very much incarcerate Mr. Ignatius. But if Mr. Ignatius turns out to be another kira that would rather kill himself than tell us the whereabouts of his deathnote, then that deathnote would be lost to us. I do not want to take that chance.”

“I must have that deathnote,” L said with enough conviction in his voice to kill any uprising argument. “I must have that deathnote to ascertain if ours has been tampered with.”

Raito internally frowned. It hadn’t taken him long to suspect the fake rules he had made Ryuk write in this deathnote.

L wasn’t looking for a kira. He was looking for another deathnote to get his hands on. If multiple kiras existed, then of course the thing that made them kira would also be in replicate. He figured this out the moment he was handed the deathnote and saw the shinigami attached to it.

Ryuk had told him Shinigami sometimes accidentally dropped a deathnote in this world. But what were the chances that one would surface at such a convenient time. It was this very reason he doubted the possibility, but then how could this priest know about the existence of a deathnote?

There had to be more to this than L was letting on. A deathnote without a shinigami couldn’t just be sitting in France waiting for them.

Could it?

Raito couldn’t deny how provocative it sounded. If it were real, he would definitely have some use for it, but so would L. If by some chance this deathnote did exist and L was able to get his hands on it and find out about the false rules…

He would be in some serious trouble. There wouldn’t be simple lock-up and 24-hour surveillance to look forward to this time around. There was a very good chance that L would torture him. Both he and Misa would be put back into the role of main suspects. There would be nothing to fix their alibis in place.

He didn’t know how he would hold up against torture, but he wasn’t willing to find out.

The hands in which that deathnote ended up were still uncertain. L would have to bring him along, as his main suspect, he would never leave him behind. That would defeat the whole purpose of everything L had done up to this point and he was too stubborn a person to allow something like that to happen. L would take him to France and it would be there that he would get his chance.

He would have one chance, only one chance in which to gain the deathnote from this Mr. Ignatius.

However the difficulty would lie in getting this scenario by L, while the man was practically breathing down his neck. That was where his challenge would be. Being handcuffed to L created many problems, but it also gave him a solid alibi. Higuchi’s execution had been a winning example.

In the end, L would help out his cause more than he realized.


All places and organizations are real. Definitions taken from your friendly neighborhood Wikipedia:

1. Surete Nationale -- now called the National Police; it is one of the two national police forces in France.

2. Kriminalpolizei -- detective branch for the German police, often shortened to Kripo.

3. Departamento de Policia Federal -- Brazilian Federal Police.

4. P.F.E.W-- Police Federation of England and Wales. (I turned it into an acronym, which I realized was a bad idea because it sounds like sneezing)

5. Toulouse -- is a city in southwest France on the banks of the Garonne River. The Toulouse metropolitan area is the fourth largest in France and one of the fastest growing in Europe

6. Lourdes -- major tourist destination as a Marian city (A pilgrimage site) Today Lourdes has a population of some 17,000 inhabitants but is able to take in some 5,000,000 pilgrims and tourists from March-October. Lourdes has the second greatest number of hotels in France after Paris with some 270 establishments.

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