Under the Bed

BY : Mina L
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Dragon prints: 1946
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L and Yagami-san sat side by side in front of the big screen TV, watching the monitors intently. There were countless angles, and innumerous images all displaying the same exact thing… Yagumi Light walking through the front door, Yagumi Light putting his backpack down by the stairs and taking off his shoes, and Yagumi Light going up to his room.

It had been this way for the past two days, and although L seemed completely mesmerized by this sort of tedious repetition, Yagumi-san was becoming bored to tears. He was honestly beginning to wonder how his wife, daughter, and son could stand such… boring lives.

He was broken out of his inner dialogue as something strange suddenly caught his eye. Light dug through his book case for a second and the pulled out… what looked like… a… porno magazine?

“My son reads…PORNO?!” He exclaimed, at a total loss. He would never have… in a million years…

“So it would seem. But it’s a perfectly normal thing for a young man at his age to do.” L’s calm voice answered, watching Light intently as he flipped casually through the pages of his magazine on the screen, as shown by 24 different angles.

“A… a normal thing?! Well if that’s the case, that would mean that you did the same thing! Your about the same age as he is aren’t you? And you don’t look at those… those kinds of pictures, do you?” Yagami-san bellowed, unable to stop himself.

It was then that the small room suddenly became very, very quiet. Yagami-san sat dead still, his eye’s locked onto L’s impassive face, while L continued to sit and silently watch the TV in front of him.

About 10 minutes latter L lodged his thumb firmly into his mouth and quietly muttered, “This is quite awkward isn’t it?”

“Y-yes it its.” Yagami-san stuttered, lowing his face to look down at his feet which had suddenly become immeasurably interesting. “I’m sorry Ryuuzaki, that was… rude of me.” He sighed.

After another moment of silence, L sighed, “I’ll go throw them away…”

“Good boy.” Yagami-san smiled, patting him on the head, and suddenly feeling as if he were a father to two porn reading sons rather than just one.


Well, that’s it… short, sweet, and pointless…

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