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Another story where Kira had won and rules the World ^^U

This time, he had Near as prisioner, and it's set at the end of the series, just imagining Kira had won. I'm just at book 11, so I haven't read the end of DN, if there's any error or something dosn't fit.

Fandom: Death Note.
Pairing: RaitoxNear, implied RaitoxL
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: yaoi, sex bordering non-con, abuse, minor spoilers (just if you don't know beyond chapter 58 or who's Near)
Disclaimer: Not mine!

Everything had happened as planned, each piece fitting as a puzzle. Of course, he hadn't waited less, after all a God never fails.

He smiled to himself, watching at the young boy who played with some dices and cards in front of him, sat in that peculiar position. He wasn't sure how old the detective was: he sure looked like fourteen or fifteen, with that mess of a hair, wearing a pajama, and being quite short, but Light thought he could be seventeen, even eighteen.

-Do you need anything more?

The grey-haired boy watched intently at Raito for a few seconds before turning his atention back to the cards he was putting carefully on the floor.

-If I'm going to stay here for too long, it would be nice to have that new Action Gundam figure.- the boy said without taking his eyes from the cards.

"Actions figures...", Raito thought to himself annoyed. What kind of genius was that, playing with toys as a little child? -Ok, I'll tell someone to buy it.

-Thank you, Kira.

Raito knew well it was a provocation, calling him like that, but he didn't care. He was the winner. He was God, and now there was nothing in his way to create a new World.

-May I ask you a question, Kira?- asked Near softly.

-Whatever you want, my guest.- anwered the brunette, a mocking hint in his voice.

-What I'm here for? You could have killed me.

It was true. Near should be dead, his being had been only an annoying obstacle, and now, captive and unable to do anything, it meant nothing at all.

Raito felt a rush on rage: he really didn't know why he kept that weird little boy alive! It was not proper of him, he who always did everything with a good reason, he who always thought everything before doing it, he who always had a plan!

Maybe he had frown, or maybe it had been his eyes narrowing a little, or his lips pursing slightly. But something in Raito's face told the young detective that his question had enraged the self-proclaimed god, and, even knowing it was an useless one, he smiled enjoying his little victory.

What game was playing that kid? Raito had no time to think before he took hold of Near's hair and pull hard of it, lifting the round face, and spat on it.

-You're here cause I want to! You're alive cause it's my will, understand?- Raito pulled again at the hair harder this time.- You're nothing but a bug and I am God, and I can step on you anytime I want!- he yanked at the hair, throwing the boy to the floor, and the small cry he released made Raito feel a rush of power through his body.

-That..that was very rational. -said Near while trying to recover.- Very convicing.

Oh, what annoying. But that was. Now Raito knew why he'd left that boy alive. The bit of violence had made him remember. It was something in Near's eyes, so wide and inquisitive, and something in his posture and odd habits, but it was above everything, the challenge. Those eyes reminded Raito of those others that had stared at him so many times, and that way the boy sat made him think of that other slim body curled on a chair, and the challenge...oh, how he remembered L's challenges, that bold attitude, their fights triying to outsmart each other at any price!

-So you want to know the reason for having you here?- Raito's voice was now calm, and his ambarine eyes shone with delight.-I want to find how close to L you are, Near.- added, watching down at the sitting boy on the floor.- But I hadn't realized till this moment.

The grey-haired boy's eyes were fixed on Raito's, trying to guess his thoughts, a hand gripping the cuff os his pajama shirt, the other rolling a curl of hair between its fingers. Raito smiled victorious: the boy was scared to death, although he tried to seem to be calm.

He sat on an armchair and looked at the detective who had turned his atention back to the cards, trying to hide his fear, and Raito found he looked like a cute little kid, lost and afraid, and he could remember L looking like that when he was in the outside, when he was at the University, or when he had to wear shoes for some reason. He smiled softly, someone could have said it was a sad smile, but it was just for a brief second.

-Come here, Near.- the tone of his voice was hard, authoritarian, but even so the boy didn't make a move or showed any sign of having heared the order.-Come here, I said.

The detective looked up with his blank stare, as if not undertanding. -I don't see why I would want to do so.- answered after a short silence, and continued playing with his cards.

-Come here, or I'll go there and bring you here by your hair. It's the same result, one way or another.- Raito's talked so calm and confident it was scaring. The young boy seemed to think for a second and then stood up, clumsily, as if it was something he was not used to do, and walked till he was in front of Raito. -Good boy.- the brunette hissed, and raised his hand to the boy's cheeck, who flinched from it a little, making the older man laught softly. -Yes. You're so very much like him...

Raito's hand went down to grab Near's wrist, then yanked at it, pulling the boy closer, standing between his legs.

-You're a very perverted god, Kira.

The auburn-haired boy laughted, still keeping his hold on Near's wrist, while the other hand took place in the waist, stroking through the fabric of the pajama. -Maybe. But my guest, *he* also was a pervert! And, if L was, I guess it isn't that bad.- Raito whispered as if telling a secret, and pulled down at the wrist so Near's face came so close to his that their lips met, and he kissed the young lips softly.

The boy responded to the kiss for some seconds, before realizing what was happening, then he moved away from the older man. He tried to keep his expression plain and blank, but a shade of blush painted his cheecks, making him look even younger, and Raito found that adorable.

-Stop it.

-Why? I'm sure you'll love it.- Raito had never lacked of self-steem, and his love skills weren't a exception.- And if you don't find it enjoyable by irself, take it as some sort of research...- one hand was now under the pajama shirt, caressing the soft skin over sharped bone hips, playing with the navel, daring to travel up to find a tiny nipple and rolling it between his fingers till it hardened...

-Re...research?- Near's voice was broken now and his body shivered a bit, but still tried to resist when Raito pulled again of his hand to catch his lips.

-Don't you want to know what I did to L that made the better detective in the World lose against me?- Raito yanked harder at Near's wrist and their lips collided again.- Of course you want... I can see you want to.- his free hand had went down again on Near's body and had reached the bulge in the pajama pants that proved he was right.

The gray-haired boy didn't make a move when the older man loosened the lace of his pants and let them fall to the floor, and when Raito brought him closer and sat him down straddling his tighs, Near only obeyed the silent order. "I want to know...that's all...", he said to himself.

Raito grabbed hold of that grey hair and pulled on it, exposing the pale throat of the boy to his hungry lips, while his other hand busied itself undoing the buttons of the pajama shirt till Near was completely naked sat on him. Keeping hold of his hair, Raito started kissing and biting the soft flesh of the boy's chest, his other arm closed around the waist, bringing him tigher against his body, so Near's back was arched in an elegant curve.

-I think it's time for you to discover it, Near.- Raito hissed, his mouth still working on one of Near's nipples, tearing moans from the young detective, who rocked his body back and forward, trying to get a bit of friction.

Raito got his hand between their bodies, opening the fly and buttons of his own pants and lifting his hips a little, that move difficult with Near sat on him, in order to pull them down enough to free his member.

Near's eyes went wide at the sight of Raito's hard cock, and it just made the new god happier: either the boy was a virgin and he would be the one fixin that, or he was quite impressed of what he'd just seen. Good. Spitting on his own hand, Raito lubed his cock briefly, then lifted the boy's body enough to press the head of his member against the tigh entrance, and then just push in careless.

-You're just like him...- Raito breathed when he was all the way inside Near.- Not even a damn cry, uh? Well...- he grabbed the boy's slim hips between his fingers and thrusted hard.- I love challenges...

The detective bit his lip in an attempt of not crying. The man was not kind and it was painfull, but somehow it wasn't that bad, and his cock rubbing against Raito's abdomen made him forget the pain a bit. He was sure that if he touched himself, he would come in a minute, but when he moved in order to reach his own hard memeber, Raito took both of his hands and held them at his back.

-If you want to touch yourself, you have to ask nicely.- Raito emphasized his words thrusting harder, and the boy couldn't help but let out a cry, a mixture of pain and pleasure.- Yess...that's better...I can almost her him...

Near's body was a mixture of sensations: the soreness on his ass was blurring, a new and welcomed feeling of incredible pleasure accompanied now every move of Raito inside of him; his neck and his chest were attacked mercilessly by the killer's teeth, leaving his flesh throbbing and hot; and his hard wet cock, pulsing in need between them was maddening.

-I'll...come in a moment,...Near- warned Raito between gasps.- If you don't ask...for it soon...

-Please!!- Near's strenght broke suddenly, he need release or he would die! -Let me come! Please!...need it...

Raito was pleased with the boys pathetic pleas, so he let go of his hands, and the detective inmediately started stroking himself. -You should be proud...-Raito moaned, a bit of pale skin between his teeth, his arms keeping the boy around his waist and rocking hard and fast plea almost as good as your mentor...-he laughted breathlessly, then felt the grey-haired detective begin to tremble. The muscles around his memeber clenched, and a low moan accompanied the spray of semen he felt in his abdomen, all this a moment before he started to come himself, his seed flooding Near's insides, his teeth drawing blood and his nails brushing tender skin.

The young boy collapsed on him, wasted out and panting hard. Raito strocked his back while his own breath came back to normality.

-Go and clean yourself.

The grey-haired obeyed, walking through the room to the closest bathroom, and returned some minutes before, clean but still naked, looking embarrased. He took his clothes from the floor and put them on himself again, all as in slow motion. Then, he returned to his former place on the floor, and started shuffling the cards.

Raito stood up from the armchair and took his shirt off, wiping the mess with it.- I'm taking a bath.- he said casually, as if nothing had happened there.- You were a good boy, Near. Keep being like that and maybe I won't need to kill you.- he caressed the boy's cheeck as he passed by him, heading for the door.

-He won.- said Near, his eyes fixed on the pile of cards on the floor. -You killed him, but you can't think of any other thing. Isn't true?

-I don't know what are you talking about...

-You can't forget him, and it's killing you, Raito. -Near lifted his eyes to look at the auburn-haired, who seemed to be quite unconfortable. -So, he won.- added with a smile.

And Raito left the room with a slam in the door.


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