Stupid Cat

BY : Pez
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I cry.

I sob.

I weep.

That single day changed my life.

I saw what you did with him...

I waited my whole life to find that certain someone.

Then I found her - you.


To my surprise, he took you first...

That day...

I walked through the hall, trying to find you.

Trying to find you,

So I can tell you how I feel.

How I feel about you.

Maybe to even ask your hand in marriage.

We've known each other for so long.

I guess I was wrong...

I walked over to your room, sliding the door open.

Enough to realize you weren't in there.

Then I heard something odd in his room.

So I slid his room door open to see him shifting frantically.

I needed to know what he was doing.

Once I slid the door all the way open,

My eyes widened.

My heart stopped.

My breathing stopped as well.


There you were.

My one and only.

Under my rival.

Under him, writhing in his grasp.

Gasping, panting, groaning for his touch.

Watching you two do such an act...

I left the door open, running off the hall.

Of course, you two didn't notice.

Ever since then, I tried my best to keep away from you.


"There you are."

Were the words to get my attention.

I looked up from the meal below me.

Why were you standing in front of me?

I didn't know what to do.

A tear flew down your face.

"What's wrong?"

I asked, jumping up from my seat.

I ran to you, taking your hands in mine.

Knowing that if I held you in my arms,

I would only last a second.

I brung up a hand to wipe the other tears away.

You looked at me with such pleading eyes.

I couldn't help but bring my face down onto yours,

Placing a kiss on your forehead.

Why did you do it?

I loved you.


I still love you.

The tears came back, streaming down your cheeks now.

I wondered why you cried so much today...

"I'm so sorry.."

You said to me before running off.

I looked down, not knowing what to do.

After minutes, I followed, only to see you sitting beside him.

I wanted to step out from hiding.

To kick that guy in the face.

"I told him."

You said, receiving a kiss from him.

"What did he do?"

He spoke, caressing your cheek with his hand.

"Nothing.. I feel so sad that he saw us.. I feel so embarrassed..."

After that, I walked off, not wanting to see more.

You went with him.

You chose that damn rat.

Instead of me.

I guess that's it.

It's over.

I don't even think I can stand to be in the same room with you.

With anyone.

I just want to be alone now.

I will always love you though.

Always and forever,

My Tohru.

Okay.. I got bored when I typed this out. So yeah.. If you plan on reviewing, only review if you think it's good. Like I said, my creative mind wasn't in me and I was bored. I typed this out right after I finished watching Fruits Basket for the... I'unno 10th time? Later, or in a few days, I'm gonna type out a real fanfic of Fruits Basket. But yeah, enjoy!

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