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The crinkle of a potato chip bag sounded harshly in the lazy, late-night air. Roused from his troubled sleep, Raito started groggily in his chair. His tired, blood-shot eyes slit open, catching Ryuzaki in his hazy glare. “You’re eating again,” he murmured softly, before his eyes fell closed, once again. The boy sighed and snuggled deeper into the comfortable office chair.

Ryuzaki watched as his companion fell victim to sleep’s embrace. Not a single emotion passed across his expressionless features, yet his analytical mind was churning at a frantic pace. Each and every night, his shadowed eyes caught the relaxation of muscles signaling Raito’s fall into unconsciousness. They captured the panicked movements induced by his countless nightmares. And they noticed a certain tranquility in the boy slumbering beside him as he passed through the stages of sleep.

At the moment, the boy slept peacefully. His face, illuminated gently by the glowing monitors, looked innocent, innocuous, and…tragically beautiful. No one would suspect that this young man was the prime suspect for hundreds of murders. Not a soul would believe that here lies Kira.

Yet, Ryuzaki knew first hand of the intelligence and ferocity lurking behind those closed eyelids. Unconsciously, he ghosted a hand lightly over his collarbone. His sensitive touch picked up the faintest traces of teeth. Just last night, he was subject to the boy’s domineering whims.

~ ~ ~

He’d awakened to Raito’s thrashing. As nightmares, foul and terrifying, menaced their unwilling victim, Raito fought the impending threat of truth.

Ryuzaki knew all this. His intricate, intelligent brain registered, from sleep-uttered denials and Kira-related evasions, that Raito was questioning his very humanity. This boy truly suspected that he was Kira. And, night after night, he fought against such haunting suspicions.

On this night, Raito twisted violently in the sheets, the sweat-stained blankets wrapped tight against his body. While Ryuzaki watched, smooth, parted lips transformed into a vicious snarl. The young man’s very sense of self-preservation was facing the damning memories with incredible hostility.

Yet, would he win this fight? It would be fascinating to learn the answer, but Ryuzaki had no desire to wait that long. After so many nights of trial, neither side seemed at all ready to concede. They could go on forever, never giving ground, until Raito either gained back his memories or until he went insane.

Though the eccentric detective hardly ever slept, he was tired that night. In fact, nights staying up working on this case had left him weary to his very core. Hesitantly, he reached out and grasped the boy’s heaving shoulders. At the touch, a slight tremble traveled through his fingertips and down his spine. He could feel Raito’s warmth, his vibrant body heat, through the thin, cotton pajama top.
How could he be so warm?

“Fever,” Ryuzaki whispered, deciding on a diagnosis. Yet, he blatantly ignored the niggling doubt whispering that it was all in his head.

Ryuzaki sat back on his heels, releasing the boy’s shoulder in the process. With the same hand, he ran his fingers through his think, wavy hair. He’d intended to shake his roommate until he awakened, but the chance of illness stayed his actions. The Kira case team was already working themselves into the ground, and Raito and Ryuzaki were the hardest workers of them all. So, the detective sat, caught in the throes of indecision, until Yagami Raito forced his hand.
Two hands, slick and hot with sweat, firmly grasped Ryuzaki’s wrists in an iron grip. A surprised gasp tore from the detective’s throat as he felt his body fall. Raito was on top of him, pressing his body deep into the mattress, making indentations on the springs. Kira’s strong arms forced captive limbs to meet above Ryuzaki’s head, proving useless the struggles of the younger male.

“Let me go!” Ryuzaki growled, painfully aware that his body was sending an entirely different message. His struggles were nothing but a sham. His breathing, his flush, his heartbeat pounding in his chest – all signaled his true desires. But he was L, and this may be Kira. No good detective would allow his prime suspect to dominate him.

Raito didn’t care about such qualms. Eyes blazing, he leaned over the detective, surveying the young man laid out beneath him. Ryuzaki looked remarkably tempting in this position – his clothes rumpled, shirt riding up and showing the barest hint of flat stomach. Even better was the fact that his maddening pursuer was finally beneath him, at last under his control. Tonight, he would lose himself in the famous L, using the boy’s body to drive his nightmares away.

“No,” he breathed against panting, parted lips, and then he captured those lips in a long, hard kiss. Ryuzaki’s resistance shattered, every misgiving fleeing to the back of his mind. He couldn’t help but moan as Kira’s domineering lips claimed his own. Then, when Raito took his chance, shoving his tongue rudely into Ryuzaki’s warm, sweet mouth, the detective shuddered as tongues slid together.

Yet, despite his actions, Ryuzaki’s analytical mind still proved clear. It was his body that was reacting, channeling the sexual drive inherent of the human species. He watched as though from a distance as Yagami Raito withdrew from his mouth, lips shining, in order to nip at his curved neck and newly-exposed chest. As his body writhed under Raito’s skillful ministrations, he noted the possessive gleam in the boy’s eyes, as well as the roughness with which white teeth sank into sensitive skin. Never had he seen his companion so close to the character profile of Kira established in his mind. And, even more strangely, this fact held no importance despite the suspect crouching on top of his body.

Ryuzaki’s mouth opened, forming a silent cry as sharp teeth bit deep into his flesh. For a brief moment, he lost track of time, of his thoughts and of his reason. Pain overloaded his senses, demanding his full attention, while shoving every secondary thought into the abyss. Pain, he felt clearly…pain, and arousal? His teeth clenched as complete awareness returned to his senses. During his moment of weakness, Raito had taken full advantage, grasping L firmly in his hand.

“I want you here, Ryuzaki,” Raito almost growled, eyes focused on the shadowed eyes of his partner. Crimson blood now shone bright on his lips. Ryuzaki’s eyes fixated on the gleaming stain, even as quickening fingers brought him closer and closer to the edge. “It’s no fun fucking someone who isn’t aware of what is going on. Stop thinking about the bloody case, just feel.” On that sentiment, he pulled his hand away. Striped pajamas fell quickly to the floor, discarded to the plain white carpet beneath their bed.

Ryuzaki smiled, large eyes mocking and playful. “Now, Yagami-kun,” he said between pants, “you know I can never stop thinking. You would never be able to take that away from me.” It was a challenge: take it if you dare, Kira.

Annoyance and anger darkened Raito’s handsome features. Of course, he detected the hidden meaning behind L’s words. Yet, he wasn’t Kira. He couldn’t be!

And now the nightmares were returning, infringing, encroaching upon his mind. He swayed and caught himself before he fell from the bed, hands clenching, white-knuckled at the comforter. In his peripheral vision, he caught Ryuzaki’s satisfied smile…

Hatred and passion suddenly surged within him, blanking out the memories his mind couldn’t yet fathom. The reasons why they were in this position came once more to his mind. He wanted to hurt L. He wanted to dominate him.

Only Ryuzaki’s midsection was bare to the world. Raito decided to change that fact. After a few pulls, Ryuzaki’s pants unfurled to the floor. His shirt soon joined the forgotten piles of clothing, contributing to the growing disarray.

With the detective fully unclothed, dark eyes greedily drank in the naked flesh, the weeping member. Ryuzaki lay back, watching as Raito surveyed his body, anticipating when his companion would strike.
Had Raito given his actions a single moment of thought, he would’ve decided against his next move. It was just too impulsive, too dangerous. Yet, the personality that drove Kira still resided within the boy, driving him to claim Ryuzaki as his own.

Ryuzaki clenched his teeth against the anticipated pain as Raito grasped his shoulders and forced him once more into the mattress. He held back the cry of pain that threatened to tear from his throat as his companion buried his cock deep. There was no preparation, not even a single shred of gentleness in Raito’s actions, and Ryuzaki could feel himself tear inside.

However, the chance of internal bleeding meant nothing to the raven-haired boy. As the shock of pain subsided, all that mattered were the sensations generated from Raito’s movements. Nails digging, imprinting red lines onto Raito’s bare back, Ryuzaki bore the frantic thrusts, and responded with his own.

Already brought close to completion, Ryuzaki reached orgasm first. As sweat ran in rivulets down his heated skin, his back arched while his long-upheld awareness wavered and fell away. The blankness only lasted for a moment, though, and soon he was back, watching as his prisoner brought himself to conclusion. He got to see for himself as the person Yagami Raito abandoned himself to his animalistic desires.
He shivered. If this were Kira, he had one hell of a competitor.

~ ~ ~

Ryuzaki rubbed his bleary eyes. Quite obviously, he hadn’t gotten much sleep the night before.

He glanced over at his sleeping companion. “Sweet dreams,” Ryuzaki whispered wearily, leaning his head back against the back of his desk chair.

To his surprise, Raito laughed, turned over, and fell fast asleep.

~ ~ ~

Author's Note: Wow, it's been a while - this was my first DN lemon.

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