operation getting in to soldier boys pants

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‘Clakity clack, clakity clack, clakity clack.’

Bump, Kaname’s head lolled on to Sousuke’s shoulder. It had become a sort of ritual the last few weeks. Coming back from school Sousuke would of course accompany his charge, and once on he train the girl lulled by the rhythmic motion of the carriage would take a nap, using her bodyguard as a pillow.

The first time this had happened Sousuke had jerked as if electrocuted, had she fainted, was she ill? The blue haired girl yawned, and looked languidly up at him. ‘What’s wrong?’

‘Are you Ill? This is not your usual behaviour.’ Sousuke asked, his hand seeking her forehead. No temperature, was she looking paler than usual?

Kaname giggled, and then yawned again. ‘I’m just a bit tired, its all..’ yawn, ‘I had history last period, and it was so..’ yawn, ‘Dull! I just wanted to take a bit of a nap, you don’t mind me leaning on you do you?’

‘Affirmative, keeping well rested is important.’ The solder nodded. 'It is wise to rest if one was tired and there was an opportunity to do so, that way one would be more alert to threats than if one was tired.'

The girl smiled and snuggled back against him. She felt him tense once again, only to relax slowly. ‘Not my usual behaviour eh.’ She thought, ‘well something had to change around here.’

Kaname had been growing ever more frustrated. Since Sousuke had turned up in her life all her other admirers had been scared off by her over protective guardian. And then once she had managed to get the over enthusiastic young agent under some sort of control (with the help of her trusty fan) the hot boys still seemed to be avoiding her. It had driven her wild, she was popular, friendly, smart, and if she might say so herself fit as! So why no takers?

Three weeks ago she had bemoaned her situation over a custard pastry to her friends during a girly sleep over. (One that Sousuke had most defiantly been bared from, despite his protests!)

‘How come I can’t seem to get a boyfriend?’

The girls looked sheepishly at her, ‘ Well you see there is a rumour at school that you and Sousuke are already and item.’

‘Whaaat!’ She shrieked. ‘Why would anyone think that?’

‘Well you’re always hanging out together, you’re always arguing with him. And he walks you home every day.’

‘So friends do that kind of thing..’ the blue haired girl protested.

Her friend stilled her with a raised finger. ‘Yes but you two are ALWAYS together! And he took you on an island holiday! And he gave you that jewalry! you get realy jellous over him. Plus it’s obvious that he really cares about you. So we all just assumed..’

Kaname was left speech less for a moment. She hadn’t really thought about how it probably looked like from the outside. It was no wonder everyone thought that she was taken. She blushed.

‘It’s not like that between us; Sousuke and I are defiantly not an item, even if that’s what it looks like.’

‘Hay do you think I stand a chance with him, he is so cute in a manly way.’ Some else one interrupted.

Kaname felt a quick stab of jealousy at the mere thought of Sousuke with someone else. Fortunately at this point the conversation had shifted to discussing the relative cuteness of various boys at school. She knew that she had liked him for a while now, but he hadn’t shown her the smallest bit of attention. Hell she had paraded about in front of him in nothing but a skimpy near see through white bikini and he hadn’t reacted at all. But then again…

Perhaps she hadn’t been looking for the right signs. Sousuke as she had pointed out to him on a regular basis was just not normal. So perhaps she shouldn’t have been expecting him to do something a normal boy would do if they liked a girl. If she was honist she knew that he cared for her in his own freeky way. What ever she asked for he would do his best to do. And he would willingly give up his lfe for hers, it was a scary thought, but not many people could be certen that thire boyfreinds would do that for them. Thinking about it she really couldn’t imagine Sousuke turning up with flowers or chocolates. He was more likely to give her a handgun, ‘so she could protect herself.’ Hmm, romantic.

Lying in bed she made herself a promise. ‘Since everyone thinks I’m already going out with him, it’s high time I made it a reality.’ She had come up with a plan, a plan that even Sousuke would have been impressed by. ‘Operation getting in to soldier boy’s pants commences tomorrow.’ She giggled to the night.

In the apartment across the way, the dark haired boy sneezed. Kurz laughed. ‘You know there is a saying that when you sneeze out of the blue some one is talking about you.’ Sousuke ignored the blond and went back to cleaning his guns.

‘Man, I wish I had your job, hanging out with that babe all the time.’

Sousuke was still intent on his weppons. Kurz was fealing restless, he had a weeks leave and was bored. Idely fliped through the inteligence pictures of the blue haired Venus. How on earth could his friend not notice those legs!

‘So, have you done it with her yet?’

‘Done what exactly?’

‘You know it! IT!’ The blond made a ring out of one hand and used a finger from the outher hand to demonstrate the act.

Sousuke frowned. ‘Negative. I have not done it.’

‘Man, is she holding out on you or something, what a b…’

Kurz found himself facing the barral of a gun, and a very pissed off looking Sousuke. ‘It is my mission to protect her, not to seduce her!’

Kurz lauged nurvously and raised his hands in surender. ‘Hay, I’m just kidding. You realy like her don’t you.’

Sousuke turned around. ‘I was orderd to protect her, wether I like her or not is irelevent to the mission.’

‘Perhaps. But it’s not irelevent to me, if you don’t want her do you mind if I have a go. She realy is quite cute, even when she is angry. I bet she would be wild in b….’ Kruz shut up quikely when the gun was once more pointed at him. He smiled rufuly, ‘I guess your going to portect her even from me eh?'


‘Alright, she is all yours. But your kidding yourself if you think she is just a mission, your the one who chose to keep protecting her, you won the first battle and you get to stay with her but I sujest if you want her you make your move, girls like that won’t wait around forever.’

(Back to the present)

Clackity clack, clackitly clack, clackity clack.

Sousuke, now fairly certen that his charge was asleep now risked looking at her peacefull face. The setting sun made her skin glow golden in its dusky light. She was…beautiful. It was an unframilar consept for the young soldjer, love. The warmth of her body rose up to him, carrying the sent of her hair, it was a clean fresh sent, it suited her. His eyes softend. Spending time around this woman, had thawed his heart alittle. He now noticed more things that were butiful, the sea, the sky. Sometimes she made him feal ugly, all he was good for was killing, he was nothing more than a wepon.

The window opasite from them acted as a fairly good mirror. Kaname took advantage of this and watched her companion from under her eyelashes. Secretly watching him watch her. She had watched him progress from short fugitive glances of her aparantly sleeping face, to the now near constant and longing looks he gave her, when he thought she couldent see.

She watched as his face seemed to grow more serious, then an uncaractristic look of sadness apreard. She was prity sure that he liked her, however she also knew that Sousuke was far to much of a gentle man to do anything about it, but that unintentional boob groap a while ago gave rise to the suspision that somewhere deep inside the soldjer was a horny young man. Time to impliment step two. 'stealth sexual harassment'

Slowly she slumped down to ley her head in his lap. She could feal more than hear that the young man had stoped breathing. Beneeth her his strong thigh mussles were tence, solid as warm steal. But he didn’t try to wake her. Tentitivly he moved his arm from under her and lightly placed it on her back.

Clackity clack, clackity clack, clackity clack,

Thump thump, thump thump, thump thump.

The sound of his heart beat was drowning out the sound of the carrage. Sousuke swallowed dryly. He couldent fight his raising blush. Kaname’s head was in exactly the wrong place. She had shifted a moment ago to have her head cradled against his belly, so that she didn’t keep slipping down his leg. Unfortunatly that ment that the side of her head was rubing against his groin with evry bump and shift of the train.

Curently he was trying his heardest to think of evry horable thing he could think of to prevent his body from reacting. Guns, fighting, think of pioloting, cold nights spent alone, crawling through undergrowth, friends in danger, Kaname in danger, Kaname kidnaped, Kaname bound, Kaname naked… dam it.

He tried to shift her head gently, hoping that she didn’t notice the swelling at his groin. He bit back a groan when the sleepy girl moaned in protest and suggled back again, only now with her face directly over his groin, her hot breath passing through the material of his pants to brush his tratourusly reactive skin.This was torture. He wished he had a leather strap to bite.

Kaname was grining. Evrything was going to plan. Against her lips she could feal his desire stiring, and she wonderd if perhaps she should push up the next stages. His defences were weeker than she had been expecting. Last time he had been harassed by Tessa he had fainted, but it seemed that she was having more luck with the stealy sargent, score! She nussled in to him again, only hear him relseese an hiss. All is fair in love and war after all.

Finaly our stop Sousuke thought.

The young man shook the blue haired girl awake gently. She sat up slowly and did a good job of looking around sleeply, yawning and rubing her eyes. As inocent as the day she was born. Oh if only Sousuke knew what she had planed for him later this eavning.

The soldier was peased that no one noticed his demi hard on as they left the stataion and headed back to their relitive flats.

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