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Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Another multi-chaptered fic, 3 chaps i guess. A little too pornish maybe, idk, but it has a plot XD I put a lot of warnings, but I'm not sure if I'll use all of them cause I haven't written any more chaps yet.

Ah, btw, I'm still looking for a beta-reader!! Any beta out there??

Fandom: Death Note
Pairing: MattxMello, MelloxL
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Spoilers! Minor involved. Death.Yaoi.
Disclaimer: not mine!


Matt sat there with his legs crossed on the grass, back against the old tree of Wammy's House courtyard, watching as his friend wandered inside the building by L's hand. When the door closed behind them, Matt searched in the pocket of his jacket for the Game Boy he always carried and started playing, trying to distract his mind.

By the time Mello went out of the house again, Matt had been playing the goddamn videogame for an hour at least and he was still in the same stage, what was wrong with him?, he wondered.

-You're still playing that stupid thing?- Matt looked up to see the blonde little devil smirking, his face the very picture of happyness.- I bet I could beat you in a minute, man.

-Why are you that happy?- asked Matt, ignoring Mello's challenge; he was a lot better than the other boy at videogames and didn't feel any need to prove it.

-I think L likes me better than Near.- he aswered as stole the Game Boy from Matt's hands and started playing. -He spend more time with me lately.

Matt didn't understand Mello's obssesion with L. Sure, the detective was incredible but he didn't need to catch his attention all the time or hear his approbal at everything he did. He had always thought like that, bute lately he found thet actitude of Mello's really annoying.

-I'm tired, I'll take a nap or something.- he said, his voice betraying him with that stupid brat-like high pitch he didn't know where it had come from, and ran inside the house.


When he heard the knob of the door turning, Matt guessed -hoped- it was Mello, but he pretended to be asleep, lying on his stomach so no one could see his face. The bed cracked and the matress sunk under the new added weight, and he sensed the movement of a body crawling over him, making a little smile appearing in his lips.

-Still mad, you idiot?- the voice breathed next to his ear, soft and seductive, but with a hint of mocking.

-Mad? I'm only sleeping.- lied the red-haired teenager.- Or I was, anyway.

-Yeah, sure. Then, I guess you're not interested in playing a little.

Matt knew the blonde boy didn't mean videogames, and of course he and his thirteen years old body did want to play. Still, he didn't move.

-I guess I always could ask L to give me a favor.- Mello added and Matt could hear the grin in his voice, but even knowing what the other was trying to do, Matt couldn't help it and turn himself in a quick motion and grabbed Mello's waist before this lifted his warm, sweet weight off his body.

And as it was happening often lately, in a few minutes their mouths were eating each other and their hands finding their way under the clothes, reaching magical spots on their young skins. Their groins were fiercely rubbing against each other, but Mello's skilled fingers got to undid Matt's pants, caressing the engorded organ with a few strokes. Meanwhile, his free hand managed to pull at his own pants and boxers so their cocks came in contact, and Matt couldn't help a moan at the feeling of the hot flesh.

The blonde boy rubbed their members together with one hand, the fingernails of the other sinking into the skin of Matt's belly, all the while looking down between their side-lying bodies and then up at Matt's face, grinning lustfully.

The redhead knew well enough that Mello didn't like it, but he had to try, it was so tempting. His hand sneaked to the other boy's back, then went slow down to the cleft of his ass. He could feel for the sound of Mello's gasps and the rythm on his strokes that he was almost on the edge, so he had to do it now. He brought his fingers between their mouths, joining them to the dance of their tonges and covering them with saliva, and then put them back between Mello's asschecks. He heard the other boy's breath faster and faster, and his own need for release close, and when he finally slid one finger in that tight hole his orgasm exploted like a timebomb.

Matt struggled to keep his eyes open to watch at Mello's face, who came a second later, biting his lower lip to not cry very loudly. The blonde was so beautiful in the waves of pleasure, all flushed and sweaty, and he felt the urge to kiss him, his index finger still inside the tight entrance that clenched around it as if wanted to keep it inside forever..

But when their climaxes faded away, Mello cut the kiss off turning his face abruptly, and pushed Matt away.

-I've tell you like a thousand times to keep your damn hands out of my ass, next time I will hit you!- Mello's voice sounded annoyed, and something in his eyes made him look threatening.

-But I'm sure you like that, I saw your face and trust me, it was one of joy!- jocked Matt, because it was the easiest way of doing things.

-Shut the fuck up!- Mello shouted out.- If I tell no, it means no. Ok?- he added more calmed, wiping his hand to the cover of Matt's bed.

-I dunno...I can't understand it.- Mello was a bit frightening, but he had never been one to have fear. And besides, he was curious.

-If you're that interested, I'm telling you.- said the blonde teenager, his face twisting with a sadistic grin. - I'm saving it for L.- added, lowering his voice and glaring inside the other's eyes.

Matt felt as if someone had just punched him in the pit of his stomach, but instead of letting the blonde know that, he made the only thing he thought could look cool: laughting.

-C`mon man, you think seriously L would be interested?- he mocked, but when he saw the glint of rage in Mello's eyes he tried to fix it a little.- He's old and you don't know if he's even into boys...

But it was too late. Matt felt a pair of hands wrapping around his throat, not too tight to not being able to breath, but hard enough to be taken as an unmistakable threat. Matt's fingers grabbed the fabric of Mello's shirt as if holding on to life, but didn't dare to push him off. The blonde teenager's lips were forced up to show his white teeth, and his eyes looked so angry they could pierce Matt's.

After some seconds -or minutes, Matt just couldn't tell- Mello's features softened a little, and he rolled off the other boy's body to the floor.

-I always get what I want.- said finally the little blonde, while opening a drawer in the small bedside table and grabbing a bar of chocolate he had kept there the last time. -And I want L.- added with a mouthfull of brown sweet in his mouth, then went left the room and Matt alone.


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