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Girl talk

‘I’m feeling a bit woozy.’ Tessa giggled.

‘Well just don’t throw up!’ Kaname retorted, holding up the ash blond.

‘It’s all the Karioke!’

‘I think it’s more likely to be that punch we have been drinking. Tessa you are such a light weight!’

Tessa straightened up, and in an authoritive tone said ‘Its non alcoholic punch, right Melissa?’

Melissa took a gulp of her larger and laughed. Kaname scowled as Tessa once more slipped over but this time she pulled Kaname down with her. If she had been a bit more sober Kaname knew that she would have been more than a little embarrassed by the situation. If she had been a bit more sober she probably wouldn’t have fallen over at all. Sousuke ever watchful came over and helped the girls up.

It was the Tuatha de Danaan’s second birthday and Kaname had once again been invited to the south pacific’s base to join in the celebrations. This time she actually had received a proper invitation from Tessa, rather than Sousuke tricking her in to thinking that she was going on holiday. And much to Kaname’s relief she didn’t have to jump from a plane.

And since there was no mission coming up, they were all free to drink. Melissa had taken advantage of this and was having a drinking race against Kurz and a few of the other men. She also had somehow stealthed most of a bottle of vodka in to the fruit punch meant for the younger women. That on top of the champagne they had all drunk at the party earlier meant girl’s were feeling fairly tipsy. Tessa was fairing the worst; she had been downing the punch.... well like a soldier. Kaname had been wearier detecting something off with its flavor and so had taken it more steadily. Sousuke confirmed her suspicions when he tasted it. But by then the damage had been done and Tessa was in a messy state.

‘Defiantly laced with Vodka.' The Sargent grimiced 'Kaname is the captain alright, she looks a little ill?’

‘She’s just drunk.’

‘I’ am not!’ The girl protested before lurching in to the sober sergeant’s arms, ‘Oh Sousuke, im so glad you care for me, oooh you smell so good!’

Kaname growled and pulled the girl off the young man who had a rabbit in head lights look on his face. ‘Oh no you don’t, drunken girls don’t get to molest sober people.’

'Spoil sport.' The girl pouted.

‘Hay Sagara, Kaname and captain, do you want to play shot games with us?’ Kurz shouted over to them.

‘Shot games you have to be kidding right?’ Kaname answered. ‘Have you seen the state Tessa is in?’

‘Shots, I don’t think so! I don’t drink Sergeant Webber!’ Tessa protested attempting to stand on her own, and failing miserably. This time it was Melissa who saved her from falling down.

‘You know you are really cute when you are drunk Captain.’ Kurz grinned, having noticed that her dress had ridden up her leg, when she slipped down to sit against the Major. Melissa noticed and even tanked up she was still deadly accurate. Kurz was swiftly rendered incapacitated on the floor with a swift punch to the gut.

‘Filthy pervert!’

Fifteen minuets later and the shot game had gotten well underway. And anyone who was not playing was watching; except for Sousuke who had retuned to his room to read his AS magazines and Tessa who seemed to have dosed off under the table.

‘Hay Melissa looks like the girls are making a poor showing today?!’ One of the men from the helicopter crews joked, as she downed yet another shot.

‘What’s that supposed to mean?’ Brown eyes flashed.

‘Well look it seems your the only lady left, oh thats right your not a lady.’

‘Really.?’ The sergeant major scowled. Kaname had been watching, and quickly came to stand by Melissa’s side. after all girls had to show some solidarity. Glancing up at the older woman and the pilot she quickly knocked back the six shots lined up for the next round.

Frankly they tasted disgusting,they burned the whole way down, and she wanted to gag. But the spitfire that she was Kaname did not flinch. The men looked at the girl stunned. Raising an eyebrow at the pilot she carefully picked the woozy captain up off the floor and began to head back to their rooms. 'Match that guys.' She threw casually over her shoulder.

It took Kaname a while to find her way back to Tessa’s room. The whisky or what ever that was had begun to take effect and the corridors seemed like a maze to her. Tessa began to brighten and take acount of her surondings.

‘Where are we going?’

‘We are going to bed if I can remember where that is.’

‘oh.’ Tessa looked about and blinked a few times in a vain attempt to rid herself of the alcohol vapors that fogged her mind. ‘It’s that way.’ She pointed vaguely to their left.

As they walked, and neither could remember much of that walk the next day, they began to talk. At one point they had started signing. But some how they ended up laying on a grassy lawn that was in the middle of living quarters buildings, giggling and getting on as well as they ever had. It was cold and the grass was dewy so they had snuggled up to one another. Cuddled in the warmth of intoxication and mutual closeness they began to talk freely about their painfull pasts it seemed that they had more in common than just been whispered kaname relised, they both knew what it was like to be raised without a mother, they both knew what it was like to be diffrent from evryone around them, to not fit in. Somehow the topic shifted to Sousuke another person who never quite fit in.

‘He really hasn’t got a clue, I paraded around in front of him in a bikini that was practically see through and he didn’t bat an eye lid.’

‘I know what you mean, I was lying right on top of him and he didn’t react at all!’

‘You don’t suppose he is gay do you?’

The girls looked at each other and burst out laughing.

Tessa sat up, ‘Kaname, you’re my first proper friend; you know who’s my own age. I have always missed that growing up in the military. Having someone my age just to share stuff with, to do girly things, that’s why I really liked visiting you all in Japan.’

Kaname gave the blond an affectionate hug, ‘I missed you when you went.’


‘Really, ask Sousuke if you don’t believe me.’

‘You know we might become best friends if it wasn’t for him between us.’

Kaname sighed. ‘We could share him.’


The statement had been simply some drunken ramble. But now that Kaname thought about it, the idea did have its merits. ‘Well neither of us have had much luck on our own, so perhaps if we combine forces.’

Tessa smiled, she understood the tactic ‘You mean use superior forces to brake down his defences?’


Kaname stood up and reached a hand out for Tessa. ‘Well its now or never, I don’t think I could do this sober.’

Tessa giggled. ‘me either.’

The girls jogged hand in hand towards the men’s barracks. If they didn’t hurry both felt that they would wimp out. It was all so strange, it felt so surreal, and a bit sudden, but their blood was up. It was time for a man hunt. And like all drunken plans it was like running down a hill you just get faster and faster, losing control in every stride until you fall.

‘Dose this mean that we have to kiss?’ Tessa asked as they stumbled around a corner, trying to be quiet now that they had entered male territory. Though they were actuly about as stealthy as a bulls in a china shop.

‘I don’t know, yes is suppose, I mean only if you want to. And we dont have to right now.’

‘Kaname do you find me pretty?’ Kaname looked at the girl, Tessa was undoubtedly cute, her hair was so pale it looked silver in the low lighting, and her eyes reminded Kaname of a stormy sea. Yes she was pretty.

‘You remind me of a cute white bunny. And I love your hair.’

Tessa smiled, she fiddled with the end of hr pony tale for a second. She the reached her dainty hand out to stroke Kaname’s blue locks. ‘I wish my hair was as silky and straight as yours is, to get it streight like that i have to spend hours with my ceramics.’

At this point Kurz was stumbling back to his room; he stopped and pressed himself against the wall when he saw the two girls ahead of him. He might be drunk but he knew a good thing when he saw it and stayed as still as only a sniper can.

‘This is my first kiss.’ Tessa admitted.

Kaname’s looked sad for a second, ‘This is my second.’

‘who? Was it with Sou..?’

‘No, actually it was your brother, he stole my first kiss.’

Tessa suddenly raped herself around her whispered companion in a feirce hug. She felt awful that her brother could do that to her. ‘Oh, Kaname, I’m so sorry.’

‘Its alright.’

‘No, its not alright. Perhaps if this kiss is really good it will wash away his?’

'You know that might just work.'

Both girls leaned in to each other, and trembling a little they pressed rose petal lips together. Softly and tentatively they began to move them against each others, both noting how soft each others mouths were. Kaname slipped her tongue in to the other girls waiting mouth feeling bold. But Tessa was competitive and kissed her back with equal fervour and was rewarded by a wanton moan from the blue haired girl. Perhaps by accident rather more than design but both girls were quickly getting heated up from the kiss. Reluctantly they pulled apart.

‘Well, I think now’s about time we go show Sousuke, hmm?’

Tessa nodded and hand in hand they set out for the unsuspecting Sergeant’s room.

Kurz pealed himself from the wall; he looked down at his camera and hoped to god it managed to catch something in that low light. ‘Saggra is one lucky bastard!’

Outside Sousuke's door two unexpected visitors were giggling. They had tiptoed up the stirs and now were coming up with a plan of action outside his room. On the way to the male dorm the girls had paid a brief visit to the supply cupboard and procured a set of handcuffs. Now was the important mater of how they were going to subdue their captive?

‘Right if I’m the distraction, than you can subdue the target.’ Tessa whispered as she striped off her dress.

‘Right. Oh wait how do we get in if it’s locked?’

Tessa grinned wickedly and from her bra pulled out a key. ‘It’s the master key for all the locks on base!’

Both girls smiled conspiratorially at each other the young man had no idea what was coming.

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