Longing for Perfect Darkness

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Longing for Perfect Darkness

Arima Yukino looked out over the kitchen island into the living room. She smiled almost involuntarily as her eyes scanned over Soichiro's head and shoulders on the couch. He was flanked on either side by two little brown heads. The occasional up flung arm over his shoulder signaled the baby resting on his lap.

The rise and fall of his low, soft voice was almost hypnotic as he read to the three children. He radiated calm and peace. Yukino easily pictured the content and engaged look on his face as he read bedtime stories.

Yukino sighed a little and returned to the sink of dishes. These peaceful family moments weren't rare; in fact, quite the opposite. However, her work as a surgical intern and his job as a policeman made all five of them together at the same time more rare. Somehow, they created a normal, stable family life amidst the chaos, partially due to flexible schedules and willing grandparents. Both of them craved the solid nucleus of family life and went to great lengths to keep it sacred. Usually, at the expense of any time alone.

Soichiro's voice continued to gently lull the kids into a night-time calm. Yukino loved the self-assured kindness that he displayed as a father. It perfectly matched the cool, quiet but deep teenager she had fallen in love with. He exhibited the same tenderness with the kids as he did with her...solicitous, caring, considerate, occasionally firm but always quietly strong. He was more perfect than his long-discarded facade ever was.

Even with her happiness Yukino couldn't help but feel unsettled. They'd been married for five years, together for just under seven. She and Soichiro had fallen so completely into their parental roles so early in their relationship that she missed the other parts of him. She was deeply attracted to his dark, forceful side that he almost never exhibited now. At first the dark Soichiro that was hidden behind the cool exterior was frightening. But she trusted him so completely, that side of him now gave her illicit thrills in the most intimate places. The possessive gleam in his eyes called something deep inside her, demanding she rise to his ardor and submit to his dominance all at the same time.

That Soichiro had all but disappeared since their children were born. Yukino wasn't sure if he was holding back or just distracted by the demands of work and parenting. Either way, a growing part of her felt unsatisfied.

But how to handle it? Yukino had spent a great deal of time dismissing the unease, focusing on how lucky she was. After all, what woman wouldn't want a loving husband, three beautiful children and a burgeoning career on track to success all before the age of 26? Things were going too well for her to be unhappy, right? It would be tempting fortune to want more.

The more she pushed the thoughts aside, the more they crept back, often at inopportune moments. The most recent had been when an adolescent patient's deep gaze reminded her of Soichiro's in that heated moment in the school library. She relived part of those scorching moments as they flashed behind her eyes. She was drawn out of her hazy memories only by the hard elbow of a fellow intern beside her. The supervising resident had even pulled her aside later, making sure she wasn't too 'distracted' by her home life to hack the medical rotation. True to form, she'd thrown herself into her work again, trying to push the rogue thoughts to the side.

Unlike the other times, Yukino now knew she had to deal with it. Contrary to popular belief, Yukino was still shy in more intimate matters. Soichiro was her only lover, heck, her only boyfriend, so she didn't really know how to proceed. If it was a logical problem, she'd be fine. But talking about passion and sexual feelings was totally new territory.

Yukino's face set into a determined scowl as she attacked a pan. This lack of confidence was not like her. She did not back down from a challenge. When she didn't know an answer, she researched until she knew more.

She paused, hands frozen in mid-scrub. She knew where to find advice on disease or health. Who in the world could she talk to about sex?

Mom was straight out. There was no way, even being a parent now, that she'd broach that topic with her mother. Her girlfriends were out too. Most were happily married, but all knew Soichiro socially. As much as she longed for advice, she couldn't bear to embarrass her very private husband. So who was knowledgeable about sex and was someone Soichiro would trust?

Yukino frowned a little more as an idea came to her. It wasn't perfect, and had its own set of issues, but it was the closest she was going to get.

Strong arms circled her waist and startled her out of her thoughts. Warm breath puffed over her ear.

"Solving world hunger over the dishes?" Soichiro's soft tones brushed over her nerves, causing her to shiver.

"Huh?" she responded oh so intelligently.

He chuckled softly and released her, leaning against the counter.

"Your face was so serious. I couldn't help myself."

Yukino blushed a little as she finished cleaning up around the sink.

"Are the monsters ready for bed?"

"Almost."He ran a hand through his short inky hair. Yukino followed the movement with her eyes. "The older ones are getting into bed. I just put the baby down."

"Time for mommy kisses then," she said, smiling a little.

His hand on her shoulder stopped her as she headed out of the kitchen.

"Are you okay? You look a little . . .pensive."

She gave him what she hoped was a reassuring smile.

"I'm fine Soichi."

She didn't see his worried gaze as she left.


Yukino checked her watch for the third time in ten minutes. She adjusted the cuffs of her white lab coat, pulling at the blouse underneath. Her nerves increased her irritation at the tardiness of her companion. She expected him to be late. Still, her foot tapped in a constant tattoo underneath the table.

The ring of the coffee shop door chime sent her eyes darting upwards. She sighed in relief as he walked in and caught her eye.

Asaba sauntered over to the corner table, his long body rolling with an easy grace. He gave her his devastating smile as he sat, pushing his long bleached hair out of his eyes. His tank top, paint-splattered jeans and casual button up stood out in contrast to her pressed neatness.

"Hey doc," he said smoothly. "Were you waiting long?"

"I'm still just an intern Asaba. I have another year before I'm a resident."

He waved his hand dismissively.

"Whatever. You're smart enough to be a doctor already."

He paused in his comments as the waitress approached. A few flirts and a giggle later, their coffee was on its way.

"What are you working on today?" Yukino asked, drawing Asaba's attention back to her.

"The same painting as last month. It's taking a while to come to me. I've been sculpting a little in the meantime."

"You're still graduating this year?"

"Yeah," he stretched his arms up in one long line. "I'll have to go and get a real teaching job at some point."

Yukino smiled. Art was perfect for Asaba. Tactile, sensual, expressive; she wasn't surprised at all when he chose that path.

"We all have to work sometime," she said playfully, a bit of strain in her tone. Asaba looked at her critically.

"So, what's going on? Not that I mind seeing you, but you're pretty busy to just set up a casual afternoon chat."

Yukino blushed, looking away a little. She took a breath, steeling herself on asking what may be a very stupid, embarrassing question. The waitress returning with their drinks gave her a momentary reprieve. The swirling liquid was a bit hypnotic, holding her eyes.

"Yukino?" His voice held a note of concern.

"I. . .didn't know who to ask," she started, still looking down. "It's sort of about Arima."

"Okay, shoot."

"It's also about . . . sex."

Asaba choked a little on his coffee. He set it down on the table with a light thunk. Yukino could feel his eyes on her as she stayed focused on her coffee.

"And you naturally thought of me?" he said after a moment, attempting some humor to cover his surprise.

"Please Asaba," she said quietly, her conflicted gaze finally meeting his eyes. "This is hard enough as it is."

Asaba nodded for her to continue. He wondered what could make the confident hard charger in front of him so nervous.

"This is just between us, right? You won't say anything to Arima?"

"If you want, of course."

Yukino sighed and looked down again, hunching a bit over her cup. A quiet moment passed.

"It's not like it's bad."

"The sex."

"Right." She reddened again. "But there is something missing, something more I want."

Asaba regarded her for a moment, weighing his tone with soft firmness.

"What do you want Yukino?"

Yukino started a little at the directive quality of his tone. Oddly, it made her feel more comfortable. She breathed deep again and met his eyes.

"I want the darker side of Arima. Maybe dark is the wrong word. He works so hard on being gentle and tender. I want some of the forceful and possessive Arima back.

"There was a time, before we got pregnant, that the passionate, darker Arima was closer to the surface. He was still sweet and gentle and calm much of the time, but he would let the other part of him out when we were together.

"I miss the thrill, the attraction that he evokes in me by just catching me with those deep black eyes."

Asaba sat back, rolling her words around in his head. He knew Arima very well. His complex friend had always agonized over being perfect for whomever was in his life. It took a long time for him to become comfortable showing his full self to Asaba, and even longer with Yukino. Arima had confided to him before their wedding that Yukino was the best thing that had happened to him, and he never wanted to lose her. Asaba picked up on the unspoken fear that Arima had of hurting his precious wife.

Yukino had her work cut out for her, getting Arima to let go. But if anyone could do it, she could.

Asaba leaned in a little again.

"Yukino, I'm going to ask you a few questions. They may sound odd, but you should be honest. Don't answer if it gets too personal."


"Do you love Arima?"


"Just answer."

"Yes, you know that."

"Do you trust him?"

"Yes, of course."

"With everything? Your life, safety, wellbeing?"

"Yes. . ." she said, a little concerned.

"You like to be in control at work, right?"

"As much as possible. My patients depend on me."

"How about at home?"

Yukino paused.

"Arima and I work as a team at home."

"In bed?"

Yukino blushed deeply, voice dropping.

"I . . initiate sometimes, but I love it when he takes the reins."

"And you prefer him on top or behind?"

"Asaba!" she hissed, now beet red. Asaba caught the faint way she bit her lower lip and the slightly fevered glint in her eye.

One more push.

"Would you want him to take charge completely, telling you what to do, or doing something to you without asking? Even restraining you while you made love?"

Yukino inhaled sharply, her blush moving to a flush that grazed the skin over her chest. She shifted a little, finally managing a nod.

Asaba chuckled internally. Arima was one lucky guy.

"So what do I do?" Yukino's voice sounded unsure in her own ears.

"Well, you talk to Arima about this, first and foremost."

"But how?"

"You know a little more now about what you want, right? Him taking control?"

"Yes, but I don't even know how to start. I just feel so . . . perverted thinking like this."

Asaba reached across the table and covered her clenched hands with one of his.

"Yukino, lots of people get off on a little dominance play or even on being tied up by their lover. It's all about trust and control. In any good relationship, you should be able to explore those boundaries."

Yukino calmed a little, feeling slightly less unsure. She smiled a bit at Asaba and picked up her coffee, sliding her hands out of his warm hold.

"Any other advice? I don't want to make him feel like I need this all the time, or push him away."

Asaba thought for a moment.

"Pick a time when you are both not tired, alone, and relaxed. Broach it gently, maybe talking about how he turns your crank when he gets possessive. Don't blurt it out. Let him get used to the idea that you're okay with that part of him

"Most of all, be honest. He has the right to know how you feel. He may not want to 'play' that way, so be ready for that too."

Yukino nodded slowly. Asaba made sense, and had really helped her focus. She could go to Soichiro now and feel more confident in her words and feelings.

"Thanks Asaba," she said, reaching for her purse. "I have to get back to the hospital for the rest of my shift. I begged a lunch hour out of the resident and if I'm late I'll pay for it."

Asaba stood when she did, giving her shoulder a warm squeeze.

"Good luck. Say hi to Arima for me."

"Thanks, see you later."

Asaba sat down again, pulling the now just warm coffee to his lips.

'A bit of kink must run in the family,' he thought, fondly recalling a memorable afternoon with two very eager sisters. Another little secret to hold onto. Yukino would kill him if she found out.

It was almost two weeks later before Yukino got her chance. A long set of double shifts for both of them finally gave way to a free weekend. They had taken the kids to the zoo, thoroughly enjoying their shouts and squeals over the animals.

Yukino had done a bit more research, being a medical student and all, just to get her head around things a little more. Asaba had really helped, but the nervousness wouldn't quite abate to where she was comfortable talking. She now knew a bit about dominance play, and about bondage. She had to admit that the thought of being at Soichiro's mercy was very exciting. The less tawdry and more informative websites had also taught her about safe words and the importance of respecting boundaries.

Yukino knew now she liked the idea of all this. There had been a few lonely nights where her fantasies had been fueled with images of her new discovery. Knowing about safe words made her feel better about being able to stop if she didn't like it for real.

That is, if she could gather enough courage to bring it up to Soichiro.

After evening baths, story time and good night kisses, Yukino gratefully toweled off from her own bath. The kids were wiped out, and she was nervous but ready.

She hoped.

Yukino tied her cotton robe around her and padded to the bedroom, hair a bit damp from the steam in the furo. She opened the door to their room and smiled. Soichiro was sprawled across the bed on his stomach, dark eyes glued to a novel. Even though he decided not to pursue a more scholarly career, his love of books and knowledge was unabated. Some days it was a mystery, others a treatise on politics. His mind never ceased to amaze her.

He looked up when she clicked the door shut, a gentle smile on his face. He reached in the later pages for his bookmark and pushed up to sit back on the bed. The book was set on the nightstand softly. Yukino grabbed her hairbrush from the dresser and sat on their bed, knees drawn to one side.

"Good bath?" Soichiro inquired, stretching out on his back next to her so he could see her face as she brushed.

"Mm hm," she answered, minds spinning a little in thinking how to start. She was distracted by the gentle caress of his fingers along her legs, tracing the skin displayed by the slightly gaping robe.

"Soicihiro," she started, breath stuttering a bit as he continued to touch her warm skin.

"Yes koi," he said lowly. She shivered; she knew that tone.

"I wanted to ask you, or, tell you about something."

"Oh?" he said, pushing the robe open a little further to stroke up a bare knee before returning down to her ankles. Yukino had to put the brush down. "What's that?"

"I'd like to . . . try something . . . new with our . . . intimate life."

His breath caught a little, the fingers pausing briefly in their circuit along her leg.

"Is everything okay?" he asked, sounding hesitant.

"Oh! Yes, I was just thinking of something different once in a while, not a total change." She caressed his cheek tenderly. "I love what we do together."

His dark eyes drew her in, love deeply set in his gaze, along with some curious desire. He nodded for her to continue. Yukino struggled a little to find the right words.

"I . . . really love how gentle and sweet you are when we're together. But . . ."

She hesitated. This was the hard part. Soichiro lay quiet, patiently stroking her leg. His eyes told another story, almost seeming eager. A deep breath, and she plunged onward.

"I miss your dark side."

His hand froze, eyes narrowed a little in concerned surprise. Yukino bit the inside of her lip a little. Maybe this was a bad idea.

"My what?" His voice was neutral. She resisted the urge to look down, away from his now intense eyes.

"When we got together and really started getting to know each other, you let out the possessive, assertive, dominating part of your personality. I found that part of you very . . . arousing then. I still do.

"Since we had the kids, you've been wonderfully kind and loving. But you never really take control. I want to give that up to you, completely. I want you to feel comfortable letting that part of you out. You sometimes seem like you're holding something back."

He was completely still. It was almost as if he could tell there was something more. This time she did look away before speaking.

"And, um, I was wondering if you would be willing to try letting go. Maybe get a bit . . . intense, take control, tie me up a little." She was blushing furiously by the end, the last words coming out almost mumbling.

A long moment passed. Yukino could feel his gaze boring into her.

"You're joking." Still neutral.

She looked at his blank expression.


Soichiro jerked upright suddenly, launching off the bed. He stood by the window, tension evident in his form. The silence was thick and choking. Yukino held back the urge to cry, or throw up. This was not what she'd hoped for.

"You can't want this. There is no way you want this." His voice was tight, laced with anger.

"I wouldn't have asked if-"

"No!" he half-shouted, turning to face her with an incredulous expression. "You don't know what you're asking for. How could you want something so terrible?"

Yukino was shocked, pain lancing her heart at his words.

"What is terrible about it?" she said, voice trembling.

"What is. . . god, Yukino, what isn't? You want me to be. . ." He clenched his teeth, struggling to lower his voice.

"You want me to be like her. The part of me that has everything wrong with it. I work every day to keep that . . . genetic cruelty at bay. I will not become like her."

Yukino knew instantly of whom he spoke.

"I'm not asking you to be like your birth mother. You are nothing like her at all."

He snorted unkindly.

"Possessive, manipulating, controlling? Isn't that exactly what you asked?"

"No, no, that's not what I meant." A shaky hand raked through her hair, damp again with sweat. How to explain? "When you took me in the library that day, took control, had to possess me completely, I felt more cherished, desired and wanted than any other time. It sealed the hold you have on my heart." She blushed again, forcing herself to look at him. "And it was incredibly hot."

Soichiro's fists clenched, and he stalked towards her. His arms went to either side of her, angry face inches from hers.

"I fucked you into the floor of our school library without your permission until you passed out, and that was hot?"

Yukino swallowed around her dry throat, heart rate doubling at his words. A streak of arousal shot through her. Her voice came out only at a whisper.


He stared at her a moment longer, pushing away with a huff. He stood at the end of the bed, looking down on her. She twisted the sheets in her hands as she worked to get her mind back to clearer functioning.

After a deep, searching scrutiny, he spoke.

"I don't think you really want me to tie you up. You like being in control."

She was quiet for a moment.

"I wouldn't have asked you if I didn't want to try it. I've thought a lot about this Soichiro. I trust you."

His fists clenched again at his side. Dark bangs shadowed his eyes. When he spoke, his voice was quieter, strained.

"You have no idea what you're asking for."

With that, he turned on his heel and stalked out of their room.

Yukino stared at the doorway for several moments, trying to assemble her thoughts. Embarrassed and frustrated tears pricked at the corners of her eyes. She wiped them away angrily.

It couldn't have gone worse.

She flopped back on the bed.

"What do I do now?" she whispered to the ceiling. She waited a long time for a response, but there was no answer.


Yukino sighed heavily a she got off the train. The gray skies served to dampen her mood further. She'd been called in unexpectedly to assist with a reconstructive surgery on a small child. The experience was invaluable, but she'd had to arrange for her parents to take the kids on short notice. Soichiro had a shift that ended early afternoon, so at least she wouldn't be imposing all day.

It had been more than a week since their argument. She'd fallen into a fitful sleep without him that night, but he was next to her when she woke the next morning. She didn't think he'd leave, but his quiet presence reassured her that she hadn't driven him away completely. They hadn't talked about it again, instead healing part of the breach by falling into their domestic routine.

There was still tension between them, little moments when their eyes would meet over the table, his gaze still guarded. They embraced, kissed goodbye and said "I love you," but they both knew there was something unresolved.

The house drew closer as her walk home continued. She hoped they would have a chance to talk tonight. She was ready to apologize, retract her request, beg forgiveness or do whatever it took to remove the wall he'd built around himself since that night. The last thing she wanted to do was offend him. Coming home from surgery always left her energetic. She prayed Soichiro was at least not exhausted from his shift. They really needed to work this out.

The porch light glowed warmly as she approached, but no other lights were visible in the house. Furrowing her brow, Yukino flipped open her phone to check for messages. There were none, but Soichiro had often taken the kids out for dinner when picking them up from one grandparent or another. There would most likely be a note on the counter.

Yukino dug around in her coat pockets for her keys. She'd left without her purse today, all the essentials hurriedly tucked into her coat. A purse and surgical scrubs didn't go so well anyway. She definitely appreciated the comfort of the nondescript green clothing.

She slipped of her shoes and took off her coat in the dim quiet of the house, absently reaching for the hallway light switch. Nothing happened. Puzzled, she flicked the switch a few more times.

"Darn it," she muttered. The hall light was hard to reach, at least for her. Soichiro could touch it just by standing underneath. Irritated, she started purposely toward the living room where the nearest light was. Thank goodness she could see enough in the evening gloom to avoid the furniture. She reached her hand out to flip the switch.

Without any sound or warning, an arm snaked around her, pinning her arms to her sides and yanking her against a hard chest. A hand clamped over her mouth, firmly muffling her startled shriek. Her coat dropped heavily to the floor as she struggled against her captor's hold, but his vise-like grip held her firmly. Just when she was going to officially panic, her head was pulled a little to the side, warm breath puffing over her ear.


Soichiro. She stilled instantly, relaxing just a bit in his hold. He didn't let her go. Confusion warred with the adrenaline in her system, with a growing undercurrent of excitement.

He spoke again, voice low, rich and seductive.

"The children are spending the weekend at your parents. I've gotten us both off call. You are alone with me until Sunday, and I intend to have you completely."

An involuntary shudder rolled through her at his words. Arousal spiked hard and heady within her, making her lightheaded. She moaned a little under his hand.

Soichiro pressed her to his body more firmly, his teeth lightly scraping against her ear before licking it smoothly. She felt his stiff arousal through the thin cotton of her pants.

"Listen carefully Yukino," he almost whispered into her ear. "You are mine, and I will do what I please with you. I will move my hand, but you may not speak without my permission unless it is to stop." He licked along her earlobe again. "You may moan all you like. Is this clear?"

The pressure on her mouth lifted enough for her to nod in assent. The motion felt thick through the spell of arousal he was weaving around her. She felt his lips turn upwards against the skin of her neck. He licked along the smooth column, sucking occasionally hard enough to leave marks.

"I love how easily I can mark your skin."

Yukino closed her eyes, a little whimper escaping her. He was just kissing her neck, and she was already weak in the knees.

His lips left her neck, and turned her to face a wall. The firm hand slid from her mouth, pressing her forehead lightly against the wall. The arm pinning her loosened slightly, and his voice dusted across her hearing again.

"Don't move."

He stepped back, and Yukino immediately felt the loss of his warmth. Her breathing was harsh in her own ears, anticipation curling in her stomach.

She didn't have to wait long for his return. Large hands rested on her shoulders, stroking downward as if illicitly searching her. His hands lingered on her watch, pulling it off gently. One foot pushed between hers to get her to spread them a little. She complied, gasping as his hands continued downwards, slipping into her pants pockets to caress near her inner thighs, slipping out again to cup her buttocks and squeeze. They brushed down to her ankles, tracing up the insides of her legs until just before her center before leaving her completely. Yukino moaned at the loss, breathing heavier as his presence loomed behind her. Those torturous hands came up her front from behind, deftly plucking her id badge from her shirt and secreting it away somewhere she couldn't see.

His hands stroked down her arms again, pulling them back behind her. She started a little at the feeling of cold metal surrounding her wrists with an audible click. His handcuffs. He leaned over to her ear again.

"Can't let you get away."

Yukino closed her eyes. She wasn't sure what was happening, what was going through his head, but she really didn't care. She was more turned on than she'd ever been.

Soichiro's hands untying the drawstring of her pants brought her back. They dropped to the floor with a soft sound, his hands hooking each sock as he wordlessly nudged her to step out of them. He stood behind her.

"Hold still."

Cold metal touched the skin of her shoulders near the neck briefly, and she fought the urge to jump. His hands gathered at both sides, and fabric tore with a loud rip. Her scrub top dropped to the floor in pieces. A moment of indignation caused her to turn towards him, but a strong hand pressed her back to the wall.

"I said to hold still, Yukino." His tone was dark, like shadows caressing her skin. "If you disobey again, I will punish you."

Yukino bit her lip, holding back a groan. She held perfectly still, even when he released her.

Though she stood only in her underwear, she felt incredibly warm. A hot hand on her waist and shoulder pulled her away from the wall and directed her into the living room. He left her standing in the open and turned on a small, dim lamp next to the couch.

She drank in the sight of him after blinking to let her eyes adjust her vision. He was wearing her favorite dress pants, black and draping enticingly over his athletic legs. The pressed dress shirt he wore was a deep navy blue, matching the blue-black tones of his hair. But his eyes had her melting under his scrutiny. Dark, wanting, possessive, and deeply filled with desire.

He circled her lightly trembling form, the close brush of rough fabric reminding her of her near naked state. Soft strokes on her waist, hip, stomach and upper back kept her on edge and guessing, with no promise of release.

Finally, he sat smoothly on the couch in front of her. He sat silent for a time, eyes raking hotly over her. Slowly, he undid his belt and unbuttoned his pants. Yukino's eyes widened as he drew out his engorged erection. She could see it weeping just slightly at the tip. She licked her lips a little and shifted her legs, rubbing against the wet heat that was growing unabated.

"Do you want this?" he said lowly, stroking it lightly with one hand.

Yukino nodded.

"Kneel down, and come closer."

She complied carefully, watching her balance with her bound hands. After inching her way to him on her knees, he guided her head to his shaft. She knew how much he liked it when she sucked him, so she eagerly licked along the throbbing length.

"Yessss," he groaned, hand clenching in her hair as she circled the head with her tongue. She continued to tease and lick, channeling her passion into pleasing him. It was a little hard without using her hands, but she managed.

"Take it, Yukino. I want to feel your mouth around me."

She moaned, enjoying how he thrust upwards to seek more of the vibrations. She took as much of him in her mouth as she could and began a series of slow, steady pulls. His hand continued to ride at the nape of her neck as she bobbed on him.

The shrill ring of the telephone startled her, and she started to pull back. His fingers tightened in her hair, holding her in place with him deep in her mouth. He encouraged her to keep moving with shallow thrusts of his hips. Yukino couldn't believe it when the light beep of the cordless phone buttons sounded. She couldn't see anything from her bent position over his lap.

"Hello?...Ah, Miyako-okaasan, how are you?"

Yukino flushed deeply. It was very oddly erotic, not to mention very naughty, to be sucking off her husband in their living room while her mother was on the phone. She missed a few of his words as his free hand moved from her head to tweak her erect nipples through her bra. She moaned, and was rewarded by another light pinch. His voice came back to her slowly.

"-no, that's okay, she can stay up later. It's a weekend...Yes, well, you know best."

The hand stroked back to her shoulders, drifting into her hair again. He chuckled, and his voice deepened.

"Sorry, she's a bit tied up at the moment."

Yukino blushed all the way to her toes.

"Yes, I'll have her call you tomorrow. Good night."

The phone beeped again, and she knew Soichiro had hung up the phone. His other hand gripped her head, and he jerked faster within her mouth. Within a few moments, he came groaning into her mouth. Yukino swallowed him eagerly, wishing she could feel some of the relief he was receiving from her.

He pulled her off suddenly, standing and drawing her up. His arms held her to him as his lips crashed down on hers, plundering her mouth. Yukino groaned into the kiss, senses reeling with the sudden movements. She squealed as one hand shifted and cupped her core through her slick panties. He pried his lips from hers, and she nearly fainted at the naked lust in his black eyes.

"That was amazing," he said lowly, panting just slightly. A smirk crossed his beautiful mouth. "I think you deserve a reward."

His hand at her core pressed closer briefly, before moving away. Yukino shrieked in surprise as she was hauled over his shoulder and carried like a prize to their room.

Soichiro set her on her feet, strong hand on her arm steadying her as she swayed slightly. A brief flash of concern passed through his gaze, but it quickly was replaced by the commanding lust he'd exhibited a moment before. His cool hands cupped her face as he kissed her deeply again, tongue tangling with hers as it swept through her mouth. She leaned into him, the fabric of his clothing rubbing sensually against her heated skin. Just as her knees were about to give out, he pulled away. The desire in his eyes seemed to have increased, melting her further with its heat.

"Do you want release now, Yukino?" he said lowly, thumbs brushing over her cheeks. She nodded without hesitation. He chuckled. His head lowered until his nose brushed hers.

"Beg me."

Yukino's breath hitched in her throat as her frustration increased. Yet, she couldn't deny him. She wanted him too badly. Her tongue darted out to wet her lips, his eyes watching the movement hungrily.

"Please," she said quietly, voice shaking with need.

"Please what?"

She blushed. She idly wondered if her skin would be permanently stained pink after tonight.

"Please," she said louder, more desperate. "I want to feel you inside me."

He stroked a hand up her side, scoring the skin lightly with blunt nails. Her lids became heavier as she groaned at the sensation.


He was going to make her say it. She took a deep breath, desire forcing the pleading into her eyes as well as her voice.

"I need you to make me cum, Soichiro."

His gaze went from wanting to feral, and he crushed his lips to hers again. She could feel his renewed erection pressing against her stomach, hot steel on her soft flesh. He bent her back slightly, holding her to him as if he could draw her into himself.

Soichiro tore his lips from hers and turned her around swiftly. One hand slid down her back, deftly flicking open the clasp of her bra. The hand continued down to her wrists, where a light click signaled the release of one of the cuffs.

"Stay still, now, unless you want to beg me again."

Yukino nodded, and felt his hands slowly draw her bra off her body, lightly massaging her arms as he traveled down. He pushed her onto the bed, arranging her so she lay on her back, arms stretched overhead. The handcuff still attached to her wrist was secured to one of the headboard slats, and the other wrist was clicked into a second pair a few slats down. She pulled against them experimentally, finding them very secure.

Soichiro pulled back, kneeling up over her. He ran light fingertips down her collar, around the peak of her breasts, and down to her waist, grinning when she arched up into his touches.

"I could get used to this. You look amazing tied to my bed."

She flushed, but did not answer, remembering his earlier command for silence.

Deft fingers hurriedly unbuttoned his shirt, dropping it to the ground beside the bed. His pants followed soon after, the stiff erection standing ramrod straight away from his body. Yukino sighed at the enticing sight, anticipation lancing through her. Kneeling over her again, Soichiro pulled down her panties from the crotch, grinning as she moaned into his almost-caress.

"My, someone is eager," he said lowly, tracing a single finger down the crease of her leg, skirting around her folds and coming up the other side. Yukino lifted her hips in askance, whimpering for more contact.

A strong hand went to her hip, pinning her to the bed. Eyes locked on hers, he slid one slender digit slowly into her heat. She struggled a little to rock her hips, eyes rolling back into her head at the pleasurable sensation.

"Look at me Yukino." She couldn't ignore the command in his tone, and forced her eyes back to his.

The wanting orbs held her firm as he started a slow, agonizing movements with his finger, in and out. She panted when a second finger joined the first, twisting, plunging, curling into her most sensitive places. Still, she struggled to watch him, held by his gaze.

A loud cry left her lips as he brushed his thumb against her clit, the rough pad teasing the electrified bud. He pressed a little more firmly on her hip to keep her in place, her body trying to rock to increase the wonderful sensations. She almost begged him to continue when his fingers withdrew from her aching folds.

"I think you are more than ready for your reward," he said, pulling one leg over his shoulders and positioning himself at her entrance. He leaned over her, bracing one hand by her shoulder, and thrust in with one smooth motion.

Yukino couldn't think, it felt so good. Her hands gripped into tight fists, pulling against the handcuffs. She just wanted to touch him, feel him beneath her fingers. Soichiro captured her lips in a sensual kiss, swallowing her moans as he began slow thrusts. Her upraised leg sent him plunging in at a deep angle, hitting wonderfully sensitive spots within her. He continued thrusting, increasing speed in tiny increments, angling slightly differently each thrust to keep her on edge. His mouth descended along her cheek to firmly nip one earlobe. His voice smoothed over her ear in a husky whisper.

"Call my name," he ordered, suddenly speeding up.

"Soi. . .chiro," she groaned softly, trying to match his movements.


"Soichiro," she obeyed, stronger this time. He sped up again, this time reaching down and stroking her clit.

"Scream my name and cum," he grated, words hot in her blood.


Yukino flew apart. Bright whiteness encompassed her vision as she came once, twice, and a third time in rapid succession. Her inner muscles gripped him fiercely with each thrust, wanting to prolong the wonderful sensations. Each peak brought her higher and higher until he shuddered within her, a final climax cresting as his hot seed rushed into her.

Soichiro slumped over her, panting breath hot along her collarbone. She struggled to regain her breath, still floating back to earth. They stayed like that for countless moments, basking in the aftermath of their orgasms.

He sat up slowly, loving eyes caressing her form as he slowly withdrew. Reaching overhead, he freed her from the cuffs and gathered her into his arms. Yukino slowly drew her arms down to her chest and sank into his embrace. His hand passed in a senseless soothing pattern up and down her back.

Eventually, he pulled back a little and tipped her chin to see her eyes.

"Are you okay?"

Yukino sighed and smiled a very stupid grin.

"That was amazing."

"But you're okay." She was touched by the concern in is tone, and leaned in to tenderly kiss his lips.

"I'm great. Just . . . wonderful."

His eyes shifted a little, a bit of the darkness creeping back in.

"I was surprised when you didn't stop me," he said quietly.

"Even after you knew this was what I was missing?"

His eyes flicked away for a moment before returning.

"I didn't think you really wanted . . .me like that."

She moved a stiff hand up to caress his cheek.

"I want you however you are. I love every piece of you."

He kissed her then, love pouring through the gentle meeting of lips. He grinned when the kiss ended, the possessive glint firmly in his gaze.

"You should rest up then. I still have the rest of the weekend to take you."

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