The Sadness of Sick Desires

BY : MibuWolf
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Inuyasha sighed in irritation. This had to have been

about the twentieth time Kagome gave him one of

her "looks" and quite frankly, it was getting rather

annoying. He was about ready to rip that expression

right off her pretty face. Guilt rose up like bile in

the back of his throat and he slid a hand through

his hair. There was no reason to threaten her, even

if it hadn't been said out loud. Honestly, his

bitchiness lately was starting to scare even a

normally crass half demon like him.

Stalking ahead of the group, he ignored the

questioning stares of his friends. There was no

reason to subject them to his foul mood. He would

try and remain as sensible as possible.

Kagome had dropped back in hopes of avoiding the

sharp end of Inuyasha's temper. He had been so moody

lately, even more so than usual. Ever since

Wednesday, after Kagome had arrived back from her

own era, he had subjected herself and the rest of

the group to a temper so foul, it had earned him

more than his fair share of "Osuwari's". She shook

her head and sighed.

Sango, catching the movement from the corner of her

eye,moved in closer to Kagome.

"Haven't you noticed a... a certain temperment to

Inuyasha, of late?" She asked in a conspirital tone.

The miko nodded.

"Like anyone could not notice," she whispered back.

Inuyasha's ears twitched as the two human woman

chatted about him, but he chose to ignore it. Let

them talk if it helped to ease their pathetic minds.

He tensed as he realized his cruel thoughts.

'Shit. What the hell is wrong with me?!'

A whirlwind of flying dirt and the woodsy smell of

Ookami Youkai knocked him out of his thoughts and

back to his senses. Growling, he went on alert as

the small tornado slowly stopped and landed in

front of Kagome.

His hackles rose even further as the smiling, cocky

face of Koga emerged from the disapating wind.

'What the fuck does that idiot want? He'd better not

be after Kagome again!'

Kagome and the rest of the group had slowed to a

halt when they saw the wind of impending danger


If Inuyasha was as volatile as he had been all week

than a confrontation with Koga wouldn't help matters.

Koga reached out a clawed hand and grasped her own

with it, aptly ignoring the warning growls coming

from Inuyasha's direction.

"My Kagome. How have you been? Has the mutt been

treating you well, for me? If he hasn't, just let me

know and I'll knock some real sense into him!"

Kagome's eyebrow twitched. She could practically

feel the half demon ready to explode in anger

behind her.

"Um, Koga. I don't this it's a good idea to-" She was

cut off by the wolf demon sniffing the air harshly.

She flushed as he inhaled her deeply into his lungs.

"Not you," he muttered under his breath, moving away

from her to sniff some more.

She shot him a questioning look, as Sango quickly

stepped out of his way to avoid his frantic sniffing.

"Where is it coming from...?"

Miroku protested as Koga grapped him by the front of

his robe to bury his nose in the material. He was

quickly tossed aside as the demon apparently didn't

find what he was looking for.

Kagome exhaled sharply as he picked up Shippou to

give him a good ol' sniffing.

"Koga! What are you doing?!" Sango demanded, finally

thrown out of her stupor of confusion.

He barely glanced her way as he answered, stalking

towards Inuyasha.

"Someone around here is in heat and it's driving me

up the wall."

They all gaped, with the exception of Inuyasha, at

his open reply.

A.N- Okay, all. This chapter is only temporarily done. I have to leave to work but count on me being back to finish it!

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