The sound of Chocolate

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Author's notes:
I've read so many awesome and sexy MattxMello fics lately, it made me want to write my own drabble. ^___^
Keep in mind though, that my experience with Matt and Mello comes mostly from doujins and fan fics, since I kinda fell off the DN wagon after chapter 58, and kida never got completely on it yet.
Though, seeing Matt in todays ep almost killed me. xD

Neways, if things seem a bit off to you...Let's just pretend it's an AU.

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Someone pointed out that Matt is the younger of the two, so I had to change some details.

Spoilers: Only if you haven't read past chapter 58, and have no idea who Matt, Mello and Near are.

The Sound of Chocolate
It's silent in the room.
Even the annoying sound of water dripping from the busted faucet in the bathroom has stopped.

A pale light from the moon outside illuminates the cramped space through the torn fabric that is supposed to function as curtains.

The only sound that breaks the silence is the occasional 'crack' that sounds when a bite is taken out of a large chocolate bar.

Matt looks up. It bothers him.
Ever since his last set of batteries died on him this morning he's grown more and more irritable.
The sound of someone swallowing.
"For fucks sake Mello!"

The other slowly lifts his gaze and looks at him.
His eyes are almost dead, yet they are piercing him completely.
His tongue flicks out and follows the contours of his lips.
They are smeared with chocolate, sand he doesn't succeed in removing all of it, but his eyes are still locked to Matt's.
"Am I bothering you?" he asks quietly.
"You're fucking annoying."
Mello smirks, and it pisses Matt off even more.
For weeks now he's been locked in here with him.
For weeks in this crummy, cold and moist apartment, where the fungus is staining the walls in every corner. And all because Mello managed to get himself caught up in some shit.
And now, he's had it.
No food, no batteries, no sex, no nothing.
But he is about to change that.

If Mello thinks that hanging with the mafia makes him a big shot, then so be it.
Only because he is on top of the situation; sitting on more information than what Near is right now, it does not make him any different from the person he has always been.
He's still the same annoying bitch.
And Matt still knows which buttons to push.

Matt glares fiercely at him, but his lip quirks in slight amusement.
Anticipation lights up Mello's eyes.
He smirks.
He takes yet another bite out of the chocolate.
Matt rises from his tattered chair.
He walks over to the leather-clad annoyance.
He grips around Mello's skinny wrist, squeezes it and forces the chocolate bar away from his lips.
Mello growls in his throat. He clearly doesn't approve of this treatment, and still Matt knows he loves it.
Subconsciously Mello knows it too.
One of Matt's slender hands slides up underneath Mello's all too tight tank top.
Mello's nipple grows hard under his touch, and he presses his skeletal body to Matt's as their lips meet in a merciless kiss.
Teeth graze over lips, and tongues meet greedily.
Matt tastes of cigarettes and booze.
Mello tastes like chocolate, like he always has.

While Matt's hand fists in the messy tousles of blonde, Mello breaks free from the kiss.
He glares at the other, with a look that is clouded with lust and something else, that Matt can't put his finger on.
The scrawny blonde forces his hand out of Matt's grip, and greedily takes a bite of the chocolate.
Matt watches as if mesmerized.
They're standing so close to each other, their breaths are melting the chocolate.
A stream of the melted sweet trickles down from the corner of Mello's mouth, towards his chin.

As Matt leans in, licking it off in one motion, he reaches inside of Mello's tight pants.
His hand grips Mello's cock. It's already hard, weeping and throbbing in his hand.
Mello gives a half-choked groan, bucking against him.
He takes the chocolate bar between his teeth, so his fingers are free to get Matt's pants off.

Meanwhile Matt's already unzipped Mello, and made sure the tight leather has pooled around his feet.
The brunette is wearing a tight sweater with red and black stripes, it has a zipper in the front.
It's open now, and while Mello's clawing at his chest, Matt enters him.

There is nothing careful about it.
There's none of that romantic bullshit.
It's just the two of them, heavy breaths echoing in the unpleasant apartment, and Matt's cock up Mello's ass.
Simple as that.
Just as it has always been.
It's been so long, but as soon as the tight warmth embraces him, Matt knows exactly what to do to make Mello fall from his pedestal and beckon to his every wink.
He remembers exactly how the blonde likes it when he smothers his mouth with his own, chewing on his bottom lip while thrusting deep into him.

Mello's feet are around his waist.
His ragged breaths are in his ear.
Teeth scrapes along his earlobe before the chocolate-scented breath is on his lips and they devour each other again.

When the tightness becomes too much; when the sweat dripping from his forehead tastes salty on Mello's tongue, and the blonde bites him, hard in the neck as he groans frantically; "Fuck...Matt...Harder!" he gives himself completely over to the mind-numbing pleasure.
With Mello's voice urging him on he fucks him even harder, up against the wall with the flaccid wallpaper. Finally he groans too.
Shooting inside of him, he utters a quiet "Fuck." against Mello's ear.

The chocolate in Mello's hand has been smeared everywhere on their skin.
It feels sticky on Matt's cheek, where Mello's lips have been.
He doesn't care. Neither does Mello as they slide down on the floor.

Things are back to the way they were years ago.
Now they have something to do while letting the time pass.
Mello remembers why he always found it enjoyable to annoy Matt.
Matt remembers that there is something other than videogames in the world.
Like he could ever forget.

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