Water drops

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title: Water drops

author: me

fandom: Death note

pairing: Raito x L

rating: NC-17

spoilers: none

comments: Uhm, a very creative title, I know... It's a sort of a accompanying fic to my earlier fanfic Fever and megavirgin!L *snicker* As usual, it contains mindfucking, but this time also shower and a blowjob. And don't forget the handcuffs! Oh, and some makeup too.

Yeah, I was a little bored... and that megavirgin - no!megavirgin thing was too tempting to write it xD


Raito felt cold wall tiles make contact with his skin and hissed. He was not complaining, not when he was in the shower and that oddball, the greatest detective alive and yet weird sexy person, was giving him a blowjob.

It didn't matter that Raito was actually lusting after his friend; he appreciated the other's intellect and even his odd appearance (though he still hated getting dark smudges on his pajama from Ryuuzaki's eyeliner when the other wanted to cuddle), but he never imagined something like this would happen.

Everything had been completely normal as usual, the younger male was having a shower and was in the process of taking care of his morning 'problem' when the door opened and L - totally naked and looking very sexy - walked in with a predatory glint in his eyes. Raito was unable to react when Ryuuzaki knelt before him and looked him over, slowly licking his lips. It totally took his breath away. And then, THEN L opened his mouth and proceeded to take care of Raito's quite evident 'problem.'

Raito's fingers entangled in dark, silky hair. Where was he? Oh, yes, he was re-thinking what had happened. It was simple - when he woke up he had noticed that tonight's cuddling with Ryuuzaki had left him with some kind of, uhm, problem… Therefore, he was masturbating in the shower; L had joined him and right now was giving him a blowjob. And he most definitely had a very talented mouth. But why the hell was he doing it? Had he notice the looks Raito had been giving him? Or had he over heard how, in situations like these, Yagami came with his friend's name on his lips? Or maybe he wanted to continue to prove that Raito was Kira, test his reactions and make him admit it.

Right now he wanted to say 'to hell with suspicions' but he remembered too well their current situation – and no, not the one in shower... but, maybe... - had started with suspicion and had made Ryuuzaki believe he was indeed Kira.

How fucked up was this? To have his friend giving him a blowjob when the other still suspected him or, rather, saw him as Kira.... something was not quite right.

Raito had to use all of his willpower to make the detective stop his careful ministrations. Ryuuzaki looked at him, still kneeling; his wet hair was slowly curling.

"Your eyeliner is smudged."

"Oh." L touched his face, and then looked back at his friend. "But it's waterproof."

Raito grinned. It worked and he could now think more clearly. And now he remembered the handcuffs - it would be better to NOT remember it.... since it filled his mind with too many interesting mental images. As if the situation wasn't kinky enough. "What are you doing?"

There was something in Ryuuzaki’s eyes, a sparkle, something that made him look both innocent and sexy. "I thought I could help you with this."

"Isn’t your oral fixation going a little too far?" asked the younger male politely. "Or would you rather prefer some sex in the morning?"

L thought for a moment, nibbling on his finger, before he answered "Both."

"So you want me to fuck you?"

Ryuuzaki grinned. "Who decided you’d be on top?"

The younger male chuckled thinking about the choices. "Because you were the one that dragged me into this situation," he answered after a moment. "And you have a really nice ass."

L looked ready to protest when Raito pulled him up and pinned him to the wall with the younger male’s firm body pinning the leaner one. "You know," Yagami licked Ryuuzaki's earlobe, "sometimes I really want to drag you out of the main room and fuck you."

L arched against him, he couldn't move when Raito's body pressed into his back. "So, Yagami-kun wants my body? It's now 5% more in Kira scale."

The younger male nibbled and sucked on the pale skin before him. "Ryuuzaki-kun" he emphasized the name, "came here to give me a blowjob and is telling me it was not because he wants me to take him?"

"Tops don’t get their cocks sucked in a fair relationship," was the answer. The blush on L's face was even more intense in contrast with his pale skin. His breath was quicker now.

Raito chuckled again. "Fair relationship? When you still see me as Kira and not even believe that you could be mistaken? When all your words and actions are to prove that I am Kira?" He kissed Ryuuzaki, hard. Deep. Not giving him time to react or think.

L answered by letting Yagami kiss him as he wanted. When they parted after a long moment, he licked his lips and smiled. "You are indeed a good kisser. Talented."

"I'm curious..." began his partner while still nibbling and kissing the pale neck.

"About wha-aaat?" it came out in a moan. It seemed that Raito had found a sensitive area on his lover's body.

"How experienced you really are."

Another moan. And another. "Aaah! I am... damn it, stop for a moment!" A pale hand grabbed blond-brown hair and detached Yagami from L's neck. The detective panted. "I am still a virgin... but this does not mean I am inexperienced."

Raito's hands started slowly touching the naked skin and drawing patterns. "How did you get that experience? And why are you still a virgin then?"

After a long moment Ryuuzaki answered, "The person that taught me... I had not wanted to do it with him." He moaned again, arching his body when his lover’s hands were caressing his nipples. "I wanted to experience the pleasure but at the same time I did not want to give myself to him completely."

"Does that mean," one of Raito's hands was still caressing L's nipples while the other moved lower, between the detective's thighs, "that you want me to be your first?"

Ryuuzaki smiled. "Perhaps... aaaah!!" he threw his head back and arched again into the touch.

The younger male smirked. "Right here and now?" His hands were still caressing the pale body, making L shiver and moan and gasp. His mouth and tongue were busy licking and nibbling a pale neck and ear.

"Mmm yes," was the only answer.

Raito took one of the bottles from the nearby shelf and applied some of the substance on his fingers. When he started preparing his soon-to-be lover he noticed something. "Tell me, Ryuuzaki" he whispered into L's ear "did you let him do the same with his fingers?"

"N-no," detective moaned again. "I-I tried it, once or twice... aaah!" It seemed that the younger male’s fingers had found what he was searching for and Ryuuzaki arched with a scream.

"You are a little too loose to be a virginm," Raito smirked. "You are really naughty... I should take care of it." After a few more moments he stopped his administration and applied some of the substance on himself. "But it's better for me."

"How so?" asked Ryuuzaki, panting. If he wasn't standing between the wall and the younger male’s body he would probably have fallen to the floor. His body was shivering from pleasure. Suddenly, he screamed and arched when his lover entered him.

Raito smirked and tied the detective’s hands with the handcuff’s chain, attaching it to the shower head. "You see," he breathed into his lover's ear, when nibbling on it delicately "it's more fun when you're so kinky... perhaps we could play some more later."

"Play?" the question ended with a moan when Yagami decided to move his hips. Oh, Ryuuzaki for sure knew what these words suggested.

"Yes," Raito was moving slowly. "When I'll find your toys and check your every reaction to it."

"Don't be so sure... two can play that game," L had moved against him, moaning and panting. "It's so Kira-like, to dominate and play with others. Don't think I'll submit too easily."

The younger male chuckled. "Of course not," these words were punctuated with a sharp thrust of his hips. "And that's why you are so much fun."

Ryuuzaki moaned and was trying to catch his breath for awhile. "10% Yagami-kun," he gasped. "You are more and more Kira-like."

"And I guess that's what turns you on so much?" responded Raito, increasing the pace of his thrusts and making L moan and writhe helplessly. It seemed that his lover really liked this rough treatment, gasping and moaning his name with each move. Ryuuzaki moved his hips, responding to every move, purring when younger male started biting and sucking on his pale skin.

It had not taken too long. Ryuuzaki came first, moaning something that sounded like 'Raito' and 'Kira' in one word. Raito was not too far behind.

After a long moment L moved. "Raito, could you untie my hands?"

The younger male did as he was asked and then smiled. "Does using my first name means we are lovers now?"

Ryuuzaki grinned and kissed his lovers cheek. "Perhaps... but I've got a problem, since you were a little... forceful." His arms encircled Yagami's neck. "Take me to our bed."

Raito chuckled. "Oh, you want more?" he teased while taking the thin body in his arms and carrying his lover to their bedroom.

"Not at this moment, but yes. It's certainly better than fighting." After a moment he added with a faint blush, "And it's far more pleasurable."

"It's a relationship then, right?" Raito was sitting on the bed and petting L's dark hair. It was nice, sitting like this and not thinking about the Kira case for once. Maybe they could share a moment like this more often.

"Perhaps," Ryuuzaki's mouth curved in a smile. "We should be in the main room in two hours, or your father will think that we tried to kill each other."

Raito hesitated. "And what about your..."

The detective stretched gracefully and chuckled. "I'll take some painkillers and everything will be fine." Ryuuzaki nibbled on his fingers. "It won't affect my way of sitting."

The younger male grinned. "Oh, that makes me think I know what to do with you tomorrow... after I find your set of toys."

L stuck his tongue out at his lover. "Don't be so sure you will find them."

Raito was observing him for a second, deep in thought. "It should be hidden in our bedroom, or in the bathroom. There's also a possibility that you left it with Watari, too."

Ryuuzaki stretched again, and put his head on the younger male’s lap. It seemed he wanted to sleep.

"Hey, don't get your eyeliner on me! I don't want to take a shower again," Raito protested.

L yawned. "This one's waterproof," he mumbled.

"But you've got smudges on my pajama from it before."

"That one wasn't waterproof, that's why. It's hard to find good eyeliner, you know?" the detective opened one eye and looked at his lover. "It’s usually totally black and not charcoal or it smudges too much."

Raito couldn't stop a chuckle. "Are you telling me that you’ve actually tried many of them?" It was somehow... fitting.


Two hours later, when rest of the investigation team came to work, two geniuses were nowhere around. When Soichiro asked where L and his son were, Watari responded that the boys had a little argument and were tired now. Everybody agreed that the boys should rest a little after the fight.

Watari went to L's bedroom. He sighed when looking at the two naked bodies on the bed. "You'll get sick if you sleep like that," he muttered and covered them with a blanket.

the end

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