Three Little Words

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Three Little Words

Rating: M just to be safe. The sex isn’t too graphic.

Warnings: Sex between two males. Manipulation.

Pairing: LxLight and LightxL


LightxL. LxLight. L wants to hear Light say those three little words. You’ve seen Light as the manipulative one, and well, L wants a chance too.


L had been playing this game for months.

He saw Light’s attraction for him, and used it against him.

It didn’t start with sex.

It started just like everything else started with the two geniuses.

A fight.

The had rumbled and rolled, grabbing, kicking, punching, clawing, clutching anything they could find that could potentially hurt. And L had landed on top that time, and he grinned a small grin in light of his victory. He was juvenile and immature as always, and had actually decided he wanted some cake with whipped cream and strawberries, just to celebrate his victory against the boy. And then…he felt it.

Pressing into his thigh as he straddled Light, the boy breathing hard and glaring up at L, his hair sticking to his sweat glistening face, was an erection. L, at first, froze. Surely this was a trick, but no, he doubted Light was so talented as to fake sexual excitement. Bodies didn’t lie. And so he looked down at Light, who’s eyes had widened comically as he realized that L had noticed his arousal. At first, he’d attempted to put L away, but L didn’t budge.

Oh yes, he could use this to his advantage.

Although he wasn’t particularly interested in men, L supposed there were much worse guys to have sex with then the attractive, intelligent and fierce Light Yagami. He would not have too many qualms with that particular activity, especially since he had much to gain by such an interaction. And so, L leaned down and kissed him.

And as their tongue battled each other, L formulated a plan.

With the chain that linked them, it would be easy to keep Light around him all the time, slowly coaxing him into deeper feelings then lust. After the kiss, the clothes had been removed and L pulled some kind of lotion from the bottom drawer of the bureau that they were currently lying beside. It wasn’t pertinent that they did this on a bed.

So L prepared him thoroughly, knowing the better it felt for Light, the better the chances were that he would fall for him. It rose more then 30%, actually, so he needed to be careful not to hurt the younger male. The feeling of being inside the handsome genius with indescribable; the hot walls compacting around him, the rhythm that they started to build after the first few thrusts into him…it was incredible.

L decided he’d like to do it again.

After that night, there was another long three days that passed before they ever were intimate like that again. Once again, it was a physical fight that started the situation, the arguments had become increasingly frequent, due to L’s insisting that Light was Kira. It took a while, but this time, Light won the fight and smirk smugly as he pinned Ryuzaki to the ground firmly.

It was his turn.

It went on like this for some time. Days, weeks and then months they had been having sex with each other and Light, oblivious to his occupation as the newly appointed god, found himself reluctantly falling for L. Which, of course, was exactly what L had wanted him to do, although he had to admit that he was becoming unusually attached to Light as well. Strange, since he almost never got attached to anyone.

He’d mourn him when he got him arrested.

And yet, L found himself enjoying Light’s company, and even though they were ‘friends’ of a sort, L had always found the fact that he was a killer somewhat disconcerting. He slowly began to see that Light wasn’t Kira, at least not at the time. He saw those wide dark eyes and that innocent look, even when he was writhing beneath him in ecstasy.

No, there wasn’t even a full 1% chance that Light was Kira at the present. Kira was cold and calculating, his eyes were narrow and cunning. No, there was no malice in this Light’s soul. L found himself entranced with the way the beads of sweat rolled down his chest, the way his hair splayed itself out over the pillow when he tossed his head back, the delectable gasps that escaped those kissable lips…

But then, Light got his memories back.

In a rush of images, Light could remember everything. The pictures filled his mind phantasmagorically, every memory from his time filling his mind until he thought it would over flow. He blinked, and closed his mouth, replying to Ryuzaki’s concern for his scream. L new, just as Light’s eyes met his, that Kira was back. He didn’t know how, and he knew he’d find out before it was all over…but he couldn’t help but feel like someone was attempting to suffocate his heart. It was stupid really. The pang people felt in their heart was simply part of their imagination –that organ pumped blood, not affection. And yet, there he was, feeling it like a common person with a crush.

Which he most certainly did not have.

But Light pretended that he was the same, and so L did too. Although, in those months without his memories, Light truly had fallen in love with the older detective. He definitely hadn’t meant to, and he positively didn’t want to, but it wasn’t like he could turn that emotion off. It wasn’t like anger or happiness. Even if he didn’t show it, he would feel it, and feeling it wasn’t a good thing. If he’d known this was going to happen, he would have never gotten rid of his memories, or planned some defence against it, but no. He had the memories from those months, and he felt the same as the other Light had.

But no! Love was a weakness and Light was powerful, not weak. Not only was he powerful he was the most powerful. He was god. He didn’t –He couldn’t love L. He’d sworn to destroy him. He couldn’t love him! And yet, there he was, feeling it like a common person with a crush.

Which he most certainly did not have.

He couldn’t kill Ryuzaki. For now, at least. Now, he would just keep himself calm, act rationally, attempt to lock away his emotions, and above all, try to fall out of love.

More weeks passed, and Light avoided L. He let him win the arguments –lest they turn into fistfights, and soon after, something more. At night, he scooted to the other side of the bed and Ryuzaki understood the body language. Light had surprised L once again. He had thought that he would keep the charade up, not wanting anything to not coincide with his behavior before, if he could even remember it. And L was 95% sure he could remember it, because the way he was evading him was too thorough.

But then, one night, Light woke up with a gasp, and certain problem with his lower anatomy. He’d been dreaming about Ryuzaki. He missed sleeping with him.

His movement and noise had awakened L from his light slumber. The owl-eyed man smirked at the reason for Light’s sudden awakening. Then, despite Lights soft and unconvincing protests, L pulled down Light’s pants, lowered his head, and helped the boy with his dilemma.

Fingers clutched tightly to the covers as Light struggled to remain quite. He was Kira Dammit! Kira wasn’t a fucking screamer, he was –“Ah!”

Blinded with the bliss of his climax and his body lax, L began to prepare him. Light started to object, arguing that he should get to top this time, but his future words were never spoken because L happened to hit a small bundle of nerves inside him. Soon, L was sliding into him and Light couldn’t think, which was never a good sign for a genius.
All he new was that this felt great, albeit previously painful, but the friction and heat that the messy-haired man was creating was overwhelming him completely. There was nothing in his mind except paradise, and not the kind that his Kira side always fantasized about. No –this was –this was –extraordinary.

In and out, in and out, over and over again until Light thought he would die from the insane amount of pleasure from both the constant pressure on his prostate and L’s spidery hand quickly pumping him in cadence with every plunge. L smiled hazily through the rapture, knowing that this was the time.

“Tell me,” He whispered into Light’s ear, following it with a hard, fast plunge that made Light grunt with effort to hold back a scream, “Tell me it, Light.”

“Fuck –don’t know what you –nng –mean,” Light’s fingers grasped tightly to the skin on Ryuzaki’s back.

“Yes. You do,” L retorted, slamming inside him again. Light’s back arched.

“I –I don –” Light managed to open his eyes a crack and saw the look and his face and oh god – L knew! L knew he loved him! Shit! “Now? I –ah…”

“Yes, now,” L responded, knowing it was now or never.

“I …fuck…I lo –” Another thrust deep inside him, hitting that spot with more force then any other thrust previously, “love you!”

L drove himself in again, and lied. “I love you too.” He smirked, “But that’s not what I meant.”

Light’s eyes widened again, but not from a thrust.

No. Light knew what L wanted him to say. Light knew.

And L knew he knew.

And with a final plummet to the depths within him, he bucked and came, creaming out his confession as he did so. L met his completion as well, and then pulled out of Light and swiftly removed the cuff from his wrist and connected it to the bedpost so that Light would go nowhere. Then he pulled on his underwear, pants and shirt and started to walk out the door. What he would have to do was potentially embarrassing, but it had to be done and he would have to suffer through it.

Because Light had pled guilty.

“I am Kira…!”

“Where are you going?” Light asked with narrow eyes.

“Getting the video of this so that I can show your confession to the police force,” L replied simply, not really caring to see Light’s face, knowing it was still blank. Because He wasn’t Light anymore. He was Kira. And while L could potentially love Light, Kira was out of the question, and he would never again be ‘just Light’.

He could love those wide, blameless dark eyes. He could love the genuine smile that he’d give him when pleased. He could love those strong, passionate claims that the other Light would make against what was wrong. But he could not long those cold, blank eyes or that fake, beguiling smile, nor those declarations of morality exclaimed with false fervor.


He just could not.

L walked out the door, ignoring the shouts and threats.

Like he said, he would miss him.


Yeah…I had to write this. I know it’s not THE most in character thing, but I think it’s okay in that area. Not perfect, but, eh, I couldn’t help it. This plotline was too tempting to pass up.

Please tell me what you think. ^_^


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