Summer Night

BY : Holod
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The night was hot and very stuffy. Windows at Wammys House were opened, but darkness didn’t bring cool, and even in the night, heavy, heated up by sunrays during the day, wind blew from the streets.
It was two o’clock in the night. Near had managed to fall asleep half an hour ago. He was turning, overturning a pillow to the unheated side, putting out his legs from a sheet to let the wind, even warm, cool his sweaty feet. And sleep didn’t want to come, and there was a reason for it: today they had quarreled with Mello again. Because of it conscience was tormenting the white-haired future-detective, but he was afraid to start talking to Mello, and was thinking, thinking, thinking… He thought how to begin the conversation, what to say… He decided to adjust their relations the very next morning and, after half hour’s turning, he fell asleep in disturbing sleep of restless creature, after looking with full of sadness and shame sight on his comrade, snuffling in the next bed. The two shared one room, which also was often the reason for a conflict.
So, it was two o’clock in the night. But suddenly, unexpected scratch of bed and knock of wood woke Near up. He rose from the pillow and couldn’t find the source of the sound at once. It appeared that Mello was awake and was sitting on a window sill, with his legs lowered, and looking somewhere afar, at the stars. He greedily inhaled the night air and heeded to the rustles, which seemed so mysterious and frightening, reaching from the street. Near sat in his bed and stared at him. The moonlight tangled in Mello’s hair and the wind was tenderly playing with it.
Mello turned from the night street and looked at Near, after that he returned to his occupation. This indifference from always so impulsive Mello touched the boy to the depth of his soul, and he felt even guiltier.
He rose and came up to the window. His eyes were full of tears. He beggarly looked at Mello. Mello for some time sat as if he hadn’t heard anything. Or maybe it seemed so. Some minutes later he faced Near. Mello’s face was a little bit ruddy, his breath was frequent and faltering, he blinked his eyes, as Near understood, in order to constrain tears.
Some seconds later, Mello jumped off the window sill and embraced Near.
Near began to cry, burying his face in Mello’s shoulder.
Mello was tenderly stroking Near’s head, touching his light as fuzz locks, tousled by the restless sleep.
Near hugged him harder.
Mello didn’t hesitate and, after kissing his neck and cheeks, reached Near’s mouth and kissed him directly in his lips, so soft and warm as the summer wind.
It seemed as if the time had stopped for the two boys, standing near the opened window, under the bright yellow Moon. The wind waved tulle above their heads, and the trees rustled, marking the beginning of the most fine and sweet period of their life.
This night they fell asleep on Mello’s bed. And Near was by Mello’s side, quietly snuffling. Both pretended to be asleep, but actually they were thinking over their happiness, going round and round, and then returning again to that tender, shiny feeling. Their hearts were beating very fast and hands grew dumb. And impetuous pleasure made them shiver…
They fell asleep like this, nestling very close to each other; they worried about neither heat, nor the sheet, tangled in their feet. They dissolved in each other.
It was four o’clock in the morning. Small rain started to drip, bringing morning freshness. And the trees were still rustling, and the wind seemed to sing about how they will go then by the twisting and turning road of life, hoping to find their quiet happiness in each other’s embrace. As today… As always…


Sorry for my English. If you like this story, I will add more. ;)

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