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“Please, stalker-san?” The girl’s voice was weak, exhausted. “Misa will do what you want, just let me go!”

Click. Whrrrr. “Please, stalker-san? Misa will do what you want…”

“How many times are you going to watch that?” Light was annoyed, it was long past midnight and he’d fallen asleep on the couch. Ryuuzaki barely spared him a glance, rewinding the tape yet again. It was getting on his nerves, like everything Ryuuzaki did got on his nerves. Asshole was obsessed with watching Misa’s tapes, hoping to find answers in a hysterical girl’s pleas for release.

Ryuuzaki reached across the coffee table and carefully moved a piece of candy a quarter of an inch. Light’s nose wrinkled at the mess that somehow made sense only to Ryuuzaki’s twisted brain. Genius or not…the guy was a slob.

Yawning, he sat up and stretched. This living together chained at the wrists was getting old, really fast. He had to admit that the loss of privacy was nothing compared to putting up with Ryuuzaki’s strange quirks. He wasn’t sure the guy even slept at all, crouching the same position for hours with an expression of intense concentration. Just once, he’d like to see Ryuuzaki completely befuddled or distracted…anything to make him seem…human.

“Do you have any idea what time it is?” Light asked irritably.

“It is exactly one am, thirty-seven minutes, forty-five seconds,” Ryuuzaki answered immediately.

Light scowled and moved off the couch to floor where Ryuuzaki sat hunched next to his video monitors. All of them were frozen on a different image of Misa, bound and blindfolded. Since she’d been released, Ryuuzaki continued to study the footage as if he were searching for something he’d overlooked.

Click. “Please stalker-san!”

Whrrrr. “Let me go!”

Grimacing, Light reached over to stop the playback only to have his hand swatted away. Angry now, he grabbed a handful of Ryuuzaki’s shirt. “Listen, pervert,” he growled. “I have to live here and I’m sick of hearing it. Give it a rest!”

Ryuuzaki stared at him with cold, dark eyes. “There’s a seventy eight percent chance that you’re trying to keep me from finding something,” he said softly, nibbling at a fingertip. “When I play these tapes, you get agitated. What are you hiding from me, Light-kun?”

Light groaned and let go of Ryuuzaki’s shirt, defeated. He wasn’t trying to hide anything, but…sometimes he wondered if Ryuuzaki didn’t have a point. Still, Misa had been released; they’d both been cleared. But Ryuuzaki was tenacious, once he’d convinced himself of something, he didn’t want to let it go.

“I’m not hiding anything, damn it. How could I hide anything when I’m chained to you at the wrist?” You’d think living under each other’s noses would have convinced him. Sometimes Light wondered if Ryuuzaki couldn’t let go of his suspicions simply because he didn’t have any other leads.

“I wonder,” Ryuuzaki said, his tone thoughtful. “My intuition tells me that you are hiding something from me, and the more agitated you become, the more likely you’ll let something slip.”

Ryuuzaki turned back to his monitors. “Perhaps we should imprison Misa again, it seems to bother you quite a bit when I watch these tapes.”

Now that just pissed him off. Bad enough that his own privacy had been violated; there was no need to put an innocent girl through that kind of torment again. Not to mention that Ryuuzaki should know Misa wasn’t smart enough to hide anything.

“I think you just get off on watching her,” Light said sullenly. Even if he didn’t return Misa’s feelings, the girl was in love with him and it seemed honorable to defend her. Leaning close, he reached across Ryuuzaki’s lap and grabbed the other man’s crotch.

“Admit it,” he whispered, hoping to at least stick a needle in Ryuuzaki’s ego. “You just like seeing a pretty girl all tied up, that’s why you want to bring Misa in. Don’t you think that’s pretty sick, Ryuuzaki? Maybe we’re after the wrong freak after all.”

The chain that connected them rattled at bit and Light gasped when Ryuuzaki’s hand fell between his legs. “You’d be surprised what I think is sick and wrong, Light-kun,” he murmured. “I’m sure I know what I’m doing, how about you?”

Flushing, Light decided that he was annoyed that Ryuuzaki had called his bluff. Just like the condescending bastard. He’d hoped that he’d flinch or freak out a bit from having his bits grabbed by another guy, but as usual, Ryuuzaki didn’t react in the way he would have predicted.

He’d make a damn difficult criminal to capture that was for sure.

“Knock it off,” he said gruffly, pushing the offending hand away. “Look, I’m tired and all I want is to take a shower and go to bed. Can we call it a night?”

Ryuuzaki gave him an implacable stare, measuring…gauging his reactions. Light really hated that. To be studied like an insect, evaluated by someone who was pretty much a stranger. It occurred to him that Ryuuzaki knew every detail of his life, while Light knew next to nothing about him. Frustrating too, since every personal question was on a need-to-know basis and Light felt more and more like he was at a disadvantage.

Surprisingly, Ryuuzaki nodded and got to his feet, the long chain clattering around Light’s knees. “Okay,” he said simply. “You need your sleep as well, Light-kun.”

They went into the bathroom together and Light gave Ryuuzaki a hopeful look. “You don’t think we could do without the chain tonight, do you? Really, I’m too tired to go anywhere.”

Ryuuzaki’s look could have withered flowers. Light snorted, he’d expected this. He supposed he was lucky the asshole didn’t insist on watching him take a piss, but they’d managed to work something out for showering at least. The last thing he wanted was to have to bathe together…it would be inhuman.

So the chain went under the shower curtain while one man washed and the other man twiddled his thumbs while waiting. Getting undressed in front of Ryuuzaki didn’t bother Light in the least; he’d had too many gym classes for it to be an issue. And as long as his roommate didn’t start snoring or walking in his sleep, even sharing the bed didn’t have to be a problem.

Light sighed as the hot water washed over him, rubbing his eyes. He hadn’t been lying, he was dead tired. Ryuuzaki seemed to require very little sleep and that was another source of annoyance. He was getting sick of sleeping on the sofa or floor because Ryuuzaki kept such strange hours.

Guess I should be happy he’s willing to go to bed tonight, Light thought grumpily as he lathered himself. The suds dripped down his chest and Light grinned. Another normal teenage occupation he was being denied, there was no way he could jerk off with Ryuuzaki standing on the other side of the bathroom door.

But right now, well, he was just being hygienic. Light carefully turned away from the clear shower curtain as he washed, making sure that Ryuuzaki wouldn’t see him fondling himself. That was all he needed, more personal questions about his habits. He wondered what the great genius would do if he claimed he needed a few minutes to himself for such needs.

Damn, it felt good. Frustration built up in so many ways, just the simple act of touching his own cock with a soapy hand was making him hard. And, Light reminded himself grimly, that was as far as he could go.

He turned to glance over his shoulder, hoping Ryuuzaki would be staring out into space, lost in thoughts only he could understand. Light’s mouth dropped open a little. Ryuuzaki was sitting on the toilet, his head thrown back and his hand…

Good god, is he masturbating?

Fascinated, he couldn’t tear his eyes away. Ryuuzaki was stroking himself as if he didn’t have a care in the world. Just as if Light wasn’t on the other side of the shower curtain, maybe watching…

Does he want me to see him?

Swallowing hard, Light turned away. He reached out to turn the water all the way to cold, wincing as it hit his rigid cock. Damn! Light found he was breathing hard, unable to get the image of Ryuuzaki’s face out of his mind. Messy hair falling over that pale skin, those dark eyes half closed, his lips were parted as he continued to work himself.

Light felt dizzy, any minute now he might pass out. The blood had all rushed to his dick again and even the cold water wasn’t helping. He braced his hands on the wall, shivering. No way, he wasn’t going to jerk off in the shower with that…that asshole sitting right outside. He was breathing too fast, more turned on than he would have believed, just because he’d seen…

“Light-kun? Are you all right in there?”

He slipped and nearly fell, grabbing for the shower handle as if he had something to hide. Light cursed softly, he’d scraped his knuckles and it hurt. Embarrassed, not quite able to look past the shower curtain, he rubbed his face with his hands and tried to collect himself.

Damn it, that’s Ryuuzaki out there; get a hold of yourself already!

“I’m fine,” he snapped peevishly. “Throw me a towel, would you?”

Ryuuzaki said nothing, only tossed the requested towel over the shower rail. He caught it and mopped his wet hair, grimly reminding himself that he had to at least look like he had it together or Ryuuzaki would start in on him with some line of intense questioning. He was just tired, that was all. Tired and frustrated, he needed some sleep.

He wrapped the towel around his waist and stepped out of the shower. Ryuuzaki was sitting with his arms folded over his chest, his shoulders hunched. Vaguely, he wondered if Ryuuzaki had been able to finish, if he’d gotten off. You wouldn’t know it by looking at the guy’s face, same unreadable, almost inhuman expression. Still, Light felt a bit smug just knowing that even the mighty genius detective had to wank himself off like any other guy.

“Everything okay?” he asked, taunting him just a bit.

Ryuuzaki stared at him, his eyes owlishly wide. “Why do you ask, Light-kun?”

“No reason.” He wasn’t entirely able to keep the smirk out of his voice. “Just thought you looked a bit tired, that’s all.”

No response. Ryuuzaki just got up and left the room, forcing Light to follow. Silently, Light watched as Ryuuzaki dropped his sweat pants and flopped across the bed. He was still wearing boxers and a long-sleeved shirt, but all Light had was a towel.

“Hey,” he said, protesting when he realized Ryuuzaki was going to go to sleep right now. “What about my pajamas, you have to let me off this damn chain.” He yanked the links meaningfully. Still getting no answer, Light knelt on the bed and shook Ryuuzaki’s shoulder.

“I know you aren’t sleeping,” he said loudly.

Okay, yet another game, maybe this was Ryuuzaki’s revenge for his comments earlier about looking tired. Fine, he thought angrily, damned if he’d let him have the satisfaction. If making him sleep naked was Ryuuzaki’s idea of a joke, he wasn’t going to play along.

“What the hell,” he said at last. “I’m tired too, screw the pajamas.” Bare as the day he was born, Light slipped under the sheets. Exhaustion was catching up to him and his eyes closed even as his head hit the pillow.


He’d always been a light sleeper, ever since he was a child. Even small noises would wake him out of a sound sleep; the slightest disturbance would jolt him wide-awake. So it wasn’t any wonder when he heard Ryuuzaki’s soft moans, he immediately awoke.

For a long moment, he wondered if it was a nightmare. Somehow, Ryuuzaki didn’t strike him as the kind of guy who would be troubled by dreams. Light lay absolutely still, listening. Then he realized it wasn’t a nightmare, nor was it even a dream.

Ryuuzaki was moaning all right, but the bed was shaking as well.

He’s jerking off again?

At first, Light decided he was annoyed as hell. Too damn bad if the fool couldn’t get any privacy for this, it wasn’t his idea to live together chained at the wrists. This was just insane; just who the hell did Ryuuzaki think he was, doing this right in front of him?

Not to mention listening to Ryuuzaki get off was making him hard as a rock. Grimly, Light rolled away, his eyes tightly closed. It was taking all his self-control to not grab a hold of his own dick right now. He was just going to have to ride it out, wait for Ryuuzaki to come and go back to sleep.


Oh god, this was insufferable. Angry now, Light forced himself to keep still, waiting for Ryuuzaki to finish jerking off. He kept his back to his bedmate, curled on his side and tried really hard to ignore the slight clinking of the chain. Ryuuzaki shifted a bit and the links pulled tight until a furious Light had to let his arm drop to the side.

Damn it, he’s using both hands?

Sure as hell he was! Ryuuzaki started moaning again, obviously enjoying himself quite a bit. Light found that he was biting his lips, sweating really, as he was forced to listen to the other man’s pleasure. Who knew that Ryuuzaki had this side of him? Jerking off with such abandon was the last thing he’d ever expect out of the calm, controlled master detective.

Slowly, gritting his teeth, he managed to get his free hand down to his crotch. Yes, that was one raging hard-on he had now, thank you very much, Ryuuzaki! He was so hard it hurt, actually hurt! He gingerly wrapped his fingers around the rigid flesh, his thumb sliding carefully over the head of his dick until he felt moisture oozing from the tip.

Well, why not? Ryuuzaki was so involved he probably wouldn’t even notice. And if he did, what was he going to say about it. Light wasn’t the one moaning loud enough for half the city to hear him! If he’d known this was going to happen, he would have taken care of his business in the shower earlier.

It felt so good as he stroked himself, fingers exploring all the contours and shape of his own dick. Seemed like it had been a while and yeah, it had been weeks now that he thought about it. Couldn’t jerk off in that dingy cell with his hands tied and before that…Light’s memory seemed a little fuzzy. He couldn’t quite remember why he’d let Ryuuzaki lock him up like that in first place.

Without realizing it, he started to match his strokes in time to Ryuuzaki’s movements, finding himself breathing heavily. A low whimper escaped his throat, his hips twisting a bit as he tried to work himself. Suddenly his cock was demanding all of his attention and he kept thinking of earlier, when he’d glimpsed Ryuuzaki through the shower curtain.

That pale, pale face with skin smoother than a girl’s… Those eyes, so dark and full of secrets, half closed and lips parted. He realized he was getting off thinking of Ryuuzaki and the thought gaze Light a perverse jolt of pleasure. He wanted to hold him down, watch that face and feel that slender body trembling against his.

The skin on his back almost seemed to yearn towards the warmth on the other side of the bed and while Light had never masturbated while thinking of another man, he couldn’t deny that it was Ryuuzaki who was turning him on so much that the sheets might as well catch fire!

Just as he was really getting there, the seconds melting together in a delicious abandonment of time and pleasure, Light suddenly realized how…quiet…the room was. Other than his panting and rustlings, the bed had stopped shaking and the chain that had pulled his wrist had gone slack. Light froze, fingers still clamped on his cock and he slowly lifted his head.

“Are you stopping now, Light-kun?”

Oh hell!

He couldn’t say a word, his muscles locked up in sheer humiliation. Not only was he caught jerking off right alongside Ryuuzaki, he was certain the other man knew exactly what he’d been fantasizing about. What was going to happen now, how could he even look Ryuuzaki in the face? And worse, who was going to find out about this. He could just see the pervert making notes on it.

Suspect fondled himself after becoming aroused in bed. Suspect achieved orgasm after five minutes, thirty seven seconds of masturbatory activity. Suspect refused to discuss motives, denied self-copulation and hid from investigator after suffering mortal humiliation…


He couldn’t take it. In one swift movement, Light kicked off the sheets and sat up, fully intending to make a run for the bathroom. He bolted from the bed and yelped as the chain yanked him back. Caught off guard and weak in the knees, he fell back and landed hard, erection still bobbing between his thighs like a pop-up clown from a carnival.

“Let me go,” he grunted, trying to right himself. He yanked at the chain and heard Ryuuzaki hiss painfully, then toppled over again as Ryuuzaki pulled hard. For a moment, he tried to fight, naked and desperate as Ryuuzaki silently struggled to keep him in the bed. Light aimed a wild punch in the general direction of Ryuuzaki’s nose, caught only air and then yelled out a curse when his bedmate caught him by the wrist and flipped him over until Light was panting, on his back, with Ryuuzaki looming over him like a curse.

“Light-kun, please be quiet. You will only hurt yourself if you continue to fight.”

How did the bastard sound so calm? Light grimaced and blew his hair out of his eyes. In the near darkness, he could see the pale blob of Ryuuzaki’s face over his and one of his wrists was pinned to the bed by Ryuuzaki’s hand. His other arm was stuck straight up in the air as Ryuuzaki held the chain. Ryuuzaki slowly sat back and glanced down, staring right at Light’s still hard penis.

“Let me go!” Light shouted, trying to twist and throw the other man off. For a smaller, slender man, Ryuuzaki was impossibly strong and simply held him there, staring with unreadable dark eyes.

They glared at each other and Light let out a heavy sigh, hoping that if he sounded reasonable, Ryuuzaki might take the hint and be reasonable as well. “Look,” he said, “it’s none of your damn business. You were jerking off too, so I…”

“Got excited?” Ryuuzaki asked, his soft voice somehow sinister in the near dark. “Completely understandable, Light-kun. I stimulated you.”

He wasn’t sure he wanted to admit to that. “That’s not what I…”

“No.” Ryuuzaki sounded almost smug. “It was a natural response, Light-kun. I take full responsibility for it.”

“What the…” Light choked a bit when Ryuuzaki suddenly flung out his arm, the chain clinking as it hit the bedpost, wrapping loosely around it. Then Ryuuzaki pulled the slack and Light yelped again as his arm was held tight over his head and Ryuuzaki’s arm was left free. Suddenly realizing the other man’s intentions, Light started to squirm as long fingers wrapped around his cock.

“Hey, don’t do that!” His voice sounded high and silly, his arm aching like hell, but he couldn’t get away as Ryuuzaki started to fondle him. It felt damn good too, like the other man knew exactly where and how he liked to touch himself. The erection that had just been in danger of wilting was now back in the game and Light grit his teeth, wanting Ryuuzaki to keep going and hating himself for it.

“This is not appropriate,” he managed to gasp out, making one last grab for dignity. “Ryuuzaki, the investigation…the team…they can’t find out!”

Ryuuzaki squeezed his dick so hard that Light saw stars. Then the grip eased and blood flowed normally and Light twitched hard when Ryuuzaki’s thumb slicked over the head of his oozing penis.

“Not appropriate, you are correct.” He was almost disappointed when the fingers stopped squeezing and caressing him. “Engaging in a sexual act with a member of the investigation, a key suspect in fact, could cloud one’s judgment.”

Ryuuzaki’s soft voice paused, then continued relentlessly. “However, it could be a calculated attempt on your part to hide the truth. Perhaps by enticing me, you thought to distract me from our investigation?”

“Entice you?” Light was shocked and then furious. “You’re the one who was jerking off in bed! And,” he was too far gone to stop himself, “what about in the bathroom? While I was in the shower, I saw you doing it!”

“As I said, you enticed me.”

Ryuuzaki’s hand started moving again, firmer this time, smooth long strokes that make Light’s legs tremble. “You’re enticing me now,” Ryuuzaki said smoothly. “You’re so responsive, Light-kun. Perhaps in pleasure, you will finally admit that you are Kira.”

Groaning, Light couldn’t answer. He wasn’t Kira, he knew he wasn’t a murderer, but Ryuuzaki’s silky voice wanted to pull words from his mouth. He couldn’t think beyond the fire pooling in his groin or the skillful way Ryuuzaki manipulated his body. He gasped as Ryuuzaki’s slick fingers moved down his shaft, toyed with his testicles and then slid right back up to pinch the head of his cock.

God, he was really going to make him come!

Then, just as he was about to explode, Ryuuzaki pressed his thumb over the dripping slit. Light whimpered, his lips tight as Ryuuzaki deliberately kept him from coming. “Now, are you ready to admit your guilt, Light-kun?”

Guilt, what guilt? If he were really Kira, he’d damned sure know it!

“No,” he muttered, twisted a bit against the chain. “It’s not me, Ryuuzaki. I’m not lying, I swear it.”

“I wonder…” Light opened his eyes as Ryuuzaki’s voice trailed off. What a perfect torment, to be brought to the brink of the world’s best orgasm and then held prisoner there! His balls were throbbing angrily and Light bit down hard on the inside of his cheek, trying to distract himself from his painfully engorged cock. He was a normal and healthy young man! He might suffer some kind of damage if he couldn’t find release soon.

“You are not damaged,” Ryuuzaki said, seeming to intuit his thoughts. Light glared furiously at this additional invasion of privacy, then gasped again as Ryuuzaki slowly caressed him, bringing pleasure to his tortured body. His cock jerked between those smooth fingers and Light sighed heavily.

“It is possible you are not lying,” Ryuuzaki pronounced. “But it is equally possible you are not honest. I have concluded that you are most likely Kira, however, your behavior now conflicts those conclusions.”

“What…what are you going to do about that?” Light honestly didn’t care at the moment. If the perverted bastard would just let him go, he’d happily jerk off right in his face. That thought sent another surge of lust through Light’s body and Ryuuzaki had to pinch him again to keep him from orgasm.

“Fuck!” Light didn’t normally swear out loud, he’d been raised better than that, but right now he just wanted to curse, scream and come like he’d never come before!

Ryuuzaki shifted and grasped him tightly, rising up on his knees so he could position the head of Light’s cock against his ass. Light’s eyes snapped open, his mouth hanging slack in utter shock as Ryuuzaki guided him into his body. Hot, so hot and slick, how did he manage that? Light felt dizzy, realizing that the smooth entry meant that Ryuuzaki had prepared himself earlier, anticipating.

“You’re crazy,” he managed to gasp out as Ryuuzaki rode him. The bed shook violently as they moved, Light thrusting up as hard as he could, Ryuuzaki slamming his hips almost painfully, taking him inside that hot, tight place until Light didn’t know how much more he could stand.

“Say you’re Kira,” Ryuuzaki panted, moving hard and fast. His hand shifted, bringing Light’s fingers up to wrap around Ryuuzaki’s hard cock. Light was fairly certain he was being violated, for all the fact that it was his dick inside Ryuuzaki’s body. He didn’t like being used like this, he didn’t like being pushed and pressured, kept chained to a man who was part genius and part insane lunatic.

But his likes and dislikes hardly mattered, his cock had a mind of its own and his body was enjoying the rough fuck like it was the best thing that had ever happened to him. His balls tightened, sweat stung his eyes and he felt everything inside him start to slip.

“I’m not Kira!” he cried out, spasming hard and coming with a violence that was almost painful. He heard Ryuuzaki growl, sounding angry and then felt the other man’s body tense and then surge wildly. His fingers slipped away and Ryuuzaki grabbed himself, rising up again to jerk his cock in a few hard movements and then Light felt warm semen splash his face and chest.

Then Ryuuzaki collapsed over him, the warm weight of his body against Light’s bare skin. He couldn’t move, didn’t want to move, feeling every muscle limp and useless. The chain rattled a bit and blood rushed back into his arm as Ryuuzaki loosed the tension and Light groaned as he was finally able to pull his arm down again.

It felt strange, but it also felt natural and he slowly wrapped his arms around Ryuuzaki, feeling the other man jerk in surprise at the light embrace. Ryuuzaki’s fingers touched his face, wiping away a little of the sticky semen before thoughtfully brushing Light’s hair away from his eyes.

“I’m not Kira,” Light said stubbornly. Sleep was rushing up on him fast, he’d been dead tired before this started and now he was unable to keep his eyes open.

“I’m not Kira.”

He didn’t hear Ryuuzaki’s soft whisper as he’d already been claimed by blissful unconsciousness. “Oh yes, you are Kira, Light-kun. And when you remember this, you will almost certainly kill me. But for tonight…”

Light wouldn’t hear the touch of regret and the hint of sorrow in Ryuuzaki’s voice. “For tonight, we will pretend that you are not what you are. And I will pretend that this night is not the beginning of the end.”

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