Hinimizawa Off-Limits

BY : Bad Lolita
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"I wonder why Rika wants all this baking stuff. What could she possibly want to bake?" Hanyuu asked coming out of the grocery store. She looked at her list. She'd made sure she got everything. She turned around the corner, still intent on the list, when she tripped and fell into a row of bikes. She landed on her face and slowly got back up. "Au au au~" She cried.

She felt something creep up behind her and sure enough behind her stood three large bikers. She gulped, "Were these yours? I-I'm sorry...I didn't mean to-" The lead biker grabbed her and pulled her into the grocery back lane. She gulped. The leader growled at her.

"You're going to pay for scratching up our bikes like that!" The leader growled. His words were scary and rough. Hanyuu backed up against a wall. She wanted to run but they looked faster and stronger. The second gangster reached forward and clamped her mouth shut.

The third began to undress poor Hanyuu. The first gangster started taking off her skirt while the the third removed the top. Hanyuu tried to wrestle away from them but when she did she was knocked to the ground. The first gangster pulled her behind the grocery more.

He slowly undid his pants. Hanyuu was now being held down by the two other gangsters. Slowly the first (and lead) gangster started to remove her panties. She was lying on the ground so it was pretty easy. The other gangsters were threatening to go kill her friend Rika (if she screamed - although the grocery door was abandoned here and no one was on the streets as it was sunset), Hanyuu figured they'd seen her with Rika and obeyed and without Rika with her she could not use her powers.

She put her legs together as he tried to force them apart. She had no pubic hair and this seemed to arouse him for she saw him become hard on. She quietly begged him to please not do this to her but her pleading seemed to make him more excited. He started fingering her. He pushed his fingers into her slit and continued further and further until he reached what he wanted. "Eh boys she's still a virgin. This'll be fun eh." The man said keeping her legs spread apart. Hanyuu was crying for them to stop. The other two gangsters were rubbing her breasts so her nipples became hard. Under these circumstances she wasn't enjoying it.

She closed her eyes and the lead gangster started rubbing his penis against her vagina. She cringed and he did it faster. She begged again for him to stop. He growled and it turned into a laugh, "But your slit is just begging for it". Slowly he began pushing into her. She let out a small screech and he pulled out and then back in. Each time going harder and harder. The two gangsters were now sucking on her breasts while jacking off. They'd bit and squeeze and it felt horrible. Hanyuu let out a whimper as the lead gangster pushed into her as hard as he could.

"Not yet. I'm going all the way in." He said holding her thighs up. He jerked into her faster and harder. Blood was running down her back and legs. It seemed to make him excited. "I'm going to make you into a woman you...little slut." She continued to cry as she bit her lip. She went along with the rocking motion. His penis was so big and she was so tight. She knew she was bleeding all over and figured some might be because of them biting her. That had definitely broke skin. The lead gangster began picking up speed. He let out a moan. "Ohhh...yaaa...I'm almost there bitch..I'm going all the way in..." The other gangsters pulled away from her raw breasts to cheer their leader on. Finally he got all the way in her. He lowered her body back to the ground as cum and blood pulled beneath her vagina. He pulled out and marveled at his wreck.

Seeing Hanyuu in anguish made him hard again. He ordered his gangsters and made her sit down. He lay down and one of the other gangsters pushed Hanyuu back on top of him. The lead gangster, who was beneath Hanyuu, guided his penis to her buttocks. The second gangster kneeled down beside her and guided his penis to her vagina again. The other gangster leaned over her and lowered her penis to her mouth. When the leader started into her tight hole the second gangster hurried into her quickly. The third started shoving his penis in her mouth. The three went quickly causing more blood and cum to cover poor Hanyuu. When they finished they quickly zipped their pants up and left the destroyed Hanyuu. Hanyuu tried to move to get her clothes but was too sore. She grabbed her underwear and pulled them on. She then grabbed her bra. She used her shirt, which was ripped, to wipe the cum and blood off of her. The blood was stanined into her hair and legs. She lay there too weak to do anything. She started crying again. She'd lived a lot of lives but this was by far the most humiliating and terrible. She started crying out for help hoping that someone would come to aid her.

Nobody came for at least ten minutes. She had stopped calling and when she started calling again. She heard footsteps coming. But she became scared and stopped calling she curled up into a ball and started sobbing. The person, who after she stopped calling had started to walk, came back. But luckily for Hanyuu it was a friend. It was Keiichi Maebara.

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