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Notice: Sex will not happen until the couples form (which makes sense, right?)--Chapter 10 being the first, actually.

For the millionth time (or something like it), I don’t own Furuba or Inuyasha. In lack of ownership, I don’t make money off of it. Hence why reading this right now is free.

The pairings are as follows:

Yaoi Pairings:

Ayame and Sesshomaru (*glee*)

Shigure and Miroku

Kyou and Inuyasha

Akito and Naraku

Non-yaoi pairings:

Momiji and Rin

Yuki and Sango

Haru and Kagome

Hatori and Kikyou

I’m going to be busy…

Chapter One
The Well

Tohru sat nervously at the table, fiddling with her chopsticks. She had to tell them that she needed to do something today. She never really liked doing this. She knew that Shigure and Yuki had been somewhat okay before she had moved in, and Kyou had lived on his own in the mountains, but she still didn’t like leaving them like this.
But her cousin had been sick for so long that she was beginning to get worried. Her cousin seemed to be doing so poorly in school and in her own health that Tohru was worried about her, so wanted to go visit her and wish her well. Every time she had called asking about her, she had always been too sick to answer the phone.
“Um… Shigure…” she said.
He looked up from his bowl. “Yes, Tohru-kun?”
She fidgeted nervously. “I need some time to myself today, if that would be all right.”
“Of course, Honda-chan,” Yuki said. “May I ask where you’re going today?”
She flushed. “Oh, it’s just that my cousin has been sick an awful lot—that’s what her grandfather said—and I just wanted to pay her a visit; that’s all.”
“If you don’t mind me asking, who’s your cousin?”
“Oh, she doesn’t go to our school. She lives on the other side of town…”
“Are you going there all by yourself?” he asked.
“Oh, it’s not that far. I was planning on taking the bus, so…”
Yuki cocked his head slightly. “Honda-san, may I escort you?”
Kyou’s face heated. “No way! Don’t let that damn rat take you there. I’ll escort you, Tohru-chan!”
Tohru blushed. “Oh, I don’t need an escort…”
“The stupid cat would only get you lost, Honda-san,” Yuki said in his quiet, calm way. Kyou’s rage escalated
“Why don’t you both go?” Shigure suggested. “Or, I suppose I could take Tohru-kun…”
That settled it, and after Tohru had cleaned up the kitchen and did a load of laundry, she, Yuki, and Kyou were walking to the bus stop together. Tohru couldn’t stop herself from repeatedly telling them that they really didn’t need to come with her. It really wasn’t necessary, after all. It was really sweet, though, that they would be concerned about her well-being.
She had left the address and a phone number with Shigure, just in case, and had made sure there was at least lunch in the refrigerator. She shouldn’t be too long. She knew that her cousin was sick, and needed rest, so she was only planning on being there for an hour, at most. She wondered if there was anything she was forgetting, but she really couldn’t think of anything.
When they were waiting for their bus, Tohru spotted two familiar faces. “Momiji! Haru!” she called, waving. Momiji waved back and sprinted madly up to Tohru. Haru followed at a more reasonable pace.
“Tohru-kun, where are you going?” Momiji asked. “We were just coming to see you!”
She bit her lower lip. Oh, dear. She was going to visit her sick cousin, and they had come to visit her…
“Get lost,” Kyou said, in his typically harsh manner. “We’re goin’ to visit Tohru’s sick cousin, and we don’t need you there.”
“Then we can wait for you at Shigure-san’s house,” Haru offered.
Tohru hated to not be there while they waited. It was so rude… “No, no. That’s not necessary. My cousin is sick, so I didn’t want to bother her too much anyway. So long as you’re quiet, and maybe stay outside for a few minutes while I see her, you could… come along with us?”
“Yeah!” Momiji cried. He began chattering about something unimportant to Tohru. Haru looked at Yuki, then looked away. He wondered if Yuki would ever accept, or at least acknowledge, his love for him.
Kyou was the first one to spot the bus. “Hey, it’s here.” The bus pulled up to a stop, opening its doors. Passengers spilled out, and the kids piled in, paying the fare. Tohru had to pay attention now. She was the only one who knew where the stop was.
Kyou and Yuki were engaged in a verbal battle. Yuki always won those too. Momiji and Tohru talked together, Momiji sucking on one of the seemingly infinite candies he carried around with him. Haru simply gazed out the window, appearing as though he were lost in though. But White Haru was always like that.
After a long but enjoyable bus ride, Tohru recognized the stop and pulled on the cable, signaling the bus driver to stop for them. The kids filed out and Tohru led the way to the Higarashi shrine.
“What’s your cousin’s name?” Haru asked her.
“Higarashi Kagame-chan,” Tohru answered. “Her family are the keepers of the sacred shrine here.” As if she needed to point that out.
“Oh, cool!” Momiji cried, beginning to dart out ahead. Kyou pulled him back. “Aw…”
“Don’t go dartin’ off like that,” Kyou snapped.
“Waaa! Kyou’s being mean to me!”
“Please stop fighting,” Tohru said. Kyou and Momiji immediately stopped. Kyou moved away from the younger boy, sulking. Tohru smiled. They were coming to the steps now. Yuki stayed by her side, in case she tripped. Tohru was kind of klutzy, after all.
Momiji seemed to be having a grand time just on the steps, though. He was talking excitedly to no one in particular, popping another sucker in his mouth.
When they came to the top of the steps, Momiji grinned and immediately took off to explore. Haru followed him to keep him out of trouble. “Could you just stay out here for a while? And try not to fight each other?” Tohru asked Yuki and Kyou. They promised to do their best, then shot each other glares when Tohru’s back was turned.
Tohru knocked apprehensively on the door. Sota answered. It had been a while since they had seen each other, but Sota recognized Tohru immediately. “Tohru-chan!” he said, smiling as he stepped aside for her. “How have you been?”
“I’m great,” Tohru said, returning the warm smile. It faded when she thought of why she was here, though. “How’s everyone else?”
“Tohru-kun? Is that you?” Grandpa called. “Come in here!” Tohru quickly took off her shoes and followed Sota into the living room. “It’s been a long time, Tohru. How are things?”
They were referring to how things had been since her mother had died. “Oh, it’s really great…”
“I hear you were living with a family called Sohma. Am I correct?”
She blinked. Gossip really spread in her family. “Uh, yes. Sohma-kun and Kyou-chan, and two of their cousins, are waiting for me. They escorted me here, and I said I wouldn’t be too long. How’s Kagome-kun?”
“Why don’t you bring them in, Tohru?” he asked, ignoring her question.
But, Tohru, being Tohru, didn’t notice his clever evasion. She nodded. “Of course.”
She opened the door, about to call for them, but didn’t see them anywhere. What had happened?



It seemed that Tohru had not even shut the door before Kyou and Yuki were arguing again. Kyou couldn’t seem to help picking fights with Yuki, and Yuki was too easily pulled into them.
Yuki suddenly broke off mid-sentence, looking around.
“What now, you damn rat?” Kyou taunted.
The rat held up a finger for silence. “Listen.”
“To what? I don’t hear anything.”
He gave the cat a serious look. “Exactly.”
Momiji’s chatter, giggles, and general horse play (or, rabbit play) had ceased altogether. And Haru was no where to be seen either. They immediately took off in search of their younger cousins.

Meanwhile again…

Momiji seemed intent on exploring every inch of the shrine. He looked into the store room, but immediately got bored upon seeing it and moved on to the sacred tree. He stared at it for a moment. The branches were too high up to climb, though, so he moved on. He opened the door to what he assumed to be another store room. It was dark inside. He plunged into the darkness, Haru yelling at him to stop.
When Haru came inside, Momiji was peering over the well. He had a pebble in his hand. He dropped it over the edge, leaning forward. “Momiji!” Haru called, seeing that the foolish rabbit was about to fall. Momiji looked up and plunged over the edge. Haru dove, reaching downwards. He barely caught Momiji’s left ankle. He tottered for a moment, then he, too, fell down the well.

Tohru put on her shoes and ran outside. “Sohma-kun! Kyou!” she called. “Haru! Momiji!”
Yuki heard her and called, “Honda-san!”
She came running to where she heard his voice. “Is something wrong? Where are Momiji and Hatsaharu?”
“We don’t know. We’re looking for them.”
Kyou ran up to them. “Have you seen them?” he asked.
Yuki shook his head. “No.”
Tohru began to grow more and more concerned. “Oh, no! I hope they’re all right!” She looked around, and spotted an open door. They had to be in there! She hurried over to it, the boys right at her heels. She pushed the door open wide for more light, and they looked around. There was only an old well in here, and no Momiji or Haru.
Tohru’s eyes fell on something. She rushed down the stairs. It wasn’t… was it? One of Momiji’s candies, lying right beside the well. She peered over the edge, leaning down over it. “Momiji! Haru!” She leaned over a bit farther, squinting in the dim light. “Are you there? Are you all right?’
“Tohru! Don’t do that!” Kyou yelled. Yuki and Kyou ran over to her, intent on pulled her away. Then she slipped and fell down with a cry, right as they had both gotten a hold on either arm. Tohru didn’t weigh very much, but they were already off-balance from their sprint down and the three were pulled over the edge.

Yeah, I know. It’s ridiculous and very unlikely, but I had to find some way to get them to the feudal era!
Yeah, sorry there's no sex. We'll get to that once the couple form!

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