On National Security

BY : shadowphantomness
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Title: On National Security

Author: Shadow/Phantomness

Pairing: Light/Mikami

Rating: R

Disclaimer: Death Note belongs to Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi
Obata. This non-profit, non-copyright infringing fanfiction belongs to me under
international copyright laws and taking it is plagiarism. Don’t steal and don’t
sue. Thank you *Phantomness bows*

Warnings: AU, PWP, and er… Airport Security


now is not the time to bring this up.” Light hissed. The prosecutor gave
his younger lover a sheepish glance, his shirt half-undone, his glasses askew,
pressed up against the lavatory wall, with Light’s hands on him. They had been
endeavoring to make a sixteen-hour international flight back to Japan more
entertaining, but apparently their lubricant had been confiscated by American
airport security as a violation of national security. Could they help it if
they had needed more than three ounces?

sighed, seeing as berating Mikami wasn’t really going to get them anywhere in a
hurry. He shifted uncomfortably from his position standing on the toilet seat,
before sticking the fingers of one hand in his mouth and slicking them with
saliva quickly. It wasn’t the best solution, but it was the best one he could
think of at the moment and if Mikami hadn’t bothered to get them a substitute
well, it was his fault and his ass on the line. Anyways, there
was no way Mikami could blow him and get him ready since damn this airport
bathroom was tiny and so sacrifices had to be made.

            “Ready?” He

            Mikami gave
him a nod, his expression looking acutely embarrassed as Light slipped a finger
into his crease. His eyes closed as he gave an involuntary moan. Light smirked,
adding a second finger, and Mikami arched backwards against the wall, even as
he felt those digits stroke over that spot inside of him. Oh yes

            Seeing that
his lover was more than ready, Light replaced his fingers with his cock, biting
down on his lip to stifle any sounds made. The last thing they wanted was for a
flight attendant to burst in here – that would really spoil the mood. Hot, dry
heat clamped down around him and he thrust forwards, earning a hiss from

            It wasn’t
gentle, it was hard and rough and impossible to be quiet, and he forgave
Mikami’s whispered ‘Kami’ as he came messily against his front. He pumped the
older man a few more times, before he felt climax break over his head, dizzying
sensation that nothing bar the Death Note could match.

            For a few
moments, they remained in position, feeling the slow pulse of cold draw near,
before Light sighed and pulled out. Drawing a handkerchief from his pocket, he
cleaned both of them up as best as he could, pulling his clothing on quickly,
before turning to go.

caught his wrist then, and kissed him, almost shyly, before turning away and
attending to his own clothing, buttoning up his shirt and shuffling his tie
back into place, glad that the suit jacket was dark and would hide any… stains.

            He heard a
soft click, and stepped out of the bathroom, catching sight of a blushing
flight attendant, but more importantly, the faint name haloed above her head in
red light.

            Light said
nothing as Mikami returned to his seat, already busy perusing a newspaper. When
they arrived back in Japan, bustled through yet another security checkpoint,
and were finally in Mikami’s car on their way to the hotel, only then did Light

            “So they
took our lubricant.”

noticed.” The prosecutor said dryly, biting off his next words.

            “But they
didn’t even glance at our Death Notes.” Light added.

            “The United
States has a strange definition of weapons of mass destruction, do they not?”

hmmed, saying nothing, until they were in the room, and the door was shut.
Flopping back on a bed, he flipped open to a clean page in his Death Note.

            “And what
was her name?”


            For a
moment, only the sound of a pen scratching broke the silence, before Light
spoke again.

            “Since we
had to…halt our activities earlier, perhaps now would be a good time to
resume.” Light said, and his grin was feral. “After all, we wound up sleeping
for most of that flight.”

            “I live to
serve,” Mikami breathed, as he sank to his knees before his Lord, and Light
just laughed.


Completed 6/22/07

Airplane bathrooms are freaking tiny, though yeah,
Light and Mikami might manage to fit in one. I did try to measure the inside
while on my flight… That’s all I have to say! And I hate going through
USA Security checkpoints…

Er, hope the characters weren’t too OOC?

… And no, I’m not sure if they’re in love. I would like
them to be, but… fuzz – I mean fluff – and our two insane Kiras don’t go well

Maybe Phantomness shouldn’t attempt humor?

I just realized I have no idea where Ryuk is during this
whole fic. Investigation HQ?

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