The Kiss of Madraykin

BY : The Drowess Nione Ithiliel
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How deep does she weep in your well of unkeep?
The kiss of Madraykin will keep you from sleep

"Muraki is WHAT?!"

"Dead," Chief Konoe repeated. "His corpse was found by two resident nurses just outside the hospital he worked at in Tokyo. We believe that whoever murdered him is also responsible for the complete disappearance of his soul, along with every trace of his spiritual energy."

"Don't you dare tell me what I think you're going to," Tsuzuki snarled, his voice low and burning with rage. His fists clenched all the tighter as he venomously hissed, "Wherever his soul is now, it can rot there."

Taking a deep breath, the Chief braced himself, dreading the words he next spoke, "I don't like it any more than you do, Tsuzuki, but it's our job to retrieve him."

"I won't take this case," came the fierce reply, violet eyes suddenly very capable of combusting anyone who met their gaze. Konoe sighed heavily; these were measures he'd never wanted to take, but orders from above were orders, and the Lord of Hell had been strangely specific...

"Enma-Daioh suspected you might react that way... Which is why he also said that if you don't take this case, your shinigami status will be revoked. Please; we both know what the consequences will be if that happens... How do you think that would affect Kurosaki-kun?"

'Bastard,' the brunette seethed; he was beyond furious that Kachou would drag Hisoka into this. "How do we know this isn't just another way of luring us to him?"

Konoe paled sickly at his question, almost shoving the case folder into the shinigami's hands, gagging as he advised, "Take a look at the crime scene photos."

Reality slammed into Tsuzuki with a sledgehammer's force, nausea rolling over him in vicious waves; there was no way Muraki had lived through this. The doctor's nude corpse had been horribly mutilated, what remained of his flesh covered with scars and wounds that had never healed, green and yellow pus still oozing from the jagged, torn openings. His torso had been cut precisely down the middle, ribcages ripped wide open to expose the contents of the chest and abdominal cavities. Parts of his large intestine had been pulled out to entwine loops forming a figure eight around his upper and lower halves, meeting in the middle where they remained connected to the body. There was severe agitation to his thighs and backside, both covered in feces; he had been forced to wallow in his own filth. Both his heart and his genitalia were missing, his eyes wide and mouth agape, forever frozen in a look of unparallelled terror. In the middle of his forehead, a symbol resembling the Roman character "H" had been burned, most likely with a sautering iron, into now blistered, peeling skin.

In another photograph, a taunting message scripted just beside the emergency room entrance had been painted from an abundant supply of freshly-spilled blood, reading,

"My Dearest Swine,

You and Lady Karma both were really slow to pick up on this guy, so I did the two of you a favor not only by nabbing him myself, but also by making up for lost time. As always, better luck next go round!

Your friend,

Twisted Justice

P.S. The score is now 163-0: and those are only the ones you know about!"

Whoever this psycho was, he made every violent case Tsuzuki had ever viewed seem little more than child's play, this belief further supported when the boss shakily informed him, "The coroner's report also stated that the victim was sodomized with a number of various objects, and..." Konoe's skin was clammy and pale now, and he was barely resisting the urge to empty his lurching stomach with his next statement, "his genitals had been crammed down his throat premortem, causing him to drown in his own vomit." Taking a seat to regain his composure, he continued, "He's one of many victims of a serial killer who preys on the unpunished guilty; those that he feels have not met adequate justice."

"Well, I can't say I blame him. In fact," Tsuzuki responded coldly, "I'd say Muraki deserved this sort of death." Despite the horrific manner of the doctor's demise, the violet-eyed shinigami found himself unable to feel any form of compassion towards the madman. Considering the pain those cruel albino hands had inflicted on so many innocents, the slow and agonizing death they had submitted his beloved Hisoka to after ruthlessly stealing the boy's purity, Tsuzuki had a mind to congratulate Muraki's killer on a job well done.

The Chief's wrinkled eyes were brimming in a rare display of pity towards his enraged employee; for the normally cheerful, humanitarian Tsuzuki to be so utterly consumed by this much unbridled hatred towards any one person... it almost led him to believe that the man would have gladly sold his soul to whatever devil necessary if it meant he could have brought about the mad doctor's brutal end himself. "Listen," he sighed, "we all know how much you despise Muraki, but it has to be done. I expect you - and Kurosaki - to head out to the crime scene after the briefing; if we sent you alone, there's no telling what would happen. We need him to keep you in line."

Not a word more was spoken as the furious shinigami stormed out of Konoe-kachou's office to deliver the ill-fated news to his waiting partner.


"Muraki has something to do with it, doesn't he," Hisoka guardedly inquired; as grand an effort as his partner was making to shield himself, the amount of rage emanating from the man had him afraid to do so much as mention their mutual enemy.

"Muraki is the case," Tsuzuki growled rabidly, slamming the folder onto his desk, taking a seat on the couch as opposed to his office chair, distancing Hisoka from him. The last thing he wanted was for his anger to harm the boy through empathy, and if he himself was trembling from the force of it, he knew the effect on the teen would be devastating. "I don't see why we're even bothering with his soul; let him stay wherever the hell he is!"

Hisoka found himself clueless as to how to react. After all, wasn't vengeance the reason he was still attached to his mortal life? What would happen now that that reason was gone?

Would this be his last case?

It had taken him until his afterlife to find someone who loved and accepted him; now that he had Tsuzuki, he was faced with the possibility of being torn away from him...

No. He had a new reason to linger now; had he not just been robbed of the vengeance he'd been pursuing for so long? Yes, that was perfectly legitimate, and now he prayed that Enma-Daioh would see it that way too...

On the plus side, if Muraki's soul truly was missing, wouldn't that mean... He grabbed the folder off of the elder shinigami's desk; he had to be sure. Flipping through the gruesome crime scene photos, he flinched in fear as memories of his own death resurfaced, eyes shutting tightly as he braced himself for the seering pain his flared curse marks always brought--

They never appeared. Hisoka's eyes flashed open again as his hopes were realized: he was free of the doctor's curse.

"A-Asato! ASATO!!" The youth's voice was frantic as he called out to his lover. "Doushita," came the brunette's scared reply as he rushed to the boy's side, frightened amethyst spheres locking with an astonished emerald gaze. "The markings are gone," he hushedly revealed, tears of joy flowing down his porcelain face, "they're finally gone..."

Both men's hearts soared as they held to each other, each certain that Hisoka's nightmares would soon be no more than a distant memory. What they couldn't have known was that a new series of nightmares had only just begun.

AN: Here it is, the prologue; short, I know, but after this is not only where it will start getting lengthy, but also very weird (you have been warned!!)
It came to me while I was listening to "Madraykin" by Queen Adreena, hence the title and opening lines.

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