Struggle of Sadness

BY : Tusuke Kounami
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Disclaimer: I do not own His and Her Circumstances (Kare Kano), nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

A/N: Using the characters of Kare Kano. I am trying my hand at a dark fic for the first time.


_Yukino’s POV_

Ever since I can remember, I’ve strived to be the very best…
The very best at everything that I do.
Just the very thought of being praised and adored by others, gives me joy to no end. I can’t imagine a better feeling. I guess that’s why I’m in the situation I’m in now; standing before the now former CEO/Owner and Founder of Hoshino Corp… accepting my new position as the new CEO/Owner of the exact same corporation…

…Short brown hair, unusual red eyes, 5’5” in height and 132 in weight; I’m 23 year old Yukino Miyazawa. And I wouldn’t change me for the world.


-“…And so Ms. Miyazawa, it gives me great pleasure to bestow the title and position as the new CEO and Owner upon you, on this day of August 3rd, 2006!”


*random whistling from select people*

-“You go Miyazawa!”
-“Miyazawa you rock!”
-“Marry me Miyazawa!”


_Yukino’s POV_

Like I said before; I adore being praised, and I wouldn’t have my life any other way…

_Arima’s POV_

My name is Souichiro Arima. Arima for short. There’s not too much to me, except I work as ‘Director of Advertising’ for Hoshino Corp.
I have short black hair, brown eyes, and I stand 6’1” in height.
Here I am standing amongst my co-workers, applauding the new CEO and Owner of Hoshino Corp. Yukino Miyazawa. There’s something about her that entrances me. I can’t think straight when I’m around her. My hands become clammy, just at the mere thought of her being in the same room with me. I don’t understand this emotion at all. It’s very unlikely that this emotion I feel is love. More along the lines of a dark feeling. Malice? Jealousy? Rage? I’m not quite sure…

*sigh* I don’t understand at all. But I will find out. Hmh…mmm…she’s hiding something. I can see it written in her eyes. The façade she puts up is so clear. It’s a wonder no one else has caught it. But I’ll be good…for now. I’ll let her enjoy her moment…slowly…surely… I will find out Yukino Miyazawas’ dark little secret…
*licks lips sensually*

…And I’m going to enjoy watching her contorted face of horror… when I find out.




End Prologue

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