A Birthday Story

BY : Jadedangel25
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Midori Yamamoto sighed as she switched off the ignition. She felt like banging her head on the steering wheel, the day had been that frustrating. All she wanted to do was soak in a hot bath with a good book and a glass of the Bordeaux her parent’s had sent for her birthday.

Midori entered the dark house and set her camera bag on the floor, and slipped out of her sandals and jacket. She stretched, causing her emerald camisole to rise above the waist of her black jeans, exposing the barbell through her navel. Midori padded to the living room and flicked on the lights.


“HOLY SHIT!” Midori jumped, hand on her pounding heart. She leveled a glare at the one responsible for her near heart attack.

“Rin Sohma, I want my key back.”

“Nuh-uh,” her former college roommate replied, “You knew the consequences when you gave me your spare. Now deal.”

“I don’t know whether to hug you or strangle you.”

“I’d go with the hug,” Tohru Honda, another former roommate, interrupted, “Less jail time that way.”

Midori chuckled and pulled Rin into a tight hug.

Rin gasped, “Uh…Mid…Oxygen…Need…to…breathe…”

Midori smirked as she let Rin go and pulled Tohru into a hug, albeit a more gentle one.

“So I take it our plans for tomorrow are off,” Midori asked, running a hand through her onyx colored hair.

Kyo wrapped his arms around Tohru, his fiancé pulling her to his chest, “Blame Rin; it was all her doing.”

“Tohru, Machi and Momiji helped too,” Yuki added, slipping an arm around his wife Machi’s waist.

Rin quickly took control over the situation, “Okay Midori, what do you want first, cake or presents?”

“Depends on what type of cake it is.”

“Tohru made your favorite.”

Midori looked at Tohru with wide green eyes, “You didn’t.”

Tohru smiled, grabbed Midori’s hand pulling her into the kitchen. “Yep, I made tiramisu.”

“I love you,” Midori replied, following her friend.

With a laugh, Tohru hugged the birthday girl and began to dish out the object of her friend’s affection and glasses of wine.

After her first bite, Midori zoned out, focusing only on the slice of heaven in front of her. She felt the stress of her day melt away. Midori woke up when she heard her friends laughing at her noises.

“That good, huh,” Kyo asked with a smirk.

“The only way this could get better would be me licking it off a really hot guy instead of my fork,” replied Midori.

The doorbell rang and Rin jumped up, “I’ll get it.”

Midori cast a confused look around, “Who could that be?”

Machi and Tohru shared a smile, which Midori shrugged off and went back to her tiramisu.

Rin walked back in with an incredibly fine looking male. Midori gave him a slow look up and down, trying hard not to drool. ‘He still looks so good in leather,’ Midori thought.

“You remember Hatsuharu,” Rin asked.

Midori smirked, “Do you still pass out after one round with the beer bong?”

“Better to pass out than spew after one shot of tequila,” Haru quipped.

Midori laughed with him as she wrapped her arms around his waist, giving him an affectionate squeeze. “What have you been up to?”

“Haru’s a masseuse,” Rin interjected.

“I’m a physical therapist,” Haru corrected.

Rin waved him off, “Same thing.”

“Yeah, because helping stroke and accident victims relearn how to use their limbs is exactly the same thing.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah…Anyway,” Rin turned back to Midori, “I’ve been trying to hook you two up for weeks now.”

“He’s the guy I’ve been dodging.”

“She’s the chick I’ve been dodging.”

The matchmaking victims looked at each other sheepishly after their simultaneous statements.

Haru smirked, “I take it you don’t trust Rin’s matchmaking skills either?”

“Not after the groping dentist.”

“Did he grope you too much,” asked Momiji.

“Me, the waitress, a bus boy, two random women and a transvestite.”

Rin chuckled nervously at the eyebrows raised in her direction, “I didn’t know he was like that. He was always a perfect gentleman to me.”

“What’s your horror story Haru?”

“Two words: Militant Feminist,” he replied with a glare at Rin.

“That was revenge for Shigure’s bachelor party,” Rin snarled.

Haru and Midori looked at each other, “Think that makes everything even, Midori?”

Midori paused; enjoying the way Rin was squirming, “Sure, why not? It’s not like we don’t know where she lives or anything. Plus, Shigure’s gone for the next couple of weeks.”

A slightly sadistic grin settled on Haru’s lips, “You make a good point.”

“Tohru, you and Kyo will give me sanctuary right,” Rin pleaded.

“Don’t be such a coward,” replied Kyo, “You wouldn’t have to worry if you had told them who they would be meeting, instead of letting them think it was a blind date.”

“Fine, be like that. Deny a damsel in her hour of need.”

“You’re starting to sound like your husband,” Yuki commented.

“I think Rin’s been ribbed long enough,” Tohru said and navigated the conversation to everyone’s day.

Haru sat back, occasionally interjecting a comment here and there, watching Midori enjoying her second slice of tiramisu. He was enthralled by the noises she made and the way her lips and tongue would wrap around the fork, making sure to get every last bit.

Machi saw what was captivating Haru and leaned over to whisper, “Midori said the only way that could get any better would be to lick it off a hot guy.”

“Guess I’ll have to hope that there’ll be some left after everyone leaves,” he replied.

Midori overheard the comment and made sure to draw out her movements and slowly lick her lips. Disappointed that she finished the last bite, Midori set her fork aside. Noticing a left over drop of mascarpone, Midori drug her finger through it. She caught Haru’s eye as she circled her tongue around the tip of her finger before drawing it into her mouth. Midori stopped her teasing when Tohru and Rin decided it was time for presents.

Haru walked behind Midori, eyes tracing her body. He quirked an eyebrow when he spotted a panther tattoo glaring at him from her right shoulder. Haru’s gaze wandered further down, taking in the slight sway of her hips as she walked, and how her jeans molded her curves. Haru made sure to seat himself next to the birthday girl as Rin directed them to sit around the coffee table where all the presents were laid out.

“When did you get the tat,” Haru inquired.

“Last year. I was doing a photo essay on tattoo parlors and thought ‘What the hell’.”

“Interesting choice.”

“Yeah, well, I can’t have a panther for a pet. This is the next best thing.”

“You’re a strange chick, Mid, but I like you anyway.”

Before Midori could respond, Rin handed her a rather large, flat parcel. “This is from Machi and Yuki.”

The torn off paper reveled a fantasy painting of fairies in a moonlight glade. From Momiji, Midori was given an aromatherapy kit, a monogrammed leather camera bag from Kyo and Tohru and Haru gave her a pair of moonstone and onyx earrings.

Rin handed Midori the last gift, “This is from Shigure and I.”

“Be afraid. Be very afraid,” Momiji quipped.

“Maybe I should wait ‘til I’m alone to open this,” replied Midori.

“Just open it already,” Rin commanded.

Midori tore through the paper and opened the lid before slamming it closed again. Midori didn’t consider herself a prude by any means, but she couldn’t help the slight blush that tinged her cheeks.

Haru managed to glance at the contents before the lid was pulled down. He leaned into Midori, his breath tickling her ear, “Aren’t you going to show them?”

Midori shivered then dumped the contents of the box on the table.

“Your husband is a pervert,” said Yuki eyeing the flavored massage oil, chocolate body paint, velvet blind fold, silk scarves, fuzzy handcuffs, and book.

“Why do you think I married him,” Rin replied.

“Anybody else get a scary picture in their mind,” asked Kyo.

Machi picked up the book, “Speaking of scary mental images, here’s Shigure’s new novel.”

“Chapter 10 is what happened on our honeymoon,” Rin chirped.

That statement was met with collective groans.

“I would’ve been really happy not knowing that,” replied Momiji.

“You’re not the only one,” replied Yuki and Kyo in unison.

Blocking out the voices around him, Haru turned his eyes to various pictures placed in the room. The one that drew his attention depicted ruins and mountains. Nudging Midori, he inquired about it. “Where was that taken at?”

“That’s Machu Picchu, in Peru.”

“Another travel magazine assignment?”

“Yeah, but it was sort of a working vacation. I was going to Peru anyway, and when the editor found out, she said she pay for whatever photos I took.”

“Why Peru?”

“That’s where my finger landed on the globe.”

“Are all your decisions that capricious?”

“Only my travel ones.”

“And that’s all you’ve been doing since we graduated?”

“Pretty much. Occasionally I’ll submit a photo essay for a special interest magazine or take a job for my mom’s lingerie company, which is what I was doing today.”

Haru smirked, “I’ve probably seen some of your work then.”

“Ordering something for yourself?” Midori teased.

Haru hung his head, “One hazing prank goes wrong and your friends never let you live it down.”

“I have to admit that shade of pink was very becoming…” Midori trailed off when she noticed Tohru picking up wrapping paper and glasses before heading towards the kitchen. Knowing what her friend was trying to do, Midori followed. She sighed when Tohru started washing the dishes.

“Tohru, you don’t need to do that.”

“But we made the mess and…”

Midori called out, “Kyo, get your woman out of my kitchen.”

The aforementioned fiancé came in and started to usher Tohru out of the kitchen, “You’ve done enough already.”

“But Midori will need help,” Tohru started.

Haru spoke up; “I’ll help her.”

“Yeah, Haru will help her,” Rin said.

Midori exchanged hugs with her guests and plans were made for the following week before everyone left. Haru followed Midori back to the kitchen, picking up where Tohru left off.

The duo was nearly done when Midori dropped a plate into the rinse water in front of Haru. Haru looked down at the water blotches that decorated his white button down shirt. Midori bit her lip trying not to laugh.

“I’m so sorry,” she gasped.

Haru grinned, saying, “Not yet you’re not,” before splashing her. Soon they were both soaked and covered with suds, but laughing.

Haru noticed some bubbles landed on her cheek. Midori's eyes locked on his as his thumb brushed the suds away. As he was about to pull his hand away, Midori reached around his neck and pulled him down to press his lips against her own. Haru’s hand moved to her neck and tangled in her hair, while Midori’s hands slid to his shoulders.

Haru heard Midori sigh as his tongue danced across her lips before sinking in. Midori’s hands entwined in his hair as his hands slide down her back to grip her rear, lifting her up to wrap her legs around him. They broke apart for air, Haru trailing kisses on her jaw the down her neck.

“Uh…bedroom…to the…right…living room…” Each kiss and nibble marked by a sigh or a moan that made it difficult for Midori to speak.

The couple fumbled along to the bedroom, occasionally with Haru bumping a wall or a doorway as he continued to kiss the woman wrapped around him. Haru sat on her bed, Midori straddling him as she kissed his neck while trying to unbutton his shirt; only to pull away when she felt Haru’s hands move from her waist.

He ran his hands up along her back, pulling the camisole slowly up her body and over her head. Haru rained kisses the bare shoulder and brought a hand down to unsnap her bra with what he thought would be practiced ease. Haru brought his hand down the back of her strapless bra and became frustrated at the fact there were more clasps than what he knew to deal with. Finally he sighed and looked at her with sad eyes at his failure.
With a move that he thought would make a contortionist proud, she reached back and deftly unhooked it.

Haru looked at her exposed breasts, noticing the nipples hardening under his gaze, the swell of them glowing slightly from the moonlight filtering through the windows. His callused hands slid teasingly along the sides of her breasts. Haru leaned forward and took a nipple into his mouth, sucking on it gently, his tongue circling around it before he pulled back and gently blew on the now wet flesh.

Midori let out a soft moan, hands fisting in Haru's shirt, trying to push it off. When the shirt caught in the crook of his elbows, Haru let go of Midori and cast it aside. Haru wrapped his arms around Midori's topless form and lifted her, causing her legs to wrap around his body naturally. He turned as he stood and then lay Midori on the bed; he leaned back and enjoyed her semi-naked form.

Haru bent down, languidly kissing the woman under him. He moved from her lips, down her neck, briefly lingering on her pulse point, before traveling down the valley between her breasts, to points further down.

Midori squirmed when Haru reached her stomach; his tongue teasing her barbell as his hands caressed her sides. His hands glided to the button of her jeans, undoing the tab and parting the zipper. Haru’s fingers teased Midori’s skin, pulling down the denim as his mouth found the slowly exposed flesh.

Midori’s breathing became harsher as Haru laid kisses across her bare skin. When the pants were far enough down to give a hint of what was covered; Haru inhaled deeply, catching the scent of her arousal.

Haru’s hands trailed down her legs, taking the black denim with him. After the jeans hit the floor, he took a leg and began kissing a path up the soft skin towards her glistening sex. He ran his tongue where her legs joined her body, his breath tickling her bare sex causing it to swell. He kissed across her bare mound as his hands reached under to cup and squeeze her ass.

Haru’s mouth approached the quickly swelling lips of her sex, exposing the soft pink flesh inside; he ran the tip of his tongue along their edges getting a taste of her sweet nectar. Opening his mouth, he took one of the labia into it, suckling it, and licking the inside of it; the tip of his tongue approaching but not touching her throbbing clit.

He tugged on the labia with his mouth and pulled away, attacking the other, his hands moving from her ass, down her legs to behind her knees, which he grabbed and gently pushed them toward her heaving chest.

Midori grabbed her legs, giving Haru more access to her now slick sex; his now free hands gently pulled the lips apart to expose her hardened clit. Haru’s mouth moved closer to it, the tip of his tongue teasing along the outside, making slow circles around her pleasure center. Midori’s hips arched, trying to force his tongue to her most sensitive area, so it could bring her a slight release. Haru ensured that she couldn't move enough to do that, causing the pressure to build within her.

“Haru,” Midori panted, “Stop teasing me.”

Haru kissed his way back up her body, his hand playing where his lips had been, “Why? I’m having fun.”

Midori growled and flipped them over, holding his hands by his sides. She hovered over Haru, acting as if she were going to kiss him, but instead passed his lips in favor of his neck and collarbone. Haru hissed as her teeth nipped his skin before soothing it with her tongue. Midori’s tongue traced every definition in his chest and abdomen before coming to the waist of his leather pants.

Haru’s eyes widened when he felt Midori undo the button with her mouth, pulling the zipper down with her teeth. Her hands finally released his so she could remove his clothing, throwing the leather behind her. Midori’s eyes eagerly soaked up the sight in front of her. Haru quirked a questioning eyebrow, as if to say ‘Now what?’

Midori’s hands grazed his thighs before barely caressing his erection with the tips of her fingernails. She teasing licked around the head of his shaft before slowly taking it between her lips, applying a small amount of suction before backing off to lick him again. Haru’s breathing became ragged between each swipe of her tongue and pull of her mouth.

His hands fisted in the sheets, “Now, who’s being a being a tease?”

Midori crawled up his body, straddling him, slowly sinking down on his hardened shaft, “Turn about is fair play, don’t ya think?”

“You’re killing me,” Haru gasped as Midori rode him with a torturously slow pace.

Haru sat up, rolling Midori to her back, his hands coming to rest next to her shoulders. Midori’s legs move to wrap around his waist, as her hips moved to match Haru’s faster and harder pace. Each movement was punctuated by a breathy moan as she clenched the iron bars of her headboard. Midori felt Haru hook her leg over his arm, allowing him to sink deeper into her wet heat.

Haru gazed at the woman underneath him, taking in the way her hair was scattered across the pillow, how her jade eyes glowed with passion. Hearing her pleas to fuck her harder, Haru eagerly complied.

With each hard thrust, Midori felt the pressure building inside her. She let out a quivering moan as the tension broke, limbs becoming limp, as she tried to hold on while Haru still moved within her. Soon the fluttering feeling surrounding Haru became too much. He felt his release quickly and thrust deep within Midori, his balls tightening and cock swelling as he came inside her; pulses of his cum moving along his shaft, slamming against her insides.

Haru lowered himself onto Midori, using her chest as his pillow. Midori lowered her legs to loosely entwine with his, as her hands sifted through his bi-tonal locks.

“Doing thing tomorrow,” Haru asked, breaking the silence.

“Nope,” replied Midori.

“Want to go to a movie or something?”


Midori let out a little groan as Haru untangled himself from her.

“Where are you going,” Midori inquired as Haru pulled on his pants.

“To get the tiramisu,” Haru paused, giving the iron headboard a thoughtful look, “And the handcuffs.”

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