Diving to Hidden Depths

BY : JadeHeart
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Disclaimer: I do not own UnderGrand Hotel, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Title: Diving to Hidden Depths
Author: JadeHeart
Fandom: UGH –Under Grand Hotel (manga)
Pairing: Sen/Sword
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: sexual situations, yaoi
Timeline: Set after the end of the manga

Summary: In the deepest darkness of the night, Sen’s dream comes true.

Author’s Note: I am assuming here that Sword never told Sen about the ‘rape’ that he experience with the Warden.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this, they belong to the creator of ‘UGH (UnderGrand Hotel)’, nor am I making any profits from it.


Sen stood at the window. The night was warm so he felt no chill on his skin as he stood there naked. The warm breeze filtered through the room, gaining access through the natural ventilation of the simple building and the woven palm shutters left wide open. The gentle sound of the waves breaking on the sand drifted on the still air.

It was a full moon tonight, so bright it lit the entire night. Sen held his hand out before him feeling amazement at how clearly he could see it in the darkness. That is what had awoken Sen, the unusual brightness when there should have only been darkness, drawing him from his bed to look out at the beach beyond their home. The moonlight truly was almost bright enough for him to have even read by if he had wanted to. Admittedly it would be a little bit of a strain on the eyes but not by much. He wasn’t in the reading mood at the moment though.

He leant back against the window frame, gazing into the night. From there he could just see the ocean through the surrounding trees and foliage. The moon left a shimmering path across the water, making the sand shine like silver. It was a beautiful sight.

A soft snore from the other side of the room made him turn his head in that direction to look back at the large four poster bed taking up the middle. His partner still slumbered on, heedless of the beauty he was missing.

Sen half-smiled, gazing once more out the window.

Since their release from UGH, Sen found he had become a very light sleeper, the slightest change to his surroundings bringing him alert. He wondered if it was because he had an unconscious fear that this was all a dream and soon they would be dragged back to prison and locked away once more. It wasn’t that he doubted Walter’s word. Both he, and more importantly, Sword trusted the FBI agent but the fear was still there. After wishing and dreaming of the chance to be able to do this; be here in the fresh air on the surface, to feel the sun on their faces, the wind in their hair, but most importantly to be able to share all this together, perhaps it just seem too good to be true.

Sen truly feared that all this would be taken away from him. All his life, nothing had ever seemed to have gone right for him. Every decision he had made had always seemed to be the wrong one when all he had ever wanted was to find happiness and someone to love. Now, he loved Sword more than he thought he could anyone, and he feared that too would be snatched away from him.

He walked over to the bed, gazing through the gauzy mosquito netting surrounding it, looking at the figure sprawled there. Sword lay on his stomach, hands raised above his head and pushed under the pillow, a pillow which he didn’t rest his head on, elbows splayed out. His legs too were parted, stretching to each corner of the bed and clearly encroaching onto what would be Sen’s side.

Sen smiled at the sight. Who would have guessed that Sword would be such a bed hog? Whilst in UGH they had spent most of their time either on separate bunks or both crammed onto one, which didn’t exactly allow for any extra spacing or your partner was liable to find themselves on the floor. And in general that pissed most people off.

So when finally they found they could share a normal double bed Sen noticed that Sword quickly began to spread out, inching across the mattress bit by bit over time. He had found he had had to be quite brutal at times to remind Sword that there were two of them that needed to fit on the bed and he had no intention of giving up his fair share of space. Sword had groused a bit about it, denying that he was doing anything of the sort but had ceased his take-over bid for the bed.

Sen lifted the corner of the netting at the foot of the bed. The moonlight made Sword’s body look like it was gleaming, as though it had been slicked with oil. It had taken him some time to get used to Sword’s new hairstyle. He had found it strange at first to not feel the trailing dreadlocks brushing across his skin. Now he found that he rather liked the short hair. With the dreadlocks gone he could run his fingers through Sword’s hair, surprised at the wiry touch yet still it was soft.

He also found the shorter style seemed to suit Sword and their currently carefree lifestyle. To Sen, it seemed as though the shorter cut made Sword seem softer, gentler, although he was sure Sword would deny that vehemently. It was as though with the removal of those long dreadlocks that Sword had severed his connection with who he had been before meeting Sen.

Sen didn’t delude himself completely about that. He hadn’t forgotten what Sword’s nature was. He was a self-confessed murderer, a drug dealer, he could kill with impunity and without remorse, and had. And the fear was there that he would do so again.

Yet there was also the other side of him as well; protective, caring, and it was that that Sen hoped would remain at the fore and keep them together. That is what he prayed for - for the future.

For deep down there was the fear that Sword would soon tire of this idyllic life that they were currently sharing together. That he would soon tire of Sen and want to return to his previous life of power and money, controlled by fear and sex.

That thought froze Sen to the bone. The fear of losing everything, of being abandoned by those he loved once again. The fear of trying to live a life without meaning - without Sword. He knew he couldn’t do that. He had been prepared to die in UGH to stay with Sword. If the day came that Sword would cast him aside he knew that he would have no desire to remain in this world for there would be nothing left for him.

He let his eyes trail up Sword’s naked body; from his feet, up the calf, to his thighs. The tattoo on his inner thigh could clearly be read. ‘Dive’ it said, or ‘Sen’, a sign of Sword’s love for him that no-one else had understood. It was been something special, just between the two of them.

His eyes continued upwards, over the firm roundness of Sword’s buttocks, no different in colour to the rest of his body. Sword had been determined from the moment he had walked into the sun to have an ‘all-over tan’ as he put it, and insisted on sunbathing naked. Sen wasn’t sure that it really made that much difference due to Sword’s skin colour but had to admit that there certainly weren’t any tan lines to be seen.

Sen took far greater care with his pale skin although his too had certainly deepened in hue. The touch of sunburn he had received in their first few days of freedom had reminded him rather painfully of this hazard of walking once more on the planet’s surface. So since then he ensured he always used plenty of sunscreen. Sword seemed to enjoy helping him apply it as well.

His roving gaze continued on its path; over the long back, across the broad shoulders to the face relaxed in sleep. When Sword slept he looked so different; those hard, sometimes cold eyes were hidden. Sen hoped he wasn’t imagining that hardness beginning to fade. He wanted to see the day when it had fully gone and the last of Sword’s past had been erased. It might be a futile dream but it was something to hold onto for him.

Sword truly was beautiful, especially at this moment as he lay there completely unconscious of his partner’s scrutiny, the moonlight bathing him in silver.

Sen’s eyes wandered back down, stopping once more at the tattoo. ‘Dive’: to go down, to plunge in, so many meanings and interpretations. Looking at that tattoo Sen couldn’t help but notice Sword’s testicles nestled there between his parted legs. Sen felt a flush as heat spread through his body and licked suddenly dry lips. The tattoo seemed to beckon him, calling to him like a siren’s song.

He slowly lifted one knee to rest on the bed between Sword’s feet. One hand reached out, avoiding the soles of Sword’s feet which he had discovered were actually extremely ticklish, and unhurriedly sliding his hand upwards from the ankle, over the shapely calf, trailling up the inside of the thigh, slowing as it rose higher. His hand paused at the tattoo, one finger lightly tracing the script, feeling the smoothness of the skin against his fingertips.

He licked his lips again as his already stiff erection throbbed. His fear for the future was driving him to do this. Didn’t they always say the full moon drove people to do strange things? Surely that is what was happening here.

He had wanted to know what it would be like to make love to Sword for a long time now. He had wanted to know what it would be like for him to be the one in control, for him to have the power to make Sword come. He had wondered and wanted that since he had first felt the pleasure of giving to another instead of receiving.

He was sure Sword was a virgin to anal sex. Despite his prowess in bed, Sen was positive that Sword would never have allowed another man to dominate him. It went completely against everything that he was, his entire nature.

Yet that knowledge was exactly what excited him further. To be able to be the first, and hopefully the only one, to plunder that body so intimately, to drive deep inside and fill Sword with need, desire and ecstasy. To be the one to make him experience all of that was enough to make Sen’s blood race. He wanted to be the only one to push into that hot channel and fill Sword with his come, to claim him as surely as Sword had claimed Sen.

His hand traced over the roundness of Sword’s buttocks, gently kneading them, before slowly tracing down the perineum to lightly stroke, then squeeze Sword’s sac. Sword gave a sleepy murmur, his legs parting further unconsciously under the gentle ministrations.

Sen hardened further and dropped a hand to his aching shaft, holding it firmly as he stroked himself, his eyes automatically closing as fires raced through his rapidly heating body. If he did this would Sword forgive him? He feared not, yet his fear of future abandonment and being unable to fulfill this last desire, to have Sword cast him aside leaving him with this last regret, was also more than he could bear.

He opened his eyes, gazing down at the body lying before him. Near Sword’s head, on the low bedside table Sen could see the pump pack of his skin moisturizer. It was completely natural, a local product that Sword had discovered on one of his foray’s into the small town nearby and he had purchased it for Sen in those early days to help him ease his peeling skin. Sen had continued to use it since and Sword had often commented on how much he liked the smell. Now, it would have to do.

Reaching over Sword’s body, being careful to not disturb the sleeper any further, he grabbed it, bringing it back to lay on the bed by his side. He squirted a large amount into his hand before liberally rubbing both hands together to warm the cream.

Returning to Sword’s body, he slowly began to massage him. His slick hands slid easily up the lean legs, deft fingers tracing each muscle, searching out the sensitive areas, all the time slowly moving higher.

Sword murmured again as Sen grew closer to his goal. His fingers moved from the backs of Sword’s legs, sliding inwards on both thighs to the softer inner flesh, slipping against either side of Sword’s testicles, slowly and gently rolling them.

This time Sword gasped and his hips jerked a little. Sen began to slide his fingers up the perineum, spreading his fingers wide to move outwards over the tight buttocks. He continued the sensual massage, moving leisurely upwards; over the lower back, running up the spine, tracing each vertebra, searching out the spots that he knew sometimes pained Sword and soothing them. His finger traced the outline of the scar marring the dark skin, the last remnant of the bullet wound as the projectile had ripped through skin and tissue, spraying blood.

He passed over that blemish, moving on, reaching up further, digging into the shoulders, sliding out over the arms and then back. Gradually he made the return journey, moving down the entire back, returning to where he wanted most to be.

Lifting one hand from the heated body he had been touching, he reapplied the moisturizer as his other hand kneaded Sword’s buttocks gently. He could stop now. He had done nothing to jeopardize things as they stood at the moment.

But even as he thought that he knew he wouldn’t stop. Wouldn’t or couldn’t, he didn’t know. All he did know was that he had to go on. It was now or never.

He shuffled his knees further forward so they were pressed firmly against Sword’s inner thighs, preventing him from closing his legs. Sen leant forward, stretching over the top of Sword’s body using one arm to support his weight so he didn’t crush the other.

His other hand ceased its kneading motion on Sword’s buttocks and moved inwards, easily sliding into the cleft and slowly sliding downwards. Sen’s questing finger found the puckered entrance easily, circling it for a moment. He dropped a kiss to the back of Sword’s neck as he eased a finger inward, just to the first knuckle.

Sword jerked awake beneath him.

“What..?” he said angrily although still sounding a little sleep dazed He tried to twist his body away from the intrusion but Sen’s weight pinned him down.

Sen continued to move the finger in and out of Sword’s body.

“Sen, what the fuck..!”

“Shh,” Sen whispered, dropping further kisses to Sword’s back. “Let me show you what I’ve learnt.”

“No fucking way!” Sword tried to turn under him and pull away but Sen just lowered his body further, pressing him into the mattress and holding him effectively in place. They had always been fairly evenly matched in body weight so in this position Sen was able to keep Sword immobilised, unless he intended to get extremely physical.

“You’ve taken me so many times,” Sen tried to explain, not sure if Sword was even listening as he still continued to struggle. He pushed the finger in deeper to the second knuckle and began to pump it a little faster. “Let me give that pleasure to you.”

Sen leant closer still so his mouth was next to Sword’s ear. “Let me make love to you, Sword.” he whispered. “Let me be the only one to have ever loved you.”

As Sword shifted his hips again in discomfort, Sen slipped his other hand beneath the still squirming man to wrap it around Sword’s cock, feeling it already half hard despite Sword’s protestations.

Sen could remember what it had been like for him the first time. He wanted it to be easier for Sword, he had nothing to prove, he just wanted to pleasure him. Still he knew the best way to take your mind off the discomfit was to override it with further pleasure.

He began to pull on Sword’s cock, circling its girth with his fingers. It only took a couple of strokes before Sword’s cock filled his grip firmly and he was moaning at the contact. Sen had had a lot of practice in this, he knew Sword’s every weakness and the ways to waken his desire.

“Sen!” Sword gasped. “Just jerk me off, okay? You don’t have to do anything else.”

Sen gave another expert tug and Sword’s hips thrust down against the mattress before thrusting back onto Sen’s other hand, causing his finger to plunger in deeper.

“Ahh!” he cried out.

Sen slipped another finger inside as he continued to stroke Sword.

“You are mine, Sword. You are all mine. Just as I am yours.’ he whispered, kissing down Sword’s back.

He curled his fingers inside his partner, knowing it would case some pain but searching for the spot he had found on Norman. The high choked cry and the way Sword’s body bucked up against his told him when he had found it. That, and the way Sword’s cock twitched in his grip and filled out more, precum leaking over Sen’s hand.

“I love you, Sword,” he breathed raggedly as he moved forward more, sweat beading his brow as his own excitement increased to a critical point.

Using the hand wrapped around Sword’s cock, Sen coaxed his partner onto his side, spooning in behind, his hard erection pressed against Sword’s leg.

“Touch yourself,” he instructed softly. “Feel how hard I’ve made you. Show me what you do to yourself when you think of me.”

The thought of watching Sword masturbate made Sen’s pulse race harder. He had never seen Sword jerk off in front of him. He found that he wanted to be able to watch that act, knowing that Sword was thinking of him as he did so.

“You fucking pervert!” Sword muttered, then gasped as Sen tugged on his cock again.

“Do it,” Sen repeated softly, never ceasing his motions.

Sword hesitated for a moment and then his hand slid downwards and Sen felt fingers wrap around his. He moved his hand away so Sword was gripping his own erection, the long fingers circling around, sliding from the head down to the base in one long stroke before reversing the action.

Sen’s eyes were captured by this sight as Sword’s motion became smoother, less self-conscious. He could see Sword’s muscles twitch, bunching up as they contracted and relaxed as he dragged small jerks from it with each downward stroke. Sen could see the glistening tip as precum continued to leak from the slit to be swiftly gathered into Sword’s palm and slicked down the long, hard length, returning each time for more.

Sword’s eyes were closed, squeezed shut, bottom lip caught between white teeth, trying to hold back the moans and gasps that still managed to escape. Sen could feel the body beneath his hands burning as though consume by internal flames, the shaking, the way the hips were beginning to thrust harder.

Sen felt the trickle of sweat slide from his temple, was aware of how loud and ragged his own breathing was in the darkness as it mingled with Sword’s moans. His hands began to tremble as he couldn’t help but rub his hard cock against Sword’s leg seeking that pressure and friction, his desire growing, building, threatening to spill over completely.

He came to his senses abruptly and realized what he was doing, dragging his mind away from the pleasure his body was craving, clamping down on those rising desires. This isn’t the way he wanted it to happen. But he knew that he needed to act soon or he would be lost completely.

He moved back to his knees and lifted Sword’s top leg higher, resting it over his thighs whilst he straddled the other. He reached out and wrapped one hand around Sword’s, gripping hard and deliberately forcing Sword to slow his motion. He didn’t want him to come just yet, as much as the thought of such a sight almost drove him wild, he still wanted to try and make this last.

Sword moaned at the interruption and twisted, trying to move his hand under Sen’s at a faster pace. Sen clamped down harder, slowing it again and this time Sword’s growl more than indicated his frustration.

All this time Sen had continued to prepare Sword with his other hand, his fingers still pumping inside the warm body in an even rhythm, having graduated up to three and Sword no longer showed any sign of discomfort or even of any awareness of what else Sen had been doing.

Now Sen removed those fingers, withdrawing them completely and he could look down and see the opening glistening and twitching, entrancing him and making him swallow hard. With a shaking hand he pumped some moisturiser into it then reached out to slick the entrance before applying the rest to his own still throbbing cock. He groaned at the contact on his own body, shuddering as he tried to hold himself in check, more so when the head brushed against Sword’s hot flesh.

He had reached his limit now. He frantically pressed aside the flesh to part Sword’s buttocks, hunching his back to position himself better, looking down to see that the tip of his cock was lined up with that gleaming hole and slowly pushed forward.

He groaned heavily at the pressure building against the tip and for a moment was afraid that he would come just from that before he could do anything else. He gritted his teeth, trying to search for some semblance of control and continued to push.

“Argh!” Sword groaned as well, his hands on his cock ceasing all motion as one reached out to grip Sen’s thigh hard.

Suddenly Sen gave a small thrust and the head of his cock slid past that tight barrier and into the warm depths beyond. He stiffened as that heat engulfed him, searing his flesh like a branding iron, burning right to his very core.

“Ahh!” he breathed out, head thrown back and eyes closed as he slid in deeper still. “So tight! So hot!” he murmured half to himself, half in admiration for the wonderful way Sword’s body was embracing him.

Sword’s interior muscles held him tightly, preventing any further motion but Sen was content to remain that way for a moment longer, just to savour this feeling. A feeling far more intense than anything that he had felt with Norman when doing this. However, soon his body craved more, needing more stimulus, demanding he fulfill what he promised.

Sword still gripped him tightly, he could neither move forward, nor more back. He reached down and wrapped one hand around Sword’s hard cock and began to stroke him off once more. Sword jerked at the resumed contact, one hand returning to lay over Sen’s.

“Relax,” Sen said softly, leaning down and kissing Sword’s ribs and raised leg, his other hand slowly massaging Sword’s lower back. “Relax and let me move.”

Sword’s body began to comply to the coaxing, the muscles easing their pressure and Sen was able to pull back a little before sliding forward once more, pushing a little deeper.

“Ahh, so good!” he gasped, pulling out again and pushing forward once more, a little more forcefully.

He felt Sword shudder beneath him with a groan, felt his cock harden further in his hand.

“That’s it,” Sen crooned to Sword, beginning to set a rhythm, slow and easy to start with.

Sword began to move beneath Sen also now, in time with each thrust. His breathing grew faster, his legs parted further, knee lifting higher, allowing Sen easier access and he took advantaged of this to push deeper.

Sen tried to stay conscious of the fact that this was probably Sword’s first time and he was unlikely to be able to take him all in. He may not have had as big a cock as Sword but he wasn’t exactly really small either and so he held back from pushing all the way in, even though every part of his body and mind was screaming at him to do so; to go as deep and as hard as he could. He ignored that desire and concentrated on what he was doing. This was enough for him.

Sword groaned and gripped at Sen’s legs, short fingernails scraping over his skin and raising goose-bumps. His back arched and he half rolled onto his stomach, drawing Sen over him further as his hand was almost trapped beneath Sword’s body as he continued to tug at his cock. Sen leant lower, allowing his body to curve over Sword’s hunched back, feeling his spine pressing against his chest. He ran his tongue along that curve, tasting the salt from Sword’s sweat.

Sword shuddered and jerked again, pressing back harder against Sen’s cock, drawing his knees further under him so he was now on hands and knees. Sen wrapped himself around his partner, feeling as though he wanted to find a way seep into Sword’s skin, meld with him and become one with him forever.

Sword began to thrust backwards against him faster, his moans growing deeper, trying to increase the pace.

“Sen!” he gasped out, one hand wrapped around Sen’s hand on his own cock, tugging on it also.

“Sword!” Sen answered.

“Argh!” Sword pushed back, dropping his hips as though he was going to sit in Sen’s lap and jerked hard as this change in position made Sen’s cock brush against his prostate. “There!” he demanded.

Obeying, Sen obligingly moved to find the same spot and it took only two thrusts for him to do so, delighting in being able to hear Sword cry out in such pleasure.

Yes, Sen thought as he continued to pump into Sword’s body, feeling it writhe beneath him and push back over and over against him. This is what he had wanted; Sword in the throes of passion caused entirely by him and no-one else. He wanted to be the only one to hear this kind of voice issue from Sword’s throat. He wanted to be the only cause for it.

He couldn’t hold on any longer, it was now all too much for him. He felt bad it was so short when Sword could go for so long but the intensity of the sensations coursing through his body, coupled with the fulfillment of his fantasy, was more than he could take. He had had his wish granted

“I’m sorry,” he gasped out, clasping Sword to him, whispering in his ear. “I’m coming!”

As he said it he felt his balls tightening, drawing upward, his muscles tensing. There was nothing that could stop it now.

“Together!” Sword gasped out.

Sen sat upright, back arching, head thrown back as his hips snapped forward hard, plunging deep inside the warm body before him, his fingers pressing deeply into the flesh as he held on tightly to the hips and moved the body in time with his motions. He let out a chocked cry which ripped from the back of his throat as his entire body shuddered with an intensity that almost hurt and the breath caught in his chest.

“I love you! I love you!” he cried out in ecstasy.

Sword thrust backwards at the same time, impaling himself onto Sen’s pulsating cock, and as Sen emptied himself inside, he heard Sword’s high cry of “Sen!!”, and felt his body jerk as his channel spasmed, tightening and pulsating around his cock, drawing another shuddering cry from him. The realization that they had climaxed together made the moment all the sweeter.

As the last drop was wrung from him, Sen collapsed forward, dropping over Sword’s body as he too collapsed onto the bed. Their rapid breathing mingled as they both gasped to draw oxygen into starved lungs, as sweat slick skin slid against each other, cooling in the breeze drifting through the room.

Sen carefully lifted his hips a little, feeling his softened cock slide from inside Sword, feeling the rush of fluid against the tip as it leaked out also. He lay at Sword’s side, rolling entirely onto his back with a deep sigh. Sword remained still and silent, facing away from Sen.

Sen felt the pricking at the back of his eyes as he gazed firstly at the still back, then up at the ceiling and bit his trembling bottom lip. He’d been a fool, he thought, as he struggled to hold back the tears. He’d got his wish but lost the only thing he wanted to hold onto.

“I’m sorry,” he said brokenly, raising one arm and laying it across his eyes, hiding the tears spilling from them. “I…I’ll leave in the morning.”

He felt the bed shift beneath him but didn’t remove his arm. He wondered if the last thing he would feel would be a knife slicing across his throat or plunging deep into his chest. Sword had killed people for less than what he had just done. Well, if he was going to die he would rather it was at Sword’s hand than any other way.

Instead of the cold slice of steel, warm lips covered his in a gentle kiss. A firm hand lifted his arm away from his weeping eyes and he could see Sword gazing down at him.

“You idiot,” Sword said, reaching up with his other hand to carefully wipe away the dampness on his cheeks. “Why the hell would you want to leave?”

“I…” Sen couldn’t continue.

Sword frowned at him for a moment. “Look, I’m not saying I’m that pleased with getting ambushed but if you had wanted to do that why didn’t you talk to me, huh?”

“I….thought you would say ‘no’.” Sen answered honestly.

“So doing it while I’m asleep was your answer?” He suddenly looked at Sen suspiciously. “You didn’t drug my coffee as well or something did you?”

“Of course not!” Sen said indignantly. “What would I want to do that for?”

“Well, you didn’t seem to have any problems with attacking me when I wasn’t awake!”

“That’s entirely different!” Sen replied.

“Humph! Whatever!”

Sword lay back on the bed, rolling onto his back also so they lay side by side, shoulder and hip pressed against each other.

“So…” Sen began, “how was it?” He honestly wanted to know Sword’s answer yet at the same time was terrified of hearing it.

“Okay. I guess.”

“You guess!” Sen didn’t know whether to be outraged or mortified. He knew he didn’t have a great deal of experience but he had hoped that he had made it at least a little bit enjoyable for Sword.

Sword suddenly rolled onto his side again, one arm thrown across Sen’s chest. “It was good, you moron.” he said with a cocky grin then winced a little as he shifted. “But I’m gonna beat you black and blue if I can’t sit down tomorrow!”

“You spend all your time lying on the beach anyway, not sitting, so that’s hardly going to be a problem.”

“Yeah, I suppose there is that,” Sword grudgingly admitted. He gave a wide yawn and dropped his head to the pillow. “Now shut up and go to sleep.”

“Sure,” Sen said, feeling so very relieved. Everything was still all right between them.

He closed his eyes with a yawn of his own as sleep stole over him. He felt Sword’s arm tighten around his waist and a soft whisper at his ear.

“I won’t ever leave you. Aishiteru.”


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