Girls Are Bravo

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Girls Are Bravo

This is written in response to Krillos challenge for a Kirie X Kosame fic

Sorry if this story wasn’t all that good but I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately no real reason just feeling crappy for a while so this is not my best work but it’s still pretty decent


Kirie moaned lightly as she pumped her fingers in and out of her pussy. She closed her eyes, imagining Kosame doing this same thing. She flicked her thumb over her clit, biting down on her lip as her orgasm approached. She lifted up her other hand and put it to her ample chest, tweaking one of her nipples, which was already rock hard, thinking again about the feeling of Kosame’s hand on her. She could perfectly remember the day that she had fallen in love with the older woman. It had been when Kosame had stopped Lilica from finishing her off in the fights that Fukuyama had blacked-mailed her into competing in. Even though she had freaked out over the kiss Kosame stole from her, she had really enjoyed it. Just then the orgasm hit her. She closed her eyes tight as her body shook with the force of it. She brought her cum-coated hand up to her mouth and licked it clean.

“Kosame,” she said quietly, wanting to tell the older woman exactly how she felt, to be able to do this sort of thing with her first real love. Just then the alarm clock went off. She looked over at it. (Better get ready for school).

Kosame looked at the picture of Kirie that she had hanging in the shower. She lowered her hand between her legs and slid a finger into her cleanly shaven pussy. It was already wet from the shower, and as she began to work her finger, the amount of moisture only increased.

“Kirie-sama,” Kosame moaned, staring at the picture of Kirie in the tight one piece racing queen outfit. Every single curve of her body was enhanced by the skimpy and clingy clothing. Her eyes went to Kirie’s chest, which was very prominent. Her nipples were sticking out. Kosame imagined what it would be like to take them into her mouth, to gently suckle on the sensitive nubs, while Kirie finger-fucked her, pinching her clit hard until she came. At that exact moment, Kosame was hit by an intense wave of pleasure. She dropped to her knees, moaning and shivering as her cum mixed with the sudsy water and ran down the drain. She brought her hand to her mouth and imagined that it was Kirie’s love juice, and greedily began to suck it away. After she had finished doing that, she quickly washed herself off and got dressed, ready to do what ever her Mistress Risa asked of her.

Here’s the actual story

“Go be a pervert in Hell!” Kirie shouted as she body-slammed Fukuyama, who quickly recovered.

“Really Kojima, must you be so violent? You’ll never get a man if you act like that!” Fukuyama said, wagging his finger. Kirie punched him in the face.

“Just die already!” she said, rubbing her hand.

“Kirie, if we don’t hurry up, we’re going to be late,” Yukinari said, looking off to the school building where Miharu had already gone off to.

“Why don’t you stay out of this, Puny-Nari?” Fukuyama said in a snide tone.

“Big Brother, don’t talk to him like that,” Risa said, coming out of nowhere. “Now then Yukinari, I have a brand new spell to ensure that you fall in love with me!"

She reached into her bag and pulled out a large spell book.

“Risa, I will not allow this! I don’t think Puny-Nari is anywhere good enough for you,” Fukuyama said, crossing his arms.

“Hayate, Kosame, restrain him.”

Out of nowhere, Risa’s bodyguards appeared and grabbed Fukuyama, holding him in place. “Now then, Yukinari, it’s time for you to fall in love with me,” Risa said, opening the book. She began to chant in some odd language. Suddenly, a burst of light shot out of the book, heading right for Yukinari.

“Look out!” Kirie shouted, pushing Yukinari out of the way. Kirie was stuck by the blast and fell to the ground. Kosame immediately let go of Fukuyama and rushed over.

“Kirie-sama, are you alright?” she asked, her voice full of concern. Kirie struggled up and looked into Kosame’s eyes, and then grabbed her, kissing her passionately. Everyone watched in stunned silence.

“Well, this is an unexpected but welcome development,” Fukuyama said, putting his hand on his chin. Four loud shots rang out in the air.

“Shut up,” Kirie said, holding Kosame’s gun.

“It seems that my spell worked! Too bad it was on the wrong person,” Risa said. Just then, the school bell rang.

“Well, I guess I’ll try again after class,” she said, walking away.

“Wait, Risa! You should undo the spell on Kirie first,” Yukinari said as Risa walked away.

She turned around. “Sorry, but I can't do that. Not yet, anyway. I’ll have to look up the counter spell.”

Yukinari looked back at Kirie, who was once more kissing Kosame, seemingly oblivious to the rest of the world.

“There’s nothing to do for now,” Risa said.

Kirie broke the kiss. “Yeah. Besides, it’s okay! To tell the truth, I’ve really liked Kosame for a while. I just couldn’t work up the nerve to say anything before. So there’s no need to try and undo the spell.”

Kosame smiled. “I’m very happy to hear that, Kirie-sama.” Kirie kissed her again.

“Yukinari, just go on into class. I’d rather stay out here,” Kirie said.

Yukinari started to protest, but before he could say anything, Risa grabbed his arm. “You heard what she said. Let's go.”

And with that, she dragged him away.

“So, Kosame, do you want to go somewhere more private?” Kirie asked, gently running her hand along Kosame’s inner thigh.

Without saying anything, Kosame picked Kirie up and rushed off, leaving Fukuyama on the ground twitching. After a few minutes, they were at Kirie’s house.

“Kosame, you can set me down now,” Kirie said as they approached the front door. Kosame gently set her down. After walking through the door, the two of them immediately began to kiss again. Kirie reached around behind and squeezed Kosame’s ass, causing her to moan into the kiss. Kosame slid her hand up Kirie’s shirt.

(Kirie-sama’s skin is so smooth and soft), Kosame thought as she slowly worked her way up to Kirie’s bra. She carefully undid the hooks, but before she could go any further, Kirie pulled back very slightly. She took hold of Kosame’s tie and undid the knot, pulling it away slowly. She then undid the buttons of Kosame’s shirt. After that, Kirie pulled her own shirt over her head, her bra falling away, and her large breasts swinging a little. Her nipples hardened instantly from the cool air in the room.

Kosame stood dumbfounded. Right in front of her was the thing she wanted most in the world. She reached out, slowly, feeling almost as if this where all a dream that she never wanted to end. Kosame put her hand on the soft mound and gave it a light squeeze. Kirie moaned at the sensation. Kosame reached up with her second hand and cupped Kirie’s other breast. As she massaged them, Kirie undid Kosame’s front-hooking bra.

“How about we skip the foreplay and go on up to my room?”

Kosame quickly agreed. The two of them rushed to Kirie’s room, stripping along the way. When they got in there, Kirie was wearing only her panties and socks. Kosame was completely nude. Kirie sat down on her bed.

“I’ve never been with another person, so I’ll let you take the lead,” she said, spreading her legs invitingly. Kosame walked over and sat down next to her.

“I can't tell you how much I’ve wanted to do this, Kirie-sama,” Kosame said, kissing the younger girl. She licked Kirie’s lips, and was granted entrance. Kosame slipped her tongue in. She gently pushed Kirie onto the bed. Without breaking the kiss, Kosame changed her position so that she was straddling Kirie just below her breasts.

“I’ve had many lovers before, so I’ll guide you through this perfectly,” Kosame said after breaking the kiss. She slid along Kirie, leaving a slick trail of love juice, until she reached the waistband of Kirie’s panties. She reached behind herself and slid a hand in. She gently brushed her lover's clit with her thumb, while at the same time sliding her middle finger into Kirie’s cunt. Kosame began to rock back and forth, pressing herself against Kirie's stomach, while at the same time working her fingers in and out of her partner's pussy. After only a few minutes, both of them came.

Kosame got off of Kirie and moved until her face was right over the younger girl's crotch. She inhaled slightly. (Her scent is even more sweet than I could have ever imagined), Kosame thought before running her tongue over the soaked materiel of Kirie’s panties. She licked again, more slowly, stopping to trace a small circle around Kirie’s clit. After a few moments, Kosame stopped and hooked her fingers into the waistband. She pulled down, and as soon the cloth was gone, she latched her mouth over Kirie’s mound, licking and sucking away at the ample amounts of liquid that were pouring out of Kirie’s slit. Kosame gently pushed her tongue in, stopping when she felt resistance.

While Kosame was eating her out, Kirie managed to get control over herself and raised up one of her legs. She put it between Kosame’s, and gently rubbed her foot along the older woman’s pussy. Kosame moaned from the sensation of the warm, slightly rough feeling of the socks that Kirie was still wearing. In no time at all, both of them came. Kosame lifted her head up from between Kirie’s legs, and the two of them kissed, Kirie licking away her own cum from her lover's lips. As they kissed, they also ground their pussies together. Both of them moaned into the kiss as they pressed against each other harder, their clits occasionally bumping together. Eventually, they came again at the same time, their cum mixing together and soaking into the sheets.

After a few minutes of resting, Kosame looked into Kirie’s eyes and smiled. “I love you Kirie-sama.”

Kirie kissed her and replied with, “I know.”

And as for Fukuyama, he finally got arrested, and sent to jail. His roommate is a six-foot tall two hundred pound black guy nicknamed Deep Chocolate.

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