The Sugar Addict and the Killer

BY : lizsnape
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Pairing: Raito/L

Rating: R-NC-17

Ryuzaki and Raito were at the college campus when L first met Misa. L's mask was lifted off his face and placed on his head. He was a little confused as he sucked his finger.

Misa was confused, too. "Raito, what did you say his name was?" she asked.

"Ryuzaki. This is Misa," Raito introduced.

Misa smiled. "Oh, so you're the famous Ryuzaki. You know, Raito talks about you all the time." She leaned in to whisper, "I think he has a crush on you."

Ryuzaki raised an eyebrow, then looked at Raito. Raito's ears turned pink. He laughed and grabbed Misa's arm in his. He pulled her away from Ryuzaki. "That's a good one, Misa," he said loud enough for Ryuzaki to hear. He then gritted his teeth and said, "You're lying."

Misa pouted. "You even dream about him, and not me."

"I dream about you."

"Yeah, about killing me. With him you dream about sex. 'Oh Ryuzaki.'" she immitated. "Or is it 'Oh Ryu!'? You don't think I hear you, but your tossing and turning wakes me up."

"I get it." He pulled her further away. "What else?"

"You're bottom."

"OK, that's enough. All I needed to know." He pushed her away. "Off you go. Ryuzaki and I have class now."

As she walked away she was surrounded by fans. She disapeared, so Raito turned to face Ryuzaki. All the whileRyuk was laughing in his ear. Ryuzaki's cell rang.

"Hello?...Yeah...OK. I'll be there, but I have a class first...Right. Bye." He hung up. "Misa's been arrested for suspision of being the second Kira," he said not looking at Raito, but turning away to go to his class.

"Why did you do that?"

"All the evidence was present," he answered simply.

Raito didn't like the newa, so class went by slowly for him. He wanted to get home, find out something, do something other than sit around.

When class was over, Ryuzaki got into his limo. "Can I come with you?" Raito asked. Ryuzaki nodded and moved over. "Thanks." Raito got in and the limo drove off.

"So you dream about me?" Ryuzaki asked.

"Misa is out of her mind." Raito looked through the moon roof and saw Ryuk flying above them.

"And it's about sex?"

"You overheard her!" Raito looked sharply at Ryuzaki.

"And you want me to top?"

Raito growled. "Enough."

Ryuzaki laughed. "You say that a lot."

"Yeah, well, I'm tired of hearing about it."

Suddenly the limo took a sharp turn, making Raito fall onto Ryuzaki. He was still smiling, and Raito was still glaring. Raito's gaze softened; his breath quickened; his grion responded; his lips were less than an inch away from Ryuzaki's. It started to rain, but Raito paid no attention to it; he was too entranced by Ryuzaki's intense gaze.Ryuzaki licked his lips, but they were so close his tongue touched Raito's lips. Raito moaned and closed his eyes.

The door behind Ryuzaki's head opened, and they toppled out of the limo. Watari caught Raito, but Ryuzaki landed on his butt in a huge puddle.

"We're here, L," Watari said, smiling down at him. He set Raito straight, then winked at him. "He dreams about you too...when he sleeps," he said in a low whisper into Raito's ear. Raito smiled evily.


A/N: This chapter was supposed to a lot longer, but I decided to reduce it to make it a longer story. R and R. *begs* There is a lot more written that needs to be typed. I will have one more chapter before I go on vacation this weekend.

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