You Have But Slumbered Here

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A/N: Although this fic is listed as AU, please assume that spoilers for the entire series will occur at some point. Also, the OOCness that you read is actually intended - if I say any more than that, I'll spoil the entire story. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it.

Chapter One: Of Butterflies and Sand

We are such stuff
As dreams are made on and our little life
Is rounded with a sleep..."

--From Shakespeare's "The Tempest" (IV, i, 156-157)

Here. The moments in which choices are made are so very fleeting that years can pass before a person can know whether his choice was wise or foolish, whether his efforts will be worthwhile or futile. But here in this present, this now, there are no regrets, no anticipation, no hestitation. Too much tension, too many days, too much building and piling up of worres and hopes that all it takes is an accidental brush of skin, hand to fumbling hand, and they break.

They are in darkness here. The midnight hour has long passed and the hum of the bedside clock tells no secrets on its own, but should they look up and let the blue light catch their eyes, they would know that sunrise will soon come. The day will break and cast truth on the choices they are making in the depth of night. But neither man averts his eyes.

They are too busy, each too intent on drinking in the other, consuming the other.

They are bound, chained at the wrist. They are joined, lip to open lip, savouring the taste of their own dreams. The need to prove, to feel their reality occurs simultaneously and both men seek to deepen this kiss, this desperate connection.

It begins as a battle. (As does everything with us, both men think, and then they know that their thinking is unified.)

As if they have done this thousands of times, as if they are a team, well-rehearsed in the art of being each other, they meld in their movements and timing. Light lifts his chin at the moment when L wishes to swipe his tongue along Light's throat. L turns his head as Light leans up to nibble his ear. Light brings his shackled hand to L's open mouth and L sucks it, wets down this skin sweeter than strawberry.

Their rhythm is fluid. Light's damp finger finds L's entrance and presses smoothly inside. They continue kissing as Light stretches and prepares his friend and enemy. He feels the tensing spot of flesh inside that signals L's readiness and as he withdraws his finger, L is already moving, raising his hips in anticipation of lowering himself onto Light's turgid cock.

And then he does. L's eyes flutter closed as his body opens, opens to the delicious invasion of Light's flesh. No words, no whispers, just breath that becomes heavier and huskier as he pistons himself - no. As they. do this together, moving in smooth synchronisation. The motion, the heat, the perfection of what they are doing brings them both forward into the depths of one another.

The come in unison.
(It ends in victory.)

Sated, they kiss and fall away. The weight of the late hour claims them both and with no fanfare, they sleep.

(There is a thought that the flight of a butterfly affects the weather on the other side of the world. The smallest of movements has the power to alter the very texture of the atmosphere.)

Today, Misa will interview with the Yotsuba group for the opportunity to be their image girl. She rehearses with L while Light watches on a monitor. But L's words are unlike him and he reminds her of Light in a way that is too simple for her to comprehend. She only knows that she doesn't miss Light's presence during her rehearsal; it feels as if he is there. She makes a point to find Light before she leaves, hoping that he will wish her luck. Light offers his wishes and calm advice and there is something, something that feels not like him but exactly like him.

Unnerved, Misa leaves on her mission. And Mogi is nervous, too and so his act as her manager is weak. By the time Misa finds herself in front of the Yotsuba group, enduring questions about her alleged role as the second Kira, her confidence has crumbled. She excuses herself to the toilet but instead runs to the elevator. In tears, she asks a security guard to escort her downstairs.

She and Mogi return to headquarters and announce their failure. Before L or Light can respond, Watari puts a message through from Aiber. Higuchi is dead, he says, and has left an startling note:

"I am Kira. I killed by means of a notebook provided to me by a Death God. Amane Misa was the second Kira but was manipulated by me. I attempted to frame Yagami Light because I knew that Misa loved him and I wanted her as my own. Even now, I do not control my own actions entirely. I write these words under the direction of the Death God, Rem, who wishes to protect Misa from harm. By taking this action, Rem will die, but she does this gladly so that Misa will be safe. The Death Gods are the true owners of these notebooks but any human who finds one can use it to kill. This means that at the will of the Death Gods, any human can be or become Kira. If you, L, will cease your investigation, Kira will be no more. My death will be the last."

(The little wind gathers strength as it travels. It picks up a bit of scattered sand from the terrain, and thus it stings as it whirls.)

Misa and Light are suspects again. The confession sounds too perfect to L and to Light. It is agreed that the investigation should continue on a smaller, more quiet scale. Misa is confined to her floor and Light remains chained to L at the wrists.

And they wait. Two weeks pass and no new deaths. (And in those nights, chains clink with a gentle rhythm.) Two weeks become 30 days. (Thirty nights of silent moans, of perfect motion.) Thirty days become four months. (Four months of stolen looks, of kisses that have left the safety of darkness, sneaked, instead, in closets, around corners, behind turned backs.) Four months become eight months and no one new has died. (But one new heart has broken - a surveillance tape plays at the wrong time, overseen by the wrong person, the revelation whispered to the wrong ears.) And when a year has passed, it is concluded that Kira is really and truly dead.

As is Soichiro's respect for his son.

As is Matsuda's desire to remain with the NPA.

As is Misa's love of anything.

The investigation is officially closed, although unofficially, there has been little interest in the Kira case for months. Soichiro, Matsuda, and Mogi have long since moved back to their respective homes. On the day that Misa is released, she walks headlong into the wind, not bothering to look behind her.

"It is only you and me now," Light says as he and L go about the business of powering down the computer systems. He holds up his hands, both of them now free of any visible chain, and waves them. "This feels strange, in a way."

"Which is it that feels strange to you?" L asks. "Being unshackled or no longer being a suspect?"

Light gives a wry smile. "Both, I suppose. But that wasn't what I was talking about. It feels strange not having a task. We haven't - that is, you havn't-"

L looks up from his folded laptop. "I didn't think I needed to, Light-kun. I assumed that you knew that I want you to come with me. Also, I assumed that you wanted to do so. Was I wrong in that assumption?"

"I- " Light stammers slightly, not wanting to say the wrong thing. But L has forgotten something and Light can't let it go. "I've got school to finish. I know I haven't attended classes in over a year, but I am hoping that-"

L nods his head. "Perhaps that is best for you, Light-kun. To finish your studies is a noble goal and I forget sometimes that you are much younger than I. You still have a life to live, a life that I have kept from you for more than a year. If I truly feel for you in the way that I believe that I do, then it would be selfish of me to take you away at this time."

Light stops and stares at L, seeing the same sadness in L's eyes that he knows is obvious in his own. L is right and Light is right and they both know that to part ways now is the healthiest thing for both of them. Light is so very young and still has the world to explore. L has long passed Light's current stage of life and has a career. This time together has been... interesting, yes? Beautiful, perhaps. Intense and yet... space would be the best thing for them now.

"Do you love me?" Light blurts out. He would panick at his own immaturity and rashness but L provides a such a quick answer.

"Of course I do. I thought you knew this as well. But love is not the issue, or rather, it is the issue. It is because I love you that I cannot-"

"There are other universities in the world, aren't there?" Light continues. "Whereever you're going - there are universities, right? Whereever you are, there is always something to learn, yes?"

"Light, I-"

But Light is already there, cupping L's chin in his hands, smothering L's lips with his own. Something in L snaps and suddenly, it is like their first time together again. Perfect motion, perfect rhythm, and the knowledge of one another take over and guide them out of their clothes and down to the floor.

"There is an 83 percent chance that I should not say this," L says as Light kisses his way down L's bared stomach. "But I do not wish to leave this place and go anywhere if Light is not with me. It may be wrong, but it is how I feel."

In the morning, a helicopter arrives to take them to the airport, where they will board a private jet bound for the United Kingdom. In the helicopter, Light falls asleep and dreams of the view of the city outside, of sirens, of strange monsters, and of blood on his watch.


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