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“How does this make it look as though I’ve been in a fight?” Light was not impressed, watching Ryuuzaki, almost having to cross his eyes, as the other held the band-aid delicately and putting it over the bridge of his nose.

The detective paused for a moment. “I am not sure where the rumor originated from but it is said that a band-aid on a person’s nose gives them the effect that they have recently been in a fight.”

Light cocked an eyebrow. “Because it’s on my nose.”


“Where did you first come across this?”

“A pub in England.”

Light grit his teeth. “Just because we’re chained together doesn’t mean I have to put up with this sort of thing.” He paused. “Why were you, of all people, in a pub?”

Ryuuzaki gave him that slumped, droopy sort of look of his. “Investigation.”

“And the band-aid suggests what? That someone scratched me with a toothpick?”


“Why do I need to look as though I’ve been in a fight?”

Ryuuzaki looked at him as if he was speaking some native tribal language only known in the deepest depths of Africa. In other words, not really surprised or anything, just blank.

That made Light suspicious. He started towards the bathroom; Ryuuzaki went in the opposite direction, towards a table with cake. The chain chinked at them. They turned at the same time.

“I want to see this band-aid.”

“I would like some cake.”

“The cake can wait, Ryuuzaki.”

“The band-aid will still be there.”

Light jerked hard on the chain, dragging Ryuuzaki into the bathroom. He blinked at his reflection. The little dancing pandas on his nose looked back, cheerful.

He glared over at Ryuuzaki.

Almost. Almost. He cracked a smile. Then did not. “Now that you have seen your band-aid, I would like some cake.”

Light stared at the back of his wild hair, incredulous. “Why did you feel the need—“

“Ah, it is always interesting how cakes with strawberries on them appear. It seems those must be the only types of cakes in Japan sometimes.”

Light tore the band-aid off his nose as he was tugged back into the, well…living room, he supposed. There was a television, not that Light watched much and Ryuuzaki didn’t watch any at all. He always ended up sitting behind the couch when Light watched TV, staring at the wall, thinking. Except for one strange day when Light was flipping through the channels to find the news and L suddenly popped above the top of the couch, making him jump. “Flip back!” he’d demanded. Confused, Light had a complied, showing some cartoon with a boy in some ridiculous outfit, talking about some kind of card game.

“That boy looks a lot like you, Light.”

“No, he doesn’t.”

“If you were to get a coat like that one—although it’s against physics that it should float in the air—“

“I don’t look like that kid. This is a cartoon, Ryuuzaki.”

“Ah,” Ryuuzaki suddenly said, pointing at the screen to a comment the boy had just made about some other blond boy’s ineptitude at the card game, “he has a similar attitude.”

“Shut up.” There is way too much downtime in this room. I wish he slept normal hours. (Although he hadn’t actually caught Ryuuzaki sleeping yet.)

There was a chess set in the corner. Neither of them had challenged the other to a match. Not that they probably both would have liked to, but that would just turn into another game of Ryuuzaki trying to analyze him and vice versus.

Light sat down on the couch, watching Ryuuzaki hack off a sizable hunk of cake, raising the fork inbetween his fingers.

“Why do you eat like that?” Light sat back, actually kind of curious.

Ryuuzaki looked at his hands, thoughfully, and then said, “It is so I do not stab myself.”

Well, that was a lie. Ryuuzaki could probably catch knives in his teeth, as if he’d stab himself with a fork.

“I suppose you would use your panda band-aids if you did.”


“Did Watari buy those for you?”

Ryuuzaki just nodded, staring at the cake, putting a bite in his mouth.

Light looked down. The box was there on the table. He reached forward and grabbed it up. He knew Ryuuzaki was looking at his cake but…it still felt like the other was watching him…as if he had an eye in his temple of something. The only person who probably didn’t think he was creepy besides Watari was probably Misa. He was just some strange, weird, quirky genius who didn’t compare to Light to her. She could care less that he was some great detective.

Not that Light thought he was creepy. He just pissed him off.

Idly, he wondered where Ryuuk was. He’d probably like some of these band-aids.

He rolled his eyes to himself and then took out some of the band-aids. He paused, glanced sidelong at Ryuuzaki, hating him a little and suddenly felt like a five-year-old. He shrugged a little. It wasn’t as though anyone was watching. It was one o’clock in the morning.

He unpeeled one of the band-aids, reached over and stuck it over Ryuuzaki’s eye.

The black-haired young man jerked away. He used his other eye and then peeled the band-aid off. He looked at it and flicked it in Light’s direction. “As I expected, you are never one to back down from any sort of challenge.”

“Was that a test?”

Ryuuzaki gave him a sidelong glance.

“Oh. Right. That makes me Kira because I stuck a panda band-aid on your face.”

Ryuuzaki turned back to his cake. “Or you could simply be extremely childish and do not like to back down.”

I’m not childish. “You’re the same.”

“I did not imply that I was not. I am very childish.” Suddenly he looked over and smiled. “Interesting that we are alike in some ways.”

Light regarded that statement carefully.

Ryuuzaki turned back to his cake.

Light glared at him. He is so frustrating but I can’t show him up now. Not when everything is so close to--

He paused in his thoughts as Ryuuzaki chomped down the strawberry and whipped cream, getting it on his face. For some reason, that irritated him. He looked down at the band-aids. He looked at Ryuuzaki.

He reached over and pushed at the bottom of Ryuuzaki’s plate, shoving the cake into his face.

Light never thought he’d see an expression quite like what he was seeing now. Ryuuzaki slumped a little. He just dropped his plate, letting it fall to the floor. Light had to look down. Ryuuzaki was glaring at him…but…somehow…the whipped cream and strawberry all over his face…he couldn’t take that seriously…he was trying not to laugh.


Light looked up. Ryuuzaki clubbed him in the face with the rest of the cake and the platter.

When he woke up, he was lying in bed, covered in cake. Ryuuzaki was sitting on the edge, unable to go far, obviously. He had a dead look on his face.

Light wiped cake off his face and suddenly paused. His skin felt funny. He looked down at his arms. He jerked, sitting up. He was covered in pandas. He touched his shirt. “What the--?!” He unbuttoned his shirt, touched his neck—he was covered in those goddamn panda band-aids.

No. No. Don’t show him any emotion. That’s what he wants. He wants to see how easily irritated I can get.

Ryuuzaki just watched. You will not show me anything. I assumed you wouldn’t. Your pride is too much.

“Is this turning into a war?”

Ryuuzaki gave him a mildly curious look. “A war, Light?”

“First all that talk about a plan and needing it to look as though I’d been in a fight. Then the cake. Now this?”

He shrugged.

Light scowled. That damn--! He grabbed the chain and jerked on it, grabbing Ryuuzaki’s shirt, shoving him down, pressing the chain gently, warningly, to his throat.

“You understand that killing me over something so trivial will only make you more suspicious.”

“At this point I think I’d risk it.”

“I did not realize you disliked pandas so much.”

Light glared.

“Although you do seem to like cake more then I thought. It is still all over your face.”

“I hate you.”

“That is unfortunate. I think of Light and Misa as friends.”

“Yeah, right.”

That made Ryuuzaki pause. He is correct. Though it is a challenge. He reached up and wiped some of the cake off the side of his face, flicking it off onto the floor.

Light blinked, almost jerked back. “What are you doing?”

“I cannot take you seriously when you have cake all over your face. If you allow it, I will help remove the band-aids. That began this, after all.”

Light sat back a little, wary, but he let Ryuuzaki sit up. He promptly reached over for a glass of water on the nightstand and dumped it on Light’s face.

I’m going to kill him. And hit him. Really hard.

Ryuuzaki seemed deadpan, wiping off Light’s face. “You will have to remove your shirt.”


“The band-aids.”

Light suddenly felt awkward, but he unbuttoned the rest of his shirt, sliding it down to the chain.

Ryuuzaki seemed totally indifferent, peeling off the band-aids from about two inches away.

In a morbid, disgusted-with-himself sort of way, he shivered. He could get the scent of coffee and sweets on L. He suddenly wondered what he smelled like without the coffee and candy. Probably like every other human. It was a little odd, thinking of Ryuuzaki as being human. Well, naturally, he has to be. He has wants, needs, and desires just like the rest of us. He glared a little. Why am I thinking like that? He was beginning to wonder if he was just sexually frustrated. No way in hell would I do anything with him. Now, why had that thought come? He wished Ryuuzaki would go away. Go and stare out the window like he so often did.

“Ryuuzaki, I can remove band-aids by myself.”

“You have done nothing as of yet. You seem distracted.”

“You’re not?”

Ryuuzaki looked him, seeming curious. “Why would I be?”

For some reason, again, that irritated him. “I guess you do this all the time?”

“No. I have never done this before. I have never had reason to stick band-aids all over another person.”

“Is there anything else you’ve never done?”

Ryuuzaki paused and looked to the side, seeming to consider that question. “Nothing of any importance…”

“That’s a lie.”

Ryuuzaki looked at him. “Is it?”

“I’ll bet you’ve never kissed a girl.”

Ryuuzaki stared at him for a moment. “I do not see how that would be any of your concern.”

Light watched him. Just a touch of insecurity. “Ah, I suppose Watari told you to stay away from women, eh?”

Ryuuzaki was giving him a look that clearly stated he thought Light was acting like an idiot. “I’m surprised Matsuda has not asked this question. He has no tact. Apparently you are on the same level as Matsuda.”

Now that stung. He grabbed Ryuuzaki by the front of his shirt, yanked him down and shoved his mouth against his.

Inwardly, every molecule in him reeled back in horror.

But the look on Ryuuzaki’s face, he decided, made it completely worth it, even though his mouth felt really weird.

Ryuuzaki seemed speechless for probably the first time ever. It was even better then the cake-covered irritation from earlier.

He smirked.

Ryuuzaki seemed incredibly uncomfortable, regarding Light as if he were some unidentified species of land shark. “This is some sort of power play on your part.”

“When hasn’t this been, Ryuuzaki? You don’t believe you are affected?”

“I’m only curious.” But he looked away.

“Heh. I could make sure you were affected.”

“That is not necessary.” That answer came short, terse.

“I take it this is one of those things that you’ve never done.”

“Again, that is no concern of yours. And were it, I would assure you that it would not be with a male.”

“Are you 99.9999999999 percent sure on that?”

“One hundred, actually.”

“I feel the same way.”

“Then this sort of control stops here and now.”

“This is a war, though. You want me to be Kira. And I want to convince you I’m not. So I agreed to have these handcuffs placed but it will never stop. We’re both too smart.”

Ryuuzaki made a neutral sound in his throat and made to get up.

Light grabbed the chain and jerked him back. He grabbed him, rough and brusque, by the shoulders and shoved him down. He smirked.

“Light.” There was a touch of warning there.

“Are you going to kick me in the face from this position?”

That’s precisely what he did. He jerked his legs out from under Light, hooked one on his shoulder and slammed his foot into the side of his face. Light tumbled right off the bed.

“You bastard—“ He jumped back up, dodging the detective again and pinned him down. He had a weight and height advantage. He kissed him again.

Ryuuzaki jerked, going rigid. He was angry certainly…but he wasn’t sure how to express it in this situation. He’d never been faced with it before.

Light allowed himself an inward grin. What could be better? Having an upper hand on Ryuuzaki and giving in to some more basic needs that they would both pretend never happened and he wouldn’t have to turn to Misa and use her for it.

Of course, Ryuuzaki could be thinking up something. He’d have to take control of him immediately.

He pulled up that baggy white shirt.

Ryuuzaki immediately jerked back, tried to lash out at him again but Light smoothed his hand down the denim over his inner thigh and Ryuuzaki froze, staring, wide-eyed.

Control. Light had to have control. It was an obsession. A basic structure to his entire being. Ryuuzaki was a little like that, but in different ways but he had the upper hand. He was in control. And guy or not be damned, he was going to keep it.

“What’s wrong, Ryuuzaki?” He moved his hand up farther.

He squirmed, out of sorts, trying to move back and then he glared. “Do not think you can simply—“ He bit down on a sound, Light gliding his hand up, pressing in slightly on the denim, tracing his finger along, smirking.

“Yagami. Consider your actions. Stop—“

“When did you get so formal all of a sudden? We’re chained together; you think we’d be forced to get along better.”

“Not in this manner.”

“Really? I guess I’m not doing enough then?” Sly, he slid his fingers up, deftly plucking away the clasp and downing the zipper. He loved the look of horror, confusion and total loss at what to do.

Though…even he hesitated for a moment. What…am I doing…? He shook himself, considering Ryuuzaki for a moment and slipped his hand over his abdomen. Ryuuzaki screwed his eyes shut, hissing, barely audible when he slipped lower, tantalizing, teasing before gliding his hand over him.

The detective shot open those dark eyes, staring, breath caught in his throat. He felt strange. Hot all over and…there…well…he grit his teeth against nimble fingers and felt something like…shame, when he became aware of hot, firm flesh. “Stop. Now.”

Light raised his eyebrows. “No.” He leaned down and kissed him again, working his mouth, gentle at first, then a little rougher. He moved his hand carefully, each languid stroke long, firm, and deliberate. He laughed. “You have absolutely no experience.”

Ryuuzaki swallowed. “I suppose you would be amused by that.”


“On a different level.”

“You said we were both childish.”

“Not on this level of immaturity.”

“Oh, you would never sink so low?”

“No. I would not. Though it does not surprise me that you would.”

“So you think Kira is a sexual predator?”

“No, I simply look at how you treat Misa and the other women you frequently go around with.”

Light paused and then ignored that. He looked away from Ryuuzaki, who had just started to get his control back, started to move away, and then Light nabbed him again, rubbing his thumb over the head, pushing down on him, leaning over to, very gently, let his lips touch down on his stomach.

Ryuuzaki jerked again, rigid.

Light had to admit, for eating so much sugary food he was surprised at the hard, rigid muscle in his abdomen. No wonder his kicks hurt so much. He moved down his abdomen, over his side, flicking his tongue over the other’s pale skin.

Ryuuzaki was trying not to move. This was all power play and he knew it. He hated to admit that Light had the upper hand. It rankled but…

Light tightened his grip a little and his mouth left cool breaths of air, a tingling juxtaposition from his kiss, hot and moist. Unintentionally, he shuddered and wished someone would bust in and save him. Light had been correct. His experience was next to nothing and he was not sure how to control it. His narrow hips moved into Light’s hand for just a split-second before looking away, forcing himself to stop. This was ridiculous.

But…he knew he was human. Of course he was, but Watari had warned him away from sexual desires ever since he’d officially reached manhood. Misa was beautiful, though an idiot, which was unfortunate in some ways, good in others. It made her easy to manipulate. Wedy was beautiful but somehow far too classy and he had, relatively, no interest. Women and men were people to him, not subjects to—

One hand clawed into his palm as Light’s mouth suddenly touched his hip bone. His hand was still moving in long, restless strokes. He had been trying to keep his composure and stay silent but he was starting to waver, a hot feeling behind his eyes. The whole room seemed too hot. Barely audible, he hissed between his teeth, strangling something of a low whimper.

Light smirked, hearing that hiss…that little whimper. Take that. He kept one hand on Ryuuzaki, speeding up a touch and leaned up, moving over his body and kissing his mouth again. He slipped over his jaw, ghosting down his throat. The detective arched, just slightly, under him and he moved to his ear. He nibbled at the shell before whispering into it. “It feels good doesn’t it. You’re mature enough to admit that. You should know about the human body after all…though you can’t Wikipedia this…ha, but it does…doesn’t it?” His voice was low, husky. He was getting hotter, hearing Ryuuzaki’s breath catch a little. “Come on, just admit it….”

He knew, never in a million years, would Ryuuzaki admit such a thing. But it was fun to tease him. There was only one problem. He was starting to feel it…

He moved up, breathing lightly up his face, watching him look away, face slightly flushed. Moving in, he kissed his mouth…and…felt him respond, tentatively.

Light pushed in deeper and finally let his touch go firm, rubbing. Ryuuzaki jerked again, making a tiny sound in the back of his throat. He was overwhelmed and Light took advantage of it, thumbing around the sensitive head, kissing down his throat. He moved a hand under his shirt again, skimming up his chest to his nipple, tweaking it, pulling the shirt up to suck on it.

He almost got a moan out of that one. He heard something guttural, harsh but quiet. He moved heated, feather-light kisses over his breastbone. He had to admit, L was doing a good job for a guy who had no experience.

That kind of annoyed him. Sure, he was hard but so was Light and it was starting to cloud his judgment. He was starting to want him. Feel nothing more then sweat and skin and that wild black hair. He wanted to hear Ryuuzaki groan in his ear. He wanted Ryuuzaki to know how much he loathed and slightly respected him (and only because he presented a challenge to Light). He wanted heated breaths and bare skin and…

He grabbed his pants, forcing them down those narrow hips to lean, hot thighs. He unbuttoned his own pants, relieving some of the tension, grabbed Ryuuzaki and hauled him up to his knees.

Ryuuzaki stared at him, looking aside, kind of ashamed but that didn’t last long. Light was rubbing faster, faster then before and harder. He grabbed his hand.


He turned back, eyeing him, trying to…no…he couldn’t ignore it…he closed his eyes…


He opened them again to a heated, hazy gaze, Light’s hand still digging into Ryuuzaki’s. “I want you to touch me.” He shoved his hand down to his abdomen, pressing his palm against the hot skin.

He swallowed.

Light moved in. “You’re starting to enjoy it. I know it.” He massaged around the head. “It’s not hard.” Heh heh, irony. He kissed at his mouth again, pulling the baggy white shirt over his head to press closer.

Ryuuzaki’s skin prickled, his bony fingers hot, shaking a little. He responded to the kiss, letting go just a little, moving closer and…hesitantly, carefully, slid his hand a little further down. He touched just under the waistline of Light’s boxers.

“Go on,” Light murmured, husky and low, next to his ear. “Do it. You want to.” He rubbed over him. “Feels good, doesn’t it?”

Ryuuzaki screwed his eyes shut again, trying to sift through how…it felt…and, nervous, wincing, wrapped his fingers around heated, stiff flesh. For a moment he felt horrified and nearly jerked away but Light was still…still touching him…still smoothing his hand up and down…tugging and he was moving his mouth. Light breathed close to his ear and made his way down his throat to his bare shoulder.

His breathing stitched again, against his own will, starting to picked up.

Light held no pretenses. Why bother now? He shifted his hips, moving into Ryuuzaki’s hand, sliding closer, sucking on his shoulder. My worst enemy…geez…. It didn’t matter at the moment. He moved his mouth over the young man’s collarbone, tilting his head, sucking, swirling his tongue over his nipple, erect, to attention, and shoved against him.

Ryuuzaki nearly flailed for a moment and went down on his back, Light rolling his hips against his hand. He wondered if he was supposed to do something. Light didn’t stop, he kept working his hand over him until…he couldn’t resist anymore and pushed into it…just a little. Then a little harder, a little faster.

Light smirked, only momentarily distracted at what felt like a tiny victory as Ryuuzaki started to really give in. Then his mind was taken away. He felt the hand around him squeeze just a little tighter. His laugh was low and laid down about an inch above him, just enough room to work, studying Ryuuzaki’s face. That wild hair of his all over the place, some of it weighted with just a little sweat as he moved faster against Light. His eyes were closed, pale face flushed, breathing shallow.

He moved his free hand down to Ryuuzaki, clenching tighter around it, forcing his fingers in harder. He took in a harsher breath. He kept his hand around Ryuuzaki’s so he wouldn’t ease up, feeling damp and hot, shoving back and forth, groaning a little.

Ryuuzaki hardly registered that, his mind clouded, hazy, focusing in on the hand curled around his cock, moving faster, more reckless. He leaned up and grabbed Light’s mouth, who returned it hungrily, pushing in deep, back into the bed. It was a flurry now. A rush of movement that hardly mattered. Light’s throat was damp with sweat, Ryuuzaki moving down his skin, copying his movements from earlier and then dropped back, tightening his hold, rubbing back, faster.

All he was aware of was his own heartbeat, Light’s harsh breathing and the hot sensations below and the build of pressure, Light massaging around him. Light kissing at him. Light’s hand on his own…guiding…

He came first, arching, vision blurring taking in a hard breath…not expecting the rush. His grip loosened but Light grabbed it, jerking back and forth frantically and then going rigid above him.

He felt the hot liquid on his hand but just laid back, trying to catch his breath when Light just kind of gave up and lowered himself down on him.

“There,” he muttered, “that wasn’t so bad.”

Ryuuzaki didn’t say anything. He stared at the ceiling. Light, for his part, rolled onto his side, mind starting to turn rational again. …I can’t believe I just did that. But…he was tired…that thought wouldn’t matter, right? Or…would I ever do that again? He wondered what Ryuuzaki might do, now that he had shown him something…

He tried to study the detective, read his expression but he could not. There was some strange look there that he could not interpret. Maybe because he was tired. He yawned a little and scooted over to his side of the bed, letting his eyes sort of droop.

Ryuuzaki glanced at him and then looked back up. He swallowed, awkward, feeling weird and out of his depth. He sat up. Light appeared to be drowsing or going to sleep. He reached to the nightstand for a box of tissues and wiped off the mess, trying not to think about it, mind drifting back and trying to push it away again. He wanted a shower. He felt weird. But he didn’t want to wake Light up again. That would be more uncomfortable then he was currently prepared to deal with. He pulled his shirt back on, fixing his clothes and got up. He glanced down. There were band-aids all over the place. He looked away. Never again. He went to the window and stared out over Tokyo.

Light Yagami who he so firmly believed was Kira (and still did), who had just…

He checked his thumb before he bit into it, hard…and wasn’t sure what to think.

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