Shadows of Claim

BY : Shadow Hitokiri
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Summary – The man who wants to be strongest, must first claim the strongest…

Shadows of Claim

Aoshi Shinomori had first came to this conclusion when he was meditating in the temple – even being bothered by Misao wasn’t enough for him to forget. Being bent on being strong, he had once been told, was his weakness. Which did not sit well with him, not at all. Maybe that was what made him suddenly get up and leave Kyoto, maybe that was what spurned him on his long journey to Tokyo…

But, whatever it was, he figured that the only way he could find the reason was that he must first find the red headed warrior who had once told him to live on for those he cared for. Death would not come at the hand of this warrior. Aoshi wasn’t sure if at that time, in Shishio’s library, if he honestly wanted to die or not, he had sealed those feelings away…and this was what happened.

He had lived on, just like Kenshin had told him too….but…the red head had opened another door. One of which he would not be able to escape. Aoshi had all ready decided…he would win the heart of this particular warrior. If he couldn’t win the title of the strongest, he would claim the strongest….

Kenshin Himura looked up as someone knocked on the gate of the small dojo of which he lived with his friends. He was in the middle of the laundry pile and Kaoru (with Yahiko) had just left to train at another dojo. Sano hadn’t shown up yet and Kenshin wasn’t exactly sure if he would or not that day. However, whoever was at the gates wasn’t about to go away.

This made Kenshin get to his feet to see to the visitor. He did not sense any ki that was dangerous at all – however, that did not mean that the visitor had good intentions. Kenshin decided to be nice but firm when he told the visitor to go away – however, when he opened the door, he was immediately lambasted away as a man (as tall as Saitou Hajime) walked into the yard.

“Excuse me, but do you happen to know someone by the name of Himura Kenshin?” the man asked, he was tall and he wore an American suite that was white. He had a pointed nose and his eyes were just as pointed. Kenshin took one look at the man and flat out refused to like him.

“Why do you ask this one?”
“Oh, I don’t know,” the man waved his hand at the smaller one, “I just thought that Himura-san would like to know that someone is very, very interested in him,”

Kenshin got to his feet; “What do you mean?” his eyes turned blue.
“Oh, so you ARE Himura? Are you? Well, I all ready knew that,” the man said as he walked around the smaller warrior. “You are the great Hitokiri Battousai, you got the name because of Battou-jutsu…yes…and I am interested in not only your skill in the sword…but…” and with that the man’s eyes ran from head to toe of Kenshin, making the red head feel very much embarrassed.

“What is it that you want with this one?”
“Give me your sword skills, together, we can make Japan what it once was,” the man replied.
“This one is not interested in anything you have to say. If I did, than Makoto Shishio would all ready have control of Japan,” Kenshin replied. The man turned red at this, for he knew it was true.
“Fine then, there is no other way…” he stalked towards Kenshin. The warrior stood his ground, he didn’t have his sword but he could take on the man with his fists. The man reached out a hand to trace softly the lines of Kenshin’s face. Then he smirked and swiftly kissed Kenshin with strong, but soft lips.

“Soon, fox, you shall be mine,” and with that the man left with a flick of his hand as a farewell. Kenshin stood there for a time, it took long moments for his eyes to turn from blue to violet.

He had to be more watchful…..

Breaths flowing like a river…
Bodies cleaving together as if one…
Neither stopping, but pumping into each other…
As the plum blossom petals their love would never fail…

Kenshin woke in a strong sweat – he had a hard-on like no other, but the only problem was that he had been waking from such sexual dreams for weeks now. He wasn’t exactly sure why, either. He knew for sure, however, that these dreams were not about Kaoru or Megumi. It was about another….

Another man….

“But who…?” he asked himself softly as he stood. He closed his eyes and willed his hard on away. Soon he was back to normal as he stepped out of his bed room to catch a bit of fresh air. He thought back to that dream. He had been tied to a pole and someone was making love to him. Love, he had only made love to someone once before and hadn’t done so since. Tomoe had been his first and only love, and they only did it once. But that had been enough, for the day after, she died…at his hands…

He hadn’t told a soul about Tomoe. There was no need for them to know, yet. He knew that Enishi had seen the death of his dear sister – but after that day, Kenshin hadn’t seen the boy, and he was glad of that, for he would suffer at the hands of that boy…

Pushing these thoughts from him, he walked the boundaries of the dojo, only to find that someone had visited while he had been asleep. Kenshin was checking that the gate of the dojo was locked, when he found a small package. It had his name on it, and with much curiosity, he opened it.

The fabric was rich, it was a gi of deep crimson. There was no note, but Kenshin was sure that it was from that man from earlier. He glared at it, but all the same, he folded it back up. Then he put it back before the gate, “If anyone is out there,” he said. “Take. It. Back.” He bit out harshly before he shut and locked the gate again.

The rest of the night found Kenshin (with his sword) standing guard over the dojo.

Aoshi had returned to the bed room with a tired sigh. Work had taken up most of his time and so he hadn’t been able to be with his lover much of late. And so, when he entered the room, and saw that his lover was all ready asleep – he was glad. Watching his lover sleep always made him feel much better.

As he disrobed and climbed into the sleeping yukata before slipping beneath the blankets of their futon, the other occupant turned over and kissed him gently. Aoshi smirked into the kiss as he pushed his lover back. He climbed on top, still kissing the one beneath him.

“Will you make love with me tonight?” his lover asked.
“Anything for you….”

And with that, Aoshi awoke from his dream. He came awake to the red dawn of the sun climbing over the mountains, Mount Fuji the most prominent of all could still be seen in the close distance. His hard on was also very prominent at his thoughts of a certain red head.

A hand snaked down to brush against the confinement of his pants. He took a sharp breath, but pulled himself back – he wanted to come for the first time inside the strongest warrior in Japan. He wanted to touch that lithe body of Himura Kenshin…

He wanted to love the red head who had asked him to live…

Isamu Kaito smirked as he took a look at the empty room, it would soon house his prize – the red head would look good kneeling at his feet. Kaito could only imagine having the red head at his mercy. Tied to the bed hand and foot, begging to be taken by his master…

Crying when such a favor would not be given…

Yes, Himura would be his, no doubt about it.

Kaoru wasn’t sure what to do about Kenshin – he simply refused the package, said that he did not need it and if she would like to have it, that was fine by him. Kaoru, of course, wouldn’t fit it, but, it was almost the right size for her own small frame. And so, during their practice that day, she wore a crimson gi with her white hakama.

Kenshin said that it was a good color on her – she missed the look of worry crossing his face. He wasn’t sure if that man would come back to spy on him and the rest of the inhabitants of the Dojo, but he hoped he wouldn’t.

Thoughts of his dream from before also plagued him. The man in his dream had been gentle, well, the kissing part had been gentle and sincere. Though the man’s face was blurry – he had come into the room where Kenshin slept, Kenshin had heard him come in and for some reason, when the man laid down besides him, Kenshin had the unbearable feeling to turn over and kiss the other…..

It might have gotten sexual after wards – but Kenshin had awoken right after the kissing started. He was glad for it, though he did wish he had known who it was that he was kissing. One thing he did know, it wasn’t the visitor he had the day before. This man actually loved him.

Which was something that he swiftly wanted to feel….

“Kenshin,” Kaoru called, he stood from his thinking as he to turn his full attention to her, she smiled at him as he noticed the bucket she held.
“Would you mind getting tonight’s dinner?” Kaoru asked.
“No, this one wouldn’t mind,” Kenshin replied as he took the bucket from Kaoru.

Quietly, he made his way out of the dojo, his sword at his waist.

Kaito was happily inclined to go to the market that day – he was even more happily inclined to follow his prize when he saw the blood red hair. The man still wore the stained, patched maroon gi. He wondered why Himura did not wear the new one he had sent by.

“Himura-San, fancy meeting you here,” Kaito said.
“What the hell do you want,” Himura turned to give him a glare that had a bit of Battousai mixed with it.
“I just needed to pick up a few things,” Kaito said.
“This one see’s that, but he wishes to know what it is you want with him?”
“What I want from you must be seen by now,” Kaito replied with a smirk.
“No, it isn’t,” Kenshin said flatly as he paid for the daikon radish. Kaito smirked at this and followed the red head till he came to another vegetable seller.

“You really want to know what I want…?” Kaito asked.
“Indeed, this one does,” Kenshin replied without a backwards glance.

Kaito slipped a hand up Kenshin’s arm, slowly he stroked the up, stroking the younger man’s neck, his hand was soon buried in blood. Kenshin halted in mid step – the closeness of this man put him on edge.

“What do you want? Don’t make me ask you again!” Kenshin said in an angry whisper.
“I want…you…” and with that, the man walked away. But the feeling of his touch stayed with Kenshin for several long moments after.

“Battousai, what was that all about?”

Kenshin turned to see Saitou standing against the edge of a building smoking. Kenshin shook his head with a sigh. He gave Saitou a withering look before answering.

“I don’t know,”
“You’d better be careful, Isamu Kaito is a known drug dealer, though it isn’t proven. He gets what he wants – and it looks as if he is out to claim the great Battousai the Manslayer,” Saitou said with a smirk.
“I think you have it wrong,” Kenshin muttered.
“And I think you are in denial…” Saitou said before he too walked away. This of course left Kenshin with serious doubts, and obvious fragility of his own self.

Saitou was only a little surprised when he went home to find a ninja waiting for his arrival. Of course he had known that Shinomori was waiting for him – he smirked at the ninja.

“Why come to me?” Saitou asked.
“I need to tell me something,” Aoshi replied.
“Ah, information isn’t going to be that easy to come by,” Saitou smirked.
“I won’t get into your bed, I plan to make love to Himura,”
“Himura the Battousai seems to be quite popular lately,” Saitou smirked.
“What do you mean?”
“Spy on him, and soon you will know. You’re not the only person interested in the Battousai,” Saitou said.

Aoshi gave Saitou a smirk of his own; he walked across the main room of the small home till he was standing before the other man.

“That was all I needed to know,”

Slowly, Aoshi carefully touched his lips to Saitou’s, breathing in the nicotine that defined Saitou’s smell. Saitou smirked at the other, “That was all I needed for payment,” he said before the Ninja left.

A/N – I know that there isn’t much love making in this chapter. Basically this is a bit of a character study for me. But, I want you to know that there may be some porn in the next chapter or two. So just keep checking back!


Shadow Hitokiri

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