Boku no Saiai no Toujinshi

BY : Jade Ai
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Prologue: First Impressions


“So it was you? You the one who called me, Lord Kogenta of the Byakko?” I remembered asking at that time, not knowing the physical form of my summoner, and yet knowing with every fiber of my being that he was to be my next toujinshi. “Will you form a contract, then?”

“Contract…?” I remembered hating that uncertainty. I remembered thinking that I had been fooled – that my chosen summoner could not be so weak. The very thought was impossible.

“That Drive called me!” The sheer insult of being called by one not worthy of my power grated on my pride, and drove me to impatience. “What do you want with me?!”

“I… Save my grandfather!” The emotions that spilled from those desperate words pulled nothing but contempt from me. How could I have been wrong? After so many years, could I finally have made a mistake in choosing my toujinshi?

“I don’t save people.” I sneered at him. The despair that blasted at my senses then drove me to begrudgingly offer some comfort. “Anyway, he’s just asleep.”

Anger ignited when I next sensed near-overwhelming relief. “Teme! Don’t tell me that was the only reason you called me!”

“Then… What can you do?” My eyes narrowed. Was he trying to trick me? I thought. What is he trying to do? Yet I answered anyway.

“The only thing I can do…” I cracked my knuckles in eager anticipation. “…is fight!”

“Then fight that demon!” Came the imperious command. The blood quickened in my veins.

“Call my name then.” I demanded, the adrenaline and the screaming urge to fight rushing through my body, combined with the sure knowledge of the bond to be formed made my tones impatient.

“Kogenta…” Was the barely audible response.

I was not paying close enough attention to fully appreciate it at that time, but it had been confusion and bewilderment, a complete lack of understanding of the new world that had been thrust upon my toujinshi that had driven the uncertain stuttering and the weak reply. “I can’t hear you.” Thinking that it was only weakness, which only drove my impatience and anger to bubbling fury, I unthinkingly yelled and channeled my rage at him. “Call. My. NAME!!!”

I could almost feel when his near paralyzing uncertainty crystallized to new determination. “Kogenta of the Byakko!” I raised my head, poised on the edge of readiness. “I form a contract with you!!”

“I like your style. Very well. I accept!” Finally! I felt the shimmering line form in between the two of us with a satisfying, soul-deep snap, the shining bond between toujinshi and shikagami, and never thought to question why the bond had flashed momentarily golden as I exulted in my freedom.

“YES!!! I am Kogenta of the Byakko! TENZAN!!”

And that, was how I met my toujinshi. The one whom I fight for.

“Why haven’t you cut the Seal since you called me?! Don’t tell me you called me but you don’t know how to use the Drive?!”

My master. The one whom I obey above all others.

“Hurry! Swing the Drive!”

My partner. My aibou. The one whom I share the same dreams, the same hopes, the same desires.

“More power!”

My Riku. The one whom I love, every side of him, both his past and his present.

“Hissatsu! Crescent Moon Dancing Fists!”

My mate.



End Prologue.


AN: Just finished watching the anime 'Onmyou Taisenki', which spawned this little brainchild of mine. I added it into the Yami no Matsuei category since the idea's similar in a roundabout sort of way - both involve shikigami - and because there is no Onmyou Taisenki category in right now. Small cliffhanger to see if the idea’s worth continuing. ^^ Feedback, please!

Jade Ai.

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