Cheap Red Lipstick

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Near looked at the piece of clothing in his hand, apprehensive.

The pale boy studied himself in the mirror; he was naked. What was he thinking by even complying with this? No, he had no choice. Mello wouldn't release him unless he complied with this. He sighed and slipped on the red nightie which glided on with ease; the material was cool and tickled his skin. Again, he looked at the mirror. The nightie clung to his bare shoulders on two flimsy strings, a thin waistband clung loosely to the bottom of his chest while the transparent material exposed his pale skin beneath and accentuated his form. He felt embarrassed by his own reflection. The gown must of stopped at least three inches above his knee. Near pulled the material down in an effort to look more decent which only served to further accentuate his nipples affected by the cool air. This was no good.

The boy sighed and eyed the bag of make-up on the counter. He dumped the contents into the sink and fished for a tube of lipstick, the only make-up accessory he could recognize. Once the tube of lipstick was located, Near tossed the lid on the floor, and slowly twisted the tube, studying the bright red substance, until an adequate amount was exposed. Taking into account his memories of Hal applying lipstick, he shakily brought the tube close and carefully traced his bottom lip and, afterwards, pressed his lips together. Near made a few adjustments with his fingers. Unsure of what else to do, his pale hands fumbled around with the accessories, liberally applying whatever looked 'right'.

After battling to figure out the opening of the stockings, he coasted them along his legs, finishing off at the bottom of his thigh with a loud snap. The mirror, again. A disgusted look flashed across his face as he took a small washcloth and covered himself. This was utterly ridiculous. Near slowly walked out of the bathroom, down a short hallway and finally arrived at a slightly cracked-open door. He, again, pulled down the nightie in a futile attempt to cover himself as best he could.

When he entered the room, his eyes were first drawn to Matt's zebra-striped shirt. The redhead was seated on the edge of an unmade bed, next to Mello, thoroughly absorbed with his handheld, that is, until he noticed Near step into the room. Mello's lips twitched, trying their hardest to fight off laughter. Near downcast his gaze and brought a finger up to his hair, tightly holding the concealing washcloth in place.

Finally, Mello burst out laughing. "Hahaha oh wow, you look like a cheap whore!"

"Ahaha, check it out. He used eye shadow as blush," Matt pointed out. Mello doubled back in laughter once again.

Near tried his best to keep his composure, but failed miserably as his face now glowed red from embarrassment. He tried to fight back, "And how would YOU know that Matt?"

Matt stuck a finger into his nose and rolled his eyes like some dis-interested teenager, "Cause, I've had girlfriends before. Also, blush doesn't usually sparkle."

Near felt even more embarrassed. Why did he even bother saying anything? Sure, he was intelligent but Near knew he had the social grace and skills of a damp towel.

"Take off that stupid washcloth."

Near tossed it aside, feigning confidence.

"Matt, you have the camera, right?"

Camera-- the mention of the word made Near sick to his stomach.


Matt took a small handheld digital camera out his pocket and handed it to Mello who immediately pointed it at Near, "Say Hello to the camera, Near."

This was utterly humiliating. When was this going to end?

"Near, say hello to the fucking camera."

Near brought a finger to his hair and curled, looking away in utter embarrassment, "...Hello."

"Okay, okay, say 'pleased to meet you, I'm Near. I love cock.'"

Matt snickered.

He felt absolutely nauseous, but complied anyway, "...Pleased to meet you, I'm Near. I... love..."

"Say it with more enthusiasm!" Matt yelled.

"Pleased to meet you, I'm Near. I love cock."

Mello and Matt erupted in laughter once again. Mello paused and savored his small victory over the 1st. Oh, bliss.

"Come closer." Mello motioned him.

Near reluctantly stepped forward.


He stopped right in front of them.

"Lift up your skirt."

There was no denying it now, Near was absolutely red in the face as he lifted the nightie, exposing his member.

Mello spoke to the camera, "This is Near, number one at Wammy's House, showing me his dick, although it's not much to look at."

"Oh come on Mello, that's really mean," Matt teased.

"So why do you love cock, Near?"

"...I don't know how to answer that."

"It's because you're a slut, Near," Mello replied matter-of-factly, "Sluts love cock so that must mean that you're a slut."


Mello noticed how the skin on his lower thighs was indented by the tight stockings. "Check this out, this slut is a fatass," he laughed as he filmed his fingers prodding Near's thighs.

Matt's curiosity peaked and he ran his finger along the protruding skin. Near winced. Woah. Matt felt sort of amazed that he could evoke such a reaction from Near. He wondered what would happen-- Matt ran his entire hand on Near's thigh evoking a breathy gasp.

"Augghh, fuck." Matt moaned as he keeled over with his hands nestled in his lap.

"What's up Matt?" Mello asked with marked concern.

Near quickly lowered the nightie and covered himself, thankful that the redhead was distracting Mello as his fondling had made Near slightly hard.

Matt lifted up his arms, revealing his erection.

Mello sometimes forgot that Matt was a 19-year-old still learning to control his sex drive. Personally, sex was no big deal to him. It was simple routine of kiss, fuck, come, and done. Matt still had a lot to learn and Near..., well, he wasn't even sure if he even had a sex drive.

"Matt, you have to learn to control yourself. I mean, seriously, getting an erection from Near?" Although, he had to admit, degrading Near was particularly arousing and he looked sort of cu-- fuck, now he was getting turned on too.

Mello definitely hadn't expected this would happen. He thought Near would look awkward, ugly, and stupid with the makeup and that cheap nightgown, making for some great comedic material. Instead, he felt like a pre-pubescent boy starting to 'discover' girls for the first time.

Near looked beautiful. The clothing lovingly embraced his form revealing his taut, pink nipples and pale skin. The stockings gave Near a bit of feminine edge in that it gave more form to his legs and thighs. The makeup application was terrible, but it was so unlike boring Near that it was sexy. Also, humbled, embarrassed, and flushed, Near looked very cute, and corruptible.

Mello eyed the boy once more, hungrily tracing his legs, thighs, waist, chest, arms, neck and lightly-pinked face.

Fuck, he wanted to make the boy scream.


There was no way in hell that he'd ever let Near know how much he affected him. He wanted Near to beg for it. He had an idea.

"Hey Matt, let's have ourselves a show." Mello reached into a nearby bag. He pulled out a chocolate bar and held it with his teeth before reaching into the bag again.

Mello grinned deviously when he detected the quick flash of horror across Near's face when he pulled out a dildo. He sloppily slathered the dildo with lubricant and tossed it at Near's feet.

"Fuck it."



Near glared at the blonde and apprehensively picked up the toy. Taking his time, he placed it a few feet away and shakily positioned himself, showing the boys the left side of his body. Slowly, he lowered himself, biting his lip. When he finally felt the tip begin to enter, the pale boy shivered and lost his breath. He slid further down the member until he reached his limit.

The pain was staggering; tears began to well in his eyes. His legs were now wildly trembling.

Mello, still seated on the bed's edge holding the small camera in hand, darted his tongue at the chocolate bar; Matt's lips twitched.

Shaky breaths escaped and tears were held back as Near lifted and lowered himself, trying his hardest to control his movement as to minimize his pain. He slowly worked up the pace in hopes that the pain would melt away, but it lingered. It was increasingly difficult to control his movement as his legs tired. On the way down, he lost control and slipped all the way to the base. He unsuccessfully stifled a yelp as the pain was tremendous, but, he also felt a euphoric wave of pleasure. He repeated the movement, a moan managed to escape. Near's erection was now present. He continued moving himself on the fake cock going faster and faster. It felt so good. He should have been disgusted with himself with Matt and Mello watching but it turned him on even more. The boy balanced himself on his right hand lifting and holding the skirt in place with the other. He moved so fast and vigorously that the dildo was having a hard time staying in place.

With elegant composure, Mello continued licking the chocolate while filming.

Meanwhile, Matt was restless, crossing and uncrossing his legs. He couldn't understand how Mello could control himself. He could barely even fucking stand JUST watching Near. The tightness in his pants felt incredibly fucking painful.

Mello took notice of this and came up with another idea.

The blonde grabbed Near, who whined when he was separated from the fake cock.

Mello placed the dildo in between Matt's legs.

"Hold it as tight with your legs as you can."

"It should be more steady now Near. Continue."

Mello stepped back from the bed to get a better view with the camera.

Near felt a tad embarrassed but, right now, he just didn't give a shit. As soon as he sat down, he felt Matt's arms surround his waist, holding him tightly and pressing him further into the dildo, Near moaned. He steadily began moving up and down as Matt moaned and gasped leaving a scant few hot breaths between his mouth and the nape of Near's neck. Matt licked and sucked on Near's neck, his hands were now up Near's gown, massaging his chest, playing with and teasing his nipples. Near was completely lost in lust, moaning, crying, gasping. His whole body was flushed. Drops of sweat trickled down his body.

Matt couldn't stand it anymore.

He lifted Near off of the dildo and fumbled to remove his own jeans and boxers as quick as possible. He pulled out his cock and dropped Near onto it. Near and Matt both cried out. Matt grabbed Near's legs and hugged them close to the pale boy's chest as he fucked him. Mello licked his lips, filming the entire scene, closing up on Near's ring of muscle hugging Matt's cock.

Mello now stood, close, in front of the two boys. Taking what remained of the chocolate bar into his mouth, he grabbed Near's hair and pulled him into a powerful kiss, exploring his mouth with his tongue while Near madly and unskillfully thrashed his tongue every which way, melting the chocolate. The blonde pulled away and nibbled on Near's bottom lip, before, again, devouring the boy's mouth leaving a trail of saliva at the edge of his lips, a mess of makeup, and smeared lipstick. Careful to not neglect the other, Mello licked Matt's collarbone and traced his tongue along his neck towards his mouth tasting the familiar cigarette flavor. He felt Matt moan into his mouth. Near turned his head, kissing Matt this time. Jealous, Mello snuck in his tongue in between the two. Cigarettes, Cheap lipstick, and chocolate all combined into a lusty, rich, dark flavor.

Discarding the camera, Mello was now on his knees situated beside Matt and Near. He pulled his painfully erect cock out of his tight leather pants. Matt, still managing to be courteous, lowered the pale boy's left leg. Grabbing Near’s hair, Mello hastily shoved the member into the boy’s mouth.

"Fuuuuuuuck." Mello was overwhelmed by the warm, wet sensation. Near loved that cock, licking and sucking the tip with surprising skill, searching underneath Mello's foreskin with his tongue, lapping up Mello's precome, cradling the surface area and slightly nibbling on the foreskin. Holding Near’s head in place, Mello fucked his mouth until he couldn't take it anymore. The idea of Near sucking his cock drove him insane. With a fistful of the pale boy's hair, Mello pulled Near's head back and came onto the pale boy’s face aiming for his half-open mouth-- come now trailed down his cheeks and trickled onto his chin and neck.

Meanwhile, Matt's cock was fucking Near's ass fast and hard. The sounds of slick lubricant, slapping skin, Matt's quick, deep moans and Near's frequent pants and cries penetrated the musky air. Matt had now let go of Near's legs and was now straddling his hips, caressing. He crisply slapped Near's thighs. The pale boy let out a deep breathy gasp. He continued rubbing Near's thighs tracing the indentation on his skin caused by the tight stockings.

Matt, drunken in sexual euphoria, again hugged Near's legs close, coming inside of him, while Near emitted a silky, lengthy moan, soiling the red nightie with his own come.

After catching his breath, Matt pulled out, come dribbled outside of Near's entrance.

Mello, noticing his own hard-on, thought maybe he could keep Near a little longer.

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