Don't Cry Out

BY : Yami Bakura
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Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

T_T This is the fourth DN fic I've tried to start, and while the motivation to write is there, the inspiration for getting the words out is not. Maybe this one will be finished and posted. I've only seen up to episode five/volume one, so please forgive any huge, gaping mistakes. This was written with Don't Cry Out by Shiny Toy Guns on repeat. If you don't already have it, I recommend downloading it and listening to it.

(This was written after a particularly masochistic move on my part, consisting of me finding and watching both L's and Light's deaths on YouTube. Also the bad timing of my playlist to have thrown Don't Cry Out at me.)


Ten nine eight and I'm breaking away
I'm all dressed up and I'm ready to play
Seven six five four and I'm all over you
Counting three two one I'm having fun. . .
(Shiny Toy Guns, Don't Cry Out)



The calm voice from behind him stops him in his tracks. Raito turns his head without moving the rest of his body. Behind him, he can see the shinigami following him, floating calmly behind.

"Your life-span is running a little short these days."

Raito makes a noise in his throat that could be a quiet laugh. "Thank you for the warning, Ryuk."

He continues forward. The voice comes again. "Raito,"

Again he stops. "You're going to die tomorrow."


Raito stares up into the face of his bitterest enemy, his dearest friend. "Ryuuzaki-kun."

"Yes Raito-kun?" His voice is mild, almost pleasant. Raito didn't want anything from him; he wanted to say good bye. He wanted Ryuuzaki's attention for just a moment or two.

Instead he says nothing, yanking the detective towards him by the wrist. Before he can second-guess his own intentions, he has pressed their lips together. Ryuuzaki makes a surprised sound, but a moment later he has relaxed into Raito's embrace, returning the kiss fully.

Neither of them stop to wonder about it; they both allow the tides of pent up lust and desire sweep them away.

It is hours later, when Ryuuzaki is lying sprawled across his naked form that Raito even realizes the meaning behind what he's done.

"Good bye, Ryuuzaki," he says quietly. The sleeping detective hardly stirs. Raito wishes it to be this way.


I die today.

It is the first thing Raito thinks of when he opens his eyes. Ryuuzaki has long since been up and working.

Today I'm going to die.

The words play across his mind, but mean nothing. What is death, anyway? He knows already where he is not going, and he therefore has nothing to be frightened of.

He is afraid anyway.

I do not want to die.

"Good bye, Ryuuzaki."


Ten nine eight and I'm breaking away
I'm all dressed up and I'm ready to play


He sees it happening almost before the events unfold in real time. Raito is aware of the shooter before even Ryuuzaki, and when the man steps out, Raito bids his short life good bye.

It was a good one, while it lasted.

"Ryuuga Hideki! Prepare to die!"

This is not what Raito is expecting. Ryuk told him it was his day to die, not Ryuuzaki's. The word is ripped from his lips before he even recognizes his own voice. "No!"

He lunges; the gun is fired once, twice. Three times. A single second stretches into eternity.

He collides with Ryuuzaki, shoving the other man to the ground. Two burning holes erupt in his chest and he spins to absorb the force of the impact.

People are screaming, but it's background noise. The wounds are deceptively small; fiery pain is diffusing through his body, numbing him to everything else.

Ryuuzaki's pale, horrified face appears in his line of sight, hindering his view of the sky. His lips are moving, but Raito can hear nothing but the weakening sound of the blood rushing through his ears. He's aware that Ryuuzaki's shirt and hands are bloody, and almost asks him what happened. He can't draw the breath to form the words however, and his eyes are growing impossibly heavy.

Ryuuzaki kneels in a pool of blood, oblivious to everything around him. "Hold on, Raito. Hold on." Don't leave me. Don't do this to me now.

Good bye, Ryuuzaki.

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