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Pairing: L/Light
Warnings: yaoi, surprises, …fun
Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note or any of the
characters within that realm.
Spoilers: all eps, especially
the last one
Notes: This is my first Death
Note fic ha ha yusss!
This fic is AU. I am very sorry
because this chapter has not been beta’d. Prepare yourself for
run on sentences of doom. sobs brokenly
Summary: L is
different but what has changed about the detective that Light can’t
figure out? This is an AU fic which closely follows the last episode
of Death Note. Except L is not dead he is very much alive and appears
to have Kira right where he wants him. The detective has different
plans for the mass murderer and it doesn’t involve a jail cell
or an execution chamber. This is a LxLight fic…

I can’t seem to end these images, hauntingly looks like

-Panic Prone // Chevelle

1. Mirror my Mirror

The sun shattered his perception, rays of light bouncing off of
broken glass blinding and obscuring the sight in front of him…
it couldn’t be right. It was all falling apart, it wasn’t
supposed to be like this. They were supposed to trust him,
believe in him! L’s reflection smirked at him a thousand
different times from the thousand pieces of shattered glass on the
floor burning his image into Light’s racing mind. He turned his
back to L feeling utterly aggravated, humiliated, yet painfully

This wasn’t real… it wasn’t

His hand moved to his watch before his mind agreed and his finger
hurriedly pressed the small button there. He wasn’t going down
like this… no, hell no. L wasn’t going to
win this, he, Light was God, he was the new world,he
was life, HE was death, not L. Fuck L! He would kill every
last person in this damn room if he had too! If he must sacrifice
them to get where he needed to be he would, and L knew this. However,
it was like L knew nothing but the knowledge of a dark smirk and
using it to egg Light on, infuriating him with that unchanging stare
and his slouching posture. Light wanted very badly to shoot him right
between the eyes, but he was better than that, he was more just than
that, he was God.

Regardless of who he was, he was still in a tight spot and Mikami
had failed him tremendously, in moments to quick to recall he found
himself standing alone, one against many, and all those incompetent
detectives staring daggers at him. They should have turned those
scornful eyes on L, he was the one who was getting in the way of
justice, he was the one stopping Light and his plans for a safe
future. Light had wild cards to play, he refused to fail. His utopia
was only breaths away. L‘s breaths away. If L was not in his
way who could stop him? No one, that’s who. Unfortunately for
him he still had not learned the wiry detectives name, but he would.

“I’m not who you think I am.” The mass murderer
said with sick innocence while throwing his head over his shoulder
ignoring the scoffs and the other various strangled noises spilling
from the detectives. He was only speaking to L anyway, he was the
only one who mattered, who understood the madness that Light referred
to as sane speech. L softened his eyes as if he truly understood and
it was enough to propel Light’s madness to a new level of
hatred for the strangely empathetic detective. Who did this guy
think he was?
He was exactly what Light wanted him to be and that
thought derailed him. L waved his gun in the air and smiled. “Me
either.” Light’s eyes narrowed as he pondered what L
meant by that but it was soon forgotten as his watch clicked open,
his fingers carefully gliding across his wrist to pull the paper from
his watch gracefully.

Matsuda was screaming now, yelling something stupid, yelling out
Light’s every movement, but L, L just slouched there smirking,
the gleam of his gun smirking too. “He’s got something!”
Detective Matsuda needlessly wailed and his voice echoed lamely. No
shit, he had something and the first one he would take out with this
‘something’ would be the ever-screaming Matsuda. As he
raised his hand L shot his wrist, just like that, in the blink of an
eye a bullet had shattered through skin, muscle, and bone. Light
grabbed his wrist, yelling in pain as he turned and glared at the
great detective. “How could you do that to me!?”
L blinked at him because the answer was oh so obvious and the
detective just shrugged. “You’re still breathing.”
How fucking generous of him! If Ryuk was in his sights he
would seriously consider making the deal for the eyes because L
needed to drop dead, now! But L was estranged to life, a god of his
own world sentient enough to relate to some mortals but also superior
enough to be immortal to the petty touch of death.

“I hate you!!!” He spat at L, vengeance burning
through his body aching to be freed. This was not fair, not fair!
He was not supposed to die, everyone else was, everyone who stood in
his way. He would finish this, broken wrist or not. His bloody
fingers scribbled messy letters across his lone piece of a Death Note
and again shots were fired and pain exploded in Light’s
shoulder, lower arm, then in his leg and he was falling to the
ground. L was still smirking his gun smoking, pointed at him. At
him, God!
Such blasphemous action from the older man!! If he
could only get that fucking piece of Death Note into his hands.

“C’mon God, kill me…” He heard L
say through that sick grin of his. The pale detective was standing
over him now and he was in so much pain, but Light would not give up.
Gods suffered for their causes, Gods sacrificed things. “I
still seem to be standing, Kira.” He pressed the gun against
Light’s cheek and slid it closely to his lips, L almost making
him kiss the barrel but the cold steel was nothing compared to the
coldness in those dark eyes.

“Fuck you!” He spat and L only laughed like there was
some joke there to be got and only he got it.

“How could you Light!? How could you? We trusted you
and you betrayed us all!” Matsuda screamed. This time around
Light laughed, it was weak and cruel and the young Yagami spat blood
as he tried to meet eyes with Matsuda.

“How could I not?” And Light was suddenly presented
with another gun pointed in his face.

I trusted you, I believed you!!!”
Matsuda raged pressing the gun harshly into the hollow of his cheek.
L was now staring at Matsuda, his eyes narrowing and it would have
amused Light if he didn’t have two guns raping his face and
wasn’t in such agonizing pain.

“Control yourself.” L said to him, the young detective
was shaking as he tore his glare away from Light to L.

“He deserves nothing less than death.”

“Yes.” L agreed and knocked Matsuda’s gun from
Light’s face with his own. “But it is not your place to
deliver it to him.” No of course not, Light thought,
that is yours, isn’t L. L grabbed the piece of paper
that was still by Light’s fingers and their skin touched
briefly. It was disgustingly exciting, the detectives skin was as
cold as his ruthless mind, and heart-less chest.

Yet he looked at Light with empathy as if he never used the
emotion. Light was almost frightened.

L stood pushing Matsuda back with his gun, wrangling the furious
detective back to his other co-workers as Light lay there bleeding.
Who did they think they were, walking away from him like that,
leaving him to bleed to death! He was KIRA! He wasn’t weak, he
wasn‘t dying, no. He forced himself to his feet and he made a
break for the door, leaving them to ‘comfort’ one
another. “Later L…” he whispered.

“He’s leaving!” Aizawa shouted.

“He won’t get far.” L stated morbidly.

“We need to go after him.” Aizawa added.

“Yes.” L agreed sounding rather annoyed.


L left the warehouse several minutes after the other detectives
rushed out. Wounded or not he had a feeling they wouldn’t have
much success finding Kira. Light was much to clever and though the
young Yagami had failed, he always had a plan. Light was impressive,
but not impressive enough to survive without L.

The sky had become progressively darker as he walked, his eyes
cast upwards a thumb on his lips, his gun dangling loosely from his
other hand as he thought. If he were to look down he would see the
trail of Light’s blood, but he didn’t want to see that so
he kept his eyes trained on the setting sun when suddenly the flash
of dark wings caught his eyes. He jogged to try to catch up to it, to
get a better look at this creature, a being he only assumed could be
a god of death. It was most likely Light’s shinigami. So, he
followed those long un-elegant wings to where Kira would be.


“Ryuk…” He heard Light say from his position on
the steps. He was splayed there bleeding profusely and L knew if he
didn’t get immediate attention he would die there. Still
knowing that he made no sudden movements to assist the mass murderer.
The shinigami named Ryuk said nothing as he hovered closer to Light
holding a Death Note with wiry limbs. “You’re here to
kill me…?"  His voice was so small, so childlike and
L shifted slightly to see his face, the face of Kira on his death
bed. There was no regret there, there was no innocence, only the fear
of death and the pain of losing.

“I won’t wait.” The ever smiling shinigami
stated. “You’ve been caught Light, the game is over for
you. You could be locked up forever and that is no fun for me.”
Ryuk gathered his pen in his hand, opened his book of death and began

If Light were to die so would the justice…

“Shinigami-san.” Ryuk turned to see L approaching and
the death god couldn’t help but to laugh if only a little. He
felt Light’s eyes on him too but he refused to look at him just
yet. “What is it that you plan on doing?” Ryuk stared at
him curiously, wide eyes scanning his entire being and he moved
closer to Light his arm outstretched in front of the dying teen
almost possessively.

“He’s mine.”

L nodded slowly putting his gun in the holster. “I thought
it was the other way around.” Ryuk barked out some deep
laughter, his eyes never closing, never trusting.

“Light made a deal with me when this all began…”
He huffed as if in pain, as if he was one filled with bullet holes.
“He knew this is how it would be.” L felt a pang of
something, an emotion he was not sure he’d ever felt before as
the shinigami spoke so candidly of Light. Ryuk was so detached
from Light, yet incredibly possessive, and somewhere inside L’s
being quaked with an anger he couldn’t quite comprehend.

“How is that?”

“When this was all over I would write his name in this
notebook.” He held up the note as if to prove a point. “I
would take the remaining years of his life for my own.” L’s
eyes darkened as they narrowed at the remark.

“How selfish.” Ryuk laughed loudly, those wide, round
pop-eyes boring into him as if trying to pry him open. “Haven’t
you enough years on your life?”

“Yes, but I would never turn down adding more.”

“Just finish it Ryuk.” Light barely breathed the words
and L could hardly believe he heard them. It was so unlike Light to
give up, but then again when the human body was in immense pain one
was capable of highly contradicting themselves.

“I’m sorry. I can not allow that.” L said making
both of them stare incredulously at him. “Light is my
criminal it is my duty to bring him to justice.”

“That does not matter to me.” Ryuk snorted. “It’s
also not my problem.”

“Hmm.” L‘s thumb went to his lip and he softly
nipped at the tender skin. “No, it is my problem, I must solve
it.” L looked at Light for the first time and his eyes were
closed, his chest barely moving. “I will make a deal with you.”


The devil’s kiss is excruciating, may you burn in
hell for caressing such un-divine lips.” An unfamiliar voice
spoke to him and he ignored it. He was blasphemous, he was doomed,
let him spiral to his undoing in peace. Whoever had spoken the
cryptic words to him was gone he felt their presence no longer and he
visibly relaxed.

He was seated on the open window sill in his room, feet
clinging to the windows rubber railed lining, looking very much like
a raven biding time to take flight. He stared with empty eyes into
the street below, and imagined he was falling. When he didn’t
hit the ground, when his body didn’t splatter sickly against
the concrete it was because he envisioned Light catching him, saving
him, then killing him.

From one deadly fate to another.

The door to his room made a loud clicking sound disrupting his
already scattered thoughts as it opened. He didn’t have to turn
and look to know who it was. He could not escape this person, not
even if he wanted to. It was like he was forever falling waiting to
be caught.

Would you catch me?” He wondered aloud.
plan on jumping?” Light stepped closer purely out of curiosity,
maybe even hope that the detective would off himself.

He shifted and turned his head just slightly. “Would you?”

can’t we‘re on the top floor, I would never make it down
in time-”

But you are God, are you not?”
It almost hurt him to say that, almost, if it wasn’t so close
to the falseness of truth that the other held for himself.

you kneel before me?” A smooth-rough voice spilled over him.

L snorted from his perch on the sill turning his head back out
of the window. “No.”

Then no, I can not
catch a non-believer.”

God has no right to
kill a non-believer.” There was a pause then, a silence so
great it seemed time had stopped and the air had dissipated from the

Do you believe in me?” So sugary sweet
as if he were a child asking a parent if they were proud.

believe Light-kun is deluded and has a god-complex.”

now I am Light?”

You are Kira and Kira is
Light. The two refuse to separate even when they are not one.”
L felt a hand on his shoulder, Light’s thumb on the back of his
neck and moments later his breath followed. Hot, scalding almost, as
Light guided his face closer to L’s ear whispering, “Spoken
like a true detective.” Light’s hands moved to L’s
waist pulling him into the room, and out of the window, bringing him
to ‘safety’. When L turned bewildered eyes on his
so-called ‘savior’ Light smiled a slight blush on his
cheeks. “I never said I was God…”

never said I was jumping.”

There was a flash of white then cold enamel against hot skin. “
I am greater than God.”

Did he say that? Would he dare…?

His eyes opened slowly, purposefully as if his dream waited
until that very sentence to end and he yawned. If he were to believe
in a God and everything he/she were capable of would there be
anything or anyone greater than a divine being?

Maybe a un-divine being…

Maybe he was still asleep…

Light-kun?” He rubbed his eyes trying to get them
to focus precisely. “What are you doing-”

Light said moving to the bed, standing over it as he stared down at
L, his face blank. L sat up further the blankets falling around his
waist as he slowly folded himself in his crouched position his stray
thumb quickly wandering to his lips as he rubbed at them biting down
slowly. “What is it?” Light kneeled on the bed and ran
his fingers through his hair. He looked falsely torn and L was
becoming frustrated. “I- I wanted to be the one…”
He licked his lips. “L Lawliet, I know your name-”

know.” He spoke around his thumb as he bit at it and Light
laughed falsely.

I will be the one to kill you.”
He smiled darkly. “I will bring the great L to his knees before

You will kill me first then force my
corpse to it’s knees?” Light grit his teeth, his eyes
narrowing slightly at the mouth of the other man.

Suddenly the scene shifted as quickly as dreams always do
melting into something else entirely.

L sat in his peculiar way in front of the computer screens, a
spoon pinched between his fingers as he gingerly stirred the coffee
before him. He spoke his words without malice but they were laced
with something else, possibly something more dangerous. “We are
what we are…” He turned wide eyes on Light keeping his
face emotionless. “You are God, are you not?” The
question seemed to burn itself into Light‘s skin causing him to
itch with that well known look of fiery annoyance he often adorned
his perfect features with. L held Light’s eyes with his own and
no matter how blazing the glare got the detective spoke on, “What
does that make me?”

Light shifted his head, his hair falling gracefully in his eyes
as he smirked. “That makes you…” Turning his body
away from the detective he moved, grabbed a pen, some paper from his
pocket, and shifted strangely in his seat as if writing with spasms.
“Dead.” Light turned back to L and they both stared at
each other then. Light was like an openly closed book to L and while
some pages were folded, faded, or blank he figured out the gist of it
in time. The dark smirk on the teens face spoke volumes to him and he
almost frowned because he was looking entirely upon Kira.

Stop this-” Suddenly the detective stilled as his
body felt it before it caught up to his mind. The clench of his
heart, the breath that was stolen from him as his spoon slipped from
his thin fingers and clattered to the floor. He began to sway to the
side his vision seeming to un-focus all to perfectly.


L rubbed his eyes and slid his hands to the back of his neck
smoothing his long fingers over the aching skin and muscle there.
Hospital chairs weren’t as comfortable as they looked, and
neither were the series of dreams that had unfolded in his head. His
eyes drifted over Light’s still form, he looked peaceful while
sleeping, too peaceful. As if Light was faking his way through sleep
as he faked his way through life making people believe he was
something that he was not. It almost disturbed him.

He momentarily wondered what Light would think when he found out
what his future would hold, then quickly decided he didn’t care
what the young man thought. His fate was not his to decide anymore.
“You belong to me, Kira.” He swept his fingers casually
over Light’s before bringing his hand back to his knee.
Finally, he’d caught Kira, he’d been right all along, and
now Kira would be brought to justice. L’s justice. The question
was would Light comply? He would have to if he wanted any semblance
of freedom.

The sleeping figure turned facing him fully and he waited for
those cleverly masked eyes to open. Slowly they did and the first
thing the young Yagami focused on was his handcuffed wrist to the
metal bar of his hospital bed. The next thing he seemed to take
notice of was L in the chair next to him, smiling brightly, eyes
intensely glued on him. “You’ve failed.” Light
turned his head away refusing to listen and he knew it was childish
but he didn‘t care. “But for all your hard work I will
give you something…” This only slightly intrigued Light
so he half listened closely enough he would get what the detective
was dishing out. “my name.” Light’s head nearly
snapped off of his body he turned it so fast and he stared into L’s
eyes wondering what the raven haired man was trying to pull. “Do
you want to know my name?” He asked with an alluring smile as
he leaned closer to Light his knees pulled tightly to his chest.
Light did not answer, he figured the question not only rhetorical but
a waste of breath. He didn’t know what happened to his Death
Note or Ryuk, but neither could be far. His eyes swept over the room
and there was no sign of the shinigami, though that meant little to
him because he still retained all memories of being Kira. Why would L
offer his name up so freely unless he knew nothing would happen to
him. This was some kind of trap or trick and as blatant as it was
Light couldn’t help but walk bright-eyed into it.

“I do.” He said without the usual casual malice to his
voice and L’s eyes darkened slightly as he brushed the hair off
of Light’s forehead with frigid fingers. The detective moved
slowly, one of his arms stretching over Light’s body and he
leaned in pressing his lips to Light’s ear. “L
.” Neither of them moved after that, time seemed to
slow as Light absorbed the two words a maniacal grin attacking his
lips. FINALLY!! He only had to find Ryuk and get his hands
back on his Death Note, yes victory would finally be his.

Except for the fact that none of that would happen because he was
here, under L’s guarding eyes, he was saved only to be put to
death. How was that justice?

There had to be a way he could get the note before his fate
captured him whole, all was not lost, no not yet. Light tried to
suppress the evil grin that was blatantly plastered across his face
as he shifted his eyes to the side surprised to see the detective
still so close, he’d barely noticed. L’s mouth was still
on his ear, breathing hotly into it he felt L smile too but it was
off, eerie, and strange. Light turned his head to look at the man and
L’s eyes were closed but they opened almost immediately as he
sat back.

“Now what?” Light asked thoroughly annoyed and wanting
to move onto the next step of whatever was planned for him, so he
could get to his next step.

“Whatever you want.” L smirked. What the fuck was up
with this guy. It wasn’t whatever he wanted, he was handcuffed
to a fucking hospital bed and probably soon to be executed for being
Kira. L was standing now with his hands stuffed in his pockets. “Did
you want some gelatin or some soup-”

“No!” Light raged pulling at his cuffed wrist and L
licked his lips. “Unlock this!”

“No.” L was moving towards the door now and Light had
to school his features quickly because he was on the edge of losing
it altogether. “You got yourself into this, get yourself out.
Oh and I suggest you hurry and find a way out of those cuffs or
you’re going to find yourself in quite a predicament.”
With that L swiftly left the room leaving Light confused and angry.


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