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I seem to be doing an awful lot of writing and a very small amount of posting these days. Please forgive me any suck, I still haven't gotten to mello and near's part of the manga.


Near peered out the window in the dining room of Wammy's house. The sky was darkening above the kids playing outside, and it didn't bode well for them at all.

It was just his rotten luck that Mello happened to look up at the window he was at while he was still in it. Scowling, the newly-turned teenager let the curtains fall closed, hiding him from Matt and Mello's mocking looks.

He'd turned thirteen two days ago, and people were still asking him what it felt like to be a teenager. Near had given up giving honest replies and had begun responding with candid bluntness, saying that it felt no different than twelve had, and that fourteen would be no different than thirteen.

He couldn't stay away from the window for long, despite his determination not to give Mello any more ammunition against him. Twitching the curtain open just enough to look out at the ominous sky, he shivered. Mello and Matt were among the few still trying to take advantage of the few minutes of dry light they still had before they'd be forced to come inside.

He knew that the two of them had seen him again, and he decided it would be better to simply ignore them. Staring at the clouds, he prayed that it would be a simple rainstorm. The first rumbles of thunder sent him from the window, and back into the room he shared with three other boys.

It might not have been so bad, he reasoned, if two of those boys hadn't been Mello and Matt. He crawled into his bed and pulled the covers over his eyes, hoping that they'd opt to stay downstairs with the other kids.

Tonight was proven to be entirely against him, as moments later, he heard the door open. "Whaddaya say, Matt? Do you think he's still in the window?" Mello's voice. How Near had come to hate the tones and pitches of Mello's voice.

And Matt, in cahoots with his tormentor but ever the nicer one. "Just leave him alone, Mello. Seedi's got chocolate for you downstairs, remember?"

Near held himself utterly still, barely daring to breathe. Please just go. Please just-- "Oof!" "Ow!"

A hard weight landed gracelessly on top of him. It was gone a moment later, and so were his blankets. Mello stood over him, grinning. "Were you... hiding?" The idea was clearly novel to him, and he began laughing. He dumped Near's blankets back on top of him, and left with Matt, having done his psychological damage for the day. Near stared after him, hating him.

"I'm not hiding," he vowed quietly. "I'm not! I won't be afraid. I'll face my fear." Thunder rumbled threateningly, and he trembled before steeling himself.

As bravely as he could, Near stood by the window of his darkened bedroom, looking out into the yard below. Lightning flashed overhead, and in the brief moment of illumination, he was able to see the Wammy's house dog, Ichigo, still outside. Thunder cracked across the sky, and he hit the ground before he'd even realized he was moving.

Peeking back out the window revealed Ichigo cowering in terror by the end of the yard. Poor Ichigo, he thought. I wouldn't want to be out in this weather, either.

It happened into his brain that this would be the perfect moment to face his fear. He'd go out and get Ichigo, and prove that he was stronger than the thunder after all.

He knew logically that thunder wouldn't hurt him, couldn't hurt him. It was a pscyhological fear, however, carried over from before he'd arrived at Wammy's house - gunshots in small rooms sounded terrifyingly like thunder.

Pushing those thoughts out of his head, he pulled his socks off so they wouldn't become wet in the grass. The rain was pouring down now, and he knew that the rest of the children - Mello and Matt included - would be crowded around the television, watching something cheery to put the storm out of their minds.

He crept down the stairs cautiously, just in case. Peering around the corner, he was mollified to see them all right where he'd thought they'd be. He didn't see Mello, but assumed that he was laying down beside Matt, as he usually was.

He tip-toed past the group unnoticed, and slipped out the door. He would have gone completely unseen, had Mello not exited the bathroom with just a few seconds to see Near disappearing outside into the storm.

"Where the hell is that dumb kid going now?" he wondered, and followed.


Once outside, where the rain was pounding down on him like Mello's fists when he got physical, the whole get-the-dog and face-his-fears thing seemed a whole lot worse than it had from inside.

"Ichi-" he started, but a loud rumble from overhead cut him off. When he opened his eyes, he realized he was kneeling in the grass, covering his head with his arms. "Ichigo! Come here, boy!" He forcefully un-wound himself and started through the rain.


He turned, and saw Mello standing in the doorway. Of all people, why him?!

Near ignored the older boy and continued out into the rain. It took him longer to get to the end of the yard than he'd originally thought. He'd never been this far away from the house, and even though it was only a few minutes, he felt exposed and alone. "Ichigo!"

A bark alerted him to the dog's presence, and a moment later he was on the ground, being smothered by a wet, anxious dog. "Stupid animal. Go inside!" For a brief moment, he was elated.

He'd come all the way outside in a storm, and hadn't had to go inside and hide! He'd done it!

The dog gave out a yelp, and ran for the house. Near frowned; Ichigo was patient and unflappable, and used to everything. What could have scared him?

He was climbing to his feet when someone behind him yelled out his name again. "NEAR!"

He turned, squinting through the rain, but he couldn't tell the direction it had come from. A moment later, his world exploded in bright light and a deafening crack. Everything went dark.


Mello stared at Near, shielding his eyes from the rain with his jacket. "NEAR!" He hollered again, swearing he was going to beat the younger boy within an inch of his life.

He was beaten to it by nature herself, as seconds after the thought crossed his mind, a bright fork of lightning split the tree Near was standing under.

When the spots cleared from his eyes, he could just barely make out the Near's still form on the ground beside the charred remains of the old oak. "NATHAN!"

The named ripped itself out of his mouth before he had a chance to call it back, and the next thing he knew he was running towards his nemesis.


Near awoke feeling hot and dizzy and cold and sick by turns. He made a noise in his throat, alerting the patient Miriamele to the fact that he was up.

"Near, how are you feeling?" The young nurse sat on the edge of the bed. Near struggled to sit up, but fell back to his pillows.

"Cold," he whimpered, and she wiped his head with a cool cloth.

"You have a fever," she said softly. "What were you thinking, going out in the rain like that? You could have been killed. Anyway, thank God Mello was there."

Near frowned; everything was becoming disjointed again. "Mello?" He asked, hating that it sounded slurred.

She smiled. "Mello brought you back inside," Miri said quietly. "Get some sleep, Near."

His eyes closed almost against his will.


Mello stood over the feverish boy, a chocolate bar in one hand and a glass of water in the other.

"Hurry up and get well, you idiot," he said snarkily. "It's no fun here when you're not around to make fun of."

Near focused on him blearily. "Why should I... get well for you to... pick on me?" He asked weakly. Miri had explained earlier that the shock of the lightning striking so close had knocked him out, and the rain had made him sick while his defenses were down.

"I brought you water," Mello said, shifting uncomfortably. Near sat up gingerly, and took the glass eagerly.

"Thank you," he said, drinking slowly but deeply. There was almost nothing left in the glass when he finally put it down. Settling back into his blankets, Near watched Mello turn to leave.

"Mihael," he said softly. Mello stopped dead without turning around. "Thank you for saving my life."

A moment later he was asleep again. Mello stayed where he was, letting a goofy grin play across his features. He called me Mihael,


Random. :3

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