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L sat on the edge of the bed, lags curled into his chest; arms wrapped around his shins with a thumb between his teeth. His deep black, unblinking eyes staring at the sleeping teen before him that seemed to be trying to fight out of a nightmare.

‘That’s normal…’ L thought, deciding against waking him. Light had been having these dreams the past few nights and L found it interesting to watch.

But then, his already wide eyes widened more when he heard “Ryuzaki!” moaned from the sleeping Light.

Oh… So it was that kind of dream… Once again, L thought ‘That’s normal..’ The insomniac even smiled some in amusedment at the faces and soft whimpers Light was making, ‘He’s a young male and he’s been handcuffed to another human for quite a while, hormones intervened in Light-kun’s subconscious..’

Light moaned again, louder and deeper this time and his eyes shot opened to a very surprised detective staring at him, “Ry-Ryuzaki?” he asked timidly.

“Yagami-kun, were you experiencing a night-terror?” the detective asked softly to the waking teen.

“No-no..” Light answered quickly, a blush spreading onto his cheeks, his face covered in a light film of sweat, “It was just…odd… why..?”

“You were calling out in your sleep, Yagami-kun.” L smiled again, chewing on his thumb some, “What was your dream about?”

“It was, um.. about you…and stuff…” Light said, oh-so eloquently, “and.. stuff…. happened….”

L was satisfied with the answer for now, “Since you are awake, would you like some cake, Yagami-kun?”

‘What is it with cake?’ Light though, staring incredulously at the man that seemed to have a never ending sweet tooth no matter the hour, “What time is it?” he asked.

“Twenty minutes and twelve-thirteen seconds after four…” L replied accurately.

“It’s too early for cake…” Light complained, and laid his head back down on his pillow, closing his eyes.

A moment later, Light could feel weight by him and opened his eyes after a hesitation to L laying across from him…staring… “Are you watching me?” he asked sleepily.

“Yes…” Ryuzaki admitted.

“Why…?” Light asked, annoyance slipping into his voice.

“There’s nothing else to do…” L replied cutely.

Light groaned softly and sat up, “Okay Ryuzaki, what do you want me to do?”

“Nothing, Yagami-kun, I’m just trying to entertain myself since you do not allow me any of my normal nocturnal activities…” L replied softly, making Light uncomfortable given he’d looked into the same needing eyes in his dream.

“And I’m entertaining?” he spoke after a moment, clearly annoyed.

“Yes, you are… you make the most interesting faces while you dream, Yagami-kun…” L gave a knowing smile.

“Eh..” Light softly mumbled, his face burning red, he quickly sat up, “Okay, I won’t be able to sleep knowing you are watching me…”

“Sorry, Yagami-kun..” L apologized, “Go back to sleep, I’ll find another way to entertain myself…” L nodded as he watched Yagami eye him for a moment before laying back down, facing away from the man.

L gave a soft yawn of his own, before his body laid down, it still in his customary position as if he’d been pushed over from sitting.

Light turned over straining his eyes to see if he was being stared at, but only met the closed eyes of the sleeping detective…


-Fin? (for now anyway)-

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