School sucks sometimes.

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Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

This story was created as a request. It's my first Death Note, but not my first fanfiction. My other work has been in FMA, Inuyasha, Naruto, and made up characters, though all that's left now is Naruto.


Ryuk watched Raito with his bulging yellow eyes. The eyes which conveniently hid his emotions, almost as well as a mask. Without even trying. It made him capable of hiding many things, like his addiction to apples, which would have been hidden if not for the damn cameras. Also, and he was sure this to would have remained hidden if not for those damn cameras, his flexible nature when it came to sex.

Not to say he was a particular horn dog, but when the need arose, he wasn’t one to really be picky on who fulfilled it.

Now, with the cameras around, he’d never really had time to go about business with himself. His addiction to apples and his need for them had gotten in the way of any sort of self pleasure he could have partaken in. Especially with Raito not supposed to make noise.

If only the apples hadn’t called, it would have been so fun…

His eyes were very good at hiding his intelligence. He wasn’t as intelligent as some, but you couldn’t be a dunce to trick the king into giving you two note books. If you could, every shinigami would have multiple ones and the human world would be plagued with many, many Kira’s. They might literally kill the whole race then. This might actually be fun to watch….

But, getting back to the original point. Right now was one of those, flexible perception moments. He was looking for some release, and he’d gotten a little tired of himself. Which left one person, since no one else here could see him.

The problem was when to jump him exactly.

“Hmmm…Not at home….To risky, he might yell for his mom or sister. Somewhere he wouldn’t want people to hear him, somewhere he doesn’t like to talk to people, even for help…

He got it.

School will definitely not be boring today…


Raito sighed, tapping his pencil. Boring. He knew most of this. What he didn’t know he could study and know faster then this woman could teach. He decided to save himself from the boredom, requesting to use the restroom.

He could take a detour or something and waste time.

Ryuk followed the gleam in his mind hidden behind his cat’s yellow fish eyes. Perfect….

Raito didn’t know what to do when he felt cold, long fingers fold over his throat, the sharp thumbnail ticking under his chin, where it could so easily impale and rip off his lower jaw.

“Ryuk, I’m not in the mood for your games. Cut it out.” He commanded. He heard the sound of boots, the to long and narrow feet stepping closer, the tall shinigami bending down to speak into his ear.

“I want release. Your damn apples, delicious and addicting, have distracted me light. I haven’t had it in a while.” He said. As the words passed his lips, twisting through his shark teeth and unfurling hotly against Raito’s ear, his other hand went to the boy’s stomach. Raito’s eyes widened, and he used both hands to push at the hand, realizing just how strong Ryuk was.

He wouldn’t have needed the death note to kill him.

“Ryuk, no! I’m in a public place, a school!” Raito protested darkly, pressing down firmly, more to show he wasn’t kidding then to try and move Ryuk again. Ryuk gave his low ‘hyuk’ of a chuckle, pressing firmer himself, making sure light felt the need he was talking about.

“So, if it weren’t school you would?” He said, letting a long, snakelike tongue flick over the smooth, clean ear. Light was one of those strange one’s who actually did wash behind the ear.

“….Alright, fine, no, I wouldn’t. Now let go of me!” He hissed out, trying to dig his nails into the black being. He was never sure whether Ryuk’s hands were constantly gloved, or just black. He still wasn’t sure.

“No. It’ll be fine, I won’t hurt you. If I left any evidence beside memory, it would ruin the fun.” Ryuk said hyuking again. Light shuddered, gaining an almost desperate air, pushing down with all his weight and strength. Ryuk gave his distinct laugh again, snaking his tongue down, spidering his fingers from his throat to his chest, letting the slick appendage play with the teen’s skin, tasting his beating blood under his skin.

“Do you think your strength is greater then mine? I am a god, light. A god of death.” He slipped his hands down, pulling the pants down. Raito shuddered again, feeling the air on his limp member, looking desperately to the door. Locked, with a taken sign on the outside. Damn this college and its privacy issues. No one could save him now.

“Ryuk, no! Go find some random human. If you let them touch the death note, it’ll be fine, then you can kill them!” He said. Ryuk paused, cocking his head. He bent down, opening his mouth, placing the needle point of his teeth along Raito’s spine. The reaction was the boy bowing forward, a shiver going along his frame that the boy didn’t like at all.

“You would really let me kill so indiscriminately? You sure are a bastard, Raito.” Ryuk said, after pulling away so he wouldn’t prick Light’s skin. He’d said he wouldn’t hurt him, and he wouldn’t. Well, not physically at least. Mentally was up to Raito.

“This is rape, Ryuk. Don’t do it.” Light said harshly, through the blush on his cheeks. Ryuk began pulling his shirt up, moving to hold the boy’s hands behind his back for the time. Raito’s eyes opened wider, struggling, before his arms were above his head, and he was nude.

“You’re the only one who decides that, Light. Is this rape, or is this sex? It’s going to happen. Let it, or fight it, it will, and whether it be good or bad, it’s all up to you.” Ryuk said, kneeling down behind the boy. In human standards he would be an adult, though not fully grown. Or at least, nearly an adult. To his kind, well, he couldn’t remember when he was so young. Where shinigami ever that young to begin with?

Light flinched, feeling something wet, something long, press up between his legs. He cursed his hygiene; right now if he could be dirty down there it would be perfect, and might save his virginity.

“Mmm, you’re clean, even in such an un-clean area. You do wash thoroughly, Raito.” He cursed, flinching more as the before mentioned object glided into his entrance, twirling and wriggling. He felt his toes curl, feeling disgust at that despicably long tongue, horror at how it was making him feel, and shame that he couldn’t stop it or the pleasant feelings it produced.

Ryuk grunted, his teeth flashing behind his long tongue, lips drawn back into his usual grin. He began playing with his own tongue, flexing it around inside of Light’s entrance, making it go rigid and stretch him. He would then let it soften, become flexible again, and twist it around, completely coating his insides in Ryuk’s saliva.

The god began to do tricks with his appendage, corkscrewing it around and around, until it was twisted up, rubbing against the ring of muscle in tight, wet loops. Once he’d had his fun, and he could tell Light was beginning to loosen, both with his entrance and with his rigidity on choice of partner, allowing one or two pleasured noises through the tongue- stretching? It wasn’t really fucking, yet.

He pulled back, before probing forward, stretching out his tongue, feeling for the sweet spot. Raito gasped, back bending down, his hands scrabbling at the sink he was using for support. God, how could such an unnatural thing inside a place that shouldn’t have anything enter it feel so good?

His mind went hazy, nearly letting out noises that could have been heard outside of his little hiding spot. The wet end had found the bundle of ecstasy, and was gleefully poking and prodding it, stroking it with the tip, licking at the little bit of nerves that was sending Light wild.

“R-Ryuk!” Raito said, his legs spreading under the assault, feeling the coiling in his stomach. How the hell could a shinigami know the human anatomy well enough to find that? Or even know where to look?

“Well, I think you’re ready.” Ryuk said, pulling out slowly, twisting his tongue languidly before he pulled the last few inches out. Standing, he held up the jelly-legged Raito, using the other hand to undo his pants and slipping them down. Raito let out a small sound, shuddering under the feel of a much less flexible part of Ryuk pressed against his entrance.

Pushing in slowly, inch by inch, Ryuk finally got to impale Light the way he’s wanted since his feelings began. Raito was still shuddering, making noises under his breath, even now trying to keep quiet. Ryuk held him up, slowly once again moving, pulling back, then pushing forward.

It was agonizing, but if he did it any faster he risked hurting light. So, he had to endure the slowest thrusting in the world, while Raito was enjoying the feeling of being filled, and getting used to it as well.

Eventually the pace began to speed up to a rate that Ryuk liked, light more then welcoming now that he’d gotten some pleasure pumped into his to-serious-sometimes head. He was even saying, calling, Ryuk’s name, albeit lowly.

Not that that hampered the affect. Lowly or loudly, Raito made it sultry, or maybe it was the mood. Either way, Ryuk liked it, pushing into Raito a bit more roughly. He could feel his release, the thing that had started it all, looming closer, curling in his gut.

Light came first, spilling over the plumbing under the sink and across some of the linoleum. Ryuk was done a few hard thrusts later, pulling out almost all the way and coming into Raito as little as possible. He was in school after all.

After pulling out all the way, and cleaning himself off a bit with the toilet paper, he let light slip to the floor. He watched as the teen’s eyes looked in random spots, blurry in afterglow. Humans. Always feeling so strongly, whether it be pleasure or pain.

“Well light, you got to get up now. You still have to finish your class.” Ryuk said, tapping him on the top of his head, watching his pupils swim back into focus. It was likely he would be feeling happy and content for a few hours more, but at least now he could function.

“Damn you Ryuk…You couldn’t wait till I was home to try this scheme of yours?” Raito said as he clumsily slid into his clothes, pulling the discarded shirt on over his head. Ryuk hyuked, his shoulders moving with the force of his suppressed chuckles.

“Either place, you’da have to been quiet. This one, at least you can say you were sick and no one would really care.” Light gave him a glare, before walking out of the bathroom, fully clothed and mind working on an excuse.

Damn shinigamis’ and there wild mood swings…and damn apples to.

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