Lullabies in the Night

BY : Undine Sorena
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The first part.. it's all lemon. It's important to the story that this happen but not important that you read it so if there are any that want to skip the lemon, just skip down to the border! ^^ Sorry it took me so long. I lost my harddrive.. TWICE... and nothing was save so I lost eveything I did.... TWICE! So I put the lemon in so early as a bonus and thankyou to anyone still reading. Thankyou!! PLz reveiw!!!


Hisoka arched his back off the bed from where he lay sprawled across it. Keitaro lay sleeping quietly on his stomache in his crib on the other side of the room. When he began learnig to move on his own it became too dangerous to leave him in the bassinet and they baught a regular crib for him. The days had become harder, Keitaro was much fussier and harder to keep track of as he got older but the nighs became more peacefull. It's as though he wears himself out during the day and sleeps much more soundly at night now. It was only on rare occasions that They would be woken by his scream lately. It was nice to finally be getting a decent nights sleep again.
Curling onto his side he pulled a body pillow against himself, tucking it between his legs, enjoying the feeling of the material against his bare legs. This was why he choose to wear just a long, night-gown like shirt to bed. He snggled into the pillow, muscle relaxing and stress of the day melting.
Exiting the bathroom, still towelling off his hair Tsuzuki walked into their bedroom. Looking up from where he was tapping out the water from his ears he was met with the long, slending back of Hisoka, curved ever so gently against the pillow. Sitting himself next to his lover on the bed he reached over, laying a hand against the small of his back. A contented moan released from Hisoka's throat. Gently nudging the boy from his side onto his belly he began working his way up. Kneading from the small of his back, up to his shoulder blades and on up to hus shoulders, massaging the tenstion away. By this time Hisoka was purring, content as a cat. SO much, that he could not resist when a tongue darted out to trace the collum of his neck.
"Asato..!" He choked out, trying to keep his voice a whisper causing it to crack. The hands that were so gently kneading away the knots in his muscles moved, slipping under his night shirt to massage at his bottom. His member was quick to stand for the attention, causing the younger shinigami to blush a deep pink. He groaned, biting down on his lower lip to stiffle hi voice as he curled up. His head shot up and a loud gasp resounded from his throat as Tsuzuki's finger pressed between his cheeks, tracing that most intimate of areas, teasing him as he pressed against it with the palm of his index finger. He could feel himself twitching against the mans probing finger as he leaned over to whisper hoarsly in his ear, causing him to blush a deeper scarlet.
"You seem ready.." Tsuzuki grinned as he pushed the night-gown up passed Hisokas manhood, up about his waist and tossed his own towell off the side of the bed. Hisoka gave no resistance when his hips were lifted off the bed and he was raised onto his knees. In fact, when he felt the warm flesh press against him he gently pushed back, so eager in fact tat Tsuzuki was the one to hold him beck with a gentle hand on his back, worried he may hurt himself. Swiftly he was swallowed up in the velvet heat and moist suction of his lover. Seated to the hilt in the boys body Tsuzuki leaned over his back, licking and nipping at his ear while his hand reach between the shinigami's legs.
Hisoka cried out, tossing his head back against Tsuzuki's shoulder. He was stretched and filled. If Tsuzuki kept this up he wouldn't last long. "Asato...Asato please..." He begged breathlessly. He contracted his muscles to emphazise his point, a bad act on himself as it cause a euphoric sensation to travel up his spine pulling another stangled gasp from him. Tsuzuki himself drew in a hiss as he gribbed the boys hips tightly.
It had been so long, the vice like heat was too much for Tsuzuki and the pressure was far too much for Hisoka. They didn't last long. Tsuzuki tried to be gentle, tried to start off at a slow pace, but that was far too little for even Hisoka. The younger shinigami began to push himself back with force against his partner, releasing a muffled cry each time Tsuzuki was buried as deep with in him as they could manage. This show of encouragement gave Tsuzuki more courage to take things fast and soon Hisoka was given no choice but to muffled his cries in the pillow, half suffocating himself or risk waking Keitaro.
Tsuzuki knew he wasn't going to last much longer. He didn't want to be selfish, so reaching around between his lovers legs he began to stroke the boys velvet soft member in his hand, attempting to keep the pace but his mind could only manage so much, his body was somewhat, eratic. His strokes became faster, more eratic as he felt it build in his stmach. He couldn't hold out and though he cursed himself only a second before it, he emptied himself within his lover. His efforts were not in vain. Feeling the hot shots released within him, hitting his spot multiple time drove Hisoka over the edge. His muscles calmp like a vice around Tsuzuki, trapping him inside as his own essance spilled out over Tsuzuki's hand and the bed sheets. His face was burried deep with in the pillow as he screamed out.


Both collapsed onto their sides, Hisoka spooned in Tsuzuki's arms as they caught their breath. Tsuzuki lovingly placed kisses along Hisoka's neck and shoulder but the boy was too tired and exhausted to do anything. He could feel his eyes becoming heavy and the fog of sleep was drifting in quickly. His eyes drifted up to the night stand by his side of the bed. Resting there atop the glass covered wood next to his alarm clocl was the vial of green liquid Watari had dropped off earlier. It was still full, never touched since it had been placed there.....
A haze came over him, the haze in that instant before you fall asleep, floating between the two worlds. something drew his eye to the corner of the room. In just that second, the very last second before sleep claimed him, he could have sworn he saw black, a clack shadow of a blur and a flash of red.........


I'm open to ideas!!!! Tell me what you think should happen to the happy family, maybe I'll use it, either as the whole idea or just a spring board but either way, even when it's a springboard, I write better knowing people are still reading though it is my own fault for taking so long and having multiple ideas to play with. So plz review and give ideas for the future of the Tsuzuki family if you've got any!!!

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