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Because Near asked him to, Rester always arrived the earliest at a prompt 4:30 AM each day.

He didn’t mind.

It wasn’t too long ago that Rester noticed that, out of all the SPK members, Near seemed to place the most trust in him. Was it because he did whatever he could to please his superior? Or was it simply because Rester was the only member of the SPK whose face and name was unknown to anyone outside of the SPK?

He wasn‘t sure, but he didn’t really care. He enjoyed working with Near. He was a pleasant, quiet, yet fascinating boy whose brilliant deductions often amazed him. Although, Near had the ability to throw even the most stoic man off-balance with his frankness and sometimes off-the-wall remarks. Still, he was pleasure to watch.

Rotating with Gevanni and Halle, Rester would also bring Near breakfast, and, if the boy requested it, make him breakfast himself. Whenever it was possible, Near liked to have his food set up in certain way: the toast on its own plate, the milk in its own small pitcher, a tall glass of water accompanied by a small cup of orange juice, a hot cup of coffee with one small container of cream, and the entrée, be it eggs or oatmeal, on its own plate in the center. Rester would have to do a lot of dishes, but he didn’t mind.

However, what made arriving early to the SPK headquarters the most rewarding was being able to capture Near fast asleep. Sometimes, the boy would be asleep in his bed, often on top of the covers. But, most of time, Rester would find him fast asleep amongst whatever toys he was playing with.

He seemed like a totally different person when he was fast asleep - heavenly, angelic, sweet, and vulnerable. He looked so innocent with his slightly parted lips and so peaceful as his chest would slowly rise up and down.

Rester found the boy utterly captivating.

It wasn’t long after when Rester developed an attraction to the boy; a sexual attraction. He discovered it when he caught himself one day fantasizing about kissing those slightly parted lips, exploring and tasting Near’s small mouth.

How disgusting.

How awful. Not only was it unprofessional to fantasize about his superior, but Near was also an 18-year-old boy and he was... a 41-year-old man.

Throughout his life, Rester maybe had a few crushes on a couple of girls when he was in grade school, but other than that, he considered himself to be virtually asexual. To him, work took precedence over everything else including his love life.

So, he found it most strange that he’d be so seduced by an eccentric, 18-year-old boy who didn’t even intentionally do anything to make Rester feel this way.

Thankfully, he possessed good discipline and self-control, so being in close proximity to the boy wouldn’t bother him at all.

Rester also promised not to touch himself whenever prurient thoughts about the boy crept into his mind. This wasn’t too hard either, as long as he kept his mind busy with other things.

Still, he utterly despised this feeling.


On the way to work, Rester enjoyed the cool, crisp air - stretching his arms and savoring it.

As usual, the building hosting the SPK headquarters was silent.

When he reached the19th floor, the location of the main control room and where Near was found the most frequently, he swiftly went through security. Rester expected to see the boy there, but he was nowhere to be found.

He must be in his room. Again, he boarded the elevator and this time went to Near’s room, a location only he, and the other two SPK members knew about.

When he arrived at the boy’s room, he slowly opened the door which, thankfully, didn’t make a noisy creak.

Near’s room was a particularly dark place as he always had his blinds down - he even took the extra precaution of crudely blocking the windows with bed sheets. It was strange, but understandable that he’d do this. He was L’s successor after all. Besides, Near didn’t have to do this in the other building before Mello revealed the location of their former headquarters. Rester wasn’t terribly fond of Mello, yet Near seemed to like him.

As was expected, Near was fast asleep on his back, strange since he usually had a tendency toward fetal positions, on top of his bed sheets. The room was almost pitch black, but even the teamwork of the sheets and blinds couldn’t eliminate the morning glow emanating from outside. The golden trim of the hallway’s dim light seemed to embroider his sleeping form. If it wasn’t for the dark-colored bed sheets, he’d probably be impossible to distinguish from the rest of the bed.

Rester carefully stepped closer, wishing to make as little noise as possible.

Near looked so beautiful. His rising and falling chest was entrancing. He could hear the boy’s breaths disappear into the air. Rester loomed closer until his face hovered the sleeping boy’s. Such hot moist breath. He drank it in as it collided with his lips. Never had he been so tempted to have a taste.

Rester quickly pulled away. What-what am I thinking? He couldn’t let himself get out of control like this. It was wrong - unprofessional - out of character. I better get going. I wouldn’t want to do anything stupid.

Before making his way, Rester glanced at Near once more. For a while, he stood in silence, admiring the boy’s graceful form.

Impulsively, he gently placed his right hand onto Near’s chest. He shuddered once he felt the boy’s body heat and, for a short while, enjoyed watching his hand rise and fall with Near’s chest.


Rester nearly had a heart attack when he heard his name. He quickly tried to pull his hand away, but another hand held it in place. Stupidly, he searched the room hoping that someone else had called his name and not even thinking about how bad of a situation that also would have been.

“What are you doing, Rester?”

Shame, disgust, self-loathing and all kinds of similar horrible feelings he couldn’t assign words to flooded him. His face flushed a bright red.

“I...” Rester finally glanced at Near. The boy looked elsewhere and twirled his hair with his right hand. His left hand was covering Rester’s. Seeing this, he felt even worse - he could kill himself. He could feel the humidity developing below his nervous hand and wished so deeply that Near would just let go. His heart was thumping so wildly that he could barely even feel anything else besides it.

Near, still holding onto Rester--now by his wrist, rose into sitting position and adjusted himself to the bed’s edge.

“Rester, you’re my most trusted member.” The faint disappointment in Near’s voice devastated Rester.

He didn’t know what to do or what to say. Should he apologize? Should he resign and quit the SPK?

Rester tried to speak but his throat was too dry. His mouth wouldn’t budge.

Suddenly, he felt Near take his hand and place it onto the left side of his petite chest; he pressed and massaged Rester’s hand onto his chest. At first, he did so gently, but he gradually pressed harder and harder and manipulated the bulky hand to massage more vigorously.

Rester was alarmed and confused, but he was desperate to please his superior, so he accepted what was happening without question. He would let Near do whatever he wanted to. In vain, Rester tried to suppress an awkward moan.

Despite the thin layer of clothing, Near’s skin was so hot, so soft, so supple. The soft skin yielded easily to the rough touch of his hand. Still, Rester tried his best to resist submitting to erotic thoughts. The boy was notorious for inciting awkward situations, so perhaps there wasn’t any sexual intention behind his actions.

Awkward silence thickened and heated the air. Silence so awkward, that it seemed to accentuate the embarrassing sound of Near’s tousled dress shirt and the obnoxious creaking of the mattress.

Preoccupied with shame, doubt, and self-denial, Rester didn’t even notice Near’s increasingly breathy pants and the pinking shade of his pale skin.

He snapped out of it when he felt the cool air envelop his now-free hand. Rester carelessly tried to make a break for it, but he felt a gentle tug on his shirt.

“Stay and finished what you’ve started, Rester."

A dormant pubescent squeak escaped from the man‘s mouth, “What do you mean?”

“You know that more than I do.” Near’s gaze averted to the floor as he twirled his hair nervously, “...unbutton my shirt.”

Without question, Rester timidly unbuttoned the white dress shirt --his hands fumbled around with the buttons as an uneasy excitement took over him. When he finally finished, he shakily pulled aside the shirt flaps, exposing Near’s chest. His chest looked so smooth and pale, and his nipples--soft, fleshy and pink.

Rester placed both of his hands onto the very slight mounds of flesh and lightly pressed his fingers into them, noting the flush heat. He winced as he immediately became erect.

Near shakily inhaled, sending painful bursts of pleasure into Rester’s erection.

Big powerful hands slowly kneaded Near’s chest becoming increasingly rough and vigorous: bunching up the skin, deforming the boy’s flesh, and indenting so deeply that he left pink, irritated marks. All the while, they both exchanged warm shallow breaths.

Near wore half-closed lust-heavy eyes--his petite lips opened and closed carelessly. Rester trembled still; a drunken blush blanketed his facial features. Did Near really allow him to do this to him? Perhaps this was another wet dream.

Near sluggishly grasped Rester’s wrists.

“That hurts, Rester,” he slurred his words like a drunkard.

Rester obediently stopped, “I’m sorry.”

Painful silence followed.

Aching to continue, Rester bent down slightly and chastely kissed Near on the lips, gracelessly evolving into a deeper kiss. He wasn’t quite sure what he was doing as he had never kissed anyone like this before.

Like a needy child, Near gripped his tie and violently pulled him further into the kiss. In response, Rester’s head became cloudy and dizzy; he nearly collapsed onto the boy. The man’s face flushed with heat and his heartbeat became so loud and overwhelming that he could barely even hear anything else. He clumsily thrashed his tongue inside of Near‘s small mouth, tasting what he could, inhaling his hot, moist breath, mixing saliva until he began to feel his mouth and Near’s overflow with it. Rester could barely even breath until Near ended up having to pull himself away from the suffocating kiss.

Near fell back onto the bed, his chest frantically rose as beads of sweat slowly rolled down his face and body, his clothed erection was now prominent. Near quickly sat up and slid down his pants and boxers, smoothly at first, but he ended up fumbling with them until they were completely free from him. Rester thought it cute.

The man ran his hands on Near’s thighs, planting several gentle kisses.

“...Y-your mouth,” Near stumbled out breathily.

“Huh?” Rester was a little confused until Near parted his legs.

“Oh...” He placed his face at level with Near’s erection. The heat made him shiver as he rested his head in between the boy’s thighs. He gazed at the uncircumcised erection that seemed to tower over him. Near tousled Rester’s well-groomed hair as he grew increasingly restless and inpatient.

Starting at the base, Rester laid his tongue flat onto Near’s length and slowly trailed up. It was so achingly slow that Near emitted a tortured cry. When he reached the top, Rester circled and caressed the tip, enjoying the sweet taste of Near’s precum. The boy mindlessly gripped the man’s hair and hummed a silky moan; his thighs trembled wildly.

Back at the top, Rester glided his mouth over the entire shaft, bunching up the excess the skin at the bottom.

Near, gasping, keeled over and gripped Rester’s shirt. “Hu-rh-es...tu-her...”

Taking hold of creamy hips, Rester began moving his head up and down at a brisk pace. The boy yelped and flung his back onto the bed as Rester steadily increased his speed. Panting and gasping heavily, Near gripped the bed sheets as he wildly thrust into the man’s hot mouth.

Rester removed his mouth from Near’s length and pushed back the boy’s legs until they hovered over his chest. He trailed kisses down Near’s thighs until he reached the boy’s entrance. He licked and sucked the surrounding sensitive area, eating him out. Near blushed in embarrassment as he alternated between cries and whimpers. Finally, the man stuck his tongue inside of Near’s vulgar entrance, thoroughly fucking and wetting the area. Rester’s erection throbbed as Near wailed and thrust in response. He joyously ravaged the sensitive area, enjoying the boy’s musky taste.

Rester couldn’t take it anymore. He freed his erection from his boxers and pants and lowered the boy’s legs until his socked feet dangled over his shoulders.


He placed the tip at the entrance and pushed. Rester moaned in anticipation.

Near panicked, “Th-that won’t fit! Please st-stop that!”

“I-I’ll make it u-up to you somehow,” he grunted, “S-sorry.” He gasped as he managed to slip the head inside.

“T-take it out!”

Rester leaned over and kissed Near on the neck and cheek. He looked Near directly in the eyes, “P-please.”

“But... it hurts.”

“If it’s too much, just tell me and I’ll stop.”


“Th-thank you.”

Finally, he felt the wet heat pull his member in. The warmth was so immensely euphoric he had to stifle a laugh and fight to keep himself from coming.

Pain surged throughout the boy’s body causing him to tremble and to form tears.

Rester was unhappy with Near’s displeasure, but the intense heat sucking his cock in won him over. He grabbed Near’s erection, rubbed it and stuck his thumb inside the foreskin, kneading the tip.

Near hummed as he began bucking his hips. Rester cautiously pulled out and pushed back in. It felt heavenly torturous. Again, he slowly--so carefully--pulled and pushed. He desperately wanted to fuck the boy into oblivion, but he didn’t want to hurt him either.

Finally, Near arched his back and leaned his head to the side, oozing out a lengthy moan. Rester repeated his thrust. Again, Near moaned. Taking the hint, Rester placed both hands beside the boy’s waist and vigorously pumped his member into Near’s twitching entrance.

Near gasped, yelped, moaned, and cried as both intense pain and pleasure engulfed his small frame. It hurt; it really hurt, but it felt so good--unlike anything he had ever felt before. Like a drug, it traveled throughout his body, causing him to be in a sex-fueled inebriated state.

Rester grunted and whimpered each time he felt the cool air touch the base of his cock as it left the boy’s heat and when it subsequently met with warmth again. The obscene wet noises that came from Near’s sex further aroused him as he continued to thrust.

Rester looked down at the boy, his eyes, his lips, his face, his body were drunk with pink lust. The unbuttoned dress shirt teased by concealing much of Near’s skin. Moans escaped his cute, fuck-me mouth. Numerous droplets of sweat sparkled against his body. Milky taut skin bunched up at his hips. The boy’s socks lead the eyes from his small feet to his slightly fleshy thighs. He never imagined that Near, that awkward, eccentric, sarcastic, and childish boy, could be so awfully erotic.

He leaned over and kissed the boy’s half-open, gasping mouth as Near lazily wrapped his arms around the man’s neck. Saliva trailed down their mouths as they mindlessly engaged in a sloppy yet carnal kiss.

Rester broke the kiss, buried his head beside Near’s neck, and gasped as his member twitched, filling the boy’s entrance to the brim with his seed until it gushed out. Near quickly followed, crying out as he sullied Rester’s clothes with his come.

Rester collapsed beside Near as they both panted. Near shifted a bit as he felt his exhausted groinal area pound and twitch. For a moment, they both sat there, catching their breath.



“You brought an extra pair of clothes, correct?”

“Of course.”

“Well done.”


Near piled his sullied clothes and bed sheets into Rester’s arms.

“As long you remain discreet, you should be all right.”

“Thank you.”

“Oh--before you leave,” Near hooked his arms around Rester’s neck and licked remaining come off of the man’s face. Rester turned beat-red.

Near paused to note the taste, “That... tastes terrible.” he wrinkled his face.

Rester laughed.


Fulfilling both the oyaji and the shouta(Haha, I kid. I kid.) complex at the same time!
ResterxNear is my guilty pleasure and I thought I might give a try, but I think I might have made it a bit too vulgar. I would like to do Mello/Near and Gevanni/Near one day. Maybe over Christmas break when I'm not overwhelmed with schoolwork.

-Edited the ellipses and improved the description.

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