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He entered the room slowly, after thoroughly checking the door for signs of tampering. It hadn't been opened today, not since he'd set the traps, but that didn't mean that they hadn't been in on other days.

He closed and locked the door behind him, peering around the room carefully, searching for cameras. He didn't see any, but was reminded of the time they'd fit sixty some-odd cameras into his room, and he'd never found a single one.

He was just about to relax, loosening his tie and unbuttoning his shirt, when a voice from the darkness startled him.

"Light," what all they said. His name, and the keyword. Light immediately straightened, falling into the pattern of their games easily. The dark-haired young man lounged easily on the bed, a smirk dangling off his lips almost dangerously. "There is a bag on the floor by your feet. Change."

He lapsed into silence, and Light mused on the bag. They'd been doing this three times a week for the last two months, and no one had caught them at it yet. One day, however, his luck was going to run out; he was sure of it.

Having thought that they'd done everything worth doing, Light was utterly caught off guard by the... costume. He stripped down completely, as were the rules, and stood unselfconsciously before his lover. Ha, his lover. His master, more like it.

There were a tiny pair of shorts with convenient holes cut into the front and back. Nothing would be covered by these. There were soft boots/socks that looked like they'd come up to his knees, and a headband with two triangular things rising up off it.

The pattern was vaguely spotted, and reminded him of a leopard's markings.

A cat costume. How original.

"Good, Light. Save the tail for last."

Tail? Light felt his heart speed up, just for a moment. He reached back into the bag and pulled out a long, flimsy piece of fabric attached at the top to a slender bit of plastic that...

Light felt his face heat up as he realized how the tail would work. Dropping it, he picked up the shorts, tugging them up over his legs and adjusting them so that his ass was framed and they sat comfortably. If he'd been even two pounds heavier they wouldn't have fit at all; as it was they clung to his hips like a second skin.

Oddly enough, he felt more exposed in the shorts than he had while he was entirely naked. Bending once more, he tugged the socks on slowly, stroking them slightly as he did. They were incredibly soft against his skin, and the touch of his own hands through the material was delicious. He pulled the gloves on next, marveling at how they clung to his upper arms despite not seeming to have any elastic in them at all. He settled the headband into his hair, adjusting it so that the slender band was covered and only the ears protruded above his hair, and took a deep breath, steeling himself for the tail.

"On your hands and knees, Light. Good kitties don't walk on their back legs."

Light went down, turning slightly so that he could still see his master out of the corner of his eye, but giving him the view of the dildo/tail as it went in. He didn't bother with lubrication.

Arching his back, he picked up the toy and angled it for comfort before pushing the tip inside.

He was always surprised by the girth; what usually felt smallish in his hands always felt enormous when it was pressing into him, including his lover's cock. This was his first time with a toy, however, and it made him uncomfortable. It stretched him as it dug deeper, starting a painfully beautiful burn that he loved.

"Masochist," his master said, sounding amused. "It would go much smoother if you just pushed it in."

Light knew from experience that he wasn't allowed to speak unless given permission, and nodded to show that he'd heard, without slowing or speeding the entry of the toy into his body.

When it finally reached the small dip at the base to keep it in place, it was touching his prostate. Not firmly, but just enough that he could feel the tingles already, and his cock stirred between his legs.
"Good kitty," his master whispered, throat dry. "Come and lick me, kitty." Light started to stand automatically; the push of the toy against his prostate reminded him he was a cat, and he shifted so that he was on his hands and knees, and crawled carefully towards the bed.

His every movement shifted the toy inside him, rubbing it gently against the walls of his passage, and by the time he made it to the bed he was fully hard.

Once again, he started to stand to reach the bed, but his master put a hand down on his head. "Kitties don't stand," he reminded. "Climb."

Light thought about the mechanics that would be involved in climbing onto the bed like this, and whimpered. He put his hands up on the mattress, curling his fingers to make paws, and pulled himself up slowly. The toy jolted as he twisted his leg, and he cried out involuntarily.

Then he was up on the bed, leaning over his master's exposed erection, and this was something he knew, something he was good at. His master pushed a hand through his messy black hair, his eyes closing as Light licked at the top of his erection.

On his knees like this, he could almost forget about the tail, and forgetting about the tail made him forget to stay in character. He brought one of his hands up and wrapped it around his master's cock, and was surprised when it was batted away. "Bad kitty," he said softly. "Don't use your paws."

Light nodded, and bent his head to the task again, getting one lick in before his master pulled his head up again. "That's enough," he said, and stood. "Stay on the bed and don't move until I tell you to."

Light nodded, figuring that it would be easy, until his master reached down behind him and pushed the toy in a bit further, pressing something on it hidden by the fabric tail. It shoved roughly up against his prostate and began buzzing, vibrating gently.

Light bit down on his lip hard to keep from making a noise. After a few minutes it felt almost numb, and he was able to ignore it for the most part. His erection didn't feel like ignoring it, and stood prominently against his stomach. He shifted slightly, trying to ease the pressure, but only succeeded in moving the focus off to the left. The numbness lifted in the new position, and he trembled with the effort of not doing anything.

"I've brought a few special presents over," his master said, gesturing to the previously shrouded corner. Light looked over and saw a padded bench with four widely spread legs, odd metal rings at various places. When his master came over with four shackles, he realized what the rings were for. Together, they placed the shackles around Light's wrists and ankles, reminding him keenly of the time the detective had been chained to him.

"Come on, kitty," his master said. Light began to rise, remembered he wasn't allowed, and slid ungracefully off the bed onto his hands and knees. Looking at the distance between the bed and the bench, he was suddenly nervous. His master reached down calmly and for a moment Light was relieved, thinking that maybe he would turn the vibrator off.

It was short-lived relief, as a moment after the touch, the toy was turned up, buzzing louder and harder. Light's legs trembled, and he crawled haltingly towards the bench. It seemed to get farther and farther away with every step he took, until suddenly he was upon it.

"You may stand long enough to lay on the bench," his master said, and Light nodded, climbing to his feet. His legs didn't want to straighten, and the new position granted the toy new ways to torment him. He almost fell right back down, but managed to drop himself onto the bench before his legs could give out. He spread himself out comfortably, hating how he was still hard, the toy pressed farther into him than ever. His master took his time fastening the shackles to the rings, ensuring that Light wasn't going anywhere. He tugged experimentally at the bonds to test them, and realized that he could barely even squirm.

A quick movement behind him and suddenly the tail was jerked out of him, leaving him feeling strangely empty. His erection pulsed against the smooth leather of the bench, and he resisted the urge to press against it.

A zipper sounded into the silence, then a chuckle, and suddenly Light felt another toy, this one bigger than ever, shoved roughly into his body.

But not all the way, he realized, just the head. "Hold still," his master said unnecessarily, and there was a brief whistling noise and something impacted with the toy, shoving it farther into his body. Three more blows fell, and the toy was flush against his entrance, the paddle - for he now could tell what this newest implement of sexual torture was - falling against the exposed skin of his ass and striking the toy with every hit.

It was worse than the vibrator; that he could at least become used to after a while. The force of the strikes was random, as was the placement, and he felt three quick successive blows on just one side of the toy, barely missing it but hitting flesh instead.

It wasn't long before his entire backside was stinging painfully. The paddle fell to the floor, and the toy was yanked back out. It was silent for all of two seconds, and Light concentrated on ignoring the pain. Hands reached up and began massaging the abused flesh of his ass and upper thights. There was something cooling on the hands that after a moment, began to tingle. The hands vanished, and a moment later began pressing into his body. He felt the tingling gel on his entrance, and then inside, and writhed with the effort of dispersing it.

He barely even shifted, he was tied so tightly, and the cool, tingling feeling against his prostate was making him harder than ever. "Fuck," he whispered, and his master made disapproving noises.

"I told you not to talk, Light," he said, somehow managing to sound disappointed. "You'll have to be punished."

The huge toy was back again, this time feeling thicker than ever, and part of the bench fell away beneath his cock. There was a flurry of motion, and a cock ring tightened around the base of his member. Seconds later it was accompanied by a click, and the huge toy buzzing to life.

His erection throbbed, and his master pressed the toy into his body hard, rubbing it against his prostate. He twirled it, and pressed it, and jerked it up and down, and if Light had still been capable, he'd've come on the spot. The lack of stimulation to his cock and the cock ring kept him from reaching his climax, however, and the torture continued.

His master wrapped a hand around the base of the vibrating toy, and began roughly shoving it in and out, making Light cry out with every movement.

"You won't talk anymore, will you?" he asked sweetly, and Light shook his head. "Don't come without permission," his master added, and then shoved the toy into his body and left it there. Light wiggled, unable to see where his master had gone, and then suddenly felt a hot, wet mouth engulf the head of his cock.

He cried out loudly, the need to come so bad it was almost painful. Fingers reached up and twisted and plucked at his nipples, adding to the torment. The cock ring abruptly disappeared, and he barely heard the whispered command - "Come, Light," before he was orgasming hard, muscles convulsing tightly and a keening cry he barely recognized as his own spilling from his lips.


Before he'd left, his master left instructions for the next day. He was to go into the office like normal, dressed normally, and tell no one. Under his clothes, he was to be wearing a cock ring and a vibrator on low. If he took either of them off during the day, he'd be punished.

He jerked himself of in the shower quickly that morning, and tied the cock ring onto his limp cock. It would keep him from getting hard and embarrassing himself. The hard part would be to sit in front of that computer all day and not fidget or whimper, or otherwise give himself away.

Dressed as normal, he drove the short distance to the building the investigation was being held at, every bump in the road torturous.

Having arrived, he settled himself at the desk, opening the newest files on Kira. Ryuuzaki looked at him speculatively. "Are you alright, Light-kun? You look a little flushed. Are you sick?"

Bastard, Light thought, but shook his head. "No, I'm just a little warm," he lied.

The day passed in a blur of text and faces and he went home with relief to find his Master already waiting for him.

"You made it. Good job, Light."


At the office still, Ryuuzaki called Watari. "Do we still have the cameras set up at Light's house?" he asked. Watari was silent a moment as he checked.

"We do, L, but you do not want to see the footage."

Hmm. :3

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