Motorcycles, Dice, and Kira

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AN: Alright peoples, here I go. Yes, I know, Iíve written another crazy fic, but Iím sorry, itís just the way I work. This fic is dedicated to my bro, who challenged me to write this fic on one sleep deprived day, oh so many mornings ago. Anyway guys, I hope that you enjoy! Iíve enjoyed writing it a lot, but then again, that may just be because I am a cross-over freak. Anyway, read and review, and Iíll love you for life!!!
Things to know: This fic is a Cross-over between Death Note and Yu Yu Hakusho. For the Yu Yu Hakusho Fans out there: this fic takes place after the demon world tournament, and includes ďSniperĒ (Hagiri Kaname) is a main character in this story.
For Death Note fans out there: I just thought that you should know for background info, this is after L has died, but before Mello and Near enter the scene, but it wonít strictly follow the plot of the story. By the way, Raitoís father, Soichiro is written out of character for the sake of the plot. (Sorry)

Dice, Motorcycles, and Kira


The roar of the motorcycle could be heard for miles a long the silent mountaintop. Hagiriís hair blew from the generated wind that brought him freedom. Freedom from life. Freedom from fear. Freedom from his past. Only on quiet nights like those, when the mechanical beast bellow him roared, could he once again be freed from guilt. The guilt of what Sensui made him do.

He drove up the mountain at dizzying speeds, mind cleared, as he soaked in the peaceful night. He eventually turned down an old dirt path that most didnít even notice existed, but to him, it was heaven.

He parked his bike against a tree and looked around him, as the eerie silence of the woods assaulted his senses, pushing out all thought. The silence was the loudest thing he had ever heard, yet that was why he liked it here, here he no longer had to think.

His stomach growled loudly in protest, forcing him back into reality. He slowly opened his territory, and got some dice out of his pocket, his preferred choice of weapon. He looked around slowly, looking for a creature to make his dinner, but instead found a human.

At first he could do no more than sense the other manís presence in the woods, but it didnít take long for him to make out the outline of the other man. All he could see was the manís white coat that glowed in the moonlight, and yet somehow even from this distance, Hagiri knew something was wrong with the other man. Already from this distance, he could tell that the other man was dangerous, and not mentally stable. Something about the way that he moved in jumpy, ridged movements, and yet seemed to not be paying attention at all, like he was high off of some drug.

It wasnít until the man stumbled towards him and opened his territory, did Hagiri find out that the man was none other than Dr. Kamiya. Something was wrong though, and Hagiri knew that there was no way Doctor was here to catch up with an old buddy. No, something was deffinatly wrong, and whenever Doctor charged towards him, psychic scalpel in hand, it just proved what Hagiri had thought.

He never meant to do any harm, Hagiri never wanted to kill anyone ever again, however, after years of honing his abilities, he body just couldnít ignore automatic reflex. Hagiri yelled in horror as three of his dice flew with the speed of a bullet, and hit doctor square in the chest. For the second time, Doctor had been slain, and yet, this time, he would not be getting up again.

Hagiri stared at the pool of blood that slowly made its way out of the doctorís lifeless body. The blood glistened in the moonlight as if it had an aura of its own, and yet, Hagiri would never notice this, for he was to busy having a panic attack right next to his newly-slain, ex-companion.

The first thing Hagiri thought was that he was going to be chased by the police, but that didnít seem to bug him at all. It defiantly wouldnít be the first time. No, the thing that sent him into uncontrollable rounds of anxiety was the thought of Yusuke. What would happen when Yusuke found out?

Hagiri felt over the cool scar on his chest where Hieiís sword had gone through. Memories of his fight with Yusuke vividly ran through his mind at top speed. Then the more creative side of himself took over, and horrific, bloody images of his own death, flashed brightly before him.

He panicked, and did the first thing that came naturally to him, run. He looked at his bike, that seemed to scream his name and before you could say the word ďmurder in the first degreeĒ, he was out of there, his bike tearing up the dirt road as he did.

As the wind blew through his hair once more, it didnít feel to him to be freedom, to him, it seemed like a forlorn farewell.

I know, I know, it's really short, and Death Note isn't in it yet, but please give it a chance. I promise, next chapter, Death NOte is in it. And it's much much longer. Please Review!!

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