Joy to the World

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Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story. is a deleted scene from my x-man themed Death Note fic on If you wish to read that story for context, this is the link:


L, take off the cuffs, Light whispered in his ear.

Light, you know I cant! he wriggled a bit as Light bit his neck just below his ear.

How the hell am I going to take your shirt off then? Light hissed back.

L blinked, then dug into his pocket, removing a small key and uncuffing himself, and then re-cuffing Light to the bed post. Light huffed in annoyance but whatever, six feet was enough length to position L on the bed and now L was pulling his shirt over his head. Light ran his teeth along Ls clavicle and brushed his tongue against Ls nipples as L wiggled beneath him and moaned softly as he dug his nails into Lights back through his sweater, grinding himself hard against the younger mans body in an attempt at release.

Light knew for certain that L was a virgin, the kiss nearly proved it, and certainly his lack of knowledge at how to stimulate someone else. That was okay though; it was deeply satisfying to Light to see L writhe about. Like a beautiful puppet that jumped at every little touch of Lights. For once Light was in control.

With a skilled hand, Light unzipped Ls fly and gently brushed his hand against Ls throbbing member. He muffled Ls cry with a kiss. The door may have been locked but love making was noisy business and considering how everyone here was no doubt of high intelligence it wouldnt take long for them to put two and two together. The last thing Light needed was waking up at one in the morning with Watari or Mello standing over him with a knife.

He broke the kiss and pulled Ls pants and boxers around his knees. Im going to do something that will probably make you want to scream, but remember the fact were in a crowded house.

L watched in horrified fascination as Lights mouth descended upon his erection, and at first gently licked, then sucked. L threw his head back into the pillows, muffling his cries, as his back arched, begging to be taken completely. But Light decided he was going to get his own share as well.

L, do you have anything that can be used for lube? Light was far too aroused to phrase the request more delicately as he lightly drew circles with the tip of his thumb on the head of Ls penis.

To his surprise, L nodded. In the drawer of the reading table to the right.

Light opened and reached inside the drawer and was very surprised to not only find strawberry flavored lube but a condom as well. Did you plan on this happening? Light asked.

I deduced there was less than a five percent chance we would get this far, 3.5% to be exact, but I wanted to be prepared anyway. L breathed.

So once again it was L who had been in control of the situation despite all of Lights gloating. No wonder he had been so damned distracted lately, he had been planning on confessing his feelings and getting Light to fuck him. Well he was still going to give it to him up the ass even if its what he wanted all along.

Light in a few easy motions rolled L onto his stomach and then his knees, then placed the condom on and slicked himself down. Of course one must always prepare the way no matter how eager one may be. Light applied some lube to his fingers, and with delicate care penetrated L for the first time. Knowing the sensation was probably at first going to be unpleasant he reached around and began to massage Ls erection. L cried out in shock and pleasure, and Light kept up a steady rhythm of finger insertion and attending to Ls erection with precise up and down movements.

Feeling that L was ready for the next step, he finally entered that tight cavity between Ls legs and cried out himself. The bastard was tight of course, and though the lube helped with movement he could only thrust very carefully. He already injured L once tonight he didnt intend to again.

L soon enough came into his hand with a last shuttering cry of Lights name. Light grabbed Ls shoulders, and with a few last desperate thrusts came himself.

Happy now? Light asked as he pulled himself from his new lover.

L graced him with a rare smile, yes thank you Light-kun.

Light looked at him closely, You know this is highly unprofessional.

I am surprised to find that I simply dont care. L answered with his usual deadpan expression. Light just laughed a little before laying down to relax on the now thoroughly tousled bed, as L reached over his head to reattach Light to his wrist.


*Lights cigarette* Was it good for you too?

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